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And you're telling me the votes aren't there?


I mean, come on... Spain???

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There's nothing new under the sun.

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

And, oh yeah,  Glenn Beck has never had an original thought in his life.

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This is just too good to pass up... herewith the liveblog of Countdown's Whackjob Jamboree...

Enjoy teh crazy....

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Ten months ago, I lost my job.  You might think this is another "hard times in the land of plenty" diary, but, zing, I’m going in another direction. Follow me below the fold to find out...

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Tue Jun 30, 2009 at 10:30 PM PDT

IGTN 93 years ago...

by Dan E in Blue Hampshire

Today is the 93rd anniversary of the the Battle of the Somme.

On the morning of July 1, 1916, 13 British and 7 French divisions went "over the top" and attacked the Germans a few hundred yards away.  The preliminary artillery bombardment hadn't done much except to alert the Germans where to position their reserves.

By day's end -- one day -- the British had suffered 57,470 casualties, of which 19,240 were KIA.

One day.  They attacked again the next day.  And the day after that.  And so on until November 18th -- 1.5 million casualties total.

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I don't mean that in a bad way.

But when we talk about what the Iranian people are struggling for, calling it "democracy" may be clouding the issue somewhat.

They are, to be sure, struggling for many of the same things that go by the label "democracy" in Western culture.  But because IRAN IS NOT A WESTERN-CULTURE COUNTRY, the word "democracy" distorts as much as it explains.

The Iranian's are struggling to achieve popular sovereignty and to secure effective universal human rights.  But what that looks like will necessarily be rooted in their Persian and Islamic culture, not the Western culture of Latin Christendom.

More below the fold...

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As I sit here in my comfortable apartment here in the U.S. there is little I can do for my brothers and sisters - we are ALL brothers and sisters - in Iran except to, as the President says, bear witness.

Hear are some words, from those more eloquent than I, in their memory and honor...

Please add anything else you feel like in the comments

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If you line up...

the English Civil War (NOT the Glorious Revolution unless you want to consider the entire period from 1640-1688)
the French Revolution
the Russian Revolution
the Iranian Revolution

...certain common patterns appear.

Below the fold, I'll trace out those patterns and try to make the case that the Iranian Islamic Revolution is of equal importance with those others.

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This is -- at the moment -- a mere skeleton of a diary and a request for Kossacks to chip in.

Obviously what's going on in Iran has the makings of a major inflection point in Iranian political life, for good or ill.

The purpose of this diary is serve as a plea for collecting information about secular life and culture in Iran.

This is NOT the place to link information about current events.  This is the place to link information to provide information that helps everyone see those events in context, especially everything about Iran that is not about the conservative, fundamentalist revisionist Islamic government.

In other words, most of it.

I'll update and edit to add good links as provided and as I find them...

UPDATE 1:  Added links for Iranian cinema, ethnic groups

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The hell with that crap.

Only Obama can go to Cairo.

So many things said in this speech by an American President were jaw-dropping.

Progressives and those further to the left will think that much of what was said amounted to "Fucking duh" and to an extent they have a point -- if all you care about is the truth.

If you actually want to change something, this speech was breath-taking.

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Irony can be a cast iron mother sometimes.

Remember back in November 2007 when some whack job took hostages at Hilary's Rochester, NH campaign office?  He had to be nuts right?  Some right wing lunatic, of course...

Here's the story in Foster's Daily Democrat

He's suing a local hospital and local mental health agency for negligence and denial of services.  More below the fold....

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Hooo boy this is gonna get me hide-rated, I'll betcha.

I'm listening to Rachel Maddow right now, and I'm finding what she's saying, in one sense, frighteningly naive.

Follow me below the fold....

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