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ISIL, the new conquistadores, or Kurds and a way out
It's all connected. If you calm down and look at history, it makes more sense.
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 10/14/2014 10 2 - -
Christie revelations' deeper meaning: He's a pirate!
Chris Christie is a bully, a thug, a crook and a shameless opportunist. We all know that now. What is significant is that ordinary people outside New Jersey finally get what New Jersey people have ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 01/09/2014 4 5 - -
Ban American football?
The question of whether or not to ban this senseless, brutal sport should be a no-brainer, but it's not. The economics and social dynamics that cause this to even be an issue reveal a lot about our ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 10/16/2013 64 5 - -
Puerto Rico statehood, or independence?
Why does this matter? Isn't everything just fine in Puerto Rico just the way it is? No. Puerto Ricans want change. They're just not sure what form it should take.
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 11/15/2012 88 19 1 -
A 16:9 man in a still 4:3 world
Are you as tired of munchkin TV as I am? How people watch their spiffy new widescreen TVs is an indicator not only of how savvy they are technically, but an indicator of intellectual development and ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 05/07/2012 36 6 - 241
Stop referring to Republicans as "GOP"!
The term Grand Old Party (GOP) is an affectionate moniker for the Republican Party that was originated by supporters of ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 09/13/2011 66 23 - 248
My September 11, 2001
Everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when they first heard about the airplanes crashing into buildings. Those details, however mundane, are forever burned into one's ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 09/11/2011 3 1 - 41
You see, it's like this...
Explaining things to people who don't know what you're talking about isn't easy, but it can be done. We can generalize about political advocacy directed at the masses by analyzing how to transmit ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 09/08/2011 70 48 2 594
Where's Muammar? (Desperately seeking Qaddhaafiy)
Mainly, it's more than you want to know about the Arabic language. I'd best hurry with this before they catch him and no one cares even as little as they do now about this stuff. It may come in handy,
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 08/27/2011 53 16 - 239
MoveOn American Dream meeting
I was expecting paeans about unicorns and baby animals playing in meadows full of wildflowers, but it was nothing of the sort. These folks have got their act together. They are doing their homework ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 07/22/2011 2 4 - 43
May I have my health care now?
Osama bin Laden's dead. Is it OK to focus on something else now, like maybe something I care about? I'm obsessed with health care and I think temp body shops should be outlawed. The issues are ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 05/08/2011 8 4 - 44
Qaddafi next dictator to go?
How could I have missed this? We have to do the poll again, but this time it will contain the man who is now the most likely candidate. I hope this posts before he's gone.
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 02/22/2011 2 1 - 25
Walk like an Egyptian!
Mubarak's gone and I am up ten bucks. Those who doubted my laser-like insight into world affairs are now awestruck and humbled. My supporters rejoice and laud my prescience. My detractors are cowed, ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 02/11/2011 6 - - 92
Mubarak must go!
...and he will, by next Saturday, no less. I said that this last Saturday, giving the president of Egypt no more than a week. I'm sticking to that prediction.
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 01/31/2011 5 - - 88
They can't even count!
Do you frequently get the feeling that someone talking on TV or radio is not really the pundit or sage news analyst they purport to be, but a complete moron instead? Watching coverage of the State ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 01/27/2011 18 3 - 59
USA a third world country
Get used to it. The downward slide has begun. The solution? Radical social and economic change to effect social and economic democracy. To to barricades, comrades! Don't ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 01/01/2011 23 12 2 81
The real American dream
Sure. It's bad, but you've got to have a plan, right? Everybody does, and everyone's plan is a scheme for how they are going to beat the system.
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 11/10/2010 4 2 - 68
Fear and loathing in Seattle
I can't believe what's happening in this election.
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 10/09/2010 11 6 - 53
Acts of conscience on social networks
I couldn't figure out what I had just done until I framed it in this manner. Otherwise, it didn't make much sense. I had alienated someone I like, as a matter of conviction, because of something ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 07/17/2010 13 4 - 45
Holding Democrats' feet to the fire gathering steam!
How's that for a mixed metaphor? Levity aside, it looks as if putting the squeeze on Senate Democrats who won't come out strongly for public option health insurance is beginning to show some results!
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 03/05/2010 7 6 - 21
What's wrong with Harry Reid?
I've got this one figured out. Everyone but me is asking why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won't push through health care reform now. I know why. It's a painful truth that smacks of prejudice, ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 02/24/2010 66 4 1 82
Compete with private insurance?
"Let's meet the corporate power structure head-on and go toe-to-toe with them in the marketplace!" At least that's what more of you think will get rid of insurance companies faster than anything else.
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 01/08/2010 7 3 - 7
Free clinic, free lunch, free love
Republicans hate free clinics. They get angry when you discuss them. The idea of someone getting something of value and not paying for it clearly just makes them crazy. We may have something here. We'
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 12/31/2009 30 19 3 59
Health insurance boycott
Good ideas are plentiful, but no one seems to know how to put them into motion. Seriously now, how are we going to get health care? The answer may not lie in making little ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 12/30/2009 13 1 - 48
Perfect solutions and health care reform
We all know what a perfect solution is; it's the scheme that delivers a completely satisfying result, ties up all loose ends, punishes the guilty, rewards the virtuous and leaves everyone wondering, "
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 12/27/2009 6 4 - 68
Grappling with stupidity
Most of the people I try to discuss politics with are pretty slow. Regardless of whether they are enthusiastic Obama supporters before I was, or brain-dead, die-hard Republican zombies, they share a ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 11/25/2009 19 6 1 197
Bah! Stupid Americans! Why are you so insane?
I heard President Obama on the radio talking about education, and not about health care reform. Oh, Lord, not again!
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 10/09/2009 20 5 - 48
Canadian health care exposed!
...or, how to get people to believe truth instead of lies!
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 08/16/2009 15 10 - 43
Abolish health insurance now!
Another installment in the curmudgeon's-eye-view of the health care mess in this country addresses the second point of my nine-point prescription to make us all as healthy and happy as any ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 06/11/2009 19 9 2 94
Ads for medical care
Have you noticed the surge in advertising for private health care facilities? I have. What's the purpose of advertising a hospital or clinic, anyway? They don't want more business, do they? Do they ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 05/07/2009 9 5 - 44
Cats get better health care than people.
By the time you read this, Mavric [sic] will be no more. She has been stowed for the last time in the plastic cat travel cage and trundled off to the vet for a last, affectionate stroke of ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 04/24/2009 19 14 - 19
Teabagging? Are you kidding? No? OK.
There must be more to this. This thing can't be a straight-up mistake. I am beginning to think that a self-loathing, closeted, gay "conservative" came up with this mime as a desperate cry for help. ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 04/19/2009 11 2 - 7
Getting it
There are people who just don't "get it". Things that are as obvious as the nose on one's face are treated as strange, fanciful notions by some elements of society. However, what it is that is to ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 03/05/2009 9 2 1 20
Extraneous details of earthshaking importance
A lot of important things happen, and get a brief flutter of attention in the media, but barely get noticed. You never hear about the occurrence again. Why is that? What's the deal with these "one-...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 01/01/2009 24 4 2 8
Karl Rove's cover-up shifts to high gear
He's desperate and does not hesitate. Now, he's now killing anyone who threatens to expose him. The mastermind of the theft of two Presidential elections is attempting to buy time by sabotaging the ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 12/22/2008 23 11 1 42
Insensitivity to turkey slaughter key to Republican thinking
What is the real meaning of Governor Palin's clumsily staged interview in front of the turkey-killing apparatus? I got something a bit different than most of the posts I've seen.
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 11/26/2008 53 20 2 38
USPS Eid stamp subtle salute to President-elect?
Hey, pinheads! I've got the proof that Muslims are ecstatic that Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America and are taking the opportunity to rub your noses in it. Nyah, ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 11/20/2008 21 10 - 19
Fake open letters from professional pinheads
Another, more insidious variety of pinhead has come to my attention. These are not conventional know-nothing, brain-dead automatons, hypnotized by the siren song of neo-con ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 11/17/2008 22 2 1 3
Attack of the zombie pinheads!
Have you noticed? They're starting already. As soon as the election was called Tuesday night, strange pieces started to appear characterizing the incoming administration as an evil cabal of ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 11/11/2008 16 4 - 2
Republican Götterdämmerung
When the election was called for Obama Tuesday evening, diehard Republicans were whining and moaning as if the end of the world had come and that the next four years would be terrible times. What's ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 11/08/2008 27 9 - 9
Easy money on sucker bets!
Republicans have been cheating uneducated working people for years by foisting off ridiculously distorted alternate realities. These moronic dupes have been swaggering and boasting about how smart ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 10/16/2008 4 2 1 17
I've got your margin of error right here!
I'm fighting mad. Polls don't give us a clear notion of the likelihood of who will be our next President, and everyone on TV is talking shit! It all has to do with ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 10/13/2008 24 9 1 25
Getting away with murder
I've talked to people who openly admit to murder and were never tried or convicted. They all thought that their victims "deserved it". There is a subculture of self-righteous violence in this ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 08/07/2008 10 5 - 2
Toby Keith must atone
A few days ago I saw Toby Keith on the Colbert Report. I had been cool to him since his feud with the Dixie Chicks in 2003, but didn't feel he was anything more than a rabid Republican blowhard ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 08/05/2008 50 3 1 76
Stephen Arthur Stills: deep thinker
Most of us are familiar with many of the na�ve aphorisms spouted by Messrs. Stills, Young, Crosby and Nash some 40 years ago. Isn't Teach Your Children one of the ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 07/28/2008 15 1 - 1
Hot sex and public nudity are political!
Onanists take note: I've got links to pix this time! Yesterday, I hypothesized a tenuous link between naked bicyclists in a Seattle parade last month and political ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 07/22/2008 32 6 2 1
Naked bicyclists and nubile, bare-breasted dancers
What is the relevance to the current political climate of public nudity in an organized, public event? It seems like a bit of a stretch, but now, after a month's reflection and discussion, I think ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 07/21/2008 73 12 2 129
Weird compulsions drive voter shifts
Think about it. This late in the game, anyone who has not made up his or her mind about for whom they will vote for president is either horribly confused or just not paying attention. For someone ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 06/23/2008 8 1 - -
Wives cheat on husbands who support McCain
Got your attention? Good. My research shows that the wives of intransigent, close-minded, die-hard Republican women are lying to their husbands about who they are going to vote for in November. ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 06/20/2008 7 5 - 1
There is hope
My moniker may give the impression that I am an abject pessimist and have an inconsolably bleak outlook on life and the current sociopolitical landscape. That is all substantially true, but I have ...
DisgruntledCurmudgeon 06/18/2008 5 4 - -
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