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Mr Pink Learns "We Tortured"
You’re fucking kidding me, right? Someone said WE tortured that guy? Cause I sure as hell wasn’t there, and I didn’t even know it was happening until we came back to the garage and saw the ...
David L 01/02/2015 5 5 1 -
Support the Netroots 2011 documentary project now!
Next week at Netroots Nation, historic changes will be happening – new candidates and new strategies, with thousands of us contributing. Let's make sure it's properly documented the way we know ...
David L 06/08/2011 1 1 - 13
Why Never Charge Awlaki or Bin Laden?
Can anyone explain the reasoning behind the US never charging Osama bin Laden for 9-11 or Anwar Al-Awlaki with terrorism before setting out to kill them? Did it make it any easier to find bin Laden ...
David L 05/28/2011 36 4 - 198
A Perfectly Centrist President
This chart shows why President Obama ...
David L 03/14/2011 64 10 - 331
Buffett: Thanks For Ignoring My Financial Fraud, America!
Billionaire Warren Buffett has an Op Ed in yesterday's New York Times that resets the bar for chutzpah . ...
David L 11/17/2010 33 3 - 73
Join Democracy v2 - the version without the money
Here’s a tip on hundreds of great jobs, available in every state, and perfectly matched with the skills of many of us in this community. If you -- are a US citizen at least 25 years ...
David L 10/10/2010 1 1 - 53
471 Congress Jobs Available at $174K!
Here’s a tip on hundreds of great jobs, available in every state, and perfectly matched with the skills of many of us in this community. If you -- are a US citizen at least 25 years ...
David L 09/20/2010 18 24 2 224
Revolution: Take the $ Out of Democracy on Facebook
A newly launched Facebook page is supporting fresh new candidates to replace up to 435 House seats and 36 Senate seats ...
David L 02/15/2010 36 3 - 24
NY Times Explains Propaganda in Its Guantanamo Stories
After a correction by the paper earlier this week, today in What Happened to Skepticism? the NY Times Public Editor tried to ...
David L 06/07/2009 128 247 4 192
Watada vs Yoo - Heroes and their Opposites
The CIA "interrogators" who the president has immunized from prosecution risked nothing. But the operating theory is: unless those agents also have assurances in writing from the likes of John Yoo ...
David L 05/13/2009 7 9 - 18
Heterosexuals: Defend Marriage on Valentine's Day
Conventional wisdom says Marriage Equality will come through the efforts of gay couples to win their rights. Of course, that means that unless gay couples become a majority, it will be a minority ...
David L 02/08/2009 12 9 1 5
Obama Civil Unions - Better Than Marriage! (w/poll)
There is a jujitsu path to achieving equal rights for gay families in the early days of the Obama administration. The strategy involves moving the focus off of Marriage - as a tactic - to ...
David L 12/21/2008 78 13 1 38
Stopping Foreclosures: Obama, McCain - or Neither?
We've seen plenty of credible reports and diaries pointing out why markets have no confidence in the current style of "rescue", where banks and Wall Street get "bailed out" but individuals' home ...
David L 10/12/2008 27 2 - 7
We Can End FISA Obstruction Next Week
We have an utterly unique opportunity between now and the day in July that FISA is raised again in the Senate. Many recent diaries, a damning poll, and strong appearances by Prof. Jonathan Turley ...
David L 06/29/2008 18 11 - 23
My Conversation with Conyers on Collusion (w/ audio)
I recently had a phone conversation with House Judiciary Chair John Conyers. I'm including a link to the audio from our conversation below. He was particularly interested in GWU Professor Jonathan ...
David L 06/20/2008 18 31 4 50
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