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Ohio Voting and ticking off Husted
Just a quick report on voting today. I showed up at 7:15, and about half of the machines were occupied. I checked in, no problems, and was issued the computer card to place into the machine. It ...
DaytonMike 11/04/2014 10 22 - -
Detroit Bankruptcy Stayed?
I can't find an online link yet, but the news at the top of the hour on my local NPR station said that the bankruptcy filing has been stayed by a court, and any actions by Gov. Snyder and/or the ...
DaytonMike 07/19/2013 9 5 - -
Can we prosecute Ohio's governor and legislators?
I am not a lawyer, but with the draconian new abortion laws passed in Ohio's budget, can we prosecute Ohio's governor and legislators under criminal law? Follow me below the orange curlicue.
DaytonMike 07/01/2013 18 8 - -
Building a new VRA Section 4
Ever since the Supreme Court gutted the VRA like a fish by abolishing Section 4 as outdated (despite the overwhelming evidence that it is still valid SINCE the decision was announced), many ...
DaytonMike 06/27/2013 1 2 - -
Gun Control - Even the Boy Scouts know better
I know that many fellow Kossacks think that the Boy Scouts of America is some right-wing organization. or even hate group, due to their treatment of gays and atheists. I don't really want to debate ...
DaytonMike 12/22/2012 11 9 - -
George Bush voted for Obama - by mistake
It's not just Democrats in Ohio and Florida who are apparently having difficulties with voting machines. Former President George Bush accidentally voted for Obama! News story here . He apparently ...
DaytonMike 11/06/2012 38 15 - -
PA Voter ID law blocked
Just a quick note - I just heard on NPR that the Pennsylvania voter ID law has been blocked by the PA district court judge that earlier ruled it constitutional. Here is the AP story The judge ...
DaytonMike 10/02/2012 5 4 - 51
Many of the 47% pay higher tax rates than Mitt does
Mitt may be right that 47% of all people pay no income taxes, but he's wrong to suggest they pay no taxes. There's sales taxes, excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco and property taxes, or higher ...
DaytonMike 09/18/2012 10 8 - 51
The "Chemotherapy Rule" or how to talk about photo ID voter restrictions
I had a bout with bladder cancer, and got treated for it from late last year to about six weeks ago, when I returned to full-time work. It was fairly serious, and did involve major surgery as well ...
DaytonMike 08/30/2012 19 42 2 246
London Olympics disses Mitt Romney
I've been watching the Olympics opening ceremony on NBC, and noticed that the third episode in the story being told could be an indirect dig at poor old Mittens. The section dealt with two themes ...
DaytonMike 07/27/2012 41 20 - 456
My bladder cancer and ACA story
I'm mostly a commenter here, not a diarist. I started with a few diaries and comments last summer, then took a hiatus starting in November. The reason was that I was diagnosed with bladder cancer.
DaytonMike 06/28/2012 30 84 2 400
My rant on John Boehner's Facebook page
Mr. Boehner, you are a liar, a hypocrite, without honor and don't deserve your office. You have voted for every budget-busting measure over the past decade that increased the debt and the deficit. ...
DaytonMike 07/29/2011 6 14 - 143
Can we get revenues back into Boehner's plan?
Those of you that are experts in arcane Congressional procedures may want (OK - will want) to correct me if I'm wrong, but in the off chance that Boehner's bill actually passes, can Reid use some ...
DaytonMike 07/28/2011 3 - - 25
Republicans will "raise my taxes" in 17 days
No, not literally, but they might as well have increased my taxes. They'll be doing it to you too. Details below the fold.
DaytonMike 07/16/2011 7 9 - 123
Eric Cantor is a sodomite
First of all, apologies in advance to any of the Daily Kos GLBTQ community who might be offended by the title of this diary. I mean no disrespect to you by bringing up such a hateful epithet. A ...
DaytonMike 06/27/2011 62 16 - 535
Redistricting Ohio – a sensible approach
Ohio is the quintessential swing state, with Obama winning the state in 2008 by 51.5% to 46.9% for McCain and 1.6% third-party candidates. Nevertheless, our current Congressional delegation is 5 ...
DaytonMike 06/13/2011 6 2 - 69
New framing for the Ryan Budget?
I must be a masochist, but I watch "Morning Joke" on MSNBC, to catch the news and to keep up with the alternative framing of what goes on in Washington. I'm amazes at the number of guests on the ...
DaytonMike 04/06/2011 4 1 - 21
PATRIOT Act provisions defeated - Tea Party to thank?
No details are up on any of the news site, but BREAKING news announced on Tweety's show. Several provisions of the PATRIOT Act were up for renewal today, but were defeated. The regular Republican ...
DaytonMike 02/08/2011 34 29 - 129
Other causes than coal burning for the greatest mass extinction
In a diary on top of the recommended list, Fishoutofwater quotes from a new paper on ...
DaytonMike 01/25/2011 123 158 5 93
Disciplining children and dealing with Republican tantrums
Everyone has seen them. You're walking through the grocery store, and a harried mother grimaces as her children pester he to buy the latest sweetened cereal. She ignores them for a while, as their ...
DaytonMike 12/08/2010 9 8 - 32
Elegy for a kitten
This diary is in part mourning for a young kitten that didn't have to die, in part a tribute to my children, and in part a rant at someone cruel enough to cause his death, from neglect. For the ...
DaytonMike 08/26/2010 21 24 - 39
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