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I'm Back
I'm back and I'm mad as hell. But I am not at all surprised. People who read my blog before I went off to fight global warming probably are not that shocked at Obama's or Congress' response to the ...
Dr A 06/24/2009 4 8 1 5
Is Your Food Killing You?
MRSA (Methcillin Resistant Staph Areus) is on the rise in many communities. This is because doctors give out way too many antibiotics and it is causing resistant strains of bacterial infections to ...
Dr A 04/17/2008 10 24 1 9
Urgent Action Requested!
Your government is using your tax dollars to poison you! So put down your cheese burger and fries and read on to see what you can do to stop it...
Dr A 04/16/2008 34 15 - 12
Persistent Myths About Health Care
Through my conversations with people over the internet I still see Americans with persistent misconceptions about their health care system and about their tax system. So here are the misconceptions ...
Dr A 03/05/2008 65 68 16 142
Devil's Advocate
I have some time to kill and I can't help but play the devil's advocate. First, before I pose my question, let me assure you that my vote does not matter. I live in Arizona and even if the entire ...
Dr A 02/25/2008 100 4 1 1
Bill Moyers: Americans are Dumb and Dumber
I recently heard Bill Moyers interviewing Susan Jacoby ( FREETHINKERS: A HISTORY OF AMERICAN SECULARISM in 2004, THE AGE OF AMERICAN UNREASON ) on his show. She discussed many ...
Dr A 02/21/2008 70 51 4 86
America the Dumping Ground
So you are one of the few Americans that have great health insurance. You don't have to worry about your health or the health of your family...right? WROOOOONNNNGGGG!!
Dr A 02/20/2008 9 12 - 4
Economics for Dummies Part II
In the Great Depression the banks held insurance companies that insured their loans. When this went bad millions of people lost their homes and their jobs. Sound familiar? It should. As I ...
Dr A 02/18/2008 21 5 - 2
Its the Economy Stupid
The Buddhists are right. Everything is one. And in politics the "one" is money. Understanding why things are the way they are and how we got here boils down to the manipulation of money. ...
Dr A 01/24/2008 18 13 3 2
I was standing at the nurses station yesterday doing my work when I heard the nurses discussing who they were going to vote for on Super Tuesday. And then it happened....again. The one thing that ...
Dr A 01/21/2008 14 13 - -
Congratulations to Kucinich Team
In an email to the Kucinich campaign at 2:35 p.m. on Wednesday, January 9, Democratic Party debates consultant Jenny Backus wrote: “Congratulations on another hard-fought contest.
Dr A 01/15/2008 69 18 1 10
Shocker...ABC's 20/20 Advocates Higher Taxes!
I spent Saturday night at a friend's house and so I was forced to watch 20/20 . So you can imagine the sound of my jaw hitting the floor when I heard this on the mouth piece of the neocon ...
Dr A 01/14/2008 20 18 3 104
LIVE CHAT!! LIVE CHAT!! LIVE CHAT!! LIVE CHAT!! LIVE CHAT!! I have "Miriam" with me today to answer your questions. Miriam has experience with both the Medicare and the Medicaide systems as a ...
Dr A 11/28/2007 26 4 - -
One Patient's Letter
Well the Turkey is in the oven. We are discussing side dishes. My mother went to the store. And it might sound trite, but I am grateful that we all have our health. Because in this country if ...
Dr A 11/22/2007 35 9 1 1
Write Your Own Health Care Bill Website
I am sorry for my long absence. In the middle of my political action the boss decided to start a new medical program and electronic medical records ...both in one month. Yikes! I have not been ...
Dr A 11/07/2007 10 5 1 4
"Nickel and Dimed" Again
Barbara Ehrenreich author of Nickel and Dimed blogged 2 days ago about her opinion of the alternatives that Americans are being offered in health care. I couldn't agree more! Here is what ...
Dr A 09/26/2007 28 16 - 11
Hillary’s “Health Choices Plan” Offers No Choice.
If I was going to copy someone else’s homework at least the assignment would be in on time. So it makes me wonder why Hillary Clinton took so long to get us her version of a health care plan ...
Dr A 09/20/2007 108 16 1 10
Immigration and Solvency of County Run Health Care
Back the hard work of the initiative. This time the discussion will be about immigrants and the solvency of such an initiative.
Dr A 09/18/2007 6 3 - -
The Visionary Activist Show
I have been working on a better website and getting some publicity for my initiative. In the mean time I am spending time reading blogs and listening to podcasts. This weeks "Visionary Activist ...
Dr A 09/16/2007 2 1 1 -
The Next Step
Great issues raised in the last post and I do think these warrant more discussion. So I will ask more question and spout less statistics this time.
Dr A 09/12/2007 3 4 - -
Readers Digest Version of the Health Care Cooperative Act
Alright, I can see that 60 pages of boring are a little hard to take on a three day weekend. I hate to keep harping on this, but the reason I went to all the trouble to learn html and to study ...
Dr A 09/04/2007 28 13 1 215
The "Death by a 1000 Cuts" Bill
Wanna really scare the establishment. Here is your chance. That’s right I am not going to just complain this time, I am going to ask you to take action. This is an experiment in democracy. ...
Dr A 09/01/2007 25 17 2 11
World Tour IV: Viking Medicine
We continue with the last leg of our health care journey. This time a look at Scandinavia.
Dr A 08/30/2007 36 24 2 14
France Revisted
Readers have expressed so much interest in the French health care system I thought I would publish this supplemental.
Dr A 08/29/2007 14 20 1 27
World Health Tour III: A Bottom Up Approach
We are on a roll. We continue our tour of World Health systems with Germany and Denmark. These countries organize their care from the bottom up. Unlike the countries that are traditionally ...
Dr A 08/24/2007 27 18 3 143
World Tour of Health Care II: In the Top Ten
I continue the World Health Tour with a look at countries that made it to the top ten of the WHO health survey; Japan, Italy, and Spain. Despite high marks from the WHO none of these countries ...
Dr A 08/19/2007 28 25 10 146
Thank you all for the great comments and for the links to other sites. Thank you for the contact information as well. Some of the comments are better than the article. Just some Housekeeping ...
Dr A 08/17/2007 6 8 1 10
World Health Care Tour I: The Top Down Approach
For those of you who have not seen “Sicko” yet, a large part of the movie discusses other countries’ health care. There is a part of the movie in which Michael Moore suggests that ...
Dr A 08/15/2007 40 21 5 151
49 Percent of Americans Unprepared to Pay For Medical Emergency
49 Percent of Americans Unprepared to Pay For Medical Emergency In medical news, a new study by Consumer Reports has found that 16 percent of the U.S. population has no ...
Dr A 08/07/2007 16 10 1 10
You are Just Plain Being Ripped Off
We are being told that health care for all is too expensive. That is simple not true. We are already paying for healthcare for all, we just aren't getting it.
Dr A 08/05/2007 21 13 2 11
Presidential Health Care Primer
What are the Candidates saying about health care reform? Here is a quick and dirty primer. I appologize about the graphic in advance. I have been working for 2 weeks to get this to work on this ...
Dr A 08/04/2007 10 1 - -
Is Human Sacrifice OK with You if You don’t have to Wait in Line?
Are the mentally ill and the poor human sacrifices so that the rest of us do not have to wait in line to get an MRI? Even if you have good health insurance, is this system worth it financially?
Dr A 07/31/2007 9 10 - -
Haven't the last 6 years of Elitism been enough?
Associated Press - July 13, 2007 2:23 AM ET DETROIT (AP) - Democrats John Edwards and Hillary Rodham Clinton consider themselves among the top presidential candidates. They were ...
Dr A 07/27/2007 17 - - -
S-CHIP Scandle
• President Bush: “I believe government cannot provide affordable health care. I believe it would cause -- it would cause the quality of care to diminish. I believe there ...
Dr A 07/26/2007 1 2 - -
Dr. A's Health Care Blog
Who won the debate? CNN tells you that Clinton won. I tell you that CNN won and we all lost. Here is why.
Dr A 07/25/2007 - 8 2 -
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