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Who thinks those who apply for loans from WEDC should take a drug test first?
I just heard it on WPR. The caller said she is disabled. She really resents the WEDC program when she is getting less and less support from Wisconsin government, She asked " Why don't the people who ...
Dave the Wave 05/21/2015 6 6 - -
Rand Paul Just Accused Hillary Clinton of Supporting Rape by Islamic Extremists
Remarkable...just after Chuck Todd pointed out that Rand Pul was hypocritical to complain about being compared to and being questioned about his father while attacking Hillary for things that Bill ...
Dave the Wave 04/12/2015 16 6 - -
Two Minute Thirty Second Mystery: The Case of the Meddling Magistrate
Sgt. Frank Kaminski glared at the buzzing speaker then put the morning paper down and strolled down to the locked cage door of the police evidence room. March Madness was in full evidence as the ...
Dave the Wave 04/05/2015 4 8 - -
It figures - I gotta show ID when I vote because of THIS jackass
short one but this takes the cake Throw the book at him! Maximum term consecutive sentences.
Dave the Wave 03/31/2015 3 15 - -
Ho-hum Wisconsin Dead Last in Private Sector Job Growth in Midwest as Usual
As per the latest quarterly jobs report Wisconsin tied Iowa for last place in private sector growth among midwestern states. Among its peer states in the Midwest, Wisconsin tied with Iowa for ...
Dave the Wave 03/19/2015 11 14 - -
Will Liz Cheney Pass the Bucket Test?
Dave the Wave 07/31/2014 3 1 - -
The Ramones Died - Last Member Tommy Ramone Died
I can't believe the Ramones have all died. I wish I could say that i was among the first to discover them. First time I heard them I was going to DeVry in Phoenix from 80-83. Great music scene in ...
Dave the Wave 07/12/2014 34 32 1 -
"Easter's on 4/20 this year?" asked Peter Cottontail, "Duuude."
see story below the ...
Dave the Wave 04/14/2014 10 11 - -
Happy Easter - Oopsie
uhhh...okay.... Maybe this atheism deal ain't all its cracked up to be. I gotta start going to church oriented social activities more often.
Dave the Wave 04/13/2014 5 3 - -
True story - it's funny but not political
I was driving to my girlfriends house last September. It was a hot late afternoon and there were University of Wisconsin students hanging around in downtown Madison. I stopped at a red light where ...
Dave the Wave 04/12/2014 9 11 - -
My apology to the DKOS community for allowing my feelings to get the better of me
I apologize to Daily Kos for expressing a wish of ugly death to Dick Cheney . Altough I was unaware of the rule against it, that is no excuse to violate the posting rules so I was justifiable ...
Dave the Wave 04/08/2014 45 4 - -
Down Goes Duke - Lord have Mercer
Ding Dong - Duke is dead. yeah it's a short diary off topic and all but hey, Mercer 78 Duke ...
Dave the Wave 03/21/2014 42 12 - -
How We are Failing the White Community.
You see them. Crowded together on the corner, dressed up in clothes that would shame a Tijuana hooker,
Dave the Wave 08/27/2013 32 8 - -
Where Are the Adults in the Conservative Movement?
What is it about being conservative that gives them such a sense of entitlement ? Liz apparently feels she doesn't have to follow the rules like all the grownups. .S. Senate candidate Elizabeth ...
Dave the Wave 08/22/2013 17 10 - -
Get the Popcorn - Rep. King (R-Iowa) Humiliated by GOP strategist Ana Navarro
Short one. This was such fun watching the incredible shrinking congressman Stevve King (R Iowa) try to justify his hateful racist remarks calling DREAM act children drug smugglers then get ...
Dave the Wave 08/11/2013 18 18 - -
Get Ready for some Tears of Joy
Really...if you don't well up and practically start bawling you're made of sterner stuff than me. Scenario: A store in Australia - small black child cannot breathe, about to die, parents frantic, ...
Dave the Wave 08/09/2013 5 9 - -
Ron Paul's integrity may be easy but it ain't cheap - it costs $208,000
Hey Ron Paul supporters - explain to me again about how Ron Paul is the only politician with integrity But don't take my word for it. That’s right folks. Ron Paul’s integrity may be easy ...
Dave the Wave 08/08/2013 5 7 1 -
Justice Roberts - You're batting .300
Roberts: 'My job is to call balls and strikes and not to pitch or bat' In America's favorite pastiime - justice - your long game strategy of lettiing the plutocracy throw the high hard one, bean ...
Dave the Wave 06/29/2013 5 3 - -
Well I don't recall any special feeling at all
That was Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's reply last night (The question starts at 15:48 - title quote at 16:08) to Rachel maddow's query about how it felt on inauguration day in 2001 when she and 4 ...
Dave the Wave 03/05/2013 6 10 - -
Get the Popcorn, Folks - The Weekend is Starting Early
It's Herr Rove coming - Seig Heil . You know it's gonna be a good weekend when the Tea Party accuses King Karl of being a Nazi. And not ANY Nazi but Heinrich Himmler. As if the ...
Dave the Wave 02/21/2013 3 5 - -
Breaking: The Pope Resigns: Oh, the Infallibility
The Pope is quitting. We don't know why but some BBC'ers are saying . - He's 85 and his health is going apparently. What does this mean? I don't know. I havent read the smoke signals. Well, I wish ...
Dave the Wave 02/11/2013 15 6 - -
IOKIYATGK: It's okay if you are the governor's kid
The bile rises with the blood pressure. Scott Walker (What - me govern?) took his kid to vote . His son, Matt was new to the ...
Dave the Wave 12/09/2012 9 9 - -
Drunk Nate Silver and Karl Rove Share an Elevator
As Karl Rove walked into the hotel lobby, two tall men wearing fedoras suddenly stood up when he walked past. He ws too preoccupied with his conversation to notice that they followed him to the ...
Dave the Wave 11/29/2012 9 6 - -
Drunk Nate Silver Goes for a Walk
As he held the light blue bottle aloft, a smile hinted at the corners of his mouth. "Nothing more intoxicating than the tears of the powerful," Nate Silver took another swig and put down the bottle. ...
Dave the Wave 11/23/2012 19 12 - -
Ask Scott Walker a Question on the Joy Cardin Show on WPR for Monday
This is a short diary. I would like for you to go to the Joy Cardin Show Facebook page to raise questions for Governor Scott Walker WI. I would imagine Giles Goat Boy would be interested in this ...
Dave the Wave 11/22/2012 4 5 - -
How to tease a Republican
Thank the lord for President Obama's victory. It means so much to me. Now I can quit my job and go on the dole like i've always wanted to. It's been hard having to work for the last 30 years so I can'
Dave the Wave 11/14/2012 13 2 - -
Introducing Joe the Loser
U.S. CONGRESS (Ohio) 9th Congressional District Votes Vote % Marcy Kaptur (D) 206,763 72.62% Samuel Wurzelbacher (R) 66,844 23.48% Sean Stipe (L) 11,119 3....
Dave the Wave 11/11/2012 21 12 - -
As an Incisive Television Journalist George Stephanopoulos Has Really Nice Hair
Today for the 50th consecutive week, Lucy pulled the football causing Charlie Brown to fall on his back, and George Stephanopulos pulled the logical challenges to the misinformation he allowed his ...
Dave the Wave 11/11/2012 5 5 - -
Hey, Ted Nugent: jail or suicide?
Okay, Ted. Piper time... Obama reelected with a majority in the Senate and pickups in the House. So what'll it be Ted?..................................... You chickened out of 'Nam you'll chicken ...
Dave the Wave 11/09/2012 3 1 - -
Oh my God, I underslept!
Goddamn daylight savings time bit me in the ass again as it does with Homer Simpson like regularity at this time. Every goddamn time. Me: Charlie Brown - Congress of 1918: Lucy - my extra hour of ...
Dave the Wave 11/04/2012 8 2 - -
Delicious Schadenfreudasm given by Redstate:
How would you imagine the taters at Redstate reacted to Go. Christy giving mad props to Obama's support during the current crisis? If you guessed that they would say "Well, we all have to pull ...
Dave the Wave 10/31/2012 21 21 - -
Heckuva storm coming, you must evacuate - who runs the show: CEO or CO?
You had a couple days to prepare for that BIG one on the way. But now you gotta get outta here. Who do you wnt to run the show? Who do you think is going to better mitigate the damage? When you need ...
Dave the Wave 10/30/2012 8 - - -
Lance Armstrong Endorses Mitt Romney
One time cycling legend Lance Armstrong publicly endorsed Mitt Romney for president this morning making his way from a courthouse surrounded by a sea of lawyers. "Mitt Romney is a man who'll do ...
Dave the Wave 10/27/2012 45 21 1 -
Blanket Coverage: the Bold New Romney Debate Strategy
Risky Blanket Coverage Debate Strrategy for Mitt Romney Unveiled DENVER—Helping to devise the Republican presidential nominee’s strategy for his upcoming debates against Barack Obama, campaign ...
Dave the Wave 10/03/2012 1 - - 62
DKOS Star Caught in Tawdry Unrequited Love Affair with Hot MSNBC Anchor Rachel Maddow
I love my Rachel Maddow. I love my Rachel Maddow All the other anchors are so light. Their spines have soft steel. There's no fire in their steel. Their blades are as dull as hammers so they pound ...
Dave the Wave 09/29/2012 16 10 1 413
One of these two candidates is black - can you tell from the literature?
Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just want to make sure that you realize that. That one of these two candidates is black. Don't want it to influence your vote or anything. But if it ...
Dave the Wave 09/26/2012 14 5 - 165
Hommina Hommina - Romneynomics in Action
In what may be the most undeserved bonuses this side of TARP it was revealed in the Washington Post that Mitt Romney’s campaign handed out more than $200,000 in bonuses last month to senior ...
Dave the Wave 09/21/2012 6 2 - 26
It's time to lay off Clint Eastwood
I know, that's rich coming from me. I had my share of fun. True schadenfreude moment. We've now all seen the empty chair jokes flying around. There has been dismay amongst Republicans and all that. ...
Dave the Wave 09/01/2012 122 5 - 457
Disturbing to all but the ubiqitous
I knew it would happen someday. I just can't pretend anymore. The news has run out. The internet is virtually useless now. Nothing really matters now. Follow me over the Fold and see if you don'...
Dave the Wave 08/16/2012 6 1 - 87
David Gregory made me puke on my keyboard
Did you hear David Gregory's interview with Marco Rubio? Really hard hitting stuff. DG: So tell me Senator Rubio - East Coast or West Coast? HWAAAAUUURRRRRRLIUOAAAAAHWW!!! David Gregory made me ...
Dave the Wave 06/24/2012 64 30 - 554
RIP Dick Clark
It's got a good beat. You can dance to it. I give it an 85. I loved your show boss. I thought you'd live forever. Thanks for some of the most enjoyable Saturday television of my life.
Dave the Wave 04/18/2012 6 16 - 105
Well, He's Newtstory
Monty Delmonico MSCFN Assistant Deputy Secretary Political Editor In a move long anticipated, and frankly embarrassing in its delay, the Newt Gingrich campaign headqiuarters announced Thursday ...
Dave the Wave 04/05/2012 4 7 - 76
The next voter suppression tactic
Walker supporter carrying gun causes stir in Jackson County A man wearing a gun in a holster and a T-shirt that said "Scott Walker for President" caused a stir after he voted in a small western ...
Dave the Wave 04/04/2012 11 2 - 112
Attn: Bombard This Poll - Grassroots Action
The right wing controls the messaging in Waunakee, WI. Let's give them a message loud and clear that we support President Obama's Jobs Act that he submitted to Congress. Make our voice heard in a ...
Dave the Wave 09/20/2011 11 12 - 94
Voters Propose Ohio Legislators Pass Lie Detector Test
Dave the Wave 08/27/2011 16 16 1 174
I'm puttin' on my butt kickin' boots and shoutin' cock a doodle doo
Y'all gotcha butts kicked last nght. Hey Karl - your bullshit didn't work. Now wee wee wee alla way home. You took one on ...
Dave the Wave 05/25/2011 9 10 - 60
Gentlemen Raise Your Coffee Cups: Do It Often
Antonio, what news on the Rialto - William Shakespeare Beats the fuck outta me. - David Mamet Finally there is medical news that I am happy to highlight.
Dave the Wave 05/18/2011 20 10 - 108
Kloppenburg wins - Do the Math! Do the Math!
Justice Kloppenburg may pull off this Wisconsin Supreme Court election - she leads by 16,579 votes as of latest report with 97% of the votes counted. . As ...
Dave the Wave 05/17/2011 23 10 - 528
Daily Kos has been compromised by Chinese Communists!!!
Okay, okay I know this sounds far fetched. But those triple exclamation points are justified. After all we have no money borrowing needs that would require us to sell bonds to Red China. We ...
Dave the Wave 05/13/2011 20 3 - 148
Red State can't congratulate President Obama
For a little schadenfreude I thought I'd see what our special friends over at Redstate think of getting Bin Laden. It seems that they are very happy about it and congraulated everyone (including W ...
Dave the Wave 05/02/2011 23 8 - 349
Heck of a job Mr President
It seems that some presidents are more engaged with disaster relief then others. What a different response. Are you paying attention, independents? Are you watching, disaffected progressives. This ...
Dave the Wave 04/30/2011 226 532 8 3023
Cat Yodeling: What Kind of Monsters Would Do This?!?!
Dave the Wave 01/07/2011 35 14 3 69
Christine O'Donnell is quaking in her gingerbread house
If you thought that Christine O'Donnell's problems were over - WATCH OUT. According to ...
Dave the Wave 01/06/2011 13 3 - 38
Marked Territory by Litterbox
Puss Rock ...
Dave the Wave 07/23/2010 9 8 - 30
Breaking: Dobbs deported
In an utterly insane stroke of irony, sources within the Immigration Department reveal that Lou Dobbs was discovered to be an illegal alien and was deported immediately to Mexico.
Dave the Wave 11/19/2009 26 6 - 166
Deathcare-4-All (or the only Good Peasant is a Dead Peasant)
Don't get sick but if you do - die quickly I have a natural affinity for hearing the rhythm of spoken sentence and finding the melody in it. After I watched Congressman Grayson ...
Dave the Wave 10/03/2009 16 4 - 50
The Money Quote
Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer's Words to Live ...
Dave the Wave 09/04/2009 2 - - 14
No One Could Have Imagined a 3 book deal for Condi
Obviously in a tight economy publishers will gamble on anything. In times of such despair and hopelessness we need a good laugh at Condi's expense. NEW YORK — Former Secretary ...
Dave the Wave 02/22/2009 49 8 - 23
Bush-it-out : For that Heckuva Brownie Job
Dave the Wave 01/21/2009 5 3 - 1
Flash - DK Stars Mired in Moral Wars - Kos bailout around the corner
OK - there is a sense of dreadful deja vu in which Daily Kos is playing out recent American history within its own confines at this very moment. First TeacherKen ...
Dave the Wave 11/29/2008 43 8 - 6
I am Mike Greenman
I stumbled across this hardhitting story of an intense labor negotiation. I can relate completely. It is the story of my life. This story is for all the Mike Greenmen of the world who have been ever ...
Dave the Wave 11/26/2008 1 1 - 18
PJ O’Rourke - The Sound of One Cheek Farting
Now I like a good joke as well as anyone. PJ O’Rourke has often made me laugh. He even did once in his opinion piece ...
Dave the Wave 11/12/2008 38 19 1 28
What I found on my doorstep this morning
I live in Waunakee, Wisconsin. It's a small town of about 8500 people. Pretty m,uch a 50/50 town as far as Democrat-Republic registration. I woke up early this morning to find some slimy rat had ...
Dave the Wave 11/03/2008 496 658 22 123
Need a good laugh? Tex is the best
My first memories of television are of course cartoons - Crusader Rabbit, Clutch Cargo, Johnny Quest, Colonel Bleep, The Impossibles - simply every crappy cartoon known to man. But if you dig ...
Dave the Wave 10/25/2008 12 4 4 3
Good laugh 4 candidate panel
Have image - Will paint wire Dave the Wave Madison, WI I know, I know. Diaries must be substantive (hence mojo friday). But come on 'crats - it's Friday! Let's ease into that ...
Dave the Wave 10/17/2008 1 - - 1
Dirty Johnny Crazy Sarah- TwoThrill Crazy Kids in a Race with Hell!
Dave the Wave 10/10/2008 17 2 1 1
Got a microscope? I'm looking for the president
Hey anybody got an electron microscope? I'm trying to find the Bush administration.
Dave the Wave 10/07/2008 15 7 - 1
Have Clipboard Will Canvass
? Hi my name is Dave (the Wave) . I live here and I'm a ...
Dave the Wave 09/21/2008 19 11 - 21
A moment of anachronism for Jesse Helms death
Rather than a moment of silence in respect of the memory of Jesse Helms it is more appropriate to bellow a jingoistic, racist, msogynistic, homophobic inconmprehensible diatribe that pushes all the ...
Dave the Wave 07/04/2008 34 8 - 84
Bush accomplished something: The stupid one got married
The shortest list: the accomplishments of George W Bush got an entry...finally. The stupid daughter got married.
Dave the Wave 05/12/2008 133 3 1 25
43rd results thread - shoot we got the whole ball of yarn
Would anyone care for a game of Pick-Up-Sticks?
Dave the Wave 04/22/2008 6 2 - 11
Leers and Sneers - Madtown  Edition
Okay Mojokossians this is a hijack. Drop your keyboards. I've had it up to HERE with all this comity and Kum-bah-yahsity. It's time to introduce Leer's and Sneers . My gemstone is jade. My ...
Dave the Wave 04/18/2008 3 1 - 2
Legends of Conservatism: Ronald Reagan Salutes Rush Limbaugh
So today for the edification of our readers we will once again look back to our future exploring the Legends of Conservatism series on that fateful day on January 19th, 1985 .
Dave the Wave 04/09/2008 6 1 - -
Hey Gang- Let's All Do the Cokie Loki
Yesterday I was watching This Week with -Wink- -Martindale- I mean George Stephanopoulos roundtable ( Dang, I keep ...
Dave the Wave 04/07/2008 12 6 - -
 Rude Question of the Week on WPR  45 minutes ago
I called into Wisconsin Public Radio's News of the Week with Joy Cardin as is my wont on Friday morning at 08:00. I was very pleasantly surprised that I was ...
Dave the Wave 04/04/2008 40 5 - -
Why is this man smiling
Dave the Wave 04/02/2008 7 - - -
I read the news today - oh boy
Let's Raise a glass to the Media I'm having Rootin' Tootin Raspberry and a swaller of Loud Mouth Lime . As you'll read below ...
Dave the Wave 03/29/2008 6 4 - 1
I Feel Lke I'm Fixin' To Kill Rag
I'm celebrating one of the heroes of my youth in this homage to his song. Wish I knew how to embed it. Anyway If you want to sing this along with ...
Dave the Wave 03/28/2008 18 3 - 8
2 minute pointless rant at the media
HEY MEDIA!!! You bunch of tallywhackers have been drinking at the koolaid trough again. What's with the pass for McCain? I mean, I get that the crusty old character ...
Dave the Wave 03/27/2008 6 1 1 -
Healthcare: a personal comparison
I am sure there are many diaries on healthcare that crunch numbers and can show statistically benefits to universal healthcare. Mine isn't one of those. I hope that my personal comparison may give ...
Dave the Wave 03/26/2008 5 7 - 7
IL 14 Redstate Schadenfreude Special
So what are RedStaters to make of the huge cannon shot over the bow that was the Illinois 14th district special election:
Dave the Wave 03/10/2008 18 5 - -
Have Poem, Will Grovel
With apologies to William Carlos ...
Dave the Wave 03/09/2008 4 - - -
Meet J. Sydney McBush the Irrelephant
We need a good characature of John Sydney McCain. Problem is that it's hard to characature somebody who's a a cartoon figure already but this is what I came up with. Meet J.Sydney McBush the ...
Dave the Wave 03/07/2008 2 1 - -
Two minute crapper diary
In the midst of all this political theater with so much sturm I practically hurl after I drang it, there are cheap metaphors just waiting to be observed: The battle for the ...
Dave the Wave 02/22/2008 9 - - -
Thank goodness- now Bush can discuss the Scooter Libby case
Since the crimes were first committed, the Bush administration has maintained that they could not discuss an ongoing criminal trial. After all, heh-heh, they wouldn't want to prejudice the ongoing ...
Dave the Wave 12/10/2007 19 9 - -
Mike Huckabee just had a hommina hommina moment
Anybody watch Chris Wallace present the clip of sugar-rushed (his own words) Governor Huckabee talk about how an increase in incometax and on sales tax would be okay with him? And all Mike had left ...
Dave the Wave 11/18/2007 11 - - -
Diane Neville Findspine speaks to America
We stand on the shoulders ...
Dave the Wave 11/06/2007 9 1 1 -
Snap Krugle Pop:Paul Krugman Backslaps Tucker
Did you watch Bill Maher tonight? It was electric. Everybody was at the top of their game. Tucker reduced Bill to near homminahommania by demanding respect for the exposed Republican who died in a ...
Dave the Wave 10/12/2007 56 15 - 5
"If the captain dies, we all move up in rank" Evil Mr. Sulu observed with a smile
psst....Cal's gonna be in the top 4 really...Might even end up #3 or even #2. It was the Saturday night massacre on the top 20. from the evil parallel ...
Dave the Wave 09/29/2007 52 7 1 8
The Real American Middle East Policy
I was watching the debate and Tim Russert posited a question about if Israel launched a strike against Iran because they said that Iran was developing nuclear weapons would you support Israel's ...
Dave the Wave 09/26/2007 19 1 - -
I am the procrastinator!...I guess...I'll have to think about it
They say a picture is worth thousand words. So if this saves me a ton of work then I’m all for that. (They also say “Every picture tells a story don’t it?” if by “...
Dave the Wave 09/05/2007 11 2 - -
House Judiciary Committee Rep. Tammy Baldwin signs onto impeach  VP Cheney
I heard today on a Wisconsin Public Radio interview that . Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has now added her ...
Dave the Wave 08/02/2007 17 20 - 9
Get the microscope Nancy- it's time to find your courage
I don't want any more fingers in the political wind. No more representing your opinion over the opinions of your constituents and fellow Democrats. The administration is not to be ignored and ...
Dave the Wave 07/02/2007 5 4 1 -
Dick Cheney is a failed state
With apologies to Noam Chomsky Keith Olberman was close when he described the office of the vice president as rogue nation. He was basing it upon the refusal of Cheney to allow an ...
Dave the Wave 06/21/2007 18 6 1 2
If Bush committed crimes what is the next president's duty?/
Jan 2009, President X finds evidence that the Bush administration has committed criminal acts with impunity on a massive scale: voter fraud, illegal prosecution, obstruction of justice, ...
Dave the Wave 06/06/2007 17 2 - -
The Day My Diary Died
This is an elegy I cowrote (thank you, Don McLean) or perhaps to put more accurately stole (sorry, Don McLean) to my latest diary that I wrote and offered up yesterday morning. I wrote ...
Dave the Wave 12/09/2006 109 144 4 104
Impeach Me Hard
This is Dave the Wave comin' atcha on a bullet - I'm gonna pull it - pull the triggers! Yo bosses and bossettes, it's time for us to get acquainted. I am the bull goose looney. I ...
Dave the Wave 12/08/2006 2 - - -
Little Dick Cheneys half smile slapped off his face
Dave the Wave 11/05/2006 20 13 1 10
Alert: 10 minutes to Listen to Wisconsin Public Radio for Rude question of the WeeK
Dave the Wave 11/03/2006 4 2 - -
Return of the Rude Question of the Week
Dave the Wave 11/02/2006 10 7 - -
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