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I'm scared for the future.
A lot of my diaries I write tend to be rather emotional or inflamed I guess. Mostly because I'm quite angry at the situation our country is headed. And I'm angry because I'm honestly getting quite ...
DerKommissar 04/23/2014 15 8 1 -
A accurate (IMO) summeration of the situation in Ukraine
One of the biggest issues when it comes to trying to determine the truth of what is going on in Ukraine, is, well trying to determine the truth of what is going on in Ukraine. basically I've seen a ...
DerKommissar 04/22/2014 20 1 - -
If the system is rigged, then the only option is to play dirty.
Someone made a diary that in essence said revolution is a terrible idea and that we must work within the system to fix it. First off, F%&* that. Have you seen our system buddy? I mean have you ...
DerKommissar 04/16/2014 21 3 - -
How will our country be treated once we've lost our power?
Lately I've been reading a lot of things on the nature of US backed coups and other insidious behavior by our government. The same one that champions itself as a defender of democracy and freedom ...
DerKommissar 04/13/2014 17 11 - -
Pro-Russian protestors seized government buildings in Eastern Ukraine: Declare independence
Just now I was googling news on any developments on Ukraine and as luck would have it, came upon something rather curious. As of a few hours ago, I'm not sure how many as this is new to me as well, ...
DerKommissar 04/07/2014 3 4 - -
I give up on this country
Recently someone posted a diary about hopelessness and posted links from other diary's one of which was mine. And at the time I want to write this but didn't because some small part of me still ...
DerKommissar 04/02/2014 47 15 - -
What will happen if we have another economic crash?
Recently I've been reading some worrisome documents both here and on other websites such as alternet and salon and even purely business related sites that (at least as far as I can determine) are ...
DerKommissar 03/30/2014 14 4 - -
An actual millennial’s opinion on our current political system.
Recently on this website, as well as other places, I've noticed a minor amount of diaries and posts detailing the current voting trends of my generation. And well, while I will not disagree that the ...
DerKommissar 03/15/2014 233 193 6 -
Are we on the verge of another 1848 or 1917?
Hello Daily Kos. First off this if my first post here since I rather enjoy this place and have for a good while. Whats more, I wished to make my own views on things heard. I generally like this ...
DerKommissar 02/01/2014 283 91 3 -
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