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Daily Kos Elections presents the best map ever of United States congressional districts
(click to enlarge all images) Daily Kos Elections is pleased to introduce a brand new approach to mapping America's congressional districts. Months in the making, and inspired in part ...
Daniel Donner 06/03/2015 1
Talk Radio Live at 11 Becuz... Repro Rights
RH Reality Check's Katie Klabusich aka @Katie_Speak joins us at 11:30am ET talkin' Reproductive Rights Issues. Sick of the RW b.s.? We are too. Click Here to Join our Live Chat 11am to Noon ET to ...
winkk 06/03/2015 1
Hillary in SC: "When Democrats win, Americans win"
While the media hyperventilates over Clinton's ...
Lysis 06/03/2015 104
Attended A Public College? Don't Pay Your Federal Loans.
A College education is important, perhaps more important than ever before. If you want to work anywhere other than Walmart or McDonald's or someplace like that, a college education is essential. But ...
KantV420 06/03/2015 34
The GOP 2016 Presidential Field and Thoroughbred Horse Racing
Thoroughbred horse racing is called the Sport of Kings, but that is the closest it comes to politics. While thoroughbred horse racing has a big following like NASCAR racing, it is not the kind of ...
melshim 06/03/2015 4
Bernie Sanders record - it speaks for itself.
The Nation published a great article on Bernies record as mayor of Burlington: The things Bernie was able to ...
Darth Stateworker 06/02/2015 58
My Story
How it all fits together and what it means when it changes. This diary will follow the progress of my work on building a coherent philosophy of the nature of my own humanity in an inhuman world. I ...
Politcal Alchemist 06/02/2015 3
Mitch McConnell's 'Freedom' Failure; Judge Mark Fuller's 'Shame': 'BradCast' 6/2/2015
Guest: Heidi Hess of CredoAction... The USA Freedom Act passes as a long overdue replacement to the Patriot Act. Mitch McConnell weeps and Rand Paul raises money.
TheBradBlog 06/02/2015 1
Quid Pro Quo
Preface: (Since the names, Obama & Clinton, appear so frequently in the following text, the fault lies not with me, but with them—having had to suppress whatever liberal tendencies ...
artwrite 06/02/2015 4
Daily Kos, allies call Congress to reject Fast Track, as more members come out against it
Congress is back from Memorial Day recess—and will vote very shortly on whether to pass fast-track legislation for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ...
Paul Hogarth 06/02/2015 39
Don Siegelman's Letter to Senator Robert Menendez
Senator Robert Menendez 528 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senator, I'm writing to lift your spirits. You can take some solace knowing that if you go to prison, it may ...
wclint 06/02/2015 5
A Specific Response to Jeb Bush!
Jeb Bush and others in the GOP continue to discourage retirement, denying the economic realities of the Obama Administration and to simply ignore the facts that his brother W, and the factors that ...
NM Ray 06/02/2015 6
Worlds Enough and Time
Everywhere I look, stories of our current condition and perilous plight greet my eyes. Economic collapse, massive unemployment, infrastructure degradation, environmental ...
ThePensMight 06/02/2015 1
If 'Peevish' Cops Can't Kick Your Black Butt and Break the Law They Won't Do Their Jobs
We are in the second day of the fundraiser for my site I would like to thank the folks who have donated so far. Their generosity is much appreciated. If you can, are able, and ...
chaunceydevega 06/02/2015 23
Judge upholds labor board rule bringing union representation elections into the 21st century
Here's something new: a court upholding a policy that business lobby groups say is unfairly pro-worker. The first of two legal challenges to the National Labor Relations Board's rule modernizing ...
Laura Clawson 06/02/2015 17
Why Are They Acting Like Republicans?
I am wondering why some of the Democrats are suddenly acting like Republicans.
Dovie 06/02/2015 17
Republicans hoping to get more than six percent of the black vote in 2016
With President Obama not on the ballot in 2016, Republicans are hoping that their candidate will be able to draw a little more of ...
Laura Clawson 06/02/2015 71
The "employer mandate" is the ultimate target of King v. Burwell
Sometime this month the U.S. Supreme Court should rule in King v. Burwell - the latest Republican lawsuit seeking to damage the ACA, or "Obamacare."
RETIII 06/02/2015 14
Talk Radio Live at 11 Becuz... State Action!
Chris Reeves joins us on the Last Half of the Show to talk politics and States' GOTV activities. Click Here to Join our Live Chat 11am to Noon ET to add your 2¢ to the Show convo. Or, Tweet us ...
winkk 06/02/2015 1
Trade Enforcement Failure
Photo of child working in Guatemala by Antonio Rosa, courtesy ...
Leo W Gerard 06/02/2015 8
Bernie Sanders - A Man With A Cause
The Sanders train is gathering momentum. From The New Yorker : Bernie Sanders: A Man With a Cause Six days after formally entering the 2016 Presidential race, Senator Bernie Sanders is having some ...
LieparDestin 06/02/2015 31
The Volcker Rule Doesn't Violate NAFTA
This one is for the Finance Minister of Canada, Joe Oliver. He erroneously claims that the Volcker rule, implemented as part of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010,
Letsgetitdone 06/02/2015 8
Appeals Court Rules Keystone XL South Approval Was Legal, Lifting Cloud Over TransCanada
In a 3-0 vote, the U.S. Appeals Court for the Tenth Circuit has ruled that the southern leg of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline was permitted in a lawful manner by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Steve Horn 06/01/2015 9
I'm STILL slack-jawed.
At the nightly meeting [withheld amount of time] ago, one of our managers asked us to please bring in any spare box cutters we might have laying around so that we might have enough for the new people.
Jimmy Rustler 06/01/2015 91
Kansas Senate Melts Down, Effort To Reduce Debt Results in More Debt
The Kansas Senate finished their day, adjourning near 6PM with no budget in sight. In a late night move by Democrat Anthony Hensley (Topeka), Republicans had agreed the night before to lower sales ...
Chris Reeves 06/01/2015 90
Change At The DNC Is Overdue
DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs to be removed. He or she does not have to be progressive but they need to wake up every morning looking to grow the party. They need to be able to go head ...
J49proctor 06/01/2015 10
I've a nephew who is NYPD. He isn't a psycho with a badge. I've met very few people in my life who are more honorable, and I'm not saying that because he's my nephew. A good man (or good woman) ...
Zadatz 06/01/2015 73
Iowa Democrats give Obama 89% favorable rating
If by chance you happen to know me here you also know I am a stalwart Obama supporter. I also look at polls to see how the liberal community at large is thinking. President Obama is #1 in approval ...
shrike 06/01/2015 12
Obama and Oil
President Obama must wonder whether someone is trying to tell him something. On March 31, 2010, he announced an expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration, putting his faith in "new technologies ...
Michael Brune 06/01/2015 6
Jeb Bush wrongly blames GOP Congress for Dubya’s spending and debt
Jeb Bush, the 2016 GOP White House hopeful tells us, loves his brother. But judging by his recent statements, he apparently loves the idea of being president even more. Confronted by Dubya's ...
Jon Perr 06/01/2015 10

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