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How the rich are taxed less than you, example #5173.
Hidden in the New York state budget for this year, are two gems that benefit only the wealthy: A provision to limit sales tax on yacht sales to only the first $230,000 in value of the yacht. A ...
Darth Stateworker 03/30/2015 31 18 - -
Dear Conservatives: A word about at-will employment and right-to-work.
Dear conservatives: If you want your state to be a state that has at-will employment laws, and right-to-work laws, but want to bitch about a bigoted fire chief being fired because, in your opinion, ...
Darth Stateworker 01/12/2015 12 23 - -
It's time to bring back pensions, America.
America is facing a retirement crisis. This is something (most) everyone can agree on. But why? Why is America facing a retirement crisis when in the 80's, everyone was promised that the magical ...
Darth Stateworker 01/03/2015 543 307 18 -
de Blasio has the PBA by the short-n-curlys.
That is, if he wants to. This is all thanks to their idiotic work slowdown . It seems Pat Lynch isn't as bright as he thinks he is. Follow me below the ...
Darth Stateworker 12/30/2014 249 215 1 -
The fallacy of the no-skill job.
We hear it all the time: Some nose-in-the-air jackwagon that thinks minimum wage jobs are menial jobs, and thus have little to no respect for anyone doing any job they deem beneath them - and ...
Darth Stateworker 12/19/2014 144 88 1 -
Video: Cuomo bodyman Percoco stands between Teachout and Cuomo
At this mornings Labor Day parade, Zephyr Teachout tried to get to the governor to shake his hand. What occurs is hilarity, as Cuomo enforcer/thug Joe Percoco awkwardly moves repeatedly to keep ...
Darth Stateworker 09/06/2014 27 21 1 -
Screw Rahm: At what point do we act like Tea Partiers?
In a blistering report yesterday by David Sirota, it was revealed that Rahm Emanuel is directing billions in property taxes to a slush fund to take care of his corporate buddies - all while closing ...
Darth Stateworker 08/06/2014 436 321 5 -
Andrew Cuomo and the amazing extra hour of lunch for the World Cup.
Is he a soccer nut? A patriotic American? Or just plain old cynical Third Way Democrat with a problem on his left looking for ways to appear "labor friendly?" My fellow Kossacks, you be the judge.
Darth Stateworker 06/26/2014 9 7 - -
Updated: NY WFP, on the brink of doing the right thing, apparently folds to Cuomo
The Daily News is reporting that a deal is close between the Working Families Party and Governor Andrew Cuomo to provide him with the parties endorsement. This is the most frustrating thing about ...
Darth Stateworker 05/30/2014 37 13 - -
Updated X2: NY WFP appears set to snub Cuomo, Cuomo attempts to retaliate
According to a New York Times report this morning, the New York State Working Families Party does indeed seem to be leaning towards backing a liberal challenger to New York State Governor Andrew ...
Darth Stateworker 05/30/2014 12 12 1 -
Paul Ryan for... Hillary Clinton?
Yes, you read that right. In an older video someone just linked me to and I had never seen before (and seems rather obscure due to the low amount of views it has on YouTube), Paul Ryan made the ...
Darth Stateworker 04/20/2014 10 1 - -
New York Republican shoves, threatens NY1 reporter on camera
Republicans. We all know them as great Care Bears who would never harm a fly. /sarcasm New York Republican Representative Michael Grimm tonight, deciding that shoving and then threatening a ...
Darth Stateworker 01/28/2014 33 16 - -
Orr freezes Detroit pensions, then stays action
To begin, let me start off by saying that this is the first diary I've written for the DK community, so please bear with me and absolutely provide any constructive criticism you see fit so - I'm ...
Darth Stateworker 01/10/2014 47 15 - -
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