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Update: Obama's Nominee Protected Ayotte; Shaheen Stands Still
On July 29, 2012 this writer posted the following diary: " Did AG Eric Holder Shutdown the Investigation of Senator Ayotte?" Obama's nominee for federal judge in New Hampshire, Landya McCafferty ...
DaveColtin 11/01/2013 6 - - -
Did AG Eric Holder Shutdown the Investigation Of Senator Ayotte?
On January 23, 2012, Senator Shaheen ordered the U.S. attorney in NH to investigate Senator Ayotte for obstruction of justice in a longstanding federal civil suit and for lying to the NH Executive ...
DaveColtin 07/29/2012 4 2 - 244
Senator Shaheen of NH Orders Investigation of Senator Ayotte of NH: Is Ayottte above the law?
This question is about to be answered by the US attorney in New Hampshire, John Kacavas, a Shaheen nominee, and an Obama appointment. In June 2007, federal judge Joseph Laplante ordered an ...
DaveColtin 02/12/2012 7 16 - 213
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