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The Republican Coalition: a Post-Midterm Analysis
In contrast to the Obama coalition of labor, minorities, immigrants, environmentalists and the young, the Republican coalition that emerged in the mid-term elections consists largely of the super-...
DocMartin 11/08/2014 2 3 - -
“You’re an economist, right? Explain this!”
I was at dinner the other day with a friend who asked me to explain why economists seem to be so split on the advisability of raising the minimum wage.
DocMartin 06/25/2014 26 7 - -
Imagine the following situation: A region of a country seeks to break away from its national government. Many of the residents are ethnically different than the majority, speak a different language,
DocMartin 05/12/2014 32 3 - -
Don't Trust the Generals
DON’T TRUST THE MILITARY! The blather sphere has whipped itself into a frenzy over Robert Gates’ comments in his book “Duty” on his tenure as Secretary of Defense under President Obama. ...
DocMartin 01/11/2014 10 8 - -
On the Feast of Stephen
ON THE FEAST OF STEPHEN… We all know the Christmas carol about good King Wenceslaus, but we know little about St. Stephen, whose feast day is observed on December 26. Some with a modicum of ...
DocMartin 12/23/2013 6 8 - -
CEOs and Generals make poor Presidents
CEOs and Generals make poor politicians. They are used to giving orders and having them carried out by obedient minions. Success and failure are events, not processes, and they are easy to measure.
DocMartin 06/05/2011 19 6 - 96
Obama will win; so what?
Lots of joyful crowing about the weakness of the Republican candidates for President is fun, but nobody is talking about the real 2012 battles - for control of the House and Senate. Let’s assume ...
DocMartin 05/30/2011 23 16 - 196
My view of the right US position is to shut up and let them work it out.
DocMartin 01/30/2011 12 3 1 66
Talk and Violence
Do talk radio and violent political imagery cause violence? No, and "pass the salt, please" does not move the salt shaker across the table.
DocMartin 01/18/2011 4 1 1 39
Israeli-Palestinian talks- a suggestion
With Hamas not at the table, and settlement construction soon to resume, the odds against success of the latest talks are staggering.
DocMartin 09/02/2010 179 1 - 38
Rand Paul, Republicans and Racism
One good thing about Rand Paul's candidacy, along with Arizona's immigration law and the election of Barak Obama, is that it has brought a renewed examination of race in America's political life. ...
DocMartin 05/22/2010 7 4 - 41
Arlen Specter
On Arlen Specter The spin doctors are saying that Specter lost because of an anti-incumbent mood, a youth revolution, an anti-Washington mood, and blah, blah, blah. In my humble opinion, it has ...
DocMartin 05/18/2010 17 10 1 33
Greenspan Gives himself a C
So Alan Greenspan defended his record as Chairman of the Fed by saying he was right seventy percent of the time. Where I went to school, that was barely a C. Not good enough from the most powerful ...
DocMartin 04/08/2010 11 4 - 23
Health Care Reform:  The End of Slavery and Indentured Servitude
Republicans are right to oppose health care reform, for it will change the balance of power between their corporate sponsors and the working people of the United States. And to the extent that it ...
DocMartin 03/21/2010 12 8 1 21
America is like a western movie
Not surprisingly, America is like a western movie featuring good guys, bad guys, participants and onlookers.
DocMartin 03/19/2010 29 5 - 18
As Usual, It's about oil
Here’s a peek into a bit of geopolitical news that is not making much noise in the US press – Azerbaijan and Armenia are meeting in Munich to discuss settlement of their territorial ...
DocMartin 11/22/2009 10 5 1 32
GM-Segway fiasco
The only strategic purpose of the GM-Segway "vehicle” will be to pull down the average fuel consumption of the GM fleet so that it can meet the stricter emissions and fuel economy standards ...
DocMartin 04/07/2009 60 9 - 18
Life is Just a Western Movie
NPR has been running a series lately that asks whether the economic situation has caused a paradigm shift in America, similar to the assertion that 9/11 led to a massive shift in America’s ...
DocMartin 03/11/2009 5 2 - 12
The “Socialist” meme is really about racism
As McPalin describe it, the socialist accusation is a claim that Obama will take "your" hard earned money and give it to "them." Given the demographics of the group that is being targeted with this ...
DocMartin 10/30/2008 22 2 1 3
Can't Impeach?  Get Them to Resign!
Let’s be honest – impeachment ain’t gonna happen. There are several explanations for this – choose one or more: • The Democratic leaders in the House and Senate are ...
DocMartin 08/29/2007 8 1 - -
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