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Gov. Jack Markell (D) Punches the Hippies
Delaware Governor Jack Markell (D) has written a rather lengthy piece last week in "The Atlantic" entitled " Americans Need Jobs, Not Populism. " The title alone enrages me because, since when ...
Delaware Dem 05/11/2015 56 61 1 -
No Biden. No Deal.
Cross Posted at Delaware Liberal. Something I had not noticed until now... ... but, where is Vice President Biden? He had been central to prior negotiations in 2011 with the ...
Delaware Dem 10/03/2013 107 247 3 -
For America to Survive, the Republican Party must Die.
Cross-posted at Delaware Liberal. Andrew Sullivan's column titled " The Nullification Party " is an absolute must read. How does one party that has lost two presidential elections and a ...
Delaware Dem 10/01/2013 258 468 18 -
Delaware's Republican Party Chief illegally hunting in PA?
What if we told you that one of Delaware's (and the nation's) most prominent advocates for 'law abiding citizens' and '2nd Amendment Rights' may well be both a lawbreaker and an inhumane killer? And ...
Delaware Dem 04/10/2013 9 14 1 -
Outrage in Delaware (FINAL UPDATE: A HAPPY ENDING)
Go the final update below for an important update to this story. Click through for a larger version This picture is from a Milford, Delaware playground. Milford is in Southern Delaware in the ...
Delaware Dem 01/05/2013 390 591 7 -
An Emerging Working Congressional Coalition?
The following is a post from my colleague, El Somnambulo , which is cross posted at Delaware Liberal . ------- I think it's possible, perhaps probable. I also think it's the most overlooked ...
Delaware Dem 01/02/2013 10 9 - -
Laws Affect People, Not Abstract Concepts
Hello my fellow Kossacks. It's me, Delaware Dem, instigator of flame wars past, originator of Roll Call diaries, and a long lost Kossack who told Ohio to go do something to itself after the 2004 ...
Delaware Dem 04/04/2012 27 90 3 420
DE: AG Biden Suing Keepers of Mortgage Data Base
Cross posted on Delaware Liberal. Good for him.
Delaware Dem 10/27/2011 11 38 1 166
Oh Christine! Pay your bills for once, will you?
Cross Posted on Delaware Liberal . ...
Delaware Dem 10/26/2011 7 7 - 138
We all have our role to play
Posted originally at Delaware Liberal Recently, I have heard progressive criticism of President Obama ...
Delaware Dem 08/18/2011 9 9 - 73
Delaware. The Anti-Wisconsin.
Compromises, capitulation and Republican outrageousness got you down. How about a feel good story? Flashback to November 2, 2010. Democrats are decimated across the country. We lose 63 seats in ...
Delaware Dem 04/05/2011 15 27 1 154
DE-Sen: PPP: O'Donnell Leads.
Cross posted at [Delaware Liberal]. God is a Democrat after all.
Delaware Dem 09/12/2010 282 157 1 83
Constitutional Conservatives
Cross Posted at [Delaware Liberal] The Republican Party now wants to officially investigate repealing the 14th Amendment through Congressional Hearing. ...
Delaware Dem 08/03/2010 34 21 - 191
Daily Kos Roll 2010: Anti-Cat Edition
I post this Roll Call diary not only because we are long overdue for one (the last official one I did was back in September ...
Delaware Dem 04/01/2010 159 91 1 57
Letters from Haiti
Cross posted at Delaware Liberal . We all have a desire to help the people of Haiti in any way that we can. ...
Delaware Dem 01/18/2010 41 143 2 185
More Mike Castle Hypocrisy
BarbinMD has brought to the front page the hypocrisy of my Congressman Michael N. Castle. As she notes, it is nothing new among our current crop of Republicans, but it is also nothing new for Mike ...
Delaware Dem 01/09/2010 3 19 - 102
DE-Sen: The Castle Conundrum
Delaware Dem 11/17/2009 32 24 - 58
Cross posted at [Delaware Liberal]. Have you ever had a fight or argument with a friend or loved one where that friend or loved one's view of the circumstances ...
Delaware Dem 09/10/2009 53 43 - 19
Daily Kos Roll Call 2009
Yes, I have returned. Well, no, I never left really. I decided to become a lurker here while I focused ...
Delaware Dem 09/09/2009 1618 674 13 96
Governor Markell (D-DE) Meets the Bloggers.
Tomorrow, Governor ...
Delaware Dem 03/30/2009 4 14 - 21
A Great Day for Equality in Delaware
Delaware Dem 03/26/2009 17 31 - 23
Debunking Glenn Beck. It's Fun.
Delaware Dem 02/16/2009 72 39 1 36
Daily Kos Roll Call
The Daily Kos Roll Call. A tradition since well, the beginning of time, which of course occurred on May 26, 2002. ...
Delaware Dem 11/14/2008 4622 1707 62 406
With apologies to our leader, Markos, who I am sure is still suffering from the Cubs' horrible loss in the Division Series two weeks ago, it is time to celebrate the two remaining teams, the amazing ...
Delaware Dem 10/22/2008 47 13 - 8
Act Like You Have Been There Before
On a quiet night when my beloved Phillies are currently losing to the Hollywood Dodgers (it's ok, I want to bring this series back to Philly anyway), I have decided to tackle a meta issue. Yes, ...
Delaware Dem 10/12/2008 57 28 - 17
Where's Your Cubbies Now, Kos!
It is Friday night, and I am still high after the Brett Myers Epic Walk and the Shane Victorino Hawaiian Slam at the Phillies game last night. What is the Epic Walk, you ask? Let me paint a ...
Delaware Dem 10/03/2008 95 9 - 9
7 Years Later
Crossposted at [Delaware Liberal] In a few minutes 7 years ago, the attacks began. I would like all of us to remember the sheer horror that day brought us.
Delaware Dem 09/11/2008 3 7 - 23
Delaware Dem is Your New Overlord. (UPDATED)
Delaware Dem 08/22/2008 566 424 4 77
Biden VP Announcement Party
Well, I spent the morning stalking Joe Biden outside his house. That got boring, and if you ever wanted to get a real picture of American media, spend a few hours with them. It is frightening. ...
Delaware Dem 08/22/2008 162 29 - 35
Breaking: It's HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ZOM​GLOL
Just got the text!
Delaware Dem 08/21/2008 123 5 - 25
It is time to prepare ourselves....
Most of us hated Bayh. Some of us hated Kaine. Still others disliked Biden as the choice for Vice President. All three were the subject of significant trial balloons over the last three weeks, ...
Delaware Dem 08/19/2008 245 12 - 16
He is W.
John McCain claims he is an honorable man. And now he has [directly impugned the patriotism of Barack Obama].
Delaware Dem 07/23/2008 55 40 3 35
Words have meaning. And when we use them in a sentence, we intend to convey a meaning. Otherwise, all we do when we speak is just make a loud, annoying noise. In order for one person to speak,
Delaware Dem 07/22/2008 45 31 - 32
Netroots Nation Roll Call
Delaware Dem 07/14/2008 156 36 1 31
Holy General Election, Batman!
So I was purusing the comments this morning, when I stumbled upon this comment by a fellow Kossack: In honor of the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight, I hereby am sending out the bat ...
Delaware Dem 07/03/2008 76 27 - 30
Delaware Chooses Offshore Wind Instead of Offshore Oil.
Delaware is known as the First State mostly because it was the first state to ratify the United States Constitution. But soon it will be known as the First State for another reason: it will be the ...
Delaware Dem 06/23/2008 58 47 3 29
Another day like this and I'm staying.
If there is one thing I know about myself, it is that I do not have the mind of a passionate single issue activist, to whom the accomplishment of one goal is the end all be all of political ...
Delaware Dem 06/21/2008 635 641 18 46
Is it too much to ask...
...that human beings act like human beings? All of us here are human beings. All of us here have mothers and fathers. Some of us have brothers or sisters. Or both. All of us have or had ...
Delaware Dem 06/13/2008 66 56 - 27
Daily Kos Roll Call
Delaware Dem 06/12/2008 1876 416 25 41
Netroots Nation: Opportunity for Community
We sit here behind our pseudonyms and computer screens, and yet we have managed to become a community. And that is hard to do in this day and age of the Internets. We have all seen various ...
Delaware Dem 06/11/2008 221 187 2 19
Why Delaware Dem Went Insane.
Diaries about Hillary. Front Page stories about Hillary. They don't stop. They keep coming. Detailing why she lost. How she lost. How she could have won. Why she should be Vice President. ...
Delaware Dem 06/08/2008 318 254 1 35
Brush my f-in teeth, Kos!!!
Are you all kidding? I mean, really, is this what Daily Kos flame wars have come to? John McCain's tan teeth? His apparent lack of dental hygiene? I offer no opinion on the merit of Kos' ...
Delaware Dem 06/05/2008 117 18 - 36
Hillary: There is Always a Future.
I wrote before that you cannot ransom the Vice Presidency. You cannot disrespect our Nominee and expect to be his closest adviser. You cannot hold him figuratively hostage at gunpoint and expect ...
Delaware Dem 06/04/2008 36 14 - -
The Primary Wars Are Over.
Our long primary war is over. The longest and most closely, fiercely and passionately contested primary campaign in all history. It is now being reported that Hillary Clinton will announce ...
Delaware Dem 06/03/2008 48 18 2 -
Alea Iacta Est.
That is latin for "the Die is Cast." And it is. At some point this week, after Senator Obama wins both South Dakota and Montana, and after enough super delegates endorse him, he will pass the 2,
Delaware Dem 06/02/2008 58 24 - 15
Hillary's Supporters at the Meeting are a Disgrace (Updated)
The Clinton campaign and all of her supporters everywhere must be embarrassed and humiliated by the rudeness of her supporters present in the meeting room. These rude and disgraceful supporters do ...
Delaware Dem 05/31/2008 907 497 18 114
Clinton Concedes FL/MI Sanctions (UPDATED)
This is via Big Tent Democrat over at [Talk Left]: In today's conference call, the Clinton campaign conceded any rules-based or ...
Delaware Dem 05/30/2008 446 392 10 119
Our Six Years Fighting for a New Party.
Markos has just informed us that today is Daily Kos' six birthday. Markos began this blog so that he and other like minded Democrats can lament freely at the direction of our country under ...
Delaware Dem 05/26/2008 69 38 - 70
Get Out.
Senator Clinton, I cannot give you the benefit of the doubt. You are too smart. You are too intelligent. You are too politically astute. Your statement was not mistaken. It was intentional.
Delaware Dem 05/23/2008 660 825 20 286
You Can't Ransom the Vice Presidency.
The Internets are abuzz with rumors and counter rumors that Hillary wants the Vice Presidency, that Bill wants Hillary to be offered the Vice Presidency, that Hillary actually asked Obama to be Vice ...
Delaware Dem 05/22/2008 92 40 - 13
"A Man Took It Away From a Woman." (Updatedx2)
This quote is found as the very last sentence of Alessandra Stanley's latest "TV Watch" column in the [New York Times
Delaware Dem 05/21/2008 768 487 22 79
Clinton's Final Argument
She's lost the most states. She's lost the popular vote. Yes she did. You can only say she won it if you are a liar. She's lost the pledged delegate race. She is trailing in the Superdelegate ...
Delaware Dem 05/20/2008 62 31 1 19
Spiteful Ferraro May Not Vote for Obama.
Geraldine Ferraro, our former Vice Presidential candidate, is considering following the path of Joe Lieberman. [From the New York Times
Delaware Dem 05/19/2008 955 346 8 64
Are we Equal, or not?
Men and Women. Blacks, Whites, Brown, Yellow, and what have you. Gay and Straight. They are all human beings, and are therefore equal. It is the guiding principle of my life. For I ...
Delaware Dem 05/14/2008 27 28 1 21
KLEEB WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is my honor to inform you that Candidate ah.. Scott Kleeb has won his primary race in Nebraska against Tony RamaDINO. [With 44%, Kleeb has maintained a stunning 43 point lead ...
Delaware Dem 05/13/2008 26 40 - 22
Hillary Supporters Must Disavow Threats on SDs.
Some angry Hillary supporters are now making threats to some superdelegates that they will vote Republican if the Superdelegates do not give the second place loser the nomination. While I ...
Delaware Dem 05/09/2008 18 26 1 17
To My Fellow Hillary Supporters
Yes, I said "fellow." No, I am not supporting Hillary Clinton. But you are my fellows. You are my friends. You are my fellow Democrats. You and I share many policy goals and ...
Delaware Dem 05/06/2008 566 682 10 42
OMGOMGOMG Afternoon Election Open Thread
Are you freaking out? Are you nervous about the impending Clinton sweep tonight? Do you just want the primary to be over with? Are you desparately searching the Internets for updates and finding ...
Delaware Dem 05/06/2008 136 36 - 20
Hillary Clinton is Insane.
I updated the following due to objections of my ascribing a genocidal desire to Hillary Clinton. But she does intend to obliterate the population of Iran if Israel or any nation in the Middle ...
Delaware Dem 05/05/2008 174 71 - 17
Rebuilding the Gate.
Markos Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong wrote a good book in 2006. In my view, and many others, they correctly diagnosed the disease of what ailed the Democratic Party. It was a Party governed by ...
Delaware Dem 04/24/2008 13 25 - 24
It's Time for Clinton's Supporters to Explain a Few Things
Barack Obama will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. He has an insurmountable pledged delegate lead, he has won and will win the most states, and he has won and will win the popular vote. ...
Delaware Dem 04/23/2008 56 20 2 20
Media Blackout on Philadelphia Obama Rally
When between 40,000 and 60,000 average, hard working Pennsylvanians gather to hear a presidential candidate, one would think this would be national news. And who, or what, is elitist again?
Delaware Dem 04/19/2008 387 365 6 49
I will not be begging.
Once we officially have a nominee, and that nominee will be Senator Barack Obama (only the delusional at this point can dispute that), most of us will unify around our nominee. But I will tell you ...
Delaware Dem 04/18/2008 173 31 1 18
Howie for Congress. Change You Can Meow to.
Delaware Dem 04/14/2008 29 6 - -
Your First Diary.
Some weeks ago, I marked four years here as Delaware Dem. Except I didn't even notice, since I completely forgot about the impeding anniversary amid the tense and action packed primary season.
Delaware Dem 04/04/2008 96 22 2 9
"He can't win, Bill. He can't win." According to ABC, Hillary Clinton uttered these words in desperation during the "heated" and "difficult" phone conversation she had with Bill Richardson after ...
Delaware Dem 04/03/2008 89 50 - 10
Delaware Defeats New Jersey. Again.
Once more Delaware has been ruled victorious in its ongoing battle with its uglier neighbor to the Northeast: New Jersey. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court, exercising its rarely used jurisdiction to ...
Delaware Dem 03/31/2008 39 19 - 5
The charge of cultism has been leveled at the supporters of Barack Obama for months now. It was as if being inspired by a truly remarkable leader was now somehow a crime, or at the very least ...
Delaware Dem 03/26/2008 608 555 13 246
A Line Crossed: Revelations of Hillary's Character
I have condemned her campaign tactics. I have condemned her resort to racial and Rovian politics. But I really have never extended my dislike of her campaign and of her past votes on the Iraq ...
Delaware Dem 03/25/2008 66 40 1 4
A Sense of Entitlement Unchecked.
Earlier today [DHinMI] wrote this: Now the question is, if Hillary and Bill Clinton didn't have anyone around would ...
Delaware Dem 03/21/2008 92 28 - -
We are the healing we are looking for.
Miss Blue has a [diary] on the recommended list that makes a point in an update to that diary that I feel deserves its own diary.
Delaware Dem 03/18/2008 27 33 1 8
A Comment
Someone wrote a couple of weeks ago wrote: Before this campaign, Hillary Clinton was at best disliked and distrusted, and at worst hated and despised, by half the country. By the end of ...
Delaware Dem 03/12/2008 92 58 - 16
Fire Geraldine or be labeled a Racist.
My parents, who are baby boomers in their fifties, raised me to be color blind. They truly raised me to view all equally. I even have a vague memory in Montessori School (pre nursery) of being ...
Delaware Dem 03/11/2008 95 50 - 7
Things I would like to see less of.....
Complaints about how there are too many candidate diaries on Daily Kos. Ladies and gentlemen, in case you have not noticed, the biggest story in politics is the Clinton v. Obama nomination contest.
Delaware Dem 03/06/2008 55 29 - 6
The Fight.
So I was sitting today in a room full of trial lawyers somewhere in northeastern Pennsylvania, all of us waiting for a deposition to start. ....(I promise this is not a start of a joke).... And we ...
Delaware Dem 03/05/2008 21 41 - 9
What Goes Around Comes Around....
"SYFPH!" "You're nothing but a purity troll." "If don't vote for Kerry, it is a vote for Bush." "If you don't vote for Kerry, then you are not a true Democrat." Those are the words of ...
Delaware Dem 03/04/2008 148 20 - 10
Daily Kos Roll Call
Alright, the greatest primary contest in all history is nearly over (in my opinion), and I notice that we are well past due for our official roll call diary. Usually I do these diaries every three ...
Delaware Dem 02/29/2008 1426 292 7 38
The worst narcissists our country has ever seen.
It was once a source of pride to me as a Democrat that I had within my party a former President, who I admired like my father admired John F. Kennedy, whose campaign was the first I ever worked on, ...
Delaware Dem 02/27/2008 914 511 14 126
Clinton-Obama dispute leads to violence near Philly.
From [KYW]: Prosecutors say that two brothers-in-law tried to settle the presidential race on the ...
Delaware Dem 02/25/2008 70 15 - 5
It's Too Late
Cross Posted at [Daily Delaware] "We didn’t put any resources in small states." -- Clinton Finance Chair Hassan Nemazee, quoted by the New ...
Delaware Dem 02/13/2008 720 847 34 109
The Dead support Obama.
I joke in my title, but read this [Obituary]:
Delaware Dem 02/11/2008 41 21 1 -
Our Next President.
Delaware Dem 02/06/2008 58 36 1 -
Obama Rally is Largest in Delaware History (Updated w/ video)
Check out this other first hand report from the Delaware rally: ...and we are the oldest (and first) state in the Union. Today ...
Delaware Dem 02/03/2008 120 295 4 58
I Get Mail.
I am going to vote for Obama on Tuesday in the great First State. Indeed, I, along with the entire population of the state, will attend to the Obama rally tomorrow afternoon to listen to the next ...
Delaware Dem 02/02/2008 43 22 - 14
Obama and Clinton MadTV Video (Rated R)
Alright, I post this knowing full well that it could be the video that destroys Daily Kos, what with its history of pie fights over possibly sexist TV show ads and the general lack of humor that ...
Delaware Dem 01/27/2008 21 8 1 1
We are not divided.
Most of us here are Democrats. And even if some here are not registered Democrats, most assuredly they are independent liberals and/or progressives who share the common policies priorities, ...
Delaware Dem 01/26/2008 235 153 3 27
MetaSatan approves of the Primary Wars.
Just now, MetaSatan has made an appearance in yet another diary decrying the tone and incivility around this parts. And let there be no doubt....he is having a good time. Here is his [quote http:/
Delaware Dem 01/23/2008 92 45 - 27
Stupid is as Stupid does.
Stupid is demonizing a candidate so thoroughly and so falsely that you will look like a hypocrite if said candidate were to win the nomination and carry our standard into the general. Stupid is not ...
Delaware Dem 01/22/2008 66 43 - 18
Daily Republican.
Since it seems that many here are petulant enough to support Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and/or John McCain in the general election if their preferred Democratic primary candidate does ...
Delaware Dem 01/19/2008 50 19 - 12
The Primary Wars Go Nuclear (Updated with Second Strike)
Well, they are about to, since Markos has just called John Edwards [an ass on the front page]. Not that I don't agree. But for Kos to ...
Delaware Dem 01/18/2008 176 19 1 3
Will you be here when the primary wars are over?
Daily Kos is a community. We get to know each other. We get angry together at the latest injustice spewing forth from the Bush Administration. We share our disappointment with one another when ...
Delaware Dem 01/11/2008 603 106 2 1
I could never vote for....
I could never vote for a man who dedicated his life to representing families and children victimized by uncaring corporations and insurance companies. I could never vote for a man who seeks to be a ...
Delaware Dem 01/09/2008 122 70 - 26
Live from Philadelphia: The Obama Party
I am sitting here with Philadelphia's premier blogging community at Drinker's Tavern at 124 Market in Old City Philadelphia for the Obama Primary Results Party. Booman is here. Atrios may stop by.
Delaware Dem 01/08/2008 36 12 - -
Blowout Rule.
In little league sports, there is a merciful rule that states if one team is blowing out their opponents, like 20 to 0 in the sixth inning, then the game is called. That is the situation we ...
Delaware Dem 01/07/2008 49 31 - 19
May the Best Candidate Win.
So, this is it. The day we longed for since November 4, 2004 is here. The voting is begins on who will be our next Democratic nominee and President. We are all political junkies. We are ...
Delaware Dem 01/03/2008 52 25 - 3
The Undecided and Everyone Else Roll Call (w/ poll)
Edwards supporters find comfort in their massive numbers here at Daily Kos. Obama supporters find comfort in the not as massive but still large numbers here, and also in the fact that their ...
Delaware Dem 12/31/2007 83 28 1 10
The Hillary Roll Call (Updated).
Remember that scene in Gone with the Wind after a Civil War battle in which the camera pans over the landscape showing all the dead and wounded, all the while some very sad music plays. ...
Delaware Dem 12/28/2007 206 57 1 3
The Obama Roll Call (Updated).
The orange glow emanating from the fires of the Primary Wars can be seen all over this country. With seven days to go until the Iowa Caucus, I am looking to gauge each candidate's support here at ...
Delaware Dem 12/27/2007 339 138 4 4
The Edwards Roll Call (Updated).
The Primary Wars are at their zenith. With eight days to go until the Iowa Caucus, it is time to declare your allegiance or support to a particular candidate. In other words, it is time to make up ...
Delaware Dem 12/26/2007 523 121 3 13
Catch-22: My Endorsement for President.
Websters defines "politics" as follows: pol�i�tics (n) the art or science of government; the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental ...
Delaware Dem 12/21/2007 179 46 1 27
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