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I don't believe in this country anymore
There I said it aloud even though I have felt this way inside for some time. To see where I am coming from one has to consider my roots so that when you see the imagery in words … you know.
Desolations Angel 06/12/2012 249 281 8 1945
WYFP – I just want to get things done
I thought it was time for one of those What's Your Fricking Problem Diaries. I suppose this would normally be done by a trusted member of the Kos writing committee but that is but one of many of my ...
Desolations Angel 11/19/2011 7 9 - 86
42% of those surveyed would have sex with Obama
Now that I have everyone's attention … all ten of you, I would like to talk about jobs, the lack thereof in America, infrastructure, and going through things. Being unemployed gives one time to ...
Desolations Angel 08/23/2011 7 1 - 136
Without support, we fall
I have spent the last two days rummaging around looking for a missing Borders Gift Card so I can use it before the evil liquidators take over in the morning, sending thousands onto the unemployment ...
Desolations Angel 07/20/2011 3 2 - 21
No Shelter Here
I was going to have my first diary be about hunger, or the effects of austerity, or parks or infrastructure. Well another good intention leads nowhere even though we need more people that care. I ...
Desolations Angel 03/19/2011 2 - - 33
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