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Hey Let's Try to Draft Steve Novick to Primary challenge Ron Wyden
Lots and lots and lots of anti-wyden sentiment right now here in Koscadia, Let us do something productive with our Anger eh? I found his page. I will call when the sun rises https://www....
daeros 04/25/2015 16
GoFundMe Cancels Sweet Cakes By Melissa Fundraising Campaign; Owners Blame 'Satan'
Sweet Cakes By Melissa is the Oregon bakery whose owners refused to bake a same-sex couple's wedding cake. The couple took the owners to court and won the case. Oregon is one of the states that ...
librarisingnsf 04/25/2015 234
Teacher files federal lawsuit after being terrified by school shooting drill
Elementary school teacher Lina McLean has filed a lawsuit against the school administration, school board members, and security company all responsible for the outrageous school shooting "drill" ...
Walter Einenkel 04/23/2015 179

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