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Dammit, Obama, you're doing nothing to bring about the Rapture
On behalf of the right-wing Christian population of the US of A, I would like to express the collective Christian outrage at Obama's failure to take any number of opportunities to bring about a ...
Dem Bones 03/20/2014 17 19 - -
Dekamillionaire - a vocabulary word-of-the-day
Here's a word we should get our heads around: dekamillionaire . It's a great word, meaning one who has wealth measured in the tens of millions of dollars. The word just sounds like it is referring ...
Dem Bones 03/11/2014 4 6 - -
Yes, Obama can win a third term
There is a scenario -- a nightmare scenario for RWNJs -- under which President Obama can legally and constitutionally win a third term as President of the United States. Of course, we should know ...
Dem Bones 05/21/2013 40 3 - -
Fox News lining up a steal?
Fox News has recently reported supposed incidents of voting machine errors where an intended vote for Romney turns out as a vote for Obama. Is this intended as an excuse for why the election was lost?
Dem Bones 11/03/2012 103 14 - -
I am grateful for President Obama in this crisis
I am grateful for the steady leadership of President Obama as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast with historic ferocity. While Mitt Romney has turned tail and run in fear, without leaving ...
Dem Bones 10/28/2012 8 8 - -
Why is Romney unable to adjust to changing economic circumstances?
Today I saw a slew of Mitt Romney adds lamenting the state of the economy, and specifically contending that the unemployment rate is over 8%. Except, that's false. Anybody who has remotely been ...
Dem Bones 10/10/2012 7 2 - 21
Romney's outsourcing deductions
In the first debate, Mitt Romney pleaded ignorance about the tax credit for companies which move US jobs overseas, joking that maybe he needed a new accountant. But, wait, isn't this the same Mitt ...
Dem Bones 10/09/2012 6 2 - 50
Are Republicans actively trying to bring about a new recession to obtain a political advantage? Well, of course.
Dem Bones 09/27/2012 7 10 1 128
Todd Akin - a leadership test Romney is failing
Mitt Romney has called for "legitimate rape" proponent Todd Akin to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race. Romney has thereby embarked on a vital test of his leadership skills - after all, if ...
Dem Bones 08/24/2012 4 1 - 55
New Hampshire - write in Obama
A strange quirk of the New Hampshire primary - this year a wholly Republican affair - is that it is a semi-open primary, and one in which write-in candidates are permitted, and in which delegates ...
Dem Bones 12/14/2011 5 3 - 63
Who voted for the tax increase of 2011?
The Republican middle-class hostage crises, wherein the Republican party is holding a proverbial knife to the throat of the middle-class taxpayer in order to extract tax cuts for the rich, may be ...
Dem Bones 09/22/2010 9 7 1 60
Judges, jobs, and justice denied
Astoundingly, the Republicans have made it a point of pride that they are suppressing job growth in one important sector -- that of federal judges. Through procedural roadblocking, the Senate ...
Dem Bones 09/15/2010 13 4 - 33
"Democratic Party News"?!? Nope. Wingnut deception.
A couple of slick new websites have popped up pretending to be Democratic Party member sites, put together by supposed "Democrats of the Democratic Party" claiming to seek "reform within the ...
Dem Bones 03/02/2010 32 6 2 47
Embracing War Bonds, and the (war-time) Death Tax
The American war debt will soon exceed a trillion dollars, and a strong case can be made that our national security requires that this debt must be paid as soon as possible. This goal can ...
Dem Bones 02/28/2010 12 7 - 302
Moving gay marriage forward by protecting... the church?
Foes of gay marriage are primarily motivated to block laws permitting the activity because they interpret their religious texts as prohibiting the practice, and they wish to impose their religious ...
Dem Bones 12/27/2009 31 10 - 28
Bring Medicare down to 64
Here is why we should bring the entry age for Medicare from 65 to 64, allowing a buy-in at that slightly lower age: because small steps matter; they demonstrate what is possible, and create evidence ...
Dem Bones 12/16/2009 9 4 - 92
Toxic abortion
" Toxic abortion " is a phrase that should be on the lips of every environmentally conscious legislator. And what is " toxic abortion "? Pretty much what it sounds like:
Dem Bones 12/12/2009 57 20 - 131
Obama should make a bigger day of his Supreme Court announcement.
Normally, when the President announces his pick for a Supreme Court vacancy, it is the nominee's day. No other nominations are put forward at the same time except in the rare case of a double ...
Dem Bones 05/12/2009 5 3 - 15
Time to fit McCain/Palin for tinfoil hats
McCain and Palin insist that there is some as-yet uncovered top-secret relationship between Obama and Bill Ayers, despite the fact that Obama fully explained the non-relationship between the two in ...
Dem Bones 10/09/2008 7 - - -
Bill O'Reilly: Hot for Phone Sex?
As the famous "loofah tape" shows, Bill O'Reilly clearly has a penchant for the ladies - he's entertained multiple guest appearances from YouTube sort-of-...
Dem Bones 08/31/2008 6 5 - 1
McCain loses Texas -- to Bob Barr (addended)
In fact, as Barr's website reports , both McCain and ...
Dem Bones 08/28/2008 23 6 - 9
McCain flip flops, sues to kick Barr off PA ballot
You may - or may not - have heard that McCain's people have filed a lawsuit to kick Libertarian candidate Bob Barr off the Pennsylvania ballot. This is not only antidemocratic and cowardly on McCain'...
Dem Bones 08/21/2008 30 25 1 25
Ditch Lieberman now!
With all the love Lieberman is showing to the McCainiac these days, I say it's time to kick Lieberman out of the Democratic caucus.
Dem Bones 08/15/2008 21 7 - 1
McCheney - older, creepier, more confused
Lots of people out there are referring to McCain as "McBush" to draw the obvious comparisons between McCain and Bush, but there's an even clearer set of comparisons to be drawn between McCain and ...
Dem Bones 08/04/2008 9 6 - 7
Help Barr help Obama help you!!
There is action you can take right now, today, that will help cement an Obama victory. Help Bob Barr get on the ballot in West Virginia (and everywhere else).
Dem Bones 07/24/2008 29 8 1 2
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