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City Blurb: The Documentary Film, Urbanized
The documentary film, Urbanized , presents a diverse range of views about "The city" as a phenomenon in modern life, in representing a number of positive qualities of a few world cities. The film ...
DaDA Bum 04/09/2013 1 - - -
(Literally) Underground Homelessness in KC, and Being Indigenous in the Modern World
This morning, I found a photo slide show of a homeless suburb in Kansas City, literally underground. It's not accompanied with any broader report, at that page - just photos - but I think it's a ...
DaDA Bum 04/09/2013 2 6 - -
In Respects to the Romeny Campaign
I'm not Buying It. Here's an Old Skool tune, by Living Colour After the break: Negative space. Salud!
DaDA Bum 05/20/2012 17 - - 87
Proposing an Analysis of Corporate Effects on the Social Environment
I've begun to consider that - in analyzing the affects of the contemporary corporate model and discussing the model overall, perhaps to develop a sort of macrosystematic point of view about business,
DaDA Bum 05/19/2012 1 - - 16
A Tribute to the Namesake
In the spirit of lifelong liberal arts education: An excerpt from Dadaism , by Tristan Tzara Philosophy is the question: from which side shall we look at life, God, the idea or other phenomena. ...
DaDA Bum 04/26/2012 1 1 - 18
Democracy is a team effort
Pardon me for seeming obtuse. What, with my workday, I don't have a lot of time to devote about political rhetoric. I just thought it would be worth noting: Democracy is a a team effort. So here's ...
DaDA Bum 03/20/2012 1 1 - 20
Dear Democratic Party - Whither the Party Identity?
Dear Democratic Party, Back in 2006, then Congressman Obama had appeared on the Charlie Rose show. In that interview, Congressman Obama expressed that he wasn't committed to pursuing a presidential ...
DaDA Bum 02/25/2012 28 - - 140
On the Pursuit of Peace in Afghanistan - News from PRI
I just happened to catch this story on Flipboard , while I was waiting at the tire shop, this afternoon. I may find it personally difficult to comment about the news - "considering" - but in it ...
DaDA Bum 02/16/2012 2 - - 22
On a Trend in Business - Growth in the Entertainment Industry, and Community Role of Music
In sidebar: I expect that the reader might wonder, at first, how this may pertain to the political discourse at DailyKos. I present it under the general topic, Economy, and in the interest of ...
DaDA Bum 02/01/2012 6 - 1 22
Looking to be Locally Involved - Advice?
Though I'm aware that, as a member of the US Military, I should be *very* conscientious with regards to how I would pursue any manner of political involvement - especially in the touchy climate of ...
DaDA Bum 01/30/2012 12 5 - 39
On the Clever Art of Story Telling
In a recent comment by fellow Kossac, kovie , there is the suggestion that the GOP has begun to take up a new angle of rhetoric, ...
DaDA Bum 01/30/2012 5 - - 38
Musical Interlude - Music and Culture
In all of my recent following along about the worrisome lunacy of the GOP's materialistic agenda, perhaps I have not been able to lend due indication of my own personal support of concepts of ...
DaDA Bum 01/30/2012 1 - - 22
Riffing - Rep West's Precedent of the Lunatic Times
I read, this morning, about ...
DaDA Bum 01/30/2012 2 - - 29
"And Jane, His Wife" - Continuing onto Concepts of Cultural Identity
I happened to catch a recommended diary entry, here at DailyKos, today - by Mark Sumner, an article titled, Meet ...
DaDA Bum 01/29/2012 5 - - 101
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