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Why I Came Back (A DK4 Diary)
I haven't been very active on DKos for a while. The whining got to me, and also I went through a period of despondence over the serial compromises of the President on issues that I feel strongly ...
DHinIA 02/13/2011 24 12 - 190
Breaking the cocoon
This site is built on a love of progressive politics. We are called upon by Kos to elect more and better Democrats, and we all agree with that simple aim, but what we really love, though, are the ...
DHinIA 06/17/2010 5 5 - 33
Why Tomorrow will make me disgusted with Daily Kos
The typical DKos answer, right up front: People won't listen to me!! (Imagine whimpering and whining tones amplified well above the pain threshold, because, in the DKos tradition, feelings will be ...
DHinIA 12/15/2009 15 6 - 50
Why am I so Angry? (Updated)
UPDATE. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, but I need to be more clear. This diary is not a plea for help. I'vegot tons of help in my life. My regrets were presented, possibly, a bit ...
DHinIA 12/13/2009 88 22 - 95
Why Are Pundits Almost Always Wrong? (updated)
The following essay was written for the purpose of winning the WaPo punditry contest. It will not win for a variety of reasons, the most important being that it was never submitted to the WaPo ...
DHinIA 10/22/2009 37 20 - 241
Goodbye for now (revised #4 I'm out)
I love dkos. I have enjoyed commenting and writing diaries. There is nothing wrong with this site as far as I'm concerned. But, I'm gonna stop writing here for a while. There are several reasons I ...
DHinIA 09/15/2009 262 347 5 96
I'm Guilty as Hell
(Crossposted from Bleeding Heartland ) Today, after some serious procrastination, I forced myself to drive out to the hospital to see a friend who ...
DHinIA 08/26/2009 35 38 1 175
Defeating the Health Care Forum Bullies (getting something done) Update 1
Yesterday, I attended a health care forum in Iowa hosted by Senator Tom Harkin. Following it, I wrote a diary, "Now I understand why war happens (a health care forum story)." In it, I asked the ...
DHinIA 08/13/2009 23 13 1 298
Now I understand why war happens (a health care forum story)
Today, I saw our problem first hand. We are in a world of trouble, people. Mobs are powerful and wholy beyond reason. Yet, they must be stopped, because they are extremely dangerous. There are a ...
DHinIA 08/12/2009 75 31 - 51
A Contrarian View on Affirmative Action
David Waldman's very thoughtful essay, "Behind the White Folks Who Built this Country,"
DHinIA 07/19/2009 50 9 - 42
Photo Memoir Iowa Presidential Campaign 2006-09 (dozens of pics) Updated
I first caucused in Iowa in 1984, for Jesse Jackson. I was the only person in the Jackson group in my precinct (go figure), so I joined with the Gary Hart group. That didn't work out so well either. ...
DHinIA 04/19/2009 48 39 2 430
How 'Bout we Calm Down about Michigan? (Updated)
Part of Muskegon Critic's diary today was probably aimed at me. That's OK. But there are some serious points to be made here. Please follow below the fold:
DHinIA 03/31/2009 60 34 - 25
The Parable of the Unpruned Tree
Wealth can be either a good or bad thing - good, in that America has enough wealth in the economy to support reasonably good lives for everyone, but bad, in that greed sometimes sets in and some ...
DHinIA 02/25/2009 5 2 - 13
Wow! The Obama Code Rocks.
I urge everyone on Daily Kos to read " "The Obama Code," a diary today written by George Lakoff. Lakoff is telling Kossacks ...
DHinIA 02/24/2009 20 25 4 14
Oscars Unbound and Unhinged (Updated)
What if the Oscars went to the best work? What if the Oscars were for something more than celebrating Hollywood, or the selected indies that Hollywood loves? What if the Independent Spirit awards ...
DHinIA 02/22/2009 24 2 - 13
"Who owns the Holocaust" Response (redux)
This diary was originally titled: A response to the comments to, "Who owns the Holocaust?" This is a repost from New Year's Eve. That diary got hijacked, and basically ruined. I feel strongly ...
DHinIA 01/02/2009 114 13 2 24
A response to the comments to, "Who owns the Holocaust?"
I'm sorry, but many of the comments in the provocative and thoughtful diary "Who owns the holocaust?" by litho are wrong ...
DHinIA 12/31/2008 150 17 - 19
An Open Letter to Barack Obama (Rick Warren)
The following letter was sent to Barack Obama, and has been sent to my local newspaper. If we all wrote letters to the President-Elect, and sent them to our local papers, maybe visibility of this ...
DHinIA 12/20/2008 60 32 1 22
Serve the Greater Good, Chumps!
There's plenty of John Edwards crap here today, but yet maybe not enough. I am completely unconcerned with the "newsworthiness" of this sad episode, even though I suspect that the "news" about it ...
DHinIA 08/08/2008 5 4 - 1
I'm a hypocrite, and it's OK!
I admit it. I wrote a diary a couple days ago called, A Note to Barack Obama (with feeling). In it, I posted the text ...
DHinIA 06/23/2008 30 20 - 28
A Note to Barack Obama (with feeling)
I sent the following letter to Barack Obama, via his spokesperson, Bill Burton. I am posting it here because I've changed my mind about FISA - again. If anyone was paying attention (which I doubt) ...
DHinIA 06/22/2008 79 14 - 24
Friday the 13th is over
Here it is, the end of Friday the 13th of June, 2008. Today, Tim Russert died doing a voice-over for his weekend show; Stewart Mott, whose foundation funds a lot of Bill Moyers' PBS shows died of ...
DHinIA 06/13/2008 81 16 - 14
"They said this day would never come"
Those were the opening words of Barack Obama's speech following his victory in the Iowa Caucuses. On that night, I knew that Iowans had made history, but Barack acknowledged it in a way that I ...
DHinIA 06/03/2008 10 14 - 2
Paranoia, or the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Why won't Hillary quit? Why do we care so much whether she does? Is it over? Is there still time? Is there a way she can win? Does she want Barack Obama to die? Do we want her to die? Well .
DHinIA 05/24/2008 16 7 - -
My Letter to Tom Harkin
This afternoon, a shocking and saddening video of a statement by Hillary Clinton surfaced that is totally unacceptable . This afternoon I sent a ...
DHinIA 05/23/2008 5 12 - 8
How to lose a campaign in 10 easy steps
The Obama campaign is making a mistake, so I have some advice: Don't do nine out of ten things right, and then do one thing wrong. It can cost you a race that is already won! I learned how to lose ...
DHinIA 04/28/2008 17 23 - 27
Bittersville (a New Hope)
I live in Bittersville. I'll probably die here, too. So will most of the other people here now. Bittersville's a town that used to have 1100 meatpacking jobs that paid $27.00 per hour - in 1972. ...
DHinIA 04/12/2008 22 23 6 9
Kos drops Obama, Web Site
In a bold stroke, Markos Zuniga Moulitsas informed Daily Kos regulars by email early today that" it's all too much, and I can't go on living the big lie." Admitting to close friends and associates ...
DHinIA 03/31/2008 9 9 - -
Why Did Obama's Speech Make Me Cry?
I've now watched "The Speech" four times. All four times my eyes welled up at the story of Ashley and the elderly Black gentleman. I have spent the better part of the day trying to understand why.
DHinIA 03/19/2008 45 28 2 1
What to Do About Healthcare
This Diary was originally a comment on a thread about a story on 60 Minutes about an organization that travels around providing health care to indigent or uninsured people. It was heartbreaking to ...
DHinIA 03/11/2008 17 8 - -
Proud of America?
Michelle Obama said today that this is the first time in her adult life that she is proud of her country. Pundits are going ballistic. Pat Buchanan said the comment was "like a stab to the (gut)." ...
DHinIA 02/19/2008 73 13 1 8
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