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The wicked witch of the 6th will live. MN-06
After hours of getting out the vote, things do not look good for El pulling off an upset in this gop leaning district.
Demrock6 11/04/2008 17 2 - 15
Rev. Wright is on tv in MN.
This is short as I am heading out to door knock, but a Rev. Wright ad was just on my tv in Minnesota. It was paid for by but after a little searching around I found this website: ...
Demrock6 11/03/2008 29 1 - 1
MN-SEN: Great news, unless you're Norm Coleman that is.
So flipping through the channels I see some info on the senate race. They say Norm Coleman is “battling a lack of confidence from his constituency” as well as battling Al Franken and ...
Demrock6 10/22/2008 18 6 - 6
As a resident of the 6th district I must offer up a big hearty thank your to the entire blogisphere coming together in the last few days to help out an important, but too long “in the shadows&...
Demrock6 10/21/2008 37 42 - 21
MN-06: Rep. Michele Bachmann in trouble.
This is going to be a short diary for all of my house race following political geeks. Here in Minnesota, I am represented by whom Stephine Miller (not so?) affectionately refers to as “the ...
Demrock6 10/16/2008 42 37 - 115
MN-SEN Jessie Ventura is out, new poll info, Franken gets a primary. Well Jessie finally made the announcement and said “he will not be running at the moment.” Al Franken sleeps a little easier with ...
Demrock6 07/14/2008 16 4 - 3
My first donation to Al Franken and hopefully yours too.
Ok, ok, I will finally give in. This Minnesotan was unsure of Al Franken for months. I was always basically neutral but I wanted to see a fair fight and contributed to one of his underfunded ...
Demrock6 06/26/2008 15 12 - 18
We are all Obama Ambassadors now.
As this new phase of the general election begins, we all need to be prepared for the challenges ahead. I have never hid the fact that I was an Obama supporter to friends and family during the ...
Demrock6 06/04/2008 10 9 - 2
Jim Webb on Letterman tonight!!
I just thought I would put a nice reminder out to my fellow Jim Webb (D-VA) fans across the country: Jim Webb will be on David Letterman tonight 5/19/8, talking about his new book “A Time To ...
Demrock6 05/19/2008 30 8 - 4
Congrats Dems, and DCCC!!
No matter whom one backs in the Democratic primary, tonight was a great night for the Democratic party. With wins in MS-01 and in the NE-SEN primary, we all have reason to celebrate no matter whom ...
Demrock6 05/13/2008 6 5 - 3
Franken and Coleman: TIED in new poll
Coleman 47% Al Franken 46% Norm Coleman moved into a staticall dead heat in the newest poll released last night (2/13/8). Although it’s somewhat small poll, 650 respondents, I remember ...
Demrock6 02/14/2008 25 8 - 1
Minnesota Poll for Feb 5th....
With Minnesota being one of the many states to hold Feb 5th contests, it is looking to be a nail bitter on our side. Here is a poll hot off the press this morning 1/31/...
Demrock6 01/31/2008 44 7 - 4
Send the Professor 2.008
Send the professor That slogan could have been used in the 1990 U.S. Senate campaign of an unlikely candidate with the name of [ Professor Paul Wellstone]
Demrock6 01/18/2008 - 3 - 1
Mike Ciresi (D-MN) gets into senate race.
Mike Ciresi announced today that he is officially a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Norm Coleman. Ciresi is an affluent attorney who briefly ran in 2000 and came in second ...
Demrock6 04/18/2007 13 9 - 25
Fueled and Fabricated by Daily Kos says Mark Kennedy MN-SEN
Demrock6 06/28/2006 12 12 - 3
Amy Klobuchar pulls ad from Hate website - Dailykos-
Demrock6 03/10/2006 11 4 1 2
Big news in the Minnesota senate race
Demrock6 01/20/2006 4 1 - 3
Minnesota's own Hackett vs Brown? But not really....
Demrock6 12/14/2005 13 10 - 18
Minnesota CD-6 "Open seat
Demrock6 10/11/2005 3 1 - -
Standing your ground, ready to fight. MN-06 open seat.
Demrock6 09/20/2005 - 1 - -
dccc king making. Minnesota CD-06
Demrock6 09/16/2005 5 2 - -
Can you smell the fear? Minnesota House race. DFA-list!!
Demrock6 09/13/2005 3 1 - -
DFL House race, Minnesota CD-06.
Demrock6 09/12/2005 19 - - 10
First blog, Minnesota Senate race.
Demrock6 09/01/2005 7 - - -
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