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Willard Romney’s Shocking Admission!
Willard Romney is on record as saying that he believes that anyone receiving public assistance from the government should have to work in order to receive that government assistance. In other words,
Daddeeo 04/17/2012 16 7 - 152
Separation of Church and State is good, but . . .
In the process of separating Church and State, we have also separated ourselves from God. We have taken God completely out of the equation. That’s why so many in the Middle East think we’re an ...
Daddeeo 04/14/2011 59 - - 118
If there’s an Antichrist, is there also an Antidiplomat?
Thanks to by buddy Hank for asking me what I think about the way we behaved in respect to Libya. He set me to thinking, and here’s what I came up with. We’re pretty much winding down our ...
Daddeeo 04/12/2011 2 - - 17
If there’s an Antichrist, is there also an Antidiplomat?
Thanks to by buddy Hank for asking me what I think about the way we behaved in respect to Libya. He set me to thinking, and here’s what I came up with. We’re pretty much winding down our ...
Daddeeo 04/11/2011 2 - - 15
Will The Real Anti-Christ Please Stand Up?
What do we mean by the term ‘anti-Christ’? Consider the word itself. The prefix ‘anti’ means to be against, to stand in opposition to. Therefore, if a Christian speaks words that ...
Daddeeo 03/26/2011 79 12 - 198
What we should be telling Secretary Tom Vilsack
The American people are concerned about the possibility that the USDA is going to grant permission for Monsanto's genetically modified alfalfa to be grown in the U.S. without assuring us that the ...
Daddeeo 01/27/2011 5 6 - 24
Big Government Is Not The Problem
One case that people who complain about the incompetence of ‘big government’ almost always bring up is the DMV. But what they are really complaining about is the inability of the staff ...
Daddeeo 01/23/2011 1 3 - 47
What We Should Be Telling Eric Cantor
Listen up, Eric. After months of debate over the Health Insurance bill, you want to talk about it some more. You want to play out the same stupid, obstructionist game plan that the American people ...
Daddeeo 01/20/2011 24 5 - 57
Thoughts on Anger and Washington’s Toxic Atmosphere
Everyone gets angry. It’s a universal human emotion. Newborns express frustration and anger. Three-year old children express anger, as do teenagers and fully-grown adults. Psychology and ...
Daddeeo 01/17/2011 20 13 - 230
They’re Both Right
BOTH President Obama AND his angry, vocal critics on the Left (Schumer, Weiner, Sanders, Dean et al) are both right. President Obama did the wise and prudent thing. More than that, he did the ...
Daddeeo 12/20/2010 14 2 - 72
Here’s What I Think We Should Be Saying
History has a funny way of looping back on itself. For example, our Founding Fathers were faced with a terrible problem––the problem of taxation without representation. A hot issue ...
Daddeeo 12/14/2010 3 1 - 44
A Petition. Ask until you receive!
As I was signing the latest CREDO petition, I took advantage of the opportunity to add a personal message. As I was writing my personal message, it occurred to me that my response could also be ...
Daddeeo 10/08/2010 3 3 - 17
The President and Vice President are right. Stop the kvetching.
Yes, there are still a lot of things that have still not happened, and we all have every right to be angry, but angry with whom? Naturally, the President and Vice President can’t say what ...
Daddeeo 09/29/2010 37 10 - 52
What We Voters Need to Know
We are all voters, but at the same time we are also consumers. Being the wise shoppers we are, we know that making the right choice calls for a careful study of the options. Two options are being ...
Daddeeo 09/26/2010 2 2 - 23
Thank You Vice President Biden!
It’s a story that could come right out of O. Henry. The Republicans react to frightening fantasies and outright lies and win, while the Democrats fail to react in time to a very real danger ...
Daddeeo 09/17/2010 2 7 - 35
John Boehner’s Jobs/Bush-Tax-Cuts Mantra Is Becoming Annoying.
John Boehner is beginning to sound like an 8-year old child sitting in the back seat of the car, whining over and over, “Are we there yet Daddy? Are we there yet? Huh, Daddy? Are we there?
Daddeeo 09/04/2010 2 4 - 32
Timothy McVeighs Are Made, Not Born
This much we know for certain. Newborns grow through certain developmental stages. We grow through developmental stages all our lives, but the earliest stages are the most critical in terms of the ...
Daddeeo 04/25/2010 19 8 - 17
Consider The People Who Want To Take Down Our Government:
I refer to the Teabaggers, the Birthers, the Death Panelists, the people who wear guns in public places, the militias, and the people who can’t spell the words on their own signs. Behold the ...
Daddeeo 04/17/2010 25 8 1 29
Isn’t The Death Penalty Just A Very, Very Late Term Abortion?
When I hear opponents of abortion say how wrong abortion is because each fetus is a human life, I have to pose this question. When, at what point in the future life of that fetus does it loose that ...
Daddeeo 03/06/2010 44 3 - 14
Money Talks, But It’s Not Free Speech
When our Founding Fathers were alive, there was no radio or TV, no electronic recording or broadcasting devices. Free speech was thought of as the sound a human being makes when speaking in some ...
Daddeeo 02/09/2010 12 4 - 54
Suicide Bombing Is Blasphemy
Suicide bombers often portray themselves as martyrs who will be welcomed into Paradise. Technically, however, it’s only martyrdom if somebody else kills you, like shoots you or throws you to ...
Daddeeo 12/23/2009 41 2 - 11
daddeeo addresses Robert M. Gates
Robert Gates: Why are you, once again, implementing a strategy in which our victory is dependent, not upon our own forces but instead, upon the ability of a not-yet-completely-created military force ...
Daddeeo 12/16/2009 1 2 - 67
NEXT: daddeeo takes on Richard Cheney and John McCain
Richard Cheney: When you claim that there were no terrorist attacks after 9/11 you are either lying, or you have forgotten about the three bio-terrorist ricin letter attacks of October 15, 2003, ...
Daddeeo 12/11/2009 27 4 - 9
Daddeeo takes on John Thune and John Cornyn
John Thune: I don’t know what you meant when you said of Senator Franken, “I don’t know what his (Senator Franken’s) motive was for taking us on. . . “ I don’t ...
Daddeeo 12/07/2009 19 6 - 48
!! F L A S H !! Pfizer Poisons Grandma
The precise details of the Pfizer scandal are in the current news loop, so there’s no need to detail or repeat them here. However, as I absorb the story’s content and its implications, ...
Daddeeo 09/03/2009 17 3 - 7
I want my Public Option, and here’s why.
I am a supporter of the public option plan for many reasons. Here’s my favorite. I don’t want my healthcare payments to be used to finance some company’s shareholder dividends, ...
Daddeeo 08/25/2009 14 1 - 6
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
I heard Keith Olbermann give the best take I’ve heard so far on the nutty protesters we’re seeing lately at these town hall meetings. He said, “It’s stupid people scaring ...
Daddeeo 08/20/2009 9 2 - 15
Defusing The Health Care Debate Violence—Here’​;s How
The levels of violence and hostility in current discourse about health care are continuing to rise. Add to that the disturbing fact that there are some members of congress who are knowingly ...
Daddeeo 08/18/2009 3 1 - 1
Another Example of the Way Stuff Just Happens
History is full of examples of heads of state doing or saying something which then goes on to become a social tradition or a famous catch phrase. For example, there is the custom of concert ...
Daddeeo 08/02/2009 5 6 - 31
Another peck at the Constitution
There was a time when all governments were theocracies. Theocratic governments exist in the present day, but they are no longer the only style of government. Today, there are secular governments, ...
Daddeeo 03/11/2009 16 8 - 4
No Retroactive Immunity for Telecoms!
I, like many others of my generation, still have the letters we received as kids, letters from our relatives in Germany. Each envelope bears the censor’s swastika stamp of approval. Each ...
Daddeeo 07/06/2008 45 26 - 25
Teacher Grades Bush
Daddeeo 04/21/2006 74 70 5 177
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