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Are Businesses Stalling a Jobs Recovery?
Civilian employment data has long been recognized as the lagging indicator of economic recovery from a recession - and for good reason. Businesses operating without the means to maintain or augment ...
Democratic Tribune 11/17/2009 29 8 - 52
Christian In Name Only (CINO)
Much has been written about the Republican Party and its pandering to insurance company profits rather than the well-being of the American people via its inequitable opposition to comprehensible ...
Democratic Tribune 09/25/2009 57 33 - 106
Unprincipled Dissent
Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. This one was captured during the course of the GOP protest today:
Democratic Tribune 09/12/2009 2 10 - 22
President Obama Hits a Homerun While Even RedState Calls GOP Response a "Fail"
Yet more evidence that this speech and the pitiful GOP response are game-changers emerged from the unlikeliest of sources: Reactionary website: RedState....
Democratic Tribune 09/09/2009 69 44 1 16
Existing Home Sales Jump 7.2% in July (Updated)
In yet another sign that the U.S economy is ready to rebound, existing home sales jumped 7.2% is July - the largest monthly increase in the last 10 years. The chart below details ...
Democratic Tribune 08/21/2009 118 7 - 31
"To make one rich, many must be made poor"
That quote, courtesy of Thomas Paine in Rights of Man , quite accurately describes the manner by which the Bush tax cuts and accompanying economy rewarded labor by the respective income ...
Democratic Tribune 08/14/2009 19 17 - 36
(Updated) MSNBC: Obama Administration Not Ruling Out Middle-Class Tax Hikes
I couldn't help but notice this little blurb, courtesy of President Barack Obama's treasury secretary on Sunday said he cannot rule out higher taxes to help tame an ...
Democratic Tribune 08/02/2009 93 9 - 21
A Ham Sandwich Tax To Fatten The Wealthy
I just paid a 7% tax on a non-fast food ham sandwich. My wife didn't believe me until I showed her the receipt. As of April 1, 2008 the Indiana sales tax increased from 6% to 7% - while homeowner ...
Democratic Tribune 04/23/2009 16 9 1 20
Teabaggers, Welcome To The REAL Reaganomics
My brother is The Christian conservative Right in the flesh. He is a graduate of a private, Christian university in the Midwest and a youth pastor. He is a supply-side, capitalist supporter who has ...
Democratic Tribune 04/13/2009 35 25 - 26
Liberals Are Weak
Just when I thought that my reputation as an egghead was secure, someone has to spot me at the gym... I pride myself on being an intellectual man of education and reason. Contrary to what most ...
Democratic Tribune 04/03/2009 37 16 - 34
Fox News contributor calls our First Lady "trash" UPDATED
Normally, it is out of patriotic duty to the working class that I expose the Right-wing stooges of Fox News and talk radio for the ignorant slobs they are. Today, however, it will be a true pleasure ...
Democratic Tribune 03/25/2009 79 59 1 28
Obama "Ambition" Justifiably Refuting Incrementalism
It is no wonder the old U.S Republican guard is screaming at the top of their lungs.
Democratic Tribune 03/05/2009 4 5 - -
Jesus Wept
This brief column will deliver a much-needed reality check to those who consider themselves "Christian Conservatives", courtesy of the Good ...
Democratic Tribune 02/20/2009 138 51 6 23
A Huge THANK YOU To The Indianapolis Star
This will be a short diary, but one that highlights an article of great joy regarding our desire to turn the Hoosier State Blue for the first time since 1964. The following article excerpts come ...
Democratic Tribune 11/02/2008 8 23 3 2
About That Zogby Single-Day Leak To Drudge? Yeah, Still Obama +5
This will be a short diary, but I thought it necessary given the panic some have expressed over that single-day polling leak on the part of media/attention whore John Zogby and his Right-wing stooge ...
Democratic Tribune 10/31/2008 47 13 1 34
Did McCain Lose This Race In March?
Throughout the general election season, I have been witness to just about every Republican excuse for failure and crackpot reason for hating Obama that can possibly be made: 1. Obama reversed ...
Democratic Tribune 10/31/2008 54 18 1 1
How Barack Obama Can Overwhelmingly Win The Tax Argument
There has been much said and written about both Republican John McCain's economic plan and Democratic nominee Barack Obama's vision for the American economy. Having listened to the ignorant pleas of ...
Democratic Tribune 10/28/2008 15 10 2 -
The Democratic Tribune Endorses Barack Obama (D-IL) To Be The Next President Of The United States
Publisher's Note: The Democratic Tribune is not a grand publication (yet). We do not publish this diary as some sort of pat on the back to our website or anything that resembles ...
Democratic Tribune 10/26/2008 15 5 - -
Record Early Turnout In Indiana: UPDATED CALL FOR ACTION
Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) has opened up a significant lead in the battleground state of Indiana at a time congruent with historic voter excitement in the Hoosier ...
Democratic Tribune 10/25/2008 37 21 - 12
Right-Wing Smear Machine IBD/TIPP Releases Fraudulent Poll
The amount of Right-wing propaganda published this election season has been off the charts. Now, their media stooges are joining in on the fun during John McCain's most desperate hour.
Democratic Tribune 10/23/2008 14 2 - 10
Is Cherry-picking Polls and Samples That Favor McCain?
Presidential elections are decided by a candidate's ability to garner 270 electoral votes on Election Day. The popular vote total on November 4 is literally useless regarding America's selection of ...
Democratic Tribune 10/19/2008 32 10 - 10
A George S. Patton Strategy for The Obama Campaign: UPDATED
As the 2008 Presidential Election draws to a close, there has been much said and written about Republican Candidate for President John McCain's campaign strategy to climb back into the race. As of ...
Democratic Tribune 10/18/2008 30 4 2 6
The State of the 2008 Election: 18 Days Out
As the 2008 Presidential Election draws to a close, both candidates have distinctly different statuses as of today, October 17. This article will detail precisely where each candidate stands - both ...
Democratic Tribune 10/17/2008 8 5 - -
Obama's Game-Ender
Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain entered the final presidential debate in need of a game-changer. What he received instead was a game-ending performance from Democratic Party ...
Democratic Tribune 10/16/2008 2 5 - 8
How Barack Obama Made a Believer Out Of An Indiana Republican (UPDATED)
Barack Obama captured the support of a White, working-class Republican in the Indiana Heartland by reaching her where it matters most. Much has been written about Democratic Party Presidential ...
Democratic Tribune 10/14/2008 18 28 1 24
Obama's Ground Game Pummeling McCain - In Red Ohio
A few weeks back we updated you about the overwhelming advantage Barack Obama has over John McCain where their respective ground games are concerned. 24 days from the 2008 Presidential Election, it ...
Democratic Tribune 10/12/2008 47 32 1 24
The State of The 2008 Election: 24 Days to Election Day
With 24 days left before the 2008 Presidential Election, there are two distinctly different campaigns at work. This is the State of the 2008 Election as I see it.
Democratic Tribune 10/11/2008 10 4 - -
The Return of Joseph McCarthy
A polite phone call to the McCain National Campaign Headquarters spawns a shocking response from its staff: You must be a communist and want a communist in the White House.
Democratic Tribune 10/10/2008 48 31 1 24
Barack Obama Captures The Hearts Of Indiana Hoosiers
I have lived in Indiana my entire life. During my time here and across proximal state lines, I have been privy to many speeches delivered by many a beloved American president. I watched as ...
Democratic Tribune 10/09/2008 30 35 - 18
Obama Takes McCain To The Woodshed
So much for John McCain's "game-changer". According to, 54 percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey conducted after the debate ended said that Obama did the best ...
Democratic Tribune 10/08/2008 2 1 - -
John McCain Proposes $1.3 Trillion Cut To Medicare
George W. Bush won Florida and Nevada in the 2004 Presidential Election due in no small part to the Medicare reform legislation and its increased prescription drug benefits for senior citizens. John ...
Democratic Tribune 10/07/2008 13 21 1 11
John McCain Waves The White Flag
It appears as though John McCain has chosen to jettison his previous campaign slogan of "Country First" and adopt a new motto of "Campaign First". Or better yet, it may just be "Surrender First".
Democratic Tribune 10/06/2008 46 21 - 20
McCain's Gutter Politics
It was a step of desperation so obvious that even my seven year old daughter could see it coming a mile away. I had just turned on the news and watched McCain's Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah ...
Democratic Tribune 10/05/2008 15 4 - -
Barack Obama's Ground Game Suffocating McCain's Campaign
Barack Obama has sustained a historic election-year ground game that is threatening to turn the electoral map Blue in November In football, it is a concept that has been illustrated by virtue of ...
Democratic Tribune 10/04/2008 31 27 2 19
Democratic Tribune Vice Presidential Debate Analysis (With Poll)
It's Official: The American People say Joe Biden wiped the mat with Sarah Palin - and for good reason.
Democratic Tribune 10/03/2008 13 1 1 -
Sarah Palin's Lack of Knowledge Symptomatic of Conservative Ignorance
Republican candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin's history and public policy comprehension deficiency is yet another example of conservatives demonstrating their ignorance regarding the salient ...
Democratic Tribune 10/02/2008 23 5 - -
The 2008 Election and and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
The American voting public has shifted its support to the only candidate who seeks to fulfill Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for the working class via his public policy positions.
Democratic Tribune 09/30/2008 10 18 4 342
Kennedy v. Nixon 2008
This patently unconventional Presidential Race of 2008 is starting to invoke memories of a similar race of the past, but with a twist.
Democratic Tribune 09/29/2008 1 1 - -
Grading The First Presidential Debate: Obama A-, McCain C-
It was a performance so strong that even conservative Fox News contributors could recognize its significance. Barack Obama pummeled John McCain during the first nationally-televised Presidential ...
Democratic Tribune 09/26/2008 20 4 - -
My Shocking Focus Group Results - Out Of Indiana
The McCain campaign may have sabotoged its chances to overtake Democratic Party opponent Barack Obama in the weeks leading up to the 2008 Election. On the other hand, this latest move may just be ...
Democratic Tribune 09/25/2008 52 37 - 25
Time To Drop The Hammer: Five Areas Of Focus
The table is set for Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) to feast during the remaining weeks of the 2008 Election.
Democratic Tribune 09/24/2008 1 5 1 -
The 'Maverick' Canard
The Republican party has told its share of whoppers in its day. However, the award for all-time outright dishonesty regarding a campaign message has to be bestowed upon the McCain-Palin ticket based ...
Democratic Tribune 09/23/2008 5 3 - -
McCain Campaign Touts "Instincts" As Tool To Rescue U.S. Economy
One has to wonder if the McCain campaign really believes what it is saying. This morning on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe', McCain campaign advisor and spokeswoman Nicole Wallace was grilled by Joe ...
Democratic Tribune 09/22/2008 25 13 1 -
Two Candidates: One Politician, One President
If any undecided voters in the United States ever needed a moment to clarify their choices for President, that moment arrived last Friday.
Democratic Tribune 09/20/2008 2 3 - 2
The Flip-Flop Express
John McCain has been running as the candidate with experience superior to that of Barack Obama. Maybe he should have been seeking superior judgment instead. In a flip-flop that would make ...
Democratic Tribune 09/19/2008 2 3 1 -
The Issue-Driven Narrative By staying on message and eschewing personal attacks, the Democratic Party has reminded American voters why they prefer change come November.
Democratic Tribune 09/18/2008 3 1 - 2
The Worm Has Turned As the Federal Reserve Board assumes 80% ownership of AIG via an $85 billion loan and polls move sharply toward Barack Obama, the narrative of the 2008 Presidential ...
Democratic Tribune 09/17/2008 15 10 1 -
Iraq Invasion Proves Profitable For China Just when you think that the Bush Administration's public policies can't get any worse for the American people, the Iraqi Government further casts a ...
Democratic Tribune 09/16/2008 17 3 - -
McCain Campaign Admits 'Drill Here, Drill Now' Could Provide U.S Enemies With Our Oil John McCain and Sarah Palin have gone to great lengths to hide the true details of their economic and energy plans. Recently, however, their ...
Democratic Tribune 09/15/2008 7 6 - 9
The End of the Affair It appears as though the 'new kid in school' crush on Sarah Palin has worn off. Just a few short days after her disastrous and telling interview with ABC News' ...
Democratic Tribune 09/14/2008 55 30 - 32
Conservatives Use Fear-Mongering Over 9/11 To Scare Up Votes - Again
On a day when America should focus on remembering those who lost their lives due to the terrorist attacks on our soil, conservative opportunists are using this tragedy to once again try to scare up ...
Democratic Tribune 09/11/2008 5 - - -
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