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Climate change, world energy production in 2030
There’s another excellent article at the oil drum regarding projected total world energy production (extended out to 2030), and the contribution of fossil ...
Deward Hastings 04/22/2013 16 7 1 -
Climate change, energy consumption and production
Another excellent article at The Oil Drum regarding future energy production: pretty much tells us where the “big money” is going . . . and the only ...
Deward Hastings 03/24/2013 15 10 - -
Climate change, some more reality
ENERGY INDEPENDENCE ! ! ! There’s a great article over at extoling the virtues of the growing ...
Deward Hastings 03/18/2013 7 13 - -
Climate change, a bit of reality
You might want to read the March 17 “Tech Talk” post over at if you imagine that there is going to be any reduction in human CO2 emissions over the next 20+ years. That post ...
Deward Hastings 03/17/2013 7 15 - -
“R” is for Romneykin
It is pretty obvious to everyone now (possibly even the mittins himself) that between the convention (bad) and the response to the Libya tragedy (badder) Young Master Romney is not qualified to be ...
Deward Hastings 09/12/2012 2 3 - 46
taxing unearned income
Deward Hastings 06/19/2006 40 4 - 5
take back the American Dream
Deward Hastings 06/16/2006 - - 1 5
Simple Social Security Solution
Deward Hastings 02/06/2005 6 1 - 6
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