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Microsoft and Minecraft.
This was supposed to be published this morning, before the news broke - so I am leaving it as written. The specifics of price are different but the content is the same. W hy is Microsoft buying ...
Noah Churchel 09/15/2014 106 58 - -
Elder Scrolls Online: It lives! but YMMV
The Elder Scrolls Online goes public I'm pounding along a hallway in the Wailing Prison, Coldharbor, leading an old blind man I know only as The Prophet to a Daedric anchor portal. Coldharbor is ...
sagesource 04/28/2014 28 10 - -
Elder Scrolls, almost on line and deep in trouble
I'm sad, and angry. Mostly angry, actually. I spent last weekend watching Elder Scrolls Online turn into Elder Scrolls on Life Support right in front of my eyes. It was that bad. Still a beta , ...
sagesource 03/04/2014 44 6 1 -
Home is where the heart is
In the morning, you can tell me your dreams. You think you know where Gone Home is going before it's five minutes old. The wide-eyed innocent protagonist – Katie,
sagesource 12/29/2013 7 3 - -
Thumbing Your Nose at God: The Stanley Parable
Spoilers. Many. But not enough to spoil the experience, as you'll see. You are a man named Stanley, in a first-person video game named, ...
sagesource 12/09/2013 13 13 1 -
Narrative in video games
When it comes to telling a story, what can a video game do that is impractical or ...
sagesource 10/26/2013 86 37 4 -
DK Gamers: "I Am Not A Gamer."
"I'm not a fan of video games and don't expect ever to be!" Yes, I know there are those out there with that opinion. What I want to find out is: Why? Please leave a comment of why you don't like ...
SoCaliana 10/05/2013 21 7 - -
"Why don't more girls play video games?"
The online gaming community is overwhelmingly male. So much so that when playing against a human opponent who happens to be female, it's considered a big deal. Now why is this? One could go into a ...
Risen Tree 09/18/2013 236 76 1 -
Whoever said that video games can't be more than just fun... Eidos Montreal begs to differ. Their reboot of the Thief series not only looks like another home run following the amazing Deus Ex: ...
AntonBursch 08/17/2013 8 2 - -
Governance Lessons from SimCity 2000
Ah, the memories. Ah, Will Wright. He was the legendary genius that gave us the SimCity games, The Sims games, and Spore. The success of his work was unparalleled, as can be seen by the release of ...
Risen Tree 03/01/2013 39 45 3 -
PPP and video games
A recent poll from Public Policy Polling showed Americans viewed video games as more of a threat than guns. But not really. Details below the fold.
statsone 02/12/2013 8 8 - -
How Metal Gear Solid 2 was a Prophetic Vision of the Future
"In the current, digitized world, trivial information is being accumulated every second, preserved in all its triteness. Never fading, always accessible... Rumors about petty issues, ...
DAISHI 01/20/2013 7 4 - -
The End of an Era: A Tribute to the Playstation 2
Going out on top Last week Sony quietly announced that the very last Playstation 2 was manufactured and shipped from their facilities in Japan. Over the course of twelve years ...
billyleeblack16 01/02/2013 69 12 - -
The first game my brother Andre' and I designed together is now live on iTunes!
Thirty seven years ago my older brother and I were taken away from our parents due to severe neglect. We were adopted 6 years later by a foster family. We went from neglect to physical abuse. My ...
Anton Bursch 12/21/2012 34 17 - -
Dishonored: assassination for pacifists
PC version reviewed. Some spoilers below, so beware. Sunset over the Wrenhaven River. "Hah! I shit bigger than you!" The city guard at the foot of the lamppost has just stomped another wandering ...
sagesource 12/20/2012 64 24 1 -
Graphical Adventure Game: Resonance
Resonance ...
SoCaliana 09/17/2012 3 4 - 81
Games that Changed my Life: Ace Combat 4
Normally when I talk about video games, I mention RPGs. Nothing wrong with them, they really get into the feel of a character and make me feel like I'm a part of the story. In a way, they feel ...
detroitmechworks 09/12/2012 10 6 - 80
A love hate story
Analogue: A Hate Story Christine Love Here’s the situation. There is a teenage girl, Korean, and it’s the twenty-fourth century or thereabouts. Humankind has begun to reach out to the stars, ...
sagesource 09/09/2012 1 4 - 88
Friday 13th Gamer's Special: Better Left Out
If you had to nominate a candidate for a feature, situation, or character that would have been better left out of your favorite video game, what would it be? I'm thinking here not of poor technical ...
sagesource 07/13/2012 3 5 - 35
Videogamers vs. Women
Maybe not everyone on Kos pays that much attention to videogames, but seriously, this is worth paying attention to. The backstory: recently, there's been something of a debate... ok, flame war... ...
Crazy teenager 06/17/2012 65 18 - 222
Summer Games Done Quick 2012
There are a few styles of competitive video gaming out there. Most gamers are familiar with the head-to-head stuff like Starcraft tournaments and have become aware (thanks to movies like King of ...
ferment 05/27/2012 3 2 - 25
Curt Schilling's game studio effectively bankrupt; lays off entire staff
From WPRI After days of controversy and turmoil surrounding the fate of 38 Studios, all of the employees at Curt Schilling's gaming company received pink slips. Information is still coming into the ...
Andy1116 05/24/2012 207 173 1 1605
Supreme Court to review first-sale doctrine in copyright law
This may sound to some like an abstruse legal diary, and, admittedly, it's not about "electing more and better Democrats". It is, instead, about a fundamental threat to the intellectual world as we ...
Felix 04/23/2012 214 268 10 1657
Daily Kos Gamers: games fighting depression, weekend free game trials, and more
Video game shows promise in treatment of adolescent depression SPARX , an interactive fantasy game designed by researchers at the University of Auckland, represents a new approach for teens dealing ...
ferment 04/21/2012 34 11 1 109
Skyrim: Other lives, other worlds
[Warning: Spoilers. Lots.] The natural surroundings are very pretty, if a touch bleak: Nordic. The rest of the scene leaves more to be desired. I'm tied up in the back of a lurching horse-cart and ...
sagesource 04/10/2012 14 12 - 112
Choice Words 3: My Other Passion, Video Gaming
When I'm not lurking around here on Daily Kos, working or watching MSNBC, I'm spending my time playing and studying video games. Gaming has been a hobby and passion of mine ever since I was 2 years ...
Ace Nelson 04/10/2012 6 4 - 36
Corrupting the Youth: Gaming with my Daughter
(cross-posted from Kurtoons Online ) A couple days ago, our youngest daughter, Rodan, asked me about the game I played with Mommy in the evenings. No, it’s not that kind of game, this one ...
quarkstomper 03/31/2012 45 69 1 615
How Mass Effect 3 is a perfect example of US politics
Oh, nothing in the game. Not a single thing in the game. The reaction to the game. And the reaction to the reaction. Cliff notes version : Mass Effect 3 was released to overwhelming customer ...
detroitmechworks 03/25/2012 18 8 1 147
"How I helped destroy Star Wars Galaxies"
I ran across this enticingly titled article the other day, and thought it was well worth passing along to anybody with an interest in MMORPGs and the connection between virtual worlds and real money.
ferment 03/09/2012 14 4 - 118
One Year Anniversary: Gemini Rue
Gemini Rue PC Video ...
SoCaliana 02/17/2012 5 3 - 89
Final Fantasy X and the Catholic Church
Final Fantasy X was produced by Square Enix as the flagship game for Sony's new Playstation 2, about ten years ago. The game, like all JRPG games, was primarily intended for a Japanese audience, ...
catwho 02/14/2012 17 8 - 121
Now they're worried about _gay_relationships_ in our _video_games_
There is a certain Mad Libs quality to evangelical concerns about pop culture.  My entire conscious life, spanning the 80s to now with only the occasional brownout during the college years, there ...
ferment 01/28/2012 132 62 - 627
Daily Kos Gamers: SpaceChem weekend
"SpaceChem", explains its website , "is an intriguing, 'problem-solving centric' puzzle game by Zachtronics Industries that combines the logic ...
ferment 01/27/2012 4 3 1 49
RPGs have a Liberal Bias.
Recently there's been a noticeable downturn in the number of things that we blame on video games in this country. There is of course a reason for that. The GOOD news is that the vast majority of ...
detroitmechworks 01/22/2012 176 71 5 1036
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Got an in-game mail last night from a Kossack who was wondering if Victorious Secret was still around, because I haven't posted a diary about TOR since my initial one. The answer is, yes! We are ...
DruidQueen 01/18/2012 29 8 1 126
Daily Kos World of Warcraft Guild Update: And Welcome, 2012!
Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start ...
Moody Loner 01/05/2012 18 18 - 150
Daily Kos World of Warcraft Guild Update: Farewell, 2011.
Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start ...
Moody Loner 12/29/2011 23 18 - 170
Off-Topic: Old School Video Games
So I'm sitting here, commenting on a few posts and what-not. Something occurs to me... are there any retro gaming enthusiasts that hang out at the Daily Kos? Retro gaming, as it is right now, ...
robbryant 12/28/2011 32 5 - 117
SWTOR Dkos Empire Guild: The Lying Darkness
Welcome to The Lying Darkness (LYDARKOS), a Imperial Guild in SWTOR MMO for Daily Kos members and friends. If you have not heard of Star Wars The Old Republic by all means, check out the game and ...
Stance Like Ptah 12/20/2011 10 4 - 59
"It is always darkest before the dawn." From gray to black, a day in Limbo.
The well-known English theologian and historian Thomas Fuller once likely said, "It is always darkest just before the day dawneth." This may not be solid science, but like so many pithy sentiments ...
ferment 12/17/2011 11 10 - 230
LYDARKOS: Servers at last!
The Lying Darkness is the Imperial Guild side of the SWTOR MMO, representing Daily Kos. Our Sister Guild is Victorious Secret (that name kills me every time lol) on the Republic Side. LYDARKOS is ...
Stance Like Ptah 12/13/2011 6 8 - 77
Victorious Secret: Dkos Republic Guild
Hello my pretties! Welcome to the Unofficial Daily Kos Republic Guild for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I am pleased to announce that today, 12/13/2011, is a momentous day indeed. Not only did ...
DruidQueen 12/13/2011 11 8 1 71
Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction by Ken Binmore
This is part of a series within the Reading and Book Lovers group; it was suggested by LimeLite. The subject is books about science, math and statistics. This is intended to be a ...
annieli 12/12/2011 41 34 13 520
I'm going a little tangential to games in this one, but with good reason. This is about the demoscene, a computer-based form of artistic expression that pushes hardware and software to their limits. ...
ferment 12/09/2011 5 4 - 62
Victorious Secret: A SW:TOR Republic Guild for Kossacks
Victorious Secret is a PvE guild on the Republic side of Bioware's new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since the game hasn't launched yet, we don't have a server, and we are just starting out. VS ...
DruidQueen 12/02/2011 13 4 - 58
Gray Matter: The Grand Game
Gray Matter is a graphical adventure game-novela playable on Windows and Xbox 360 from Jane Jensen , in the classic point-and-click style. ...
SoCaliana 11/27/2011 7 3 - 94
Minecraft: dig, build, and explore
ferment 11/20/2011 17 5 1 92
The Longest Journey Resolves Angst
The Longest Journey game is from Norway and stars an 18-year-old art student who begins "the most amazing journey," which culminates in discovering ...
SoCaliana 11/19/2011 7 3 - 57
Human Oddities, and much more
The Residents: Freak Show (PC CD-Rom) published by The Voyager Company in March 1995. The publish date and company's name are included because they will be needed to track down this incredibly ...
SoCaliana 11/12/2011 17 8 1 385
Steam forum accounts and user database compromised
If you use Steam, you should be aware that they have been compromised ...
ferment 11/11/2011 13 9 1 115
Sunday Night Gaming: What Are You Playing?
I've been meaning to try and get a weekly, Sunday night gaming thread going. But I post once and then life gets in the way and I don't post again for an extended period of time. Lets try this again.
webranding 11/06/2011 31 7 - 143
A Shared Game World: The MMO
Gamers can play Massively Multiplayer Online ( MMO ) games either solo or as part of a group of other players. Player groups are referred to as guilds, clans, teams, etc. All of the players are in ...
SoCaliana 11/05/2011 79 14 - 348
Off Book: Video Games | PBS Arts
This will be a short "diary" (there is no length restrictions on what constitutes a diary anymore). But since it involves two things I am passionate about which is ...
pot 11/04/2011 14 4 - 60
First Person Gaming; Through Your Own Eyes
What is a first person game? In modern video games, a first person perspective is a vantage point that gives the illusion of looking through the eyes of the game character.
pot 10/31/2011 28 7 - 106
Computer Arcade Games: Fast-Paced, Addictive, and Fun!
It used to be, you could go out to an arcade, bar, etc., and find one of a handful of games that looked fun, pay up a coin, and play until your turn ended. The machine kept score for you, and ...
SoCaliana 10/30/2011 53 12 2 347
Video game suggestions, zombie edition
Halloween is (almost) here. Drop the candy and get your keyboard and mouse ready, because here comes a trio of zombie-themed computer games.
ferment 10/29/2011 3 2 - 61
Daily Kos World of Warcraft Guild Update: Shelter your Weak
Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start ...
Moody Loner 10/24/2011 29 13 - 138
Below the Root, the video game: pacifism, ethics, and fun
Video games have acquired a reputation over the years of enabling and encouraging wanton acts of violence or other immorality. The latest target has been the massively fun Grand Theft Auto franchise,
ferment 10/15/2011 49 27 2 280
Graphical Adventure Games: Illustrated Stories With Sound
With a sweeping motion, you casually move your index finger across a shelf of the bookcase, hoping to find a title that interests you. A few seconds later, one stands out. Using your fingertips, ...
SoCaliana 10/13/2011 15 5 - 121
Daily Kos World of Warcraft Guild Update: Yeah, about that WoW Insider article...
Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start ...
Moody Loner 10/06/2011 49 18 1 217
Daily Kos World of Warcraft Guild Update: Patch 4.3 is on the PTR
Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start ...
Moody Loner 09/29/2011 46 15 - 185
Playground Behind The Eyes: Text Adventure Games
To an extent, our imaginations drive our existence in reality. While we're going about our daily activities, our minds sometimes wander. We know it as daydreaming. Many gamers enjoy using their ...
SoCaliana 09/24/2011 68 23 5 431
On-Line Gamers Map HIV Protein, Opening the way for New Drugs
Something the Dog Said 09/20/2011 104 246 11 1235
Videogame Misconception #1
One of the misconceptions the mainstream media pushes about gaming is that it is a "toy" for kids. I disagree and more adults are playing games then ever before. Videogames are rated by ...
pot 09/16/2011 93 13 - 229
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