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Our Seattle & Puget Sound Kos 10th Get Together
This last Saturday, May 30th a special group of people got together once again to eat, drink and share. As usual it was relaxing, fun and informative. Here are a couple of pictures of one end of ...
John Crapper 06/01/2015 20
but not just yet. As a very few of you know, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer in late 2012 and treated with radiation in 2013. The treatment appeared to have beaten the disease into ...
WisePiper 06/01/2015 403
Projecting a Climate Change Timeframe - Holy $h*t
In researching a book I'm writing I've been collecting prognostications about climate change. These have been gathered over time from numerous sources. But they are projections and hence a ...
John Crapper 05/21/2015 49

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