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Racist Rhetoric from Renegade Rancher causes (some) Republicans to Recoil (WITH VIDEO!)
Not content to simply disregard the existence of the Federal Government, Nevada Rancher and Fox News current "Joe the Plumber" Cliven Bundy also believes that black people might be “better off as ...
DeclanRowan 04/24/2014 6 4 - -
Teen suffering from Affluenza not even paying full price for rehab, because WTF?
So most people probably remember the story of the teen in Texas who killed numerous people while driving while drunk. But because he suffers from Affluenza, he didn't realize that actions have ...
DeclanRowan 04/12/2014 8 10 - -
Trying to make lemons out of lemonaide, Fox scrambles to find new ACA problems
So after crowing for months that ACA sign-ups would not reach the levels needed, and then having to eat said crow after sign-ups surged, Fox could have done the right thing and said "Congrats, you ...
DeclanRowan 04/04/2014 17 13 - -
Sh#t just got real - Chrome Incognito Description Trades Quirky for Informative
I'll be the first to admit it - I like the quirky ways programs sometimes will use to make otherwise mundane processes done by my computer more amusing. When I used Eudora as my mail client, it ...
DeclanRowan 03/04/2014 58 43 1 -
Tale of Two Headlines - High School vs USA Flag Shirts
In 2010, administrators at Live Oaks High School in California told four students who came to school wearing American Flag Shirts on Cinco De Mayo to turn their shirts inside out or go home. The ...
DeclanRowan 02/28/2014 9 1 - -
British "Nanny Cam" State Gets an Eyeful
It's well established that the UK loves its surveillance.^ Between their partnership in Echelon and Tempora (which helpfully feeds information back to the NSA in the US), the British Government ...
DeclanRowan 02/27/2014 22 12 - -
Republican Tax Math Doesn't Add Up
There's an old joke about three finalists for a a highly coveted accounting job, and they are all brought in to meet the head of the company. He tells them that the person who answers the final ...
DeclanRowan 02/26/2014 30 37 - -
The Real Reason Republicans Fear Obamacare
We've heard many reasons why Republicans hate Obamacare. It's the Gateway to European Socialism, or it will force people to violate their religious beliefs. It will cost too much money or it will ...
DeclanRowan 02/20/2014 10 22 - -
Apparently there is an animated film about the NSA scandal already
Didn't even know they made direct-to-VHS anymore. Found in a Nashville Goodwill. Just enjoy.
DeclanRowan 01/21/2014 3 3 - -
Poison and Dash - Freedom Industries Files for Bankruptcy
It's always great to see the invisible hand of the market at work. Just a little over a week after residents detected a strange odor and the water started making people sick, the company behind the ...
DeclanRowan 01/19/2014 7 4 - -
NFIB called my wife yesterday...
NFIB called my wife today, with a dire message that all members past and present needed to join together and fight this new tax that Obamacare will bring. They even offered us a discount on the ...
DeclanRowan 01/17/2014 7 25 1 -
Roy Blunt wants my ObamaCare Story. Lets send him some.
So, like many of you I sign numerous petitions and send messages to my Senators all the time. These activities lead to me being on their mailing and emailing list. Which leads to me receiving ...
DeclanRowan 01/15/2014 9 19 1 -
Update: Open Letter from Former NKorea Prisoner to Dennis Rodman About How He Can Really Help.
Update to my previous diary located here Just going to quote the letter in its entirety rather than comment on it. As seen on the Washington Post. Shin Dong-hyuk is a ...
DeclanRowan 12/20/2013 2 13 1 -
Marco Rubio: Obamacare is bad, but I'll take my $10K
The Republican Senator from Florida doesn't like Obamacare. He's made that clear. But that doesn't mean he'll leave money on the table. Especially when it's a cool 10 grand. “It’s an [employer] ...
DeclanRowan 12/19/2013 7 11 - -
Dennis Rodman Visits N. Korea Again. People Under the Age of 25 ask "Dennis Who?"
According to a Time Magazine Article Dennis Rodman is heading back to North Korea. This trip will be the former Chicago Bulls Forward third to North Korea. North Korea, you may recall, made ...
DeclanRowan 12/19/2013 15 4 - -
Irony Alert: Walmart, Other Companies Making Money Off of Occupy Wall Street Posters
While they are sold out now, apparently Wal-mart was selling panoramic posters of the Occupy Wall Street protests through their Walmart Marketplace. Yes, one of the biggest offenders of low wages ...
DeclanRowan 12/18/2013 9 5 - -
It’s Time to End the War on Christmas
If you have walked past a television tuned to Fox News in the last month or three, or perhaps watched the Daily Show or Colbert Report play clips from Fox News, chances are you have heard about the ...
DeclanRowan 12/16/2013 11 8 - -
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