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REPOST: How I Almost Brought Down Pinochet With My Swiss Army Knife
On this 40th anniversary of the coup in Chile, I thought I'd repost a diary I wrote here back in 2006 about an encounter I'd had with Pinochet. It happened in 1988, when the dictator was trying to ...
DebtorsPrison 09/11/2013 3 7 - -
Adam Kokesh, of the Open Carry March on DC, arrested at Philly marijuana rally
Adam Kokesh, last seen here in this diary by Clytemnestra as organizer of the ill-conceived July 4th Open Carry March on Washington (or, as Clytemnestra called it, the What The Fuck Could Possibly ...
DebtorsPrison 05/18/2013 26 20 - -
GOP official: Romney 'can be anything you want him to be.'
In yet another round of "with friends like this, who needs enemies,' Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason had this to say about Mitt Romney : “A lot of people see him as a moderate, ...
DebtorsPrison 10/01/2012 12 21 - 184
With apologies to Paul Simon: "It's just a quirk in the law"
Silly I know, but from the very moment I heard that phrase "a quirk in the law" as the Romney campaign's response to the Boston Globe article exposing his lies about his tenure at Bain Capital, my ...
DebtorsPrison 07/12/2012 6 10 - 77
Jonah Goldberg Inflates His Credentials...Again!
Here's a blast from the past, from Daily Kos on January 28th, 2008: Jonah Goldberg's faux Pultizer "nomination" It seems back when conservative blatherer Goldberg's earlier book Liberal Fascism ...
DebtorsPrison 05/09/2012 20 17 - 145
Will Regnery Publishing Make Little Children Cry?
Right-wing attack dog Regnery Publishing has announced plans to launch a children's imprint. Regnery's stable of writers for its adult division includes such deep thinkers as Ann Coulter, Mark ...
DebtorsPrison 04/29/2012 25 31 - 380
Occupy Philly Day One Photoblog
Philadelphia joined the #OccupyWallStreet movement yesterday as #OccupyPhilly got underway. Today'...
DebtorsPrison 10/07/2011 10 25 - 68
Andrew Breitbart's Jewish Problem
I thought it might be a good time to point out some curious edits to Andrew Breitbart's recent book 'Righteous Indignation.' I happen to have one of the Advance Readers Copies shipped out to ...
DebtorsPrison 05/31/2011 18 21 1 321
DKos Travel Board Travel News Digest
The DKos Travel Board will be bringing you an occasional round-up of news from the intersection of travel, politics and environment. ...
DebtorsPrison 04/21/2011 6 4 - 46
Book Review (and daydream list): Authentic Ecolodges
Ah, ecotourism! Something to dream about: Adventuring in lush natural settings while conserving the environment and benefiting the locals... Aaugh, ecotourism! Something to argue about: Flying ...
DebtorsPrison 03/27/2011 16 8 - 64
Barnes & Noble Guts its Book Buyer/Merchandising Department
Certainly, the book biz is undergoing rapid changes these days, with publishers and book merchandisers grappling with the rise of e-books. Still, it’s hard to understand the thinking ...
DebtorsPrison 01/26/2011 62 37 - 121
Pa. GOP candidates can't resist their inner teabag
Pennsylvania is home to some of the top races in the upcoming election cycle, including contests for Governor and Senator. This state is always a challenge for candidates, with its dual voter ...
DebtorsPrison 07/14/2010 10 7 - 36
Blockbuster Revelations in Karl Rove's New Memoir
Karl Rove's eagerly anticipated tell-all "Courage and Consequence" is being released today, and it wastes no time in laying out the blockbuster revelations. Only four paragraphs in, we learn that ...
DebtorsPrison 03/09/2010 23 5 1 25
Everything We Know About the Human Race is About To Change!
At least that's what we're promised by the good people at Little, Brown publishers. They've sent word to the bookselling industry that they will be releasing a top-secret, triple hush-hush book on ...
DebtorsPrison 05/08/2009 88 17 - 34
'Slumdog Millionaire' opens in India, and here is the reaction
The film 'Slumdog Millionaire' has been drawing lots of great reviews from both critics and fans since it opened in the United States last year. This Dickensian blend of gritty urban slum realism ...
DebtorsPrison 02/01/2009 103 65 4 68
Two Book Reviews for Inauguration Eve
Tonight is feeling really good, Kossacks. Earlier today I was surprised to experience a renewed surge of anger and disgust towards George W. Bush and all he has wrought over the past eight years. ...
DebtorsPrison 01/19/2009 2 3 - 14
Some Straight Talk for John "POW" McCain
Congratulations, John McCain. You have managed to turn an act of strength and bravery 40 years ago into an emblem of your shame and cowardice today. There are thousands of soldiers who have ...
DebtorsPrison 09/06/2008 14 9 1 11
Barnes & Noble Cancels Order for pro-Obama Book
There's a bit of a hissy fit going on in the bookselling world over the imminent release of Robert Kuttner's book "Obama's Challenge: ...
DebtorsPrison 08/19/2008 36 27 - 28
'Swiftboat' author's anti-Obama book out tomorrow; here's a sneak peek
The Obama Nation , by 'Swiftboat coauthor Jerome Corsi, is hitting bookstores tomorrow. I've been browsing through an advance copy, and thought I would offer up a sneak peek. My primary ...
DebtorsPrison 07/31/2008 70 15 - 39
John McCain wants to give me a mansion!!
John McCain was in the Philadelphia suburbs the other night, and and he went way beyond promising a chicken in every pot: ...
DebtorsPrison 07/02/2008 16 5 - 6
Early Look at Doug Feith's New Book o' BS
Tomorrow is the release date for Doug Feith's War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of ...
DebtorsPrison 04/07/2008 16 10 - 11
Farewell to Polaroid Film
Production of the iconic Polaroid Instant camera--point, shoot and shake--has already ceased over the past couple years, but now Polaroid has ...
DebtorsPrison 02/09/2008 51 21 1 1
Feminisms: One Woman's Story
Last month I volunteered to take another Feminisms slot in January, though this time without any real topic. Although I’ve had my antennae alert for any political and/or cultural news that ...
DebtorsPrison 01/16/2008 31 27 1 3
Thanks, Bernanke, for making me poorer
So, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke signals that the Fed will be cutting interest rates again, ...
DebtorsPrison 01/11/2008 17 8 - -
Circuit Loses Biz After Laying Off Workers
Hey everyone! Remember THIS bit of news from last March? A new plan for layoffs at ...
DebtorsPrison 12/22/2007 49 41 - 22
Penciling in My 2008 Calendar
Ah, my 2008 Harvard Planner arrived today. It is my preferred desk agenda, and this fresh paginated slab of goal-setting and time-...
DebtorsPrison 12/11/2007 3 1 - 6
Book Review: Naomi Wolf's Powerful Call to Arms
Now arriving in bookstores is Naomi Wolf's The End of America , and I recommend it most ...
DebtorsPrison 08/30/2007 10 29 1 89
The O. J. Simpson Midnight Madness Party
We here at Big Chain Bookstore know when we've goofed. Yes, we initially said we would not be carrying the O.J. Simpson ...
DebtorsPrison 08/25/2007 6 4 - 3
Protesting at Private Homes: The Argentine 'Escrache'
A couple weeks ago, there was a lot of controversy stirred up when Mike Stark confronted Bill O'Reilly at his home, posted ...
DebtorsPrison 08/21/2007 14 13 2 194
The Unbearable Impatience for Progress
Back from YearlyKos, feeling the drumbeat of excitement over all the possibilities that unfolded there, though also feeling a bit overwhelmed and unfocused about what to do next. But I'm sure that ...
DebtorsPrison 08/06/2007 8 1 - -
I Hate Air Conditioning
I hate air conditioning. I hate the feel of it, I hate the smell of it, I hate the sound of it. I certainly hate the electricity-devouring environmental destructiveness of it. I know there are ...
DebtorsPrison 07/30/2007 148 14 1 85
My Pre-YearlyKos Jitters
Zounds! Only three weeks until YKos II, and I'm excited. Last year was an incredible experience...dare I say life-changing? Dare i say country-changing? Well, yes, I do dare say it. Or at least ...
DebtorsPrison 07/12/2007 37 23 1 7
Philly Developer Threatens Bloggers w Lawsuit
Actually, it's not bloggers yet. Real estate developer Samir Benakmoume has threatened legal action against a mere message board because he didn't like the fact that people were ...
DebtorsPrison 07/08/2007 31 38 - 104
Vital Homeland Security Exercise This Sunday!
I woke up in the middle of the night last night, seized with the fear that the 75 rolls of duct tape in my Department of Homeland Security-...
DebtorsPrison 06/21/2007 14 8 - 153
Feminisms: The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo
They call themselves "permanently pregnant." They've been pregnant now for thirty long years. It's not what the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo imagined for themselves in 1977. Back then, they were ...
DebtorsPrison 06/20/2007 41 40 - 6
Maybe Bush Can't Flee to Paraguay After All
Maybe Bush won't find Paraguay so appealing after even that corrupt and undemocratic country manages to elect a leftist candidate as president. You've no doubt heard the unproven rumors of the Bush ...
DebtorsPrison 06/01/2007 27 32 1 33
Non-troll Diary to discuss NJ Gov. Corzine's Injuries
I'm throwing up a quickie, non-regulation diary to let people know that New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine suffered serious injuries in an auto accident this evening. The only diary relating the news ...
DebtorsPrison 04/12/2007 70 38 1 19
Book Review: Vic Gold's "Invasion of the Party-Snatchers"
Here I am, once again using my bookstore employment to check out the latest new releases. Several weeks ago, I held my nose and offered a two-part tour of Tom Delay's No Retreat, No ...
DebtorsPrison 04/03/2007 18 26 2 23
I based a Philly vote decision on a YouTube video
This diary is inspired by a Front Page Diary by Kos yesterday: "Get off my lawn!" . In that diary, Kos skewered Stuart Rothenberg for ...
DebtorsPrison 03/21/2007 4 1 - -
I read Tom Delay's new book (so you don't have to) Part 2
Yes, thanks to working in a bookstore, I get to peruse terrible books without having to buy them, or even sullying my library borrowing record. And so, at the risk of sacrificing my sanity, I've ...
DebtorsPrison 03/19/2007 37 21 - 17
I read Tom Delay's new book (so you don't have to) Part 1
You know Tom Delay's new book, No Retreat, No Surrender is going to be a disgusting defense of radical conservatism. You know it's going to paint liberalism as an evil, godless threat to ...
DebtorsPrison 03/18/2007 56 29 1 17
Feminisms: The OTHER Right to Choose - Childlessness and Sterilization
My contribution to the Feminisms series tonight dovetails with last week's diary by Uniongal , so in some ways we’ll be ...
DebtorsPrison 03/07/2007 213 45 1 57
4 saLe cHeep: Yellow Ribbon Magnets
In an article in today's Financial Times (on the front page, no less), we read that sales of those Yellow Ribbon ...
DebtorsPrison 03/03/2007 8 5 - 1
New Political Disappearances in Argentina
I wrote a diary last July passing along the thoughts of a friend of mine from Argentina regarding the trial ...
DebtorsPrison 02/20/2007 10 15 - 143
Howard Fineman: "Bush Looked Scared"
Here's Harold Fineman's quickie take on Bush's speech, just posted on MSNBC: George W. Bush spoke with all the ...
DebtorsPrison 01/10/2007 95 33 2 5
How I Almost Brought Down Pinochet With My Swiss Army Knife
I once had the chance to take down the dictator of Chile with my Swiss Army knife. In the heat of the moment, the idea was indeed tantalizing; I had visions of statues erected and plazas named in ...
DebtorsPrison 12/11/2006 46 28 2 13
A YearlyKos Memory to inspire GOTV
DebtorsPrison 10/31/2006 6 10 - -
Phila. Inquirer endorses mostly Dems even with new Repub publishers
DebtorsPrison 10/25/2006 14 6 - 15
More Fun in Philly With "English-Only" Geno's Cheesesteaks!
DebtorsPrison 10/24/2006 34 9 - 49
We're Winning the War on Tourism!
DebtorsPrison 10/05/2006 7 8 1 2
Beware Diary Hypnosis, or GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING!!
DebtorsPrison 10/04/2006 8 9 - 6
Rumsfeld Floats Venezuela as New Target for Our 'War on Terror'
DebtorsPrison 10/02/2006 78 32 - 8
PA-07: Phila. Inquirer analysis of Sestak-Weldon dead heat
DebtorsPrison 09/30/2006 10 11 - 9
Justice After 30 Years..A Friend Emails From Argentina
DebtorsPrison 07/08/2006 12 14 - 16
May now has third-highest US casualties in Iraq
DebtorsPrison 05/29/2004 8 - - -
Chalabi: Romance Novel Version
DebtorsPrison 05/23/2004 3 - - -
On the Question of Enough Troop Strength
DebtorsPrison 05/06/2004 - - - -
Secret Service Investigates High School Art Project
DebtorsPrison 04/29/2004 5 - - -
"Perhaps You'd like me to Hold Your D*ck for You, Too?"
DebtorsPrison 04/29/2004 2 - - -
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