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Bill O'Reilly steps in it again
Last night he was, yet again, dishonest about Planned Parenthood. He showed us a snippet of a video from a known dishonest video producer - someone in the same category as James O'Keefe - and leapt ...
DollyMadison 05/30/2012 8 4 - 205
It's about religious freedom, but not the way the Republicans are framing it
It's that employees of a religious institution who receive healthcare insurance as part of their overall compensation package should NEVER be forced to abide by the strictures of their employer's ...
DollyMadison 03/07/2012 12 14 - 77 "outs" people with ODS has a new "viral" email story in their "AskFactCheck" section that's about an ABC News story from a while back . And it's prime evidence of Obama Derangement Syndrome. According to ...
DollyMadison 02/18/2012 58 177 2 1585
Obama's lost 2 million jobs? No, not so much
Media Matters for America is a great site . If you don't already use it as a resource and support it financially, you should certainly do the former and ...
DollyMadison 01/26/2012 3 13 - 79
Rand Paul was NOT detained
Short diary - but interesting happenstance to me. US Senator Rand Paul (KY) was in Nashville, ...
DollyMadison 01/23/2012 19 17 - 284
Birds die in Arkansas - let's all freak out again
Or not. Really, please, or not. Too often, this site has diarists who go off half-cocked, and way too many readers follow them off the cliff, rather than use the common ...
DollyMadison 01/03/2012 24 6 - 291
Newt Gingrich apparently lies about his first divorce
According to in-depth research that CNN has done , including viewing the divorce papers that were thought to have been ...
DollyMadison 12/26/2011 141 196 3 1647
Bill Maher's great diatribe against racism
His talking points at the end of his show tonight were terrific. I hope you will all watch the replay of his show and watch the last couple of minutes of it. The funniest line was one of his first ...
DollyMadison 10/07/2011 2 3 - 142
Five Scriptures You Won’t Hear at Rick Perry’s Prayer Event
Santimonious rightwing Christians irritate those of us who really understand what the New Testament and the lessons from Jesus truly are attempting to teach us. There's ...
DollyMadison 08/03/2011 25 33 4 153
Kelley Williams-Bolar is a pathological liar
And she doesn't deserve the clemency/pardon she's after in a hearing being ...
DollyMadison 07/20/2011 46 3 - 240
Sarah Palin to be a grandma for the 2nd time
Her son Track Palin, 22 years old, was married 2 months ago to 21 year old Britta Hanson, his high school ...
DollyMadison 07/20/2011 127 13 - 673
Elizabeth Warren - I never wanted the chairmanship
And no, I didn't hear her literally say that, but that's a fair paraphrase of what she said, and ...
DollyMadison 07/18/2011 127 41 2 340
Bill Clinton and Obama: innocent victims of Greta Van Susteren's dishonesty
She started off her show by saying that President Barack Obama must really be annoyed by what former President Bill Clinton has just done. But is that true? Almost certainly, no. First off, Obama ...
DollyMadison 06/22/2011 24 14 - 173
Updated info about children "yanked" from their mother
There was a diary published a couple of days ago that provided the mother's side of the ...
DollyMadison 05/15/2011 429 17 - 431
Showing Congress photos of Osama bin Laden
I've recently heard that the Obama Administration is allowing the CIA to show interested members of Congress photos of the dead Osama bin Laden. The photos are in CIA headquarters, and must remain ...
DollyMadison 05/11/2011 12 6 - 103
Factcheck got it really wrong about Social Security
Too many people don't understand how Social Security is funded and don't bother to try to figure it out. Others understand, and then prey upon those who don't in order to fearmonger. Still others ...
DollyMadison 02/25/2011 19 30 1 227
Black woman unfairly tried and convicted - NOT!
Here's the latest info, along with a recap of the previously-known details, about Kelley Williams-Bolar, the mother in Akron, Ohio, was was found guilty of felony tampering with evidence about 2 ...
DollyMadison 02/03/2011 429 20 - 260
Abortion doesn't increase risk of mental health issues
I haven't seen this diaried here, but read it in my paper yesterday. There's been a ridiculous meme among people on the anti-abortion bandwagon, claiming that abortion is harmful to many woman's ...
DollyMadison 01/28/2011 86 23 - 136
"Together We Thrive" - another zombie lie
Many on the right are claiming that the "Together We Thrive" theme of the memorial service at the University of Arizona is the new campaign slogan of President Barack Obama. The Truth? It's not.
DollyMadison 01/14/2011 37 9 - 103
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
Well, they should, anyway. Too often, here at DailyKos, they don't. Now, certain Conspiracy Theories (CT) have been banned. One can't allege that the World Trade Center towers collapsed due to ...
DollyMadison 01/08/2011 50 19 - 107
Politifact falsehood about Obama's tax hike comments
Yesterday, Obama said that that There are polls showing right now that the American ...
DollyMadison 12/08/2010 5 2 - 42
Breaking - Tom Delay is GUILTY!!
Not much info yet, but he's been found guilty after 26 hours of deliberations of 2 counts of money laundering!
DollyMadison 11/24/2010 46 38 - 56
Dem Lloyd Doggett winning makes me cry
Tears of joy, that is! I just heard that 8 term Democratic Representative Lloyd Doggett won in Central Texas! The Republicans in the Texas legislature, aided by Tom DeLay, former Speaker of the ...
DollyMadison 11/02/2010 24 29 - 91
The Fight to Restore Sanity Rally with photos
The Washington Post had a great gallery of photos from the event. I wanted to make sure that everyone got to see them.
DollyMadison 10/30/2010 29 24 - 130
"We are not at war with Islam"
Dylan Ratigan appeared on the Morning Joe show today, and they started out their discussion with Bill O'Reilly's rant on "The View" about ...
DollyMadison 10/18/2010 30 6 - 76
Election fraud case thrown out in Tennessee
Black Box Voting, led by Bev Harris, pushed Democrats in Shelby County, Tennessee (Memphis) to sue the Shelby County Election Commission for an election in early August that they said was so flawed ...
DollyMadison 10/07/2010 31 5 - 79
Democrat says no fraud in Shelby County
There was a hysterical diary here a couple of weeks ago, screaming about how vote fraud was documented in Shelby County (Memphis), Tennessee in recent August elections. Bev Harris, infamous ...
DollyMadison 09/28/2010 18 3 - 87
Thad Allen's latest press conference
Retired Admiral Thad Allen, the Federal Government's overseer of the relief efforts in the Gulf of Mexico, had another press conference today. Most of what he talked about was just how the plan ...
DollyMadison 08/30/2010 49 2 - 44
Thad Allen on the Gulf Oil Disaster
Admiral Thad Allen wrote an essay published on the Op-Ed page of the Washington Post today. I think that this site needs to look at it. More below the fold.
DollyMadison 08/23/2010 49 8 - 47
Distortions about oil boom from Packgen
Over the last 2 months, I've read with great interest all the stories about how the Obama Administration and BP were messing up when it came to failing to purchase enough oil containment boom. Turns ...
DollyMadison 07/08/2010 12 14 - 131
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