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Trolls Strike Back on White House Petition Site
You've probably all heard about how a bunch of treasonous Confederate-wannabees are signing secession petitions on the White House "We the people" petition site. I'm pleased to report that trolls ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/13/2012 30 16 1 -
The Cory Booker Hot Pocket Saga
While we're all recovering from yesterday's exciting result, I wanted to share this amazing Cory Booker story with those who haven't seen it yet. So post-hurricane Sandy, as he as tended to do ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/07/2012 14 32 - -
Don't Falme Me Pleas: The Fun of VP Guessing Games
So apparently Matt Drudge has come out saying Condoleeza Rice is the front-runner to be Mitt's VP. Personally, I'd have gone with three other possibilities that would better balance the ticket ...
DemocraticLuntz 07/12/2012 34 10 - 147
Texas GOP Crazy You (Probably) Didn't Read About Yet
So there's obviously been a lot of talk about the Texas GOP's craziness in their 2012 platform on wanting to eliminate the Voting Rights Act, bring back the gold standard and stop teaching kids ...
DemocraticLuntz 06/27/2012 9 17 - 211
Republican Pervs Who've Said Vagina on House/Senate Floor
We've all heard about Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown's saying "vagina" on the House floor. I'm going to mostly ignore that and Jewish issue , although I do think the right-wing Christians ...
DemocraticLuntz 06/15/2012 26 23 - 219
I don't think I'm allowed to say the kinds of things I want to say about Georgia in the title, and technically I only promised I wouldn't post entirely blank diaries, so I'm going with blank title.
DemocraticLuntz 11/15/2011 19 19 - 295
Fun with Newt Gingrich and Google Archives
So I decided what with Newt rising in the polls and having a shot at becoming the new anti-Romney candidate, I'd see what I could find in Google Archives. Yeah, unlike Sarah Palin, he's been picked ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/13/2011 17 8 - 168
How Donald Trump's Hair Has Kept Me Busy
Yes, Trump's hair is what I've been up to. Okay, I'm not being entirely serious (but that's not ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/22/2011 24 19 - 188
What I've Been Up To-Legislative Redistricting Software
I've obviously not been around much lately. I could explain why in ...
DemocraticLuntz 04/24/2010 22 15 2 42
Like Congress Would Ever Go Along with a Spending Freeze
Okay, so we've now moved out of OMG Scott Brown/corporate campaign spending mode and ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/25/2010 29 11 - 11
Venezuela, Bolivia, France: End U.S. Occupation of Haiti!
I have to say, I am a little bit surprised that the "U.S. occupation of Haiti" meme does not seem to have been covered here yet. I'm also rather glad , since it means that it hasn't been endorsed yet.
DemocraticLuntz 01/20/2010 95 12 - 58
Gravel Hindering Alaskan Oil Spill Cleanup
Most people have heard of the famous Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound in 1989. The incident occurred because Captain Joseph Hazelwood was smashed when he got onto the ship to begin ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/17/2010 36 15 - 42
Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Torpedoes her Trial with Jew-Bashing
A few weeks ago Avila wrote an interesting diary on the Aafia Siddiqui case. ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/14/2010 89 11 - 91
Washington Times Lies about Census Citizenship Question
Cross-posted from Hat Thief In an article for the Washington Times, Kerry Picket writes that ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/12/2010 40 13 - 35
Most Important Election Today is in Takoma Park, MD
Okay, yes, civil rights are on the ballot in Maine, and it's utterly crucial that the civil rights of Mainers, whether they're our friends Bill and Common Sense Mainer or other people who we don't ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/03/2009 34 34 2 29
A Mysterious E-mail from edscan
Many Kossacks probably remember edscan. He was a man in his early 80's who wrote many diaries at the site and even made the Rec List regularly for a while. He was unique in several different ways 1)
DemocraticLuntz 09/24/2009 202 17 1 93
Why is Firedoglake Going After H.R. 676 Co-Sponsors?
The thing is, I actually really like the "Standing Up For the Public Option" campaign. It makes great sense to have the 65 ...
DemocraticLuntz 08/31/2009 881 288 4 334
Scary Facts the RNC Forgot to Tell You about Healthcare
Lately I've been writing a bunch of serious diaries on the inherently joke-inducing topics of pornography and circumcision (looking at the former as a free expression vs. censorship issue and ...
DemocraticLuntz 08/30/2009 36 17 - 68
CDC Considers Recommending Circumcision
The Center for Disease Control is currently weighing whether or not to recommend circumcision for all baby boys ...
DemocraticLuntz 08/24/2009 93 21 - 88
Top Netroots Nation Moments: Karaoke Edition
It's high time for the third edition of what I felt were the top moments at Netroots Nation. This is not a diary about the serious, activist things going on last weekend at the LEED-certified ...
DemocraticLuntz 08/18/2009 35 32 1 51
New Study: Circumcision is Sexist
Note: I was inspired/compelled to write this diary due to a Tweet by the esteemed associate editor of The American Prospect, Dana Goldstein. As such, please direct all complaints to her-...
DemocraticLuntz 07/20/2009 167 7 - 64
Hamas: Israel Distributing "Sex Gum" in Gaza
It's certainly not the first conspiracy theory naming Israel as a conspirator, but it may well be the most hilarious .
DemocraticLuntz 07/13/2009 463 22 1 172
Jews and Muslims Unite in Israel-Over Circumcisions
In a diary several months ago, I made a joking observation that the problem in the I/P conflict is that the only thing Jews and Muslims can agree on ...
DemocraticLuntz 07/08/2009 162 31 - 60
Lizard People et. al: A Retrospective on the MN-Sen Ballots
As you may have heard, Norm Coleman has, a mere eight months after election day, conceded the Senate race in Minnesota to notorious funnyman and radio host Al Franken. It will be remembered for ...
DemocraticLuntz 06/30/2009 39 28 - 82
President Obama Issues Signing Statement
One of the most hated actions taken by former (wow that feels good) president George W. Bush was the signing statement. For those who need some brushing up,
DemocraticLuntz 06/26/2009 28 18 - 42
The Federal Reserve Gets Served
Served with a subpoena to testify before the House, of course. I don't even want the mental image of Chairman Bernanke dancing (for those who do want the image, I've include a video clip of what I ...
DemocraticLuntz 06/09/2009 74 45 - 36
"Unhealthy Information"-blocking software on Chinese PCs
The "Great Firewall of China" is moving a lot closer to home. Literally. It may now have a ...
DemocraticLuntz 06/08/2009 74 14 - 44
On Soviet Twitter, North Korea Follow You!
No joke. I was reading some interesting articles today about China's preparations ...
DemocraticLuntz 06/02/2009 82 22 - 26
Microsoft Puts the "Bad-a-Bing" in Search Engines
As you may have heard, the big devil behemoth known as the Microsoft corporation has been planning a ...
DemocraticLuntz 06/01/2009 102 12 - 37
The TRUTH to Be Revealed: Obama Memorandum on Declassification
First, while we're on the subject of "the TRUTH," I have some good news for the edheads out there. Reports of edscan's demise have been greatly exaggerated. The man has NOT ...
DemocraticLuntz 05/27/2009 206 36 - 33
UPDATE: SOUTH KOREA 'Declares War' (per North Korea)!!!!! CFR pornlords make a funny
Or at least their president did, on a recent article on their website. As you all know, the Council on Foreign Relations is a mysterious entity best known for being the bane of the R0n P4v1 ...
DemocraticLuntz 05/26/2009 51 7 - 11
Prostitution on Craigslist in New Format Safe Again-For Now
I've written several diaries already about the saga of Craigslist-prostitution-porn vs. the Attorney General of South Carolina. You can read the last ...
DemocraticLuntz 05/23/2009 74 14 2 66
Mark Sanford Overriden by Legislature, Sues
This seems like somewhat of a bad joke, but it isn't. See, Governor Mark Sanford was just this side of Ron Paul in terms of teh crazy anti-tax/anti-spending when he was a member of the U.S. House ...
DemocraticLuntz 05/21/2009 51 30 - 25
Restore Their F***ing Accounts, Kos!!!!!
Not so much the recently banned users. Frankly (at the risk/in the hope of starting a flame war) I was pretty thrilled about it; I didn't really get along ...
DemocraticLuntz 05/19/2009 785 275 10 91
NJ Law Enforcement Uses Web 2.0; SC tries to kill it
It used to be that New Jersey's cops only made the news for such charming activities as letting a grinning Christie Whitman frisk ...
DemocraticLuntz 05/18/2009 32 21 - 57
The Real Culprits Behind 9/11
As my good friend diaried earlier today, the official story of 9/...
DemocraticLuntz 05/16/2009 158 32 - 51
Oklahoma Legislature Passes Ten Commandments Bill
It seems like the clocks in the state of Oklahoma are set back 5 years to when the country felt like it had time to fight the "culture wars" That's right! Time for some state capitol Ten ...
DemocraticLuntz 05/13/2009 187 38 - 40
DailyKos Supports Homophobia
You read the headline right. First, I object to hide rating all but the most toxic comments. Second, if one does hide rate, it should be consistent. Users here have proved their inconsistency.
DemocraticLuntz 05/08/2009 257 19 3 47
Labor Economist Confirmed as Asst. Treas. Sec for Economic Policy
The whole Tim Geithner/TARP/bailout/etc. thing is over my head, though I'd like you to assume, for the purposes of this diary, that I hold the exact same views as you on the subject. Now that we'...
DemocraticLuntz 05/07/2009 54 35 - 93
"European Welfare State:" Michael Steele's Hilarious E-mails
Back right before the Republican National Closet-In at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Convention, I made an account on the convention website. I believe it was because someone here had ...
DemocraticLuntz 04/28/2009 60 29 - 21
Jersey City Redefines "Dirty Politics"
Sure, Miami, Chicago, Gary, New Orleans and some other cities in the United States have a reputation for dirty politics, and I'm sure those cities deserve it. But Jersey City stands in a class by ...
DemocraticLuntz 04/27/2009 62 15 - 43
Ronald Reagan Heads to the Capitol
Yes, Ronald Reagan. The actor. In the midst of the inevitable deregulation-driven collapse he helped create.
DemocraticLuntz 04/15/2009 59 8 - 1
Hiscock asked to Restrict Content in Dubai
The authorities officially asked Hiscock to "restrict content that is pornographic, mocks religions, strengthens atheism, promotes new religions, fosters a feeling of insecurity or is ...
DemocraticLuntz 04/13/2009 60 9 - 31
UMD students to screen Hard-Core Porn Amid Funding Threats
As you may recall, last November we were able to pick up Maryland's 1st Congressional District (consisting of the conservative Eastern Shore and the even more conservative Baltimore exurbs), thanks ...
DemocraticLuntz 04/04/2009 219 17 - 38
Flammable Tap Water Or Estrogen Bottled Water?
Those of us who drink water should be VERY CONCERNED. In Weld County, Colorado, there's a whole new meaning to "fire ...
DemocraticLuntz 03/28/2009 73 12 1 87
New Study: Circumcision Greatly Reduces STD Risk
Generally, the most persistent controversial and heated issue at Daily Kos is the Israel/Palestine issue. One of the reasons this issue leads to such heated remarks and has had such a hard time ...
DemocraticLuntz 03/25/2009 303 24 2 123
In Soviet China, Government Censors YOU(Tube)!!
The biggest state threat to U.S. national security for so many reasons, China continues to censor content, having now blocked Youtube ...
DemocraticLuntz 03/24/2009 36 8 - 17
Bush Still Causing Controversy in New Jersey
No, I'm not talking about the guy from Texas who used to live at 1600 Penn. He's gone back to Texas and will hopefully stay away from the entire East Coast in the future. I'm talking ...
DemocraticLuntz 03/20/2009 62 12 1 15
Grover Norquist: It's F***ing, But They're Still Virgins
Poor, poor, poor Grover Norquist. Just a few years ago, he was at the top, writing the Bush tax cuts, making crooked deals with Jack Abramoff, and spending his leisure hours in the bathroom, ...
DemocraticLuntz 03/19/2009 82 49 - 52
10 Republicans vote against Pi
I wish I was making this up, but it's true. On Thursday, 10 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted against an official (but non-binding) resolution declaring today, March 14,
DemocraticLuntz 03/14/2009 636 314 6 288
Chas Freeman: Israel Should Expel Arabs from East Jerusalem
President Obama has selected Chas Freeman to be chairman of the National Intelligence Council. I know I'm generally pro-Israel, but I have problems with a speech he gave to ...
DemocraticLuntz 03/07/2009 279 9 - 30
Iran Has Gone Too Far this Time!
While it's not a particularly happy thing to think about, I'm not talking about their nuclear weapons program and ...
DemocraticLuntz 03/05/2009 256 17 - 18
From Covering Up Lady Liberty to a "Big Porno Deputy": Change at the Justice Department
This nation has had a nasty habit of support for the censorship of graphic material from the Department of Justice. From Edwin Meese' ...
DemocraticLuntz 02/09/2009 50 24 - 30
looks like kansas will have a moran as its next senator
As we all know, one of the many Republican Senators retiring at the end of this cycle is Sam Brownback. Senator Brownback briefly embarrassed himself with ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/29/2009 38 16 - 19
Lieberman's First Hearing: "Lessons from Mumbai Terrorist Attacks"
As you may recall, last fall the Senate Democratic caucus decided to reward Joe the Lieberman for supporting McCain by letting him remain Chairman ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/13/2009 44 18 - 24
What makes Collective Punishment Okay?
Since there's a diary recommending just that on the Recommended list. We've heard that collective punishment is not okay when one side's elected officials choose to attack civilians (Hamas). We've ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/11/2009 151 14 2 20
The Likud Party Platform
I certainly didn't want to post this again, given that I strongly dislike the Likud, but it has unfortunately become necessary given the negligence of the Israeli government to take down election ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/08/2009 242 15 1 19
Joe The Plumber Becomes Israel War Correspondent
You'd think this was straight out of the Onion, or perhaps that most accurate of supermarket newspapers, the Weekly World News Despite seeing it ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/07/2009 183 91 - 29
Bush to Give Medal of Freedom to Colombia's Murderous Uribe
We shouldn't be surprised by anything George Bush does in these final days, and it ranks fairly low in terms of the effect it will have on people's lives, ...
DemocraticLuntz 01/05/2009 33 30 - 23
The Hamas Charter & the Likud Constitution
Two despicable organizations. Yet the respective populations have voted for them in large numbers. But what exactly makes them despicable? Let's look at their central ideology-espousing documents,
DemocraticLuntz 01/03/2009 94 14 - 33
The Lizard People are the Solution to the Israel/Palestine Conflict
I figure it's high time to inject some truth and reality and sanity into the whole Israel/Palestine conflict, so here's my view. Hear me out. As Markos said 2 years ago, describing why he won't ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/27/2008 129 32 1 30
CIA Ditches Torture ... For Viagra!!!!
Several weeks ago, terrorist interrogator "Matthew Alexander" was on The Daily Show hawking his ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/25/2008 121 34 1 24
It's a Gravelanche! Mike Gets Written in in New York City
DemocraticLuntz 12/24/2008 30 10 - 14
New Obama Betrayal: George Bush to be Inaugural Co-Chair
First he betrayed progressives by supporting Joe the Lieberman keeping his Chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. Then he chose non-progressives for cabinet ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/22/2008 176 20 - 19
Video of the Lizard People Ballot Challenge Consideration
First, I'd like to note that, the "law" and the Canvassing Board "rules" aside, the rejection of the Lizard People was a crime against Reptilekind. I believe that Lucas Davenport (the man who ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/21/2008 72 19 - 19
Israel Supports United Nations Statement
That's right. Israel is supporting a statement made at the United Nations. I am not making this up. This is groundbreaking! From the good folks ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/19/2008 62 14 1 19
Final Certified Presidential Election Results and Anne Arundel Write-Ins
Note: I'm utterly furious at Lucas Davenport and the Minnesota canvassing board. The Lizard People ballot ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/18/2008 28 11 - 32
Minnesota Funny Ballots: Rick Warren is not Present
Something on this ballot describes the way I feel about all the Rick Warren and ZOMG "Obama is teh suck" diaries today. Moreover, it describes my feelings toward Rick Warren and ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/17/2008 52 14 - 18
BARACK OSAMA and other Minnesota Funny Ballots
I figure that oughta get your attention, huh? Anyway, I am far from done with this series. The ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/14/2008 69 20 - 18
MN Funny Ballots: Original Write-Ins + DC Meetup Tomorrow Night
DC Kossacks Meetup Tomorrow! Thursday, December 11th, 2008. 6:30 p.m. to however late we stay around. Timberlake's, 1726 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC Continuing my obsession ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/10/2008 35 23 1 22
MN Funny Ballots: Editorializing + DC Meetup Thursday Night
Note: All DC-area Kossacks are expected to A) Join the DC Kossacks Facebook group B) Show up at the meetup Thursday night ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/08/2008 31 14 - 44
Funny MN Challenged Ballots: Deities + DC MEETUP TIME
First, the DC meetup time. We/I have decided to have the meetup unofficially in conjunction with Drinking Liberally. Thursday, December 11th, 2008. 6:30 p.m. to however late we stay around. ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/05/2008 25 7 - 9
The Real Reason Saxby Chambliss Won
Sure, it's great to blame Barack Obama for Jim Martin's loss. After all, Barack Obama totally won the state of Georgia in the general election. And a mere word from the man who clearly, as a black ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/02/2008 51 13 - 48
DC Kossacks Meetup December 18 (Help Pick a Place!)
Fellow Inside-the-Beltway (or narrowly outside, it's all good) Kossacks! My last exam is over at 5:00 p.m. on December 18th (Thursday), so I figure that evening is probably a good time for us to ...
DemocraticLuntz 12/02/2008 35 8 - -
HuffPo Response: Jeff Gates Anti-Semitic Tripe Deleted
Okay, I'm not sure how many of you were up in the wee hours last night for Attorney At Arms diary describing a terribly anti-...
DemocraticLuntz 12/01/2008 175 44 - 36
No Bailout, Farrakhan, Mike Hunt, Hugh Jorgan: Alabama Write-In Ballots
In most states in this great country of ours, write-in ballots are only counted if no candidates filed as a write-in candidate. That's right (or write). Not only do you have to file a ton of ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/26/2008 25 6 - 5
MN-Sen: Missing Ballots (ONOZ!!!!)
From MSNBC : In a Franken camp teleconference call this afternoon, lead recount attorney Marc Elias ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/24/2008 119 28 - 44
Beyond "Lizard People": A Look at Hilarious Write-In Votes
Many of us (I know it's not just me) can't stop laughing at the misguided awesome voter who wrote in "Lizard People" for President (and possibly other offices) in what may prove a pivotal ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/20/2008 130 54 - 23
Murtha Vindicated? (PA-12 the Lone Kerry District For McCain)
In October, long-time Western Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha known for his long-term pork-barrel politics and his ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/19/2008 74 20 - 73
What Joe Lieberman Did as Homeland Security Chairman
At least, legislative-wise. I figure there's been a gazillion posts of the sort "WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED!" "NO MORE MONEY TO TRAITOR DEMS" and a significant number of the sort "It's okay" "Let's be ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/18/2008 43 23 - 18
You Call that Mocking Nader, Kos?
While I couldn't agree more with your sentiments , Ha ha, yeah, that won't happen. Anyone who sails with the ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/15/2008 111 57 1 111
"Like We Overthrew a Dictator": Pennsylvania Avenue Last Night
That's what fellow Kossack Pragmaticus said ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/05/2008 414 707 51 141
DemocraticLuntz 11/03/2008 230 40 21 23
Best Youtube Contributors of the 2008 Campaign
Eh, I want to write something up and it's midnight and oh my god it's only 42 hours until the polls close in most of Indiana. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't take any more of this!!!! Anyway, I ...
DemocraticLuntz 11/02/2008 25 11 5 12
No, this is not a scene from John Does Jan , the companion film to Who's Nailin Paylin' , where John McCain makes a visit to the office of AZ Sec State Jan Brewer to plead with her to ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/28/2008 134 36 - 31
McCain Taking Money From "Domestic Terrorists"
A month ago, Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists" Unfortunately, it seems McCain has his own domestic terrorist problem. A search through the McCain campaign'...
DemocraticLuntz 10/27/2008 24 17 - 4
McCain Urged Reagan Admin To Meet Terrorists Without Pre-Conditions
Cross-posted from Huffington Post's Off the Bus In 1987, John McCain cast several votes in ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/23/2008 59 50 1 18
BREAKING: Unbelievable North Carolina Early Voting Numbers!!
Note: This literally is breaking, as I'm breaking it; I haven't seen anything about turnout of newly registered voters in any articles. Of course, technically, there's no such thing as a 'must-win' ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/22/2008 97 71 2 10
McCain=Hoover: For Tax Increase During Tough Economic Times
Cross-Posted from Huffington Post's Off the Bus John McCain ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/17/2008 21 19 - 15
"Joe the Plumber" Connected to Keating Five????
Obviously, it's pretty clear that he's a conservative based on this interview . Republicans tend to bring in ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/15/2008 139 63 3 42
Where is the Whitey Tape, Larry Johnson?
On May 16th, CIA agent Larry C. Johnson came out with this bombshell that there was a damning tape of ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/11/2008 143 42 1 29
NEW Palin Lies: "Bridge to Nowhere"'s Demise Greatly Exaggerated!!
I wrote this for Off the Bus Despite Governor Sarah Palin's repeated insistence that she ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/08/2008 39 46 - 261
McCain's Past Support for Terrorists
In the 1980's, the United States supported some pretty nasty organizations in the name of beating COMMUNISM . One organization that the United States government did not ever support or give ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/06/2008 27 31 - 32
Sarah Palin's "Airport for Nobody"
I wrote this for Off the Bus The fact that Republican candidate for vice president Sarah ...
DemocraticLuntz 10/01/2008 25 39 - 26
Is the McCain Campaign Threatening Alaska State Employees?
An investigation I've been doing into the current status of the Gravina Access Project (the so-called "Bridge to Nowhere") has been stymied by the refusal of Palin administration officials to ...
DemocraticLuntz 09/30/2008 26 38 1 27
John McCain: Raising Your Taxes for 25 Years
As Republicans generally do when they get really desperate, the McCain campaign has gone into full swing on the "Obama will raise your taxes during an economic crisis! A disaster!" line of attack. ...
DemocraticLuntz 09/28/2008 14 16 - -
Sarah Palin Signed off On Rape Kit Billing Policy
Cross-posted from Off the Bus In her story on the controversy,
DemocraticLuntz 09/24/2008 193 636 23 61
If Jewish Democrats "Message-Tested" McCain/Palin
Note: I wrote this a while ago, but after listening to far-right MK (Member of Knesset) Aryeh Eldad speak at Hillel (most of what I'm pretty sure was an all-Jewish audience disagreed with him, at ...
DemocraticLuntz 09/23/2008 21 31 2 20
Who Are You, and What Have you Done with the AP?
The only possibility I can see is that someone using the moniker "Matt Volz" has hacked the Associated Press. How else to explain this ...
DemocraticLuntz 09/22/2008 21 20 - -
McCain Campaign: Monegan Fired for Being Pro-Victim of Sexual Assault
I had thought I'd hit a dead end in my investigations of the Wasilla rape kit billing ...
DemocraticLuntz 09/15/2008 535 841 20 163
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