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State Dept. spokesperson incites right-wing ragegasm by stating what neocons once said
Cross posted from here. Marie Harf , yesterday: We’re killing a lot of them [ISIS militants] and we’re going to keep killing more of them. So are the Egyptians, so are the Jordanians. They’re ...
Daisy Cutter 02/17/2015 2 9 - -
Right-wing turns to time honored tactic of red-baiting against #BlackLivesMatter movement
Cross posted from here. Above: 1965 documentary by the John Birch Society alleging the US Civil Rights movement was a communist plot. Last month, prominent right-wing blogger John Hinderaker ...
Daisy Cutter 01/06/2015 9 9 - -
The "scandal" of releasing concentration camp inmates
Cross-posted from my blog. The scandal of releasing concentration camp inmates: Bergdahl and the bizarro discourse of national security cultism The entire discourse surrounding the Obama ...
Daisy Cutter 06/05/2014 6 5 - -
Man arrested with 48 bombs: NRA member & ex-College Republican
Image via . UPI : An Indiana man pulled over for speeding in Ohio had 48 bombs and four guns in his car, authorities allege. Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43,
Daisy Cutter 01/07/2014 376 310 3 -
BuzzFeed/Fox News myth of Mexicans getting easy asylum by using “keywords” debunked
X-posted from here. Associated Press : Between Aug. 1 and Aug. 15, the agency said, an average of 30 people per day have arrived at San Diego ports asking for asylum, compared with roughly 170,000 ...
Daisy Cutter 08/19/2013 4 4 - -
Political burglaries didn't start or end with Watergate
So I see that right-wing blogs are focusing on this story: Two burglars spent last weekend repeatedly breaking into a Dallas law firm and stealing three computers while leaving other valuables ...
Daisy Cutter 07/09/2013 2 5 - -
Friendly reminder: Undocumented Cubans already get “amnesty”
( Cross posted from here. ) Congressional Research Service  (emphasis mine): “Most of the undocumented Cubans who arrive in the United States are allowed to stay and adjust to permanent resident ...
Daisy Cutter 06/20/2013 9 11 - -
Right-wing claiming Muslims are exempt from govt. spying
( Cross-posted from Current Events Inquiry. ) Investors Business Daily has an incredibly inflammatory article �taking advantage of the recent uproar about the NSA’s broad spying programs to ...
Daisy Cutter 06/13/2013 13 6 - -
Hypocrisy at Heritage: Advocates of burglary against leftists aghast at IRS audits
Cross-posted from Current Events Inquiry. The Heritage Foundation wants to let you know that it’s very unfair that Tea Party groups were given greater scrutiny from IRS over their nonprofit ...
Daisy Cutter 05/12/2013 7 13 - -
Kucinich objects to pro-Israel resolution, claims it passed US House through deceptive means
Cross posted from here . Earlier this week, sweepingly pro-Israel resolutions passed both the US Senate and House with supposed " unanimous consent ." This lead to such triumphalist headlines as " ...
Daisy Cutter 11/20/2012 14 20 - -
"MSM failed to vet Obama." O Rly?
We're bound to hear this "failure to vet" myth from the right over and over again with such repetition that I worry many non-wingnuts are starting to believe it. That's why I'm posting this diary. ...
Daisy Cutter 10/03/2012 1 1 - 74
On the false dichotomy between "makers" vs. "takers"
Cross-posted from here. One of the most infuriating ideas the American right and the Tea Party have promoted is that Americans can be neatly divided into two main groups: makers and takers . The ...
Daisy Cutter 09/08/2012 9 6 - 88
Fast & Furious as a GOP exercise in faux-outrage
About a year ago, I posted a diary in which I proclaimed myself appalled by the ATF's Operation Fast & Furious and declared a desire for some sort of an investigation to get to the bottom of it. ...
Daisy Cutter 06/25/2012 6 11 - 85
No--In fact--you did NOT "turn out okay"
"I got my ass whupped by my parents when I was young and I turned out okay."
Daisy Cutter 11/03/2011 19 28 - 219
No, Obama did *NOT* offer to apologize to Japan
X-posted here .
Daisy Cutter 10/12/2011 7 4 - 168
The people we are up against: Sociopathic liars
X-posted from here.
Daisy Cutter 09/29/2011 6 6 - 62
Rightist Terrorism: Not a matter of if, but of when
The following quotes and screenshots are taken from the Murder Advocate Monitoring Service . A Tumblr blog I started earlier this year but now seems more ...
Daisy Cutter 07/27/2011 4 6 - 65
Anti-racism: DoJ sues modern-day sundown town in Wisconsin
Courthouse News: A Wisconsin city in the most segregated region in the nation buckled to racist pressure and shut down an ...
Daisy Cutter 06/27/2011 204 291 5 1952
Tea Party Caucus voted 49-9 to preserve bloated farm subsidies
X-posted from here. In a recent House vote for ...
Daisy Cutter 06/17/2011 10 9 1 108
The economic situtation in a nutshell
X posted from Current Events Inquiry.
Daisy Cutter 06/03/2011 14 9 - 64
Sarah Palin endorses the Third Worldization of America
X-posted from Current Events Inquiry Sarah Palin:
Daisy Cutter 05/11/2011 7 14 1 171
ATF Gunwalking: GOP investigates *genuine* scandal
NPR: The murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Mexico last year has touched off a scandal that's now reverberating in Washington. Members of Congress ...
Daisy Cutter 05/05/2011 13 7 - 142
A sampling of proposed state legislation
Cross posted from my blog. Original posts here and here . The craziness ...
Daisy Cutter 03/10/2011 7 9 - 65
American right attempting to equate Islam with sedition
In light of the news that Tennessee is trying to make following Sharia law a felony , I've decided to re-post ...
Daisy Cutter 03/01/2011 5 6 - 87
Some figures to keep in mind when taxing the rich is called "theft"
Cross posted from my blog Andrew Sum & Joseph McLaughlin, " How the U.S. Economic Output Recession of 2007-
Daisy Cutter 02/24/2011 2 2 - 34
Glenn Beck's A sampling of the crazy
I have to say that the comments left on Glenn Beck's contains more bizarre "NWO"-type conspiracy theorizing and more frighteningly violent rhetoric than most other "mainstream" ...
Daisy Cutter 02/10/2011 27 8 - 127
Punish the victim: The flawed US approach to battling human trafficking and sexual slavery
The bitter, bitter, bitter irony, colleagues, is that quite often the victims [of human trafficking] are the ones who are punished, and these mobsters and criminals who are involved ...
Daisy Cutter 02/06/2011 2 4 - 76
Freeper: I refused to file rape claims as a prosecutor
Quite possibly the worst FreeRepublic post in history : Raped by her boyfriend, with whom she is still living? ...
Daisy Cutter 02/04/2011 30 42 1 129
We hate them for their freedom
"Any time you see that Arab youth fist pump, you know you're going to see pain at the pump" ����� Eric Bolling, Fox ...
Daisy Cutter 02/01/2011 7 11 - 61
Glenn Beck uses COINTELPRO smear against the left
Glenn Beck Show, 27 Jan. 2011:
Daisy Cutter 01/29/2011 16 27 - 99
Altered 14th Amndt. would've denied Malkin citizenship
January 27, 2011 U.S. Sens. Vitter, Paul Introduce Birthright Citizenship Legislation Constitutional amendment would resolve 14th ...
Daisy Cutter 01/27/2011 22 11 - 101
Free Trade: The key to crashing the Tea Party?
I have a post today on my blog that discusses the inherent inconsistency in the Tea Party's explicit use of anti-globalist ...
Daisy Cutter 01/23/2011 8 8 - 57
SCOTUS may eviscerate 4th amendment
The title of the WaPo article should give you an idea of the importance of this case: " Justices consider when police may enter without warrant ." The transcript of ...
Daisy Cutter 01/13/2011 26 12 - 57
Help me collect quotes from pro-murder wingnuts
I'm getting tired of having to explain to people how hate filled the right-wing is to people who typically don't follow politics or are simply insulated from the more wicked aspects of wingnuttery. ...
Daisy Cutter 01/12/2011 8 - - 50
Demolishing Michael Barone's defense of income inequality
On a daily basis, conservative commentators say things which are incredibly stupid and reprehensible. They make baseless accusation based on mere speculation and outright lies. They appeal to the ...
Daisy Cutter 01/03/2011 10 10 1 94
Wingnuts mock enviro justice initiative
Campus Progress: Yesterday, the White House held its first-ever forum ...
Daisy Cutter 12/17/2010 8 7 - 53
Chamb. of Com. affiliate gets YOUR tax money to preach neoliberalism to third world
Remember the controversy over the Chamber of Commerce's use of foreign money to fight for GOP candidates in the recent ...
Daisy Cutter 11/20/2010 5 8 - 80
Glenn Beck and Roberto D'Aubuisson
Daisy Cutter 11/12/2010 13 11 1 102
Problems with the Holy Land Foundation conviction
It appears that there are serious improprieties with the case presented by federal prosecutors in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation retrial. The allegations of unfair and unconstitutional practices used ...
Daisy Cutter 11/04/2010 6 9 - 44
We have always been at war with Yemen
LA Times: Two explosives-laden packages and other suspicious parcels aboard cargo ...
Daisy Cutter 10/29/2010 20 1 - 51
Wingnuts celebrate collectivist state worship
Daisy Cutter 10/28/2010 6 6 - 58
Free speech and the American right
With the Juan Williams fiasco providing the right-wing with a lot of fodder for tarring the left as authoritarian and intolerant, I thought it would be convenient to put together ...
Daisy Cutter 10/26/2010 20 8 - 79
DoJ: Court might find assassination unjustified so it shouldn't rule on it in the first place
The DoJ has finally responded to the joint ACLU/CCR lawsuit ...
Daisy Cutter 09/25/2010 75 16 - 44
UN: IDF fired live ammunition at flotilla before boarding it
The full report (PDF) of the UN HRC fact-finding mission on the Gaza flotilla incident is sure to create another round of frenzied personal attacks on the ...
Daisy Cutter 09/22/2010 94 37 - 70
Anti-Muslim report author was once spokesman for Bosnian Muslim war effort
Cross-posted from Current Events Inquiry The vast Muslim conspiracy to undermine Western civilization from within is ...
Daisy Cutter 09/17/2010 10 6 - 51
Obama is not an anti-colonialist; semi-long explanation
NRO: Citing a recent Forbes ...
Daisy Cutter 09/13/2010 55 9 - 46
Wingnuts now Godwinning themselves
Islam is the New Communism Americans see Islam as only a religion. It is not just a religion, it is also a sophisticated, detailed political ...
Daisy Cutter 08/23/2010 26 23 - 54
Anti-Park51ers threaten black man in hat for looking Muslim
Needs to be seen to be believed:
Daisy Cutter 08/22/2010 433 285 1 96
Thomas Sowell and the "Point of No Return"
Thomas Sowell, 20 Aug. 2010: The Point of No Return It is not just evil ...
Daisy Cutter 08/21/2010 12 4 - 72
SIOA co-founder: kill your liberal relatives and all Muslims
The recent nontroversy over the not-actually-"at"-Ground-Zero not-actually-a-mosque is sure to heat up now that the first piece of red tape was shredded away. One of the key leaders of the movement ...
Daisy Cutter 08/03/2010 11 28 1 191
It's official: The ADL is not a civil rights group
We express our support for the United States Government in its effort to stop Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and the danger he poses to the stability and safety of the region. --
Daisy Cutter 07/31/2010 21 14 - 54
Debunking "Liberal Fascism": Hitler in his own words
Yeah, I realize I am probably very late to criticize Jonah Goldberg's magnum opus but that does not matter really. Every day Glenn Beck goes on his "it's called national socialism " ...
Daisy Cutter 07/24/2010 9 14 1 53
US citizen detained & deported to Honduras; alleges sex assault as well
Courthouse News Service: HOUSTON (CN) - In a perfect immigration nightmare, a U.S. citizen claims the Department of ...
Daisy Cutter 07/21/2010 36 66 1 468
Wingnuts weep for police torturer Jon Burge
Today a man was convicted of lying in a civil lawsuit. His lies concerned the brutal and calculated torture of dozens of black suspects who were held under his custody in his Chicago police unit.
Daisy Cutter 07/01/2010 17 14 - 27
Find embarrassing quotes from offshore oil advocates before the Gulf spill
Ted Poe, 5 Jun. 2008: Mr. Speaker, there are alarming events that keep ...
Daisy Cutter 05/25/2010 21 3 - 41
Draw US Imperialism Day: It is every day
Shocked and Awed: Iraqi Children Depict "...
Daisy Cutter 05/20/2010 14 13 - 31
Wingnut blogger warns of "bloody" future for Europe
Today, at that bastion of unbiased non-sensationalist reporting that is the UK Telegraph , there is a rather intriguing article which features claims by UK ...
Daisy Cutter 02/28/2010 20 6 - 15
Horowitz: Israel "had every right to expel every Arab"
Massachusetts Daily Collegian: "Islamists are worse than the Nazis, because even the Nazis did not tell the world that they want to exterminate the Jews,"
Daisy Cutter 02/25/2010 52 13 - 17
Freepers find light side to the deaths of random Muslims Report: 36 dead in Morocco minaret collapse Associated Press ^ | 2-19-10 Posted on Friday, February 19, 2010 2:47:13 PM by Justaham RABAT, Morocco - A ...
Daisy Cutter 02/20/2010 8 4 - 19
John Yoo: president has legal right to order massacre of civilians
The following excerpt is from the OPR Final Report (Huge PDF) on the OLC's legal justification for CIA torture (p. 64):
Daisy Cutter 02/19/2010 47 39 1 79
Right-wing 'manifesto' movement is a direct offshoot of extremist CFNP
WaPo: Some of the nation's most prominent conservative leaders will gather Wednesday to unveil what they propose as a manifesto for a growing movement ...
Daisy Cutter 02/16/2010 17 19 1 26
From Biko to the Gitmo 3: Denial, cover-up, and impunity
Anthony Lewis, NYT , Sep. 1977: Steve Biko is dead. The death says something else about the white politicians who rule South Africa. They are ...
Daisy Cutter 01/18/2010 7 5 - 9
Heritage: "Crisis in Haiti Offers Opportunities to the U.S."
Their words, not mine: Amidst the Suffering, Crisis in ...
Daisy Cutter 01/13/2010 51 42 - 189
I scooped the Observer In re: court claim on Binyam Mohamed torture
Four days ago, I posted a diary on the declassification of ...
Daisy Cutter 12/20/2009 4 6 - 109
BOMBSHELL: US doesn't "challenge or deny" Binyam Mohamed's torture account
In a Habeas Corpus case brought before the DC District Court, Judge Gladys Kessler has issued a recent ruling that ordered the release of Algerian ...
Daisy Cutter 12/16/2009 7 20 - 145
Freepers support racist vandalism by Israeli colonists
I know I should not be surprised, but I always am.
Daisy Cutter 12/12/2009 12 9 1 88
America: A Nation of Monsters? (long)
Pew Poll (via Glenn ...
Daisy Cutter 12/09/2009 12 12 - 109
Flashback: Bush's manipulation of the news media
With all this wingnut OUTRAGE over the Obama administration's supposed "war" on Faux News, I think it's time we had a little flashback to the types of things G.W. Bush did to get the media on it's ...
Daisy Cutter 10/22/2009 10 8 2 230
Man murdered own sister and her spouse for being "too liberal" in 2006
SF Chronicle, 14 Oct. 2009: A man stabbed and bludgeoned his sister and her husband to death in El ...
Daisy Cutter 10/16/2009 218 216 13 110
WaPo equates safety regulation with authoritarianism
Washington Post, 13 Oct. 2009: The Obama administration is taking on Cheerios. And ...
Daisy Cutter 10/13/2009 21 10 - 161
Freepers call for mass murder of American Muslims; news @ 11
News that Muslim-Americans are gathering at Capitol Hill for a national day of prayer has provoked a ...
Daisy Cutter 09/25/2009 46 25 - 94
ACORN vs. DynCorp: Which one actually engages in sex slavery?
Lessons in Double Standards of the American Right 101. AP, today: The Senate voted ...
Daisy Cutter 09/14/2009 22 18 1 114
Declassified DoD doc details plans for Iraqi puppet govt.
This past August, some FOIA disclosures from the Pentagon seem to have fallen through the news media's cracks: Global War on ...
Daisy Cutter 09/07/2009 3 5 - 37
PJM: Islam converts are guilty until proven innocent
This diary is going to be pretty short. I just can't pass up this bit of insane wingnuttery while searching Technorati for commentary on the al-Kidd case.
Daisy Cutter 09/05/2009 17 8 1 101
State Dept. may cut off aid to Honduras, wingnuts explode
The coup government in Honduras is currently being condemned by the IACHR ,
Daisy Cutter 08/28/2009 21 22 - 42
CIA IG report excerpts project
Find interesting excerpts from the recently declassified CIA IG report (direct link to PDF here ) on the torture ...
Daisy Cutter 08/24/2009 59 114 4 42
Bill O'Reilly: Free speech hero
Bill O'Reilly, 13 Aug. 2009: Now there's something very disturbing about a major corporation, GE, allowing its news division to brand regular Americans ...
Daisy Cutter 08/13/2009 6 3 - 3
WSJ omits butchery by Haitian military in 1991-94 regime
In today's WSJ , right-wing Latin American oligarch apologist Mary Anastasia O'Grady demonizes ...
Daisy Cutter 08/03/2009 13 9 1 44
NYT: DoJ may investigate detainee deaths
Breaking: A number of cases have been reviewed by nonpolitical prosecutors. But Mr. Holder is said to have raised ...
Daisy Cutter 07/21/2009 7 16 - 40
Congress questions China-directed abuse of Uighurs at Gitmo
This may be considered old news by some, as it was originally revealed in an ...
Daisy Cutter 07/18/2009 7 13 - 35
Iran thwarts Great Satan's conspiracy using enhanced interrogation tactics
DISCLAIMER: the following diary is a work of satire. The Zionist controlled New York Times has a ...
Daisy Cutter 07/03/2009 2 3 - 4
Honduras junta shuts down news media; wingnuts silent
From Reuters :Honduras has shut down television and radio stations since an army coup over the weekend, in a media ...
Daisy Cutter 06/29/2009 79 34 - 116
Clarence Thomas: Strip-searching 13 y/o girls is fine by me
Affidavit of Savana Redding, 3 November 2004: I went to the nurse's office. Mrs. Romero asked me to remove my ...
Daisy Cutter 06/25/2009 58 13 - 66
Flashback: Bush congratulated Mubarak for winning fraudulent election
With the right up in arms over Obama getting ice cream during the Iranian election crisis, I think it'...
Daisy Cutter 06/22/2009 9 7 - 22
Number of detainees murdered by CIA is classified information
The AP reports today that a ...
Daisy Cutter 05/29/2009 15 34 1 49
NY Post columnist advocates summary executions
Conservative calls for mass murder; news at 11. INSTANT JUSTICE GITMO? NO, KILL ...
Daisy Cutter 05/26/2009 33 12 - 29
Wingnuts can't debunk McClatchy, resort to name-calling
Powerline: The Most Insanely Biased "News" Story In History At least I think it's intended to ...
Daisy Cutter 05/23/2009 21 24 - 88
On the refusal to describe sadism and mass murder as evil
HRW: The Libyan authorities should carry out a full and transparent investigation of the ...
Daisy Cutter 05/12/2009 16 15 - 19
Obama, like Bush before him, seeks to dismiss Iranian hostage lawsuit
AP: The Obama administration has asked a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit against Iran filed by Americans held hostage at the U.S. ...
Daisy Cutter 04/22/2009 9 3 1 2
CIA IG admitted to "unnecessary" use of torture
Steven Bradbury, 30 May 2005, p. 31: 28 This is not to say that the ...
Daisy Cutter 04/16/2009 2 8 - 3
Correcting the balance: DHS and rightist terrorism
The Department of Homeland Security has recently released a report on the threat posed ...
Daisy Cutter 04/14/2009 15 10 1 18
The destruction of Gaza in numbers
The AP has recently reported on a newly ...
Daisy Cutter 03/23/2009 270 22 - 25
GOP Reps threaten El Salvador: Elect rightists... or else
Dana Rohrabacher, 11 March 2009: Madam Speaker, El Salvador is a good friend of ...
Daisy Cutter 03/13/2009 22 12 - 21
Chas Freeman, John Negroponte, and double standards
I report these remarks by [Gen. Gustavo Alvarez Martinez] because they were made in such a relaxed and spontaneous context. He had no idea I would report them and he feels no need to ...
Daisy Cutter 03/10/2009 44 14 1 40
Obama returns bust of Winston Churchill to UK
Telegraph: A bust ...
Daisy Cutter 02/16/2009 162 38 2 66
Detainee held and tortured due to "joke" web site
Food writer's online guide to building an H-bomb...the '...
Daisy Cutter 02/08/2009 7 17 2 11
Mask comes off: Rightist reactions to USS Cole decision
Obama's recent decision to halt the kangaroo court system for the alleged U.S.S. Cole bomber has really pissed off the 101st Fighting Keyboarders Division.
Daisy Cutter 02/07/2009 149 20 2 15
Palestinians hold Holocaust memorial
From that well known source of anti-Israel propaganda YNetNews :As the world ...
Daisy Cutter 01/29/2009 229 61 3 20
Conservatives hate transparency
"Democracies die behind closed doors." - U.S. Appeals Court Judge Damon J. Keith "Secrecy and a ...
Daisy Cutter 01/23/2009 9 12 1 1
Wingnuts bashing Obama for talking to Abbas
Ed Morrisey: So his first call outside the US went to the leader of Fatah, who has ...
Daisy Cutter 01/22/2009 84 21 - 17
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