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NY State Senate: Could a poorly-timed press release flip the chamber?
Cross-posted at It took former New York Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos an entire week to realize what every other New Yorker must have known the moment he was indicted on corruption ...
DLCC 05/13/2015 11 21 2 -
"Welcome to Detroit" - or why #NN14 will be the best EVER
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is a proud sponsor of Netroots Nation for the 8th straight year. But this year, we're stepping things up. Just a couple weeks from now, the DLCC is ...
DLCC 07/05/2014 3 7 - -
President Obama’s Agenda Relies on Allies in State Legislatures
In this year’s State of the Union address, President Obama laid out a vision of opportunity, action and optimism for America, seeking to incite congressional action on a number of issues with far-...
DLCC 02/02/2014 4 3 - -
GOP leaders looking to use state legislatures to rig outcome of future presidential election.
Because the GOP cannot win the Presidency honestly, they are turning to state legislatures to change the rules so they can fix the outcome in their favor.
DLCC 01/15/2013 6 11 - -
Finally a male politician talks about rape without being extremist
Leave it to Arkansas of all places where Democratic Representative Charles Edward (D-Little Rock) has figured out a way for men to talk about rape without being misogynistic. As published in The ...
DLCC 11/28/2012 5 18 - -
President Clinton records GOTV call for Arkansas Democrats
Arkansas Democrats are calling in its favorite son to let people know how extreme the Republicans in the state have become.
DLCC 11/01/2012 1 3 - -
Meet Mark Ferrandino, Colorado's House Democratic Leader
Reposted from . Get the latest 411 on state legislatures: Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook .
DLCC 10/31/2012 1 2 - -
Mitt Romney puts women in binders; Democrats help elect women to state legislatures
At last night’s Presidential debate, Governor Mitt Romney continued to refuse to answer the question about whether or not he supports legislation guaranteeing that women receive equal pay as men ...
DLCC 10/17/2012 2 3 - -
New Ad Holds Nevada State Senator Accountable for His "Nutty" Positions
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) Nevada PAC, DLCC Nevada, along with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal ...
DLCC 10/10/2012 2 5 - 44
The election is four weeks from today. Help Democrats get out the vote.
Get the latest 411 on state legislatures: Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook .
DLCC 10/09/2012 1 6 - 19
Call for Nominations: DLCC Essential Races
Every cycle, the DLCC publishes a list of Essential Races around the country: these are competitive races for state legislature, chosen out of the thousands of races up for grabs every two years, ...
DLCC 10/06/2012 12 12 1 148
Common Sense and Scientific Research about Contraception vs. The GOP
Among Missouri Republicans, ideology has long trumped fact-based research, and this time women and girls are the collateral damage. Last month, Missouri’s Republican led legislature passed ...
DLCC 10/05/2012 6 12 - 70
A Tale of Two Voters
Today is National Voter Registration Day. As the name implies, this holiday is all about encouraging voter registration - a process where it pays to live in a state with a Democratic legislature or, ...
DLCC 09/25/2012 1 8 1 37
North Carolina Tea Party-Monty Python Mashup
With some Rachel Maddow Goodness Your Friday afternoon treat.
DLCC 09/21/2012 5 3 - 88
Iowa Democrats Speaking Out Against Using HAVA Funds to Keep People From Voting
Coming from the “No We Did Not Make This Up” file, Iowa’s Secretary of State Matt Schultz is seeking emergency rules that would allow him to purge thousands of voters from Iowa’s voter ...
DLCC 09/13/2012 9 17 - 97
The Road to Charlotte
Yesterday, I made the trip to the Democratic National Convention. At 8 o'clock my co-workers Valerie, Marissa and I set off driving from Washington DC to Charlotte, North Carolina. Even though the ...
DLCC 09/03/2012 2 2 - 17
Time to Get Honest About Voter Suppression Laws
It is time to get the facts straight about voter suppression laws; they have nothing to do with protecting elections and everything to do with making it more difficult for Democratic leaning voters ...
DLCC 08/01/2012 13 10 - 39
Political Synchronicity: Republican Legislative Campaign Committee And ALEC
ALEC and the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee find themselves having their annual conference in the same city on the same date. A perfect 10 in synchronized politicking. Reposted from ...
DLCC 07/30/2012 1 1 - 21
Karen Handel, of Susan G. Komen Fallout, Tapped to Lead Effort to Elect Republican Women
You have to hand it to Republicans—when they go in they go in all the way. This time, Republicans have decided that Karen Handel will head up an effort “to identify, recruit and support” ...
DLCC 07/27/2012 18 24 - 132
Of Roads, Bridges and Republican Majorities
Leslie Wagner, Director of Project Management and Development for Ginovus—a privately owned firm that works with businesses including Fortune 500 companies on investment decisions—summed up a ...
DLCC 07/25/2012 2 2 - 21
Corporate Tax Cuts and the Spread of Tuberculosis in Florida
When they weren't making it more difficult to register voters and requiring women to have unnecessary ultrasounds before deciding to have an abortion, Florida’s Republican legislature handed out ...
DLCC 07/09/2012 2 10 1 52
Louisiana using tax-payer funds to teach Loch Ness Monster is real
Reposted from . Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook .
DLCC 07/05/2012 10 1 - 101
In Wisconsin Recalled State Senator Wanggaard Demands Recount: Democracy Delayed
In order to prevent Senate Democrats from taking back the majority in the Wisconsin State Senate, recalled Senator Van Wanggaard has requested a recount of the official results of this month's ...
DLCC 06/15/2012 69 23 - 272
For Michigan GOP "vagina" and "vasectomy" now four letter words
From the great state of Michigan, where the GOP controlled legislature made it a priority to regulate women's health care, legislators are being punished for using medically correct terms to discuss ...
DLCC 06/14/2012 15 26 - 163
Michigan GOP Ignoring The State's Most Pressing Issues to Attack Women
Reposted from . Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook .
DLCC 06/14/2012 1 2 - 31
Democratic Legislators: Fighting to Keep American Jobs in America
The mail houses are revving up and the political commercials are starting to be produced, and in just a few short months candidates will ask voters to support them promising that their election will ...
DLCC 06/13/2012 3 3 - 27
Wisconsin State Senate Recall Over. Time for Senator Wanggaard to Concede
With official results from last Tuesday's recall election now in, former Wisconsin state Senator John Lehman has won his job back--clearly defeating Senator Van Wanggaard by 834 votes--a 55 vote ...
DLCC 06/12/2012 15 23 - 303
Vote In Our Profiles in Crazy
Just when you thought it was safe to be away at Netroots for a few days, the Michigan Republicans told doctors that they knew how to practice medicine better than they did, and passed some of the ...
DLCC 06/08/2012 1 1 - 27
Pennsylvania GOP: Literally Taking Food From Their Most Vulnerable Citizens to Pay for Corporate Tax
Pennsylvania House Republicans are poised to harm Pennsylvania 's disabled citizens and domestic violence survivors all while ignoring pleas from faith leaders who are begging Republican leaders to ...
DLCC 06/05/2012 5 15 - 95
Republicans Are Hoping You Never See This
Pat McDonough has been a Republican member of the Maryland General Assembly since 2003, and his core campaign message is clear: immigrants are not welcome. Republicans are now desperately trying ...
DLCC 05/31/2012 7 7 - 167
Meet Representative Tina Kotek, Oregon's House Democratic Leader
Her personal heroes include Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office in the United States, and Eleanor Roosevelt, who spent her life fighting poverty and made history as the ...
DLCC 05/30/2012 3 9 - 32
Sign Our Petition: Don't Make Taxpayers Pay $1,100 to Protect a Bust of Rush Limbaugh!
Missouri House Republicans have voted to attack public education and cut off medical care for blind residents – but they somehow found $1,100 in taxpayer money to pay for special security for the ...
DLCC 05/25/2012 4 14 - 83
DLCC Letting Wisconsin Senator Moulton's Words Speak For Themselves
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee announced today that they are running an ad in Wisconsin informing people there what Senator Terry Moulton has done to help the Wisconsin economy: ...
DLCC 05/24/2012 7 29 - 133
Democrats surge in swing-state generic ballots
Polling released last week shows Democrats taking clear leads in generic legislative ballot polling in Iowa, New Hampshire, and North Carolina - three key swing states which have all voted ...
DLCC 05/22/2012 4 19 - 134
What’s the Matter with the Kansas (and Maine) Legislatures?
In his 2004 book What’s the Matter with Kansas?, Kansas native and one-time Republican Thomas Frank seeks to explain why so many voters actively vote for Republican candidates for office, who in ...
DLCC 05/21/2012 3 2 - 53
Special Elections foreshadow change in Democratic fortunes
[cross-posted at ] Special elections are on everyone’s mind this week as voters go to ...
DLCC 05/23/2011 51 24 - 387
This Month in Crazy: GOP Misdeeds Flying Under the Radar
[cross-posted at ] The GOP’s war on workers has dominated recent national media coverage, ...
DLCC 04/01/2011 15 24 1 129
Winning in Indiana: What the Compromise Means for Working Families
[cross-posted at ] As ...
DLCC 03/29/2011 3 8 - 53
I'll See your Petty Maneuver, and Raise You This Devastating TV Ad [VIDEO]
Last week, Indiana Republicans upped the ante by raising their fines against the Hoosier 39 – from $250/day to $350/day. The ...
DLCC 03/21/2011 5 30 2 223
Upping the Ante in Indiana
[cross-posted at ] The situation in Indiana continues to ferment. Yesterday evening Republican House Speaker Brian ...
DLCC 03/17/2011 4 11 1 74
Meanwhile, Back in Indiana...
[cross-posted at ] The Indiana House Democrats remain firm in their resolve to halt the advance of Republican Governor Mitch ...
DLCC 03/16/2011 5 5 - 57
See the New Ad that's Catching Fire in Wisconsin
UPDATE: Please help us keep ads like this one on the air! Not long ago, the DLCC released our first television ad in ...
DLCC 03/13/2011 7 15 - 293
The Tough Get Going: Devastating New Ad Highlights State Senator’s Attack on Working Families
We're all angry about the Wisconsin GOP's perversion of the democratic process to ram through their assault on working families. And we should be. But the absolute worst thing any of us can do ...
DLCC 03/11/2011 9 29 - 200
GA State Rep.: There’s No Such Thing as a Rape Victim
[cross-posted at ] U.S. House Republicans have received a great deal ...
DLCC 02/04/2011 96 44 - 268
Action Alert: Lawmaker threatened AGAIN
This community has been ...
DLCC 02/01/2011 9 23 - 81
Strengthening the Progressive Voice
[cross-posted at ] Do you want a stronger progressive voice in Congress? Then the most important vote you cast this November might be ...
DLCC 10/11/2010 1 5 - 40
Last Chance to Support Crucial Civil Unions Bill
[cross-posted at ] Ten days – that’s how long we have to make our voices heard on a crucial piece of equal rights legislation. ...
DLCC 06/11/2010 2 5 - 88
Redistricting Relay
[cross-posted at ] Late Friday afternoon, Politico ’s Ken Vogel published an interesting assessment of the upcoming fight over ...
DLCC 06/09/2010 1 1 - 25
Outrage: Republican Senator blames 16-year-old rape victim!
[cross-posted at ] You might remember Republican State Sen. Dennis Nolan of Nevada from last week, when he was caught on tape allegedly offering ...
DLCC 06/06/2010 187 469 3 185
Baby Killers
[cross-posted at ] The debate still rages in America over when life begins. But what is beyond debate is that an infant born into this world is ...
DLCC 06/04/2010 25 21 - 54
Republican St. Rep. picks fight on House Floor
[cross-posted at ] Republican State Rep. Denny Hoskins of Missouri has had a bad few months. He ran for office touting his experience as a ...
DLCC 06/01/2010 2 4 - 34
NV-St.Sen: Explosive audio of possible bribe!
[cross-posted at ] Something in the water must be affecting Republican primaries in Nevada. Hot on the heels of the “chickens for checkups&...
DLCC 05/28/2010 10 15 - 45
Colo.'s First African-American Speaker Retires
[cross-posed at ] The end of the Colorado legislative session also marked the end of another Democrat’s historic reign as Speaker. Terrance ...
DLCC 05/21/2010 5 6 - 33
Primary results improve Democratic chances in Pa. House
[cross-posted at ] With everything else on the ballot this past Tuesday (several high-profile congressional and gubernatorial primaries, as well ...
DLCC 05/20/2010 7 10 - 87
Michigan Republican in trouble after allegedly threatening legislative aide
First-term Republican State Senator Roger Kahn is proving to be particularly wrathful in his dealings with other legislators and staffers. In the latest incident, when a legislative aide realized he&
DLCC 05/18/2010 32 19 - 43
VIDEO: Tenn. Democratic Leader Rescues Flood Victims
This is definitely a must-see video. But first, here’s ...
DLCC 05/12/2010 3 7 - 27
More Details on Hawaii Civil Unions Vote
The Democratic sponsor of Hawaii’s civil unions may face a tougher than normal re-election fight in the wake of the April 29th vote to grant gays and lesbians the right to join civil unions. ...
DLCC 05/07/2010 10 7 - 35
Hawaii Civil Unions Bill Hangs in the Balance
On April 29th, the Hawaii Legislature overwhelmingly passed House Bill 444, which grants same-sex couples in civil unions "the same rights, benefits, protections, and responsibilities" as those ...
DLCC 05/06/2010 7 11 - 36
Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves
I'm blowing the dust off of this user diary because I want to start a conversation. There are 7,382 legislators across the country, and they represent every conceivable kind of district. Most have ...
DLCC 07/02/2008 4 10 - 1
It's not rocket science...
Republican Tom Dempster is the Assistant Majority Leader seeking his fourth term in the South Dakota state Senate. Obviously Dempster has some cursory knowledge of the filing process in the state, ...
DLCC 04/08/2008 4 2 - 2
April Fools’ Day: Republican Hoax of Nonpartisan Redistricting Reform
The “bipartisan” California Voters First is trying to gin up signatures to get on the ballot in November. A lot of folks—Democrats and Republicans—support nonpartisan ...
DLCC 04/01/2008 3 9 1 2
The Republicans get it...
The Republicans highlight why they’re scared of Democrats winning at the local level .
DLCC 02/15/2008 12 13 - 1
Democrats win first round of Redistricting
Democrats won the first round of redistricting yesterday, with victories in Mississippi and Virginia. Democrats flipped the Virginia Senate and the Mississippi Senate and expanded our majority ...
DLCC 11/07/2007 39 14 - 12
Another Republican jumps ship
Tennessee state Senator Mike Williams of Maynardville announced today that he will leave the Senate ...
DLCC 03/14/2007 7 19 - 13
Statement by DLCC Chair and Colorado Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald on the Selection of Denver
(Cross-posted at MyDD ) WASHINGTON, DC—I’d like to congratulate the DNC on choosing Denver as the site of the 2008 ...
DLCC 01/11/2007 9 10 - 12
Dems Get MT House, Senate
DLCC 11/14/2006 80 46 2 72
Dems sweep state legislatures--again!
DLCC 11/08/2006 15 18 - 18
Looking for state legislative results?
DLCC 11/07/2006 5 24 - 23
Chambers in Play tomorrow
DLCC 11/06/2006 1 11 - 16
NYT: Democrats Are Seen to Gain in Statehouse Races
DLCC 10/31/2006 6 2 - 3
Ohio turning blue
DLCC 10/27/2006 2 6 1 3
Michigan endorsements
DLCC 10/25/2006 2 8 - 12
Oregonian endorses Rob Brading
DLCC 10/24/2006 2 8 1 7
a key to long-term Democratic success
DLCC 10/23/2006 5 8 1 -
Iowa Outlook
DLCC 10/18/2006 7 10 1 17
How we win
DLCC 10/12/2006 7 5 - -
4x4: Four weeks, four reasons state legislatures matter
DLCC 10/11/2006 3 5 - 32
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