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BREAKING: Media Lose Their Favourite Toy, Reporters Suicidal
ROTTERS (21 October 2014): After some chap of piddling importance was convicted for a nasty crime but one of virtually no importance for anyone except for the victim's immediate family and friends, ...
Dauphin 10/21/2014 67 70 1 -
"Russia Doesn't Make Anything!" Whut?
Okay. Support or oppose President Obama's policies, I think we can all agree statements like this are just stupid: Obama downplayed Moscow's role in the world, dismissing President Vladimir Putin ...
Dauphin 08/04/2014 93 20 - -
Awkward: Ever Forgot You Had Smallpox Lying Around?
This is a short story, but it is too bizarre not to share: A laboratory in Washington apparently had some vials of smallpox lying around which they totally forgot about. Since the 1950s. As per the ...
Dauphin 07/09/2014 22 13 - -
Dear NSA: Labelling Everyone an Extremist Sort of Defeats The Purpose
I'm going to do a very naughty thing: I'm going to quote Russia Today as a source. Yes, I know, they have an agenda, but (i) they are not the story's originator, and (ii) it's a rich enough story ...
Dauphin 07/03/2014 18 6 - -
Eurozone Growth Figures: The Stagnation Surprises No One...
... unlss you count policymakers. And politicians. And probably some of their analysts. And anyone who believed said politicians' "Stay the course! Prosperity is coming back!" PR we've been ...
Dauphin 05/15/2014 4 4 - -
Ukrainian President: 'Ukraine Cannot Quell Unrest in the East'
The BBC has reported that Ukraine's acting president, Oleksander Turchynov, has admitted that the government in Kiev is unable to reassert control in the country's rebellious East - and that the ...
Dauphin 04/30/2014 58 7 - -
Ukrainian Crisis: The EU Imposes Sanctions
As this is a developing story, there is very little information available, but according to the BBC , the EU has managed to decide to impose sanctions on Russia.
Dauphin 03/17/2014 25 2 - -
Spying on Webcams: GCHQ Edition
The Grauniad reports that, according to the Snowden documents, the GCHQ has been naughty indeed, tapping into webcam chats and saving images in bulk.
Dauphin 02/28/2014 5 11 - -
God help me. The tip jar which will attach itself to this diary like some obnoxious, parasite will be my twenty thousandth comment here. See me standing hunched and wired, triumphant among nerds, ...
Dauphin 08/30/2012 50 12 - 110
Breaking: Breivik Found Sane, Sentenced
This will be a short diary, since I have some work to do which unfortunately cannot be delayed. However, this news is too important not to publish. As per the BBC (
Dauphin 08/24/2012 52 22 - 280
Quoth Santorum: "Onward, Brothers, to Jerusalem!"
This really is too good - or, at least, too fascinating in its pathetic wretchedness not to share: Old Rick has apparently decided that the pressing issue of our time is not the Gay Conspiracy, or ...
Dauphin 02/13/2012 33 34 1 240
The Rapture and The Law
Dear colleagues, it seems Fate has saddled us with a legal problem. On the 21st of May, good Christians (by some accounts, not more than 223.000 of them, but theological disagreements on that point ...
Dauphin 05/13/2011 103 34 - 330
Slavery is illegal. That's one of the few relatively uncontroversial moral and legal question of the modern world. A person gains legal capacity with birth and loses it with death. Now, actual ...
Dauphin 03/23/2011 70 125 1 1218
A Daily Kos Oddyssey
I have to admit, Markos has certainly made Daily Kos an exciting place to visit. In the olden days, recommending a diary meant contributing your vote so that, according to some weird and unholy ...
Dauphin 02/13/2011 8 13 - 93
The United States Is Bankrupt
Yesterday, former Governor Palin treated us to the revelation that the United States should not have a "Sputnik moment" because the Sputnik ...
Dauphin 01/27/2011 38 10 - 111
To The Primary Obama Crowd:
Another day, another (p)outrage on the rec list. But let's not even get into the substance of the post. I'm far more curious about something else: Let's, arguendo, play the game. Let's suppose, ...
Dauphin 12/20/2010 187 16 - 66
 Чтl​6; дел ​72;ть? (Chto Delat'?)
This is probably the most difficult diary I've ever felt I should write here. I've spent quite a lot of time here, met some people I admire and some I can't stand. But, the time spent here was ...
Dauphin 12/18/2010 63 23 - 86
Slouching Towards Ecotopia
After reading Jerome a Paris' optimistic diary (the previous-to-last one) it got me thinking about social and economic processes which may ensure that, when all's said and done, we end up with ...
Dauphin 11/22/2010 15 8 1 203
Ladies and gentlemen, I've noticed a trend in current diaries which suggests we no longer need to strain our intellectual faculties. No, our little gray cells need no longer be tormnented with use. ...
Dauphin 11/21/2010 152 117 2 53
A Sense of the Absurd Washed Over Me Today
So, I sent some money to help Khloemi. 60€, to be precise. As I was mailing the donation, a sense of profound absurdit enveloped me, and the world briefly resembled Kafka's nightmarish ...
Dauphin 11/15/2010 13 23 - 51
How Evil Are The Liberals?
Dear Republicans, dearer teabaggers, dearest Beckites, during the past few months you've gone beyond democratic and indeed civilised discourse when slandering progressives. We've been accused of ...
Dauphin 11/10/2010 11 5 - 63
A Theory of Authoritarianism (Draft)
Copyright asserted, as per Daily Kos policy. I've been giving some thought to the question of elections and democracy in light of the Republicans' victory. While I didn't find a cause ...
Dauphin 11/04/2010 26 6 - 21
How Extreme Are The Republicans?
Diarists have tried hard to show exactly how extreme the Republican Party has become, and how extreme political discourse in general has become. We've discussed racism, intolerance, violence, and ...
Dauphin 11/02/2010 32 13 1 60
I thought I'd seen everything, every piece of incompetence, every crackpot theory, every foolishness the early years of the 21st century have to offer. I came of age during the Bush Administration, ...
Dauphin 10/31/2010 33 19 - 64
Party Like It's 1905!
The recent tensions between the US and China, as well as Europe, draw my mind to history - but not to the 1930s, an analogy which everyone seems compelled to make, but to the events leading up to ...
Dauphin 10/20/2010 37 8 - 48
Be Glad You Don't Live There
I think Serbia's bad rap is often unfair. Sure, they have a massive problem with nationalism, and they still haven't got over that losing in war thing, but Serbs these days, excepting right-wing ...
Dauphin 10/12/2010 3 5 - 54
When Interests Collide...
This should be fun, in a watching-the-scrap-from-the-sidelines kind of way. Remember the bill allowing the Department of Commerce to put tariffs on exports from countries with undervalued goods? It ...
Dauphin 09/30/2010 6 2 - 29
You've Got To Be Kidding Me
This one's for everyone who claims Markos was too harsh with his book's title. Via Yahoo News , we learn that Montanta's GOP doesn't ...
Dauphin 09/18/2010 213 351 1 125
Notes on Alesina, Ardagna, and Krugman
Alesina and Ardagna's 2009 ( ) study is often used as a counterargument to expansionary ...
Dauphin 09/11/2010 15 4 - 52
What Digby said. Anyone who wants to sit this election out, because "Democrats are just the same as the Republicans," ...
Dauphin 09/10/2010 12 23 - 47
The Virtues of a Free Market, Labour Day Edition
This Labour Day come and gone, I thought it would be fitting to present a tribute to that nigh-mythical time, much beloved by extreme conservatives in the United States, when labour markets were ...
Dauphin 09/09/2010 36 15 - 56
I Support Google and Verizon
With so much ink being spilt about the end of net neutrality for wireless networks, I thought it would only be proper to point out that's the best thing since sliced bread. I support Google and ...
Dauphin 08/13/2010 40 8 1 41
Saturday Silliness: The Worst Edition
Friends, Kossacks, lend me your ears! I come to bury entertainment, not to praise it. The boredom it created oft survives its demise; the lols are often buried with its bones. This diary is ...
Dauphin 08/07/2010 56 5 - 27
Oh, Noes! First Oil, Then Food, Now Chocolate!
Damn the speculators! Bringing down the world economy could be seen as a cost of doing business in a deregulated environment (if states are daft enough...). Bubbles likewise. But sometimes profit-...
Dauphin 07/26/2010 18 10 - 27
Give Me Recipes!
This'll be a short, decidedly non-political and unserious diary. More of a request, really, and one of a culinary nature at that.
Dauphin 06/18/2010 142 16 5 59
A Pox Upon Both Houses!
Seriously. What the hell, people? I realise that Daily Kos routinely undergoes a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde split and flames itself into oblivion, but lay off the flame potions. But, dears, this time the ...
Dauphin 06/17/2010 57 21 - 147
Morons, Morons Everywhere (Clarification: "Morons" applies to the second part of the diary)
I shall prepare to get nuked by most everyone here, because I shall unleash my unadulterated fury on all the morons in the latest I/P (and Turkish) dispute. All sides are to blame, all sides acted ...
Dauphin 06/01/2010 120 15 3 58
The Copenhagen Approach Won't Work; Let's Try Something Else
Much has been made of the failure of the Copenhagen climate talks. China was blamed; the US was blamed. Europe (fortunately) wasn't. Sometimes the intransigence of the developed world was blamed, ...
Dauphin 05/31/2010 25 13 1 187
(Turns Out They Weren't) Petty Manipulations
There are diaries you really don't want to write. You sit down, pick up a pen, start writing, cross the whole oeuvre out, and decide not to do it, thinking it's not worth it. Why gain enemies by ...
Dauphin 05/29/2010 51 10 1 34
The Pie is the Problem
No, Virginia, it isn't Barack Obama. It's not Elena Kagan. It's not Cenk Uygur. It's not Markos. It's not JeffLieber. It's not the teabaggers. It's not the Republicans. It's not dolphins with bombs. ...
Dauphin 05/11/2010 58 22 - 32
The Guardian is Acting Like a Cheap Rag
I've learnt something very important during these past few months: Never trust a partisan source. It doesn't matter whether it's leftist or rightist, it always has an agenda, and has incentive to ...
Dauphin 05/07/2010 76 6 - 79
Three Killed in Greek Riots
Story courtesy of the BBC. It was probably bound to happen. The BBC is reporting that three people were burned to death in a bank that was firebombed by Greek protesters.
Dauphin 05/05/2010 51 8 - 30
A Modest Proposal
Comparative law is a funny thing. It gets you thinking. In my case, it goe me thinking about fundies, teabaggers, and other assorted creeps of American politics. They want secession! They want their ...
Dauphin 04/29/2010 17 7 - 21
Breaking: A Leading Vampire Denounces Wall Street
(This letter was delivered to the New York stock exchange by a cloaked hunchback recently arrived from Varna. It bears the wolf's head seal of the counts von Krolock)
Dauphin 04/23/2010 30 10 2 198
Breaking: Ireland Declares War on Saudi Arabia
Mankind will never lack for energy due to its ability to harness the great cycles of nature - Jean Baudrillard, The Transparency of Evil: Essays on Extreme Phenomena (paraphrased) Among all the ...
Dauphin 04/19/2010 108 43 1 32
... In Which I Politely Flip Out. When Have Assassinations Become Acceptable?
What. The. Fuck. Actually, there are no other words which I can use to express my disappointment with Obama Administration's latest move: As both ...
Dauphin 04/08/2010 771 219 1 52
BREAKING: US Consulate and a Political Rally Attacked, 30+ Dead (Second Update)
Story courtesy of the BBC . Did you ever wonder what would happen if you introduced modern weaponry to the Wild West? Here'...
Dauphin 04/05/2010 144 125 - 60
WTF? And I Thought Spanking Students Was Bad.
Story courtesy of the BBC . Look, I know the US likes to treat juveniles as small-scale criminals and loves to try them as ...
Dauphin 04/04/2010 152 38 - 62
Markos, You Have Been Put on Notice
They said it couldn't be done, but it has been. The disparate clans of the pootie people have been united under a common banner. Their objectve, simple, their need, dire: Go out of the badlands, ...
Dauphin 04/01/2010 21 53 - 45
BREAKING: US Not a Totalitarian State!
According to the teabagging crowd, passage of health insurance reform has turned the United States into Soviet Russia literally overnight. I'd like to examine those claims and see how much truth ...
Dauphin 03/22/2010 25 16 - 18
Le Carnaval des bohèmes!
Christ on a bike. I've seen a lot on Daily Kos, but it's rare for the recommended list to so closely mirror the hopes, fears, frustrations, ideologicial battles and petty egotism that sometimes ...
Dauphin 03/09/2010 65 13 - 27
Rebutting a Popular Diary (Updated)
I hate having to do this. In a way, this is a call-out diary, although I won't name anyone involved. I fully expect to get criticised and accused of being a shill for it. But I've never kept silent ...
Dauphin 03/07/2010 38 26 1 47
It Might Be Possible To Burn Goldman on Greece. Badly.
I'm not going to discuss whether Goldman Sachs committed fraud in its deal with Greece or not. I'm unsure, and do not have the necessary information. The transactions were legal, but sometimes all ...
Dauphin 02/25/2010 20 8 - 34
Help Yemen: A Policy Proposal and Response to a Question
This diary was originally a comment on policy, made in a diary by candidate Elaine Marshall, which then took on a life of its own, expanded and evolved. It deals with Yemen, a country best ...
Dauphin 02/22/2010 10 9 - 170
An Introduction to Taxation, or, You Gotta Pay for It If You Wanna Have It
Since the word taxes is bandied about with surprising frequency on the blogs or in the media, I thought it would be best to write a short introduction to taxation, what it does, its basic principles ...
Dauphin 02/20/2010 42 14 - 29
Fools, Idiots, and Morons in High Places
The recent Greek affair got me thinking. It seems to be the case of a social Large Hadron Collider: You take two idiots, send them at each other at high speed and watch the resulting explosion. I'...
Dauphin 02/17/2010 24 29 1 225
A Photo Diary (Pooties + Woozles + Nature)
Anonymity has its benefits, so, when doing a photo diary, you have to be careful that you do not post pictures which give you away. Still, I think I've managed a collection of pootie, woozle, and ...
Dauphin 02/13/2010 67 37 1 35
Defending the Dismal Science
We've heard a lot of economics-bashing and a lot of bashing of the social sciences in general. They are supposedly useless. Are they? Studying one, I admit they certainly have their pitfalls. But ...
Dauphin 02/10/2010 26 9 - 10
History Corner: The Teabaggers Are French!
There's nothing new under the sun. Really. The teabaggers, the oh-so-American patriots who love guns, hate gays, love America's army but hate its government (that takes a serious schizophrenia; hate ...
Dauphin 02/07/2010 15 18 - 102
Good News out of Europe: Int'l Herald Tribune Edition
Between the teabaggers, the recession, unemployment, the deficit, healthcare, and environmental reform, it's hard to see the good news: But there is. One piece of good news is huge with ...
Dauphin 02/06/2010 78 22 2 51
I want out of this farce of a website. I thought this was on open forum for liberals to discuss their views. Instead, it is little more than the internet wing of the Democratic ...
Dauphin 02/05/2010 264 29 - 24
If It's a Conspiracy Theory It Doesn't Mean It Isn't True
Yes, CTs are banned here. But I shall not be silenced! Some conspiracy theories are true. God's blood, they're true as surely as the sun rises in the east. Below is an excerpt of them, from my ...
Dauphin 02/02/2010 131 31 1 57
Teabagger Bible Revealed!
Guys? You know, Christians tend to get into a dispute on who the "true" Christians are. It's been going on for a while. There was that Nestorian thing, the Manicheans, the Three Chapters, a whole ...
Dauphin 01/31/2010 50 11 1 29
Who's Afraid of Peak Oil?
This diary evolved from several responses I wished to post on Mr Kunstler's blog. I think he's both useful and destructive: Diagnosing the problem, but misdiagnosing its implications and proposing ...
Dauphin 01/30/2010 94 26 - 47
Economic Voodoo (Updated: Krugman Comments)
Economic voodoo: Inflicting pain on yourself in a seemingly irrational manner in order to influence the expectations of another. Can also be applied to religion (flagellantism), marriage (...
Dauphin 01/26/2010 9 14 - 24
Leave The Banks Alone!
Well, no, not really. But I think the importance of Glass-Steagal is being overstated. Yes, we do need financial regulation, but not a reintroduction of the Glass-Steagal Act. Arguably, regulation ...
Dauphin 01/25/2010 37 7 - 9
Well, F***. Has Daily Kos Gone Mad?
I really hate having to do this. There's a diary on the recommended list entitled How to ...
Dauphin 01/23/2010 480 176 1 44
Barking Up The Wrong Tree
May I weigh in on the SCOTUS decision? I'm not surprised. The ruling was predictable, not because of the personalities of the judges, but because of a simpler thing: Consistency.
Dauphin 01/22/2010 37 11 3 159
An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Monopolies
A Very Useful Introduction to the Wonderful World of Monopolies Including Most Illustrative Examples and Pootie Pictures by D.B.H., Dauphin Anno ...
Dauphin 01/17/2010 35 16 - 30
Principal/Agent Problems, Corporations, and the Financial Crisis
In times of economic hardship, reasons for failure often take on a moral dimension: It is for our or someone else's sins that we are punished. Now, there might be some morality involved, but a far ...
Dauphin 01/13/2010 12 8 - 214
Did Our Brains Suddenly Slosh Out of Our Ears?
Jesus. Guys and gals, you know I like posting here. But nowadays this place is riven with factionalism. Fair enough. ...
Dauphin 01/03/2010 89 19 - 50
Once Upon A Time There Was A Wonderful Kingdom...
... and its name is Cosland. The land is fertile, the royal castle white and pleasant, and the town over which it is perched is wealthy, and full of friendly people. A river, full of crispy, cool ...
Dauphin 12/29/2009 41 18 - 62
Pet Peeves
We all have them. Innocuous, or at best, mildly annoying occurrences which bring down the berserker rage. I thought it amusing to share my pet peeves in exchange for others.'
Dauphin 12/28/2009 71 17 - 132
Go Green! Support The MIC! Nuke India! (A Modest Proposal)
Be progressive, they tell us. Be radical, they tell us. Be creative, they tell us. Yet the progressive movement is weak. They pine about alternative energy, biogas, organic farming, and other such ...
Dauphin 12/26/2009 32 9 - 101
Fed Study Advocates Against Certain Tax Cuts
Yes, hell just froze over. The much-maligned Federal Reserve, source of all evil in the United States, a bankers' cabal, an ideological apparatus similar to Pravda combined with KGM and the CP CC ...
Dauphin 12/23/2009 4 4 - 121
Breaking: Kossacks Bought By Wall Street! (With Update!)
It's not bad enough that health insurance industry's shares are soaring. It's not bad enough that no financial regulation has been passed yet. Even cap-and-trade isn't bad enough. Wall Street has ...
Dauphin 12/21/2009 45 36 - 90
Read This Diary, B*tches!
Oboy. 'Tis not the season to be jolly. 'Tis the season to go around the bend. To go weird. Anyway, all this healthcare reform brouhaha can't be good for our health, especially mental.
Dauphin 12/20/2009 52 17 - 54
Calm Down, Please
Yes, I know we're frustrated. Copenhagen is going badly, HCR is imperiled, and so on. Emotions run high, tempers are flaring, and the White House's treatment of dr. Dean hasn't helped matters. But, ...
Dauphin 12/18/2009 30 11 - 51
Why Reading Something On a Certain Day Made Me Miffed at Something
We interrupt your regular programme for a special report on the latest epic flail going on. It's flying around and liable to hit the wielder on his head.
Dauphin 12/15/2009 27 5 - 60
Social Problems, Contextual Constructionism, and Politics
We like to think we live in a reality-based community: We attend to the facts. That's all fine and dandy, but we rarely ask a question which is at least as crucial as the question of empirical ...
Dauphin 12/13/2009 19 9 - 24
Healthcare Reform Is A Good Thing (Even Without The Public Option)
Politics have no relation to morals. - Niccolo Machiavelli I'm sorry to say that Machiavelli was right. What is moral has no direct relation to the laws that will be passed. It may have ...
Dauphin 12/09/2009 22 2 - 66
Corporate Personhood, Part II
I wrote a diary some time ago, which raised quite a stink . In it I argued why corporate personhood should not be ...
Dauphin 12/07/2009 43 9 2 80
A Liberal Delusion
Yes, we have them, too. Sure, the right wingers have plenty, but our side, exasperatingly, has a few. Prominent among these, and one that really gets on my nerves, is the abolishment of corporate ...
Dauphin 12/03/2009 172 9 1 30
Afghanistan: You're Doing It Wrong? (A Lot of Pashtun Tribal Law)
"Me and my brothers against my cousins, me and my cousins against the world." - Arab saying This simple saying shows why the current strategy in Afghanistan is, in my view, as the ...
Dauphin 12/02/2009 51 22 2 45
(Major Update!) Those Sneaky Germans Have Managed to Cure HIV?
Yes, it seems they actually did. However, the cure, if it is that, is not pratical for widespread use. However, in time, it may be. It is not clear whether the patient in question (who, for the ...
Dauphin 11/27/2009 188 298 11 223
An Introduction to Business Finance I
Economics is a funny beast. During a recession, it becomes a national obsession, during booms, it becomes a national obsession, and during normal times it is a less pronounced national obsession. ...
Dauphin 11/25/2009 9 15 5 249
The FED: Even Worse Than You Thought!
Yes, Grayson is right: The Fed has become a bloated behemoth of private interests which are ruining the economy. The money it siphons is immeasurable; the inflation it's poised to cause is, likewise,
Dauphin 11/24/2009 58 21 - 137
There Is No Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin doesn't exist. After following US politics for more than one year, as an outsider I have to conclude that there never was, nor will there be, a person named Sarah Palin. The Palin symbol ...
Dauphin 11/22/2009 22 4 1 111
The Grand Unified Obama Conspiracy Theory
(worst diary contest entrant) Behold, for I have seen the Light. An angel appeared and showed unto me what Obama is up to - and it is a devilish plot indeed! Now, my friends, I bring the Light to ...
Dauphin 11/20/2009 32 6 1 126
Dauphin's Bestiary of Trolls (Updated)
Well, bugger. I wanted to go out today. But I can't. For those who are wondering why: Not enough sleep combined with OCD, which flares from time. Anyway, I'm home and I have too much time on my hands,
Dauphin 11/13/2009 132 24 9 94
Should We Pass a Public Option (Heretical Diary)?
This won't be popular. Right now the two overriding foci of this site are ramming the public option through and defeating Stupak-Pitts.* Worthy goals, to be sure, but I have my doubts whether the ...
Dauphin 11/10/2009 38 1 - 94
A Healthcare Reform Proposal
It seems we've reached a nasty situation with regard to healthcare: A couple of recalcitrant Senators are poised to kill the public option. So, I ask myself: What are the options?
Dauphin 11/09/2009 5 3 - 57
The End of the World Tavern: History Edition (Pooties etc.)
Step in, friends. Come, sit, have a drink or three and rest your bones a bit. This is the End of the World tavern: Outside there's the apocalypse. Inside there's tequila. We also have cookies (No, ...
Dauphin 11/06/2009 25 19 - 104
Hey, Teabaggers, THIS is Nazism! (Warning: Uncomfortable)
In the name of all that is holy. The teabaggers really outdid themselves today. We could ...
Dauphin 11/05/2009 43 42 - 81
The End of the World Tavern Opens Its Doors! (Pootie Pics!)
It's that time of the year again: The trees are losing leaves, the first frost is here with a vengeance, winter is in the air and this entire website is probably going to experience a complete and ...
Dauphin 11/02/2009 24 27 - 132
Friends in Unexpected Places on Healthcare Reform?
This brouhaha over the public option and the viability of single-payer ("impossible to pass") got me thinking. Progressives are going head to head against AHIP, and are winning some battles and ...
Dauphin 10/30/2009 18 7 - 81
Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Winner! (Kossack Contest Results)
So, after two diaries, we finally have it: A compilation of the most atrocious prose ever birthed in Kossacks' demented heads. It all started innocuously. Sarah Palin scribbled her book, Going Rogue,
Dauphin 10/29/2009 79 26 2 93
Give Me Pulp! Kossack Contest pt II
We've all read them - awful authors who show an uncanny ability to mangle whatever language they write in. Sometimes their attempts at writing are only sad; but sometimes the style becomes so ghastly,
Dauphin 10/24/2009 26 8 - 17
Give Me Some F-ing Pulp, Kossacks!
Yes, it's that time of the year. I can already smell the eggnog, hear the Christmas bells, taste the food, and see the twinkling Christmas trees. Unfortunately, this is also the time when ...
Dauphin 10/20/2009 46 6 - 23
Some Reform Proposals, Part I: The Economy and Globalisation
I'm not feeling well today, so I'm not attending university classes in effort to nip this thing in the bud. Unfortunately, that means I'm bored out of my mind. So, in effort to stave off a numbing ...
Dauphin 10/19/2009 13 2 - 11
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