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Anne Meara has died
I'm waiting to board a flight back to Chicago from Paris and I just noticed that Anne Meara has died . These days she is perhaps best known as the mother of Ben Stiller and the wife of Jerry ...
Demi Moaned 05/25/2015 15 51 - -
Can't login to DailyKos using Firefox
Sorry to take up diary space on something that should be background, but this is vexing. For years I've been using Firefox as my browser for political websites. And the left two tabs are for ...
Demi Moaned 05/10/2015 36 23 - -
Have the Oscar winners been leaked to Bing? (Answer: No)
This will be short. I haven't been watching the Oscars, but I went to the internet to see the winners so far.
Demi Moaned 02/22/2015 6 1 - -
Will Sarah Palin primary John McCain?
Yesterday Charles Pierce alerted us to a bit of interesting news: It's not an easy job being John McCain these days. After all, the country did not give him the presidency he deserved back in 2008 ...
Demi Moaned 11/27/2014 27 16 - -
Dialing for voters– my first shift
Since I've been hanging around these parts, I've come to the opinion that those most worthy of praise are those who get out and take an active part in the political process, whether it's involvement ...
Demi Moaned 11/01/2014 30 53 3 -
The Gullibility of LinkedIn Members
I can't find an exact date, but I've been a member of LinkedIn for ten years or so, which, I think, makes me a reasonably early adopter. It's the only social networking site I belong to and I find ...
Demi Moaned 10/27/2014 56 51 1 -
Which David? [CA Assembly- 17]
I live in San Francisco, just a few blocks from Castro and Market, and have been registered to vote by mail for several years now. There's not a lot of excitement at the Federal of statewide level. ...
Demi Moaned 10/26/2014 4 2 - -
310,000 at the Climate March
Just got back from the Climate March. I was at the Climate March in NYC today. My group was staged on 58th St. between 8th and 9th avenues, just adjacent to the Time Warner Building.
Demi Moaned 09/21/2014 71 121 2 -
If Ferguson happened in another country
I just wanted to call your attention to this very funny satire by Max Fisher over at Vox entitled 'How we'd cover Ferguson if it happened in another country' . The premise is pretty simple: How ...
Demi Moaned 08/15/2014 5 7 1 -
Even George Will knows it
We could find homes for 50,000 refugee children on our borders— good homes, all over the country, in red states and blue states alike. It was digby who alerted me to this item about George Will's ...
Demi Moaned 07/29/2014 7 8 - -
Elizabeth Warren and the next Presidential election
I'm not at Netroots Nation, but it sounds exciting. Most interesting to me was the discovery that the inimitable Charles Pierce is there. He had a great piece on Joe Biden's speech yesterday. And ...
Demi Moaned 07/18/2014 68 20 - -
538: Republicans Have the Foreign Policy Edge
Just finished reading an item by Harry Enten over at FiveThirtyEight headlined: Republicans Have Regained the Foreign Policy Edge . The main content of the article is that currently 46% of Americans ...
Demi Moaned 06/19/2014 24 9 - -
Hillary Clinton, same-sex marriage and Terry Gross
Well, Hillary Clinton seems to be one of the topics of the day. She's out promoting her new book, Hard Choices . And then she was the guest on Thursday's installment of Fresh Air , the Peabody Award-...
Demi Moaned 06/13/2014 51 15 - -
Lt. Col. Robert Bateman challenges the NRA
It's been some time now since I added Charles Pierce's 'The Politics Blog' over at Esquire to my daily blogroll. His righteous indignation coupled with his madcap prose stylings are sui generis and ...
Demi Moaned 06/09/2014 164 409 5 -
Do you remember where you were ...
the first time someone asked you if you remembered where you were when you heard that President Kennedy had been shot?
Demi Moaned 11/21/2013 17 4 - -
Covered CA— How do you apply online?
This will be short. I'm a 59-year-old male living in San Francisco and I've been on the individual insurance market for several years now, so you can imagine how eager I've been for the Obamacare ...
Demi Moaned 11/09/2013 5 6 - -
Elizabeth Drew's tribute to the President
Many of you no doubt remember Elizabeth Drew's tenure as the chief political correspondent ('Letter from Washington') at The New Yorker . It was a long time ago now. I remember her coverage of the ...
Demi Moaned 11/07/2013 9 16 - -
VA AG race- all precincts reporting
This will be quick. I've been monitoring the VA election results website . As of this morning all but two precincts were reporting and the AG race had Herring (D) ahead of Obenshain (R) by several ...
Demi Moaned 11/06/2013 23 2 - -
Are you feeling the pain of iTunes 11.1?
Even though I work as an Information Systems professional, I have never been an early adopter of new technology as a consumer. I'm happy to let the geekier people work their way through the high ...
Demi Moaned 09/26/2013 60 7 1 -
"How to Rig an Election"
I admit I've been following the polls as obsessively as most people around here. But I just don't think they matter any more. We keep reminding ourselves how strong the President's position is in ...
Demi Moaned 10/30/2012 13 11 1 -
Nate: Dems 70% faves to hold Senate
The latest item on Nate Silver's blog is headlined FiveThirtyEight Forecast: G.O.P. Senate Hopes Slipping and begins: Democrats are now favored to retain control of the Senate when the new Congress ...
Demi Moaned 09/18/2012 16 11 - 226
Paul Krugman weighs in on Romney's latest
Paul Krugman's blog is one of a handful that I follow closely. So when all the furor erupted yesterday over Mitt Romney's latest foreign policy initiative, I wondered what he would have to say. As ...
Demi Moaned 09/13/2012 14 39 - 470
Ann Romney with the Sound off
Just came across this great item by Michael Shaw over at Bag News Notes . At the top of the feature is a slide show of 16 stills from the second half of Ann Romney's speech last night. Their ...
Demi Moaned 08/29/2012 21 14 - 319
The Obama campaign's intrusive text messaging
I keep getting these text messages from number 62262 that seem to be coming from the Obama campaign. The latest one came about ten minutes ago and read: Big new: President Obama is holding the first ...
Demi Moaned 04/25/2012 7 4 - 174
"Don't get me started": Debbie Wasserman Schultz
I just got an email from Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It was a standard fund-raising pitch from the DCCC. The subject line of the email read: Don't get me started. The irony is that Rep. Schultz is a ...
Demi Moaned 03/29/2012 22 10 1 224
Get rid of the 'title' of First Lady
In response to a diary on Mitt Romney's wife campaigning , I made a comment that I hoped would generate some discussion. So far no takers, so I'm opening it to a broader audience. I a nutshell my ...
Demi Moaned 03/22/2012 72 5 - 311
Is it your birthday today?
If so, say hello. I'm turning 57 today. That makes me one year to the day younger than Thomas L. Friedman , with whom I also share a first name and last two initials (but mine are F. ...
Demi Moaned 07/20/2011 28 6 - 94
My mother broke her hip yesterday
She's been living at my sister's house for the last 18 months or so, ever since she had a crisis with her aneurysms. Mom was reasonably able-bodied, but the house was very big with three levels and ...
Demi Moaned 01/09/2011 57 14 1 79
SN@TO: Anyone see the Met Don Carlo today?
(Note: I've coined SN@TO as shorthand for Saturday night at the Opera. It's produced as circumstances suggest topics. ) Giuseppe Verdi's Don Carlo was the latest ...
Demi Moaned 12/11/2010 36 9 - 66
SN@TO: Anyone going to Don Carlo next week?
(Note: I've coined SN@TO as shorthand for Saturday night at the Opera. Although I briefly entertained an ambition to post weekly, it proved to be a commitment I wasn't ready for. Previous entries:
Demi Moaned 12/04/2010 39 4 - 61
Why Democrats might hold the House
I just ran into this over at Salon . The article is ...
Demi Moaned 11/02/2010 237 299 4 367
SN@TO: Anyone see the Met Boris Godunov today?
(Note: I recently coined SN@TO as a tag for Saturday night at the Opera. Previous entries ...
Demi Moaned 10/23/2010 38 9 - 109
SN@TO: Anyone going to Boris Godunov next week?
(Note: I've coined SN@TO as shorthand for Saturday night at the Opera. ) Last Saturday I ...
Demi Moaned 10/16/2010 51 5 - 78
BREAKING: Dame Joan Sutherland has died [UPDATED]
Just found out on an SMS from a friend of mine. Anthony Tommasini has the news in his New ...
Demi Moaned 10/11/2010 66 30 - 213
Anyone see the Met Rheingold today? [Updated]
(Note: I started writing this as a diary, then published some of it as a comment ...
Demi Moaned 10/09/2010 221 18 1 146
Thank goodness for Alan Simpson!
There's been a lot of shock and outrage over Alan Simpson's crude remarks on Social Security, with many on the blogs calling for his dismissal from the deficit commission. Not I. My feeling is we ...
Demi Moaned 08/26/2010 12 13 - 22
J. K. Galbraith: "The government needs to run a deficit"
Thanks to Emcee Joan for ...
Demi Moaned 05/14/2010 87 12 1 25
Breaking: Philip Langridge has died– "... the infinite sea"
It's been more than 2� years since I've written a diary. But I was moved by this news and haven't seen anything else on it. I'm heading it Breaking because I can't even find any news posts on ...
Demi Moaned 03/06/2010 45 31 1 210
Jon Carroll meets Nancy Pelosi
For those who don't know, Jon Carroll is a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle . I can hardly properly characterize his work here except to say that overall he's one of the good guys. ...
Demi Moaned 08/15/2007 21 3 - 4
Eating Crow: the Epilogue of My YearlyKos Frustraions
Thanks to everyone who responded to my diary yesterday bitching about the lack of a time schedule for YearlyKos. At that time I said:
Demi Moaned 08/02/2007 13 3 - 2
YearlyKos Frustrations: Where's the Schedule? [UPDATED]
OK. I'm here at my Mom's on the South Side, trying to plan out my next few days at YearlyKos. I'm frustrated at the dearth of basic information. For one, I'm frustrated that I have to resort to ...
Demi Moaned 08/01/2007 28 10 1 8
Obama on Libby
You know, I've been skeptical of Obama's candidacy for the Presidency all along. I just don't buy that if we talk nicer to Republicans all our problems will become manageable. But I had seen ...
Demi Moaned 07/02/2007 51 7 - 2
Why can't our candidates say it?
Digby said it: You will not find anyone amongst us who believes that the Bush administration's ...
Demi Moaned 06/21/2007 26 11 - 10
Democratic Congressman attempts to undercut state emissions laws
I just stumbled across this article in the San Francisco Chronicle about draft legislation that would:
Demi Moaned 06/05/2007 15 16 - 16
Can we get Out of Iraq before 2013?
I was just browsing over at Slate and came across an article whose first paragraph confirmed my worst fears about the recent ...
Demi Moaned 05/25/2007 17 4 - 10
Who's ready to say, "Never again?"
In a recent front page story mcjoan regales us with the following stirring rhetoric: Never again can a ...
Demi Moaned 05/10/2007 44 10 - -
Gonzales Ain't Goin' Nowhere-- the CW is a trap
People have been predicting the imminent resignation of Alberto Gonzales for a month or more. I'm sure someone had some kind of Front-Page posting offering a prize for guessing when Gonzales would ...
Demi Moaned 04/20/2007 70 43 2 24
Larry Kramer and David Sedaris: my two (gay) bugbears
Larry Kramer and David Sedaris are two of the most prominent gay voices in American culture today. And I'm tired of both of them.
Demi Moaned 04/13/2007 36 2 1 1
When Republican Women Shop
I was perusing the March 19the issue of The New Yorker , 'The Style Issue'. And I almost skipped, but ended up reading, ...
Demi Moaned 04/05/2007 28 8 2 6
U. S. Attorney Scandal: Why is Specter getting a pass?
This whole business of U.S. Attorneys being fired and replaced with partisan hacks because they're prosecuting too many Republicans and not enough Democrats is one of the most shameful things to ...
Demi Moaned 03/07/2007 27 14 1 20
Jon Carroll's latest on the War- (Republican Talking Points?)
As someone who lived in San Francisco for most of the last 25 years, I've been a longtime fan of Jon Carroll, a daily columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle . But it wasn't until this ...
Demi Moaned 03/02/2007 15 5 - -
Hillary, Barack and John: Back in '02
This diary is based on material from Jeffrey Goldberg's "Letter from Washington", subtitled "The Starting Gate" from the January 15th issue of the New Yorker. He discusses the overall position of ...
Demi Moaned 02/18/2007 21 3 - 30
Hillary's Obstacles to the Presidency w/ Poll-- (Notes on the Atlantic Profile)
In its November issue (i.e., before the midterms) The Atlantic published a profile of Hillary Clinton . Last Saturday Josh ...
Demi Moaned 01/25/2007 25 8 - 7
Was Victory in Iraq Ever Possible?- Jacob Weisberg's answer
I know that Slate is considered a bit of an indelicate subject around here. But I have to confess that I was an avid reader of Slate for years. I found it a ...
Demi Moaned 01/04/2007 34 3 - 5
De Facto Draft Resistance (w/ Poll)
Today's (Dec. 28) Chicago Sun-Times featured a front-page story under the heading Hell no, he won't go. It recounts ...
Demi Moaned 12/28/2006 16 10 - 25
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