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It's Tax Day, and Rand Paul has a new tax plan
Rand Paul has proposed a 17% flat tax .I propose we cut taxes for everyone—rich and poor. I want to shrink the Federal government and expand the private sector. Our Founder’s never intended for ...
DemSign 04/14/2015 44 12 - -
WashPo: "War with Iran is probably our best option"
Wow, did I ever feel sick to my stomach when I saw this headline when perusing The Washington Post this morning: "War with Iran is probably our best option" What? Did the Post go off its meds? Oh ...
DemSign 03/16/2015 42 11 - -
My final 2014 election predictions
This is purely for fun and in no way represents any psychic ability on my part. My Senate predictions… Dems Retain: VA, RI, OR, NJ, NM, NH, NC, MN, MI, MA, IL, IA, HI, DE, CO, AK Dems Flip: KS* , ...
DemSign 11/03/2014 13 5 - -
TX-27: Blake Farenthold Declares War on Mexico
On October 22, at a luncheon in Corpus Christi for the Associated Builders and Contractors Rep. Blake Farenthold (TX-27) when asked a question about USMC Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is in jail in ...
DemSign 10/23/2014 9 2 - -
TX-27: Texas' 27th Congressional District Debate
Texas' 27th Congressional District Debate between Democrat Wesley Reed, Libertarian Roxanne Simonson, and Republican Blake Farenthold.
DemSign 10/22/2014 1 4 - -
How Democrats Ratf***ed Eric Cantor
From today's Washington Post : In 2010, I managed the general election campaign of Cantor’s Democratic opponent. I never expected us to win, but I was a 27-year-old looking to get involved, and I ...
DemSign 06/13/2014 15 6 - -
Fmr. Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) mulls POTUS run…
In an interview on Monday's Diane Rehm Show to promote his new book I Heard My Country Calling , former Senator Jim Webb , after prodding by a couple callers, said that he was mulling a run for ...
DemSign 05/23/2014 25 5 - -
BREAKING: VA-AG Mark Obenshain Defeats Mark Herring
The last precinct was just counted and we still have stray mail-in ballots to count but the AP is now reporting (after precinct 2537 gave Herring a brief 616 vote lead) that with all 2,541 precincts ...
DemSign 11/06/2013 34 7 - -
TX-27: Blake Farenthold Telephone Town Hall Tonight
Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Corpus Christi) is having a telephone town hall tonight (Sep. 30) at 8pm CST to discuss the shutdown. Dial-in 877-229-8493, conference number 111392. Democrats are welcome ...
DemSign 09/30/2013 6 1 - -
Follow the Money Rick Perry & Abortion Edition
While it is truly hard to keep up with the sheer amount of graft , giveaways , turning of blind eyes , and special favors ...
DemSign 07/06/2013 54 202 5 -
SF, Yosemite, then Netroots Nation
So in a couple hours I will board a plane from Texas to San Francisco to head to Netroots Nation. I will hang with some friends in San Francisco this weekend, then I'm renting a motorcycle to ride ...
DemSign 06/14/2013 15 5 - -
BREAKING: Postal Service to end Saturday mail delivery
From CNN :The U.S. Postal Service plans to stop delivering letters and other first-class mail on Saturdays beginning Aug. 1, although packages will continue to be delivered. It will mark the an end ...
DemSign 02/06/2013 226 92 - -
POLL: Will Boehner remain speaker?
With just minutes to go until the 113th Congress convenes , the first order of business will be to choose a new Speaker of House? Will the new boss be the same as the old boss? Can Boehner survive a ...
DemSign 01/03/2013 58 2 - -
BREAKING: Poltico founder Joe Allbritton dead
According to (ABC7 in Washington): Joseph L. Allbritton, founder of Allbritton Communications, parent company of ABC7, NewsChannel 8, POLITICO, died today at 87 of heart ailments.
DemSign 12/12/2012 3 8 - -
BREAKING: Supreme Court Releases 4 Decisions
None of them were about the Patient Protection & Affordable Health Care Act. Today's opinion dump: Southern Union Co. v. United States Knox v. Service Employees Dorsey v. United ...
DemSign 06/21/2012 93 135 1 1864
Stand Your Ground: Just not if you're black or female
Early this morning George Zimmerman was released from jail in Seminole County, Florida on a $150,000 bond by Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester. Yet 2 hours north in Duvall County (Jacksonville), today ...
DemSign 04/23/2012 21 22 - 189
Taxmageddon: A meme we need to fight
I'm on everyone's mailing lists, left and right, so I get to see the crap pedaled by our opponents. Most of it is highly ignorable, but this phrase stuck out at me: ...
DemSign 04/05/2012 3 - - 38
Delegate Math: Is Romney Inevitable? Can Santorum Win?
Is Mitt Romney inevitable? Can Rick Santorum win the GOP nomination? Well, let's take a look at the calendar and find out. 2,288 delegates will attend the Republican National Convention. Meaning ...
DemSign 03/07/2012 15 7 1 126
BREAKING: New Maps in Texas
Do we have a deal in Texas? Apparently we do and this will be the Congressional map. Feel free to draw ...
DemSign 02/06/2012 13 13 - 270
BREAKING: SCOTUS sends TX Maps back to San Antonio Court
Bottom line: "Dear San Antonio court, we realize that the legislature maps were problematic, but they still should have been your starting point." I'm not sure what this really means, my guess is ...
DemSign 01/20/2012 11 11 1 158
Predicting the 2012 Electoral College
What does the November election have in store for us? Well, given the fact that Obama has yet to show a clear lead in the polls, 10 months out this race is too close for my comfort. I'm going to ...
DemSign 01/19/2012 15 1 - 102
The Dumbest Idea In The World: Maximizing Shareholder Value
In 1976 Michael Jensen and Dean William Meckling of the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester discovered a cure in need of a disease, ...
DemSign 12/29/2011 24 16 3 141
BREAKING: Texas Redistricting, More Purgatory
The 3-judge panel in San Antonio Federal Court hearing the Texas Redistricting case today decided to put everyone back into purgatory. Essentially, pending a written order confirming verbal ...
DemSign 12/13/2011 7 13 - 120
BREAKING: NBA & Players Agree to End Lockout
Sadly :On nearly every count, the deal favors the owners,
DemSign 11/26/2011 22 1 - 127
BREAKING: Court Releases TX Redistricting Maps
The 3-judge panel in San Antonio has finally released the new maps for the Texas Congressional delegation. You can see the detailed map on ...
DemSign 11/23/2011 58 14 - 387
Did you think Rick Perry would actually win the GOP nomination?
Did you think Rick Perry would actually win the GOP nomination? Yes, I know thousands of you have written blogs about how Rick Perry ...
DemSign 09/23/2011 56 6 - 215
BREAKING: DOJ rejects Texas House Redistricting Maps
In their 10 page written response to the State ...
DemSign 09/19/2011 23 36 1 292
TX-Con: Rundown of Texas Constitutional Election
Hey Texas, did you know that there is an election November 2011? Not just in College Station to fill the open seat in HD-14 ...
DemSign 08/17/2011 1 2 - 54
Newt Hides Kickback As Web Expense
Yesterday Jed posted a diary about Newt Gingrich's million dollar website and ...
DemSign 07/19/2011 9 14 - 120
Starve the beast!
After reading about Kelly Ayotte's apostasy today I feel that I must call her out. Really, we don't need to pay any ...
DemSign 06/30/2011 1 - - 68
Can Anyone Explain Particulate Matter & EPA Regs?
Our local tea party Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX27) has been blustering on at recent town halls about new EPA regulations that would "how much dust a rancher could stir up driving down a dirt ...
DemSign 05/15/2011 11 1 - 41
The Constitution 101: What it actually says
Since our Constitutional conservative friends seem to lack a basic under standing of what's in the United States Constitution I decided to simplify ...
DemSign 11/09/2010 72 24 6 65
NetRoots Nation Taxi and Ride Sharing
Are you flying in to NetRoots nation? Do you want to reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burned to get to the Rio? Well, post your flight schedule here and make a friend on the way to the show. ...
DemSign 07/19/2010 36 8 - 29
Can you name a good TV series finale? LOST wasn't it.
Did the LOST finale leave a good taste in anyone's mouth? All I could was "2� hours of friggin' clip show"? My all-time favorite series finale was the last episode Star Trek: ...
DemSign 05/23/2010 148 10 - 64
State of the Union Word Distribution
So what themes did President Obama feature in tonight's State of the Union? Let's see... American Year ...
DemSign 01/27/2010 19 5 1 11
Bill Maher you wingnut f**k
Obviously Bill Maher did not heed Jed Lewison's advice as he continued to spout his utter paranoid ignorance about vaccinations ...
DemSign 10/17/2009 132 51 - 250
The moral dilemma of joblessness
Just over a year ago, my wife, a freshly minted MBA got a job offer from a Fortune 5 company to help start a new division that moved us from the suburbs of Washington, D.C. to Phoenix. At the time ...
DemSign 08/30/2009 21 2 - 10
How much does your company pay for health insurance?
One of my friends who runs a doctor's office posted this: FYI, what does a "good" health plan cost a small business these days? For us it's $654/month/employee this year, going up to $879/
DemSign 08/12/2009 23 7 - 27
New Rule: Speaking Truth to Stoopid™
I admit it, I love the birthers, purely for the comedy value of watching a bunch of rabid right-wingers led around by the nose of commie foreign ...
DemSign 07/31/2009 25 16 1 28
The Terrorists Will Radicalize Our Criminals
In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee FBI director Robert S. Mueller III testified that we should not move the prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to American jails because the could support ...
DemSign 05/20/2009 14 2 - 19
MN-06: Michele Bachman is a flipping idiot
And I'm not even talking about the whole armed insurrection thing that BarbinMD ...
DemSign 03/24/2009 28 5 - 2
What is your home currently worth?
In his book Irrational Exuberance Prof. Robert J. Shiller (Yale-...
DemSign 03/12/2009 41 7 3 23
Microsoft lets 25 employees keep stolen money
Yes, this diary goes out to the people who thought that the former employees Microsoft claimed were overpaid in their severance were "stealing" if they didn't return the money. Judging from my poll ...
DemSign 02/23/2009 44 5 - 1
Laid off and Jobless? Tough, Microsoft wants your money back
So you're already on edge because it a tough economic climate and you and 1,400 of your co-workers in ...
DemSign 02/22/2009 59 18 - 24
Blagojevich OUT!
So says the Illinois Senate. Unanimous 59-0-0-0 vote by the Illinois Senate. Don't know who was missing. As Wolf Blitzer on CNN reports, just the eight governor in U.S. history to be impeached, ...
DemSign 01/29/2009 71 24 1 27
George W. & Laura Bush to Divorce
Well, I saw the news on the shelves of my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart, courtesy of the Globe . You know if you see it in a supermarket tabloid ...
DemSign 12/24/2008 46 10 1 36
McCain Campaign Sells Info-Loaded Blackberry to Reporter
Getcher red hot McCain campaign items. Get 'em while they're hot! File cabinets, white boards, sofas, laptops, Blackberries.
DemSign 12/12/2008 57 43 - 56
Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare…Is Finally Over'
What's really scary about that headline is that it is from a satirical piece that appeared in The Onion three days before George W. Bush was ...
DemSign 11/04/2008 5 5 1 3
Uncle Tom Sowell: Obama = Hitler, Mao
Yes, folks if you cast your ballot for Barack Obama you are going to lead the United States into a bloody revolution that will leave millions dead and no one free. I know it's true ...
DemSign 10/21/2008 33 4 - 20
I Love Maverick
The sequel, not so much: In their hands, the economy is the only thing more dangerous than the military.
DemSign 10/06/2008 17 10 2 7
Sarah Palin hates the American People
Okay, so do other GOoPers, especially the ones who trained Palin with all the anti-government rhetoric. That notion that ...
DemSign 10/02/2008 7 - 1 1
Poll Numbers: Mississippi
Reading George Curry's column on the racial progress in Mississippi. I started ...
DemSign 10/02/2008 46 4 1 4
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