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Russian Police Assault Female Fox News Reporter (Action diary)
Oops, I meant to say, New York Police assaulted female "Russia Today" producer/reporter Lucy Kafanov ; striking her with a ...
DrSteveB 11/19/2011 12 39 1 237
Healthcare for the 99% at OWS November 17 Day Of Action
Just some feel good video from the Healcare for the 99% contiengent particpating in the November 17 Day of Action last night in Foley Square New York City:
DrSteveB 11/18/2011 7 18 - 56
"I'll Be There"... Where are You?
Where are you while we change the conversation and agenda in America?
DrSteveB 11/17/2011 2 4 - 39
Nurses & Doctors are there giving care (and marching on Nov 17)... Where Are You?
Where are you while we change the conversation and agenda in America? Last Sunday we had more than 99 doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers ...
DrSteveB 11/16/2011 2 24 - 70
Shutting Out The Media Is What A Police State Does (Continuous Update Mode)
Hugely updated, scroll down below, with links and quotes of media supression Headline: Police prevent CBS News chopper from taking off. Headline: Police barricades keep ...
DrSteveB 11/15/2011 100 318 5 1395
Inspirational Video: Paul Krugman - As close to an indispensible man as we have
The indispensible ...
DrSteveB 11/02/2011 3 8 - 67
Video of Healthcare for 99%/OWS March in NYC
Below is video from last night's Countdown with Keith Olbermann show that featured clips from the march in New York City organized by Healthcare for 99% working group at OWS, PNHP, Healthcare-Now ...
DrSteveB 10/27/2011 9 21 - 76
Occupy Healthcare: March Against Insurance Companies NYC Wed Oct 26
Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 26, join us at the March Against the For-Profit Health ...
DrSteveB 10/25/2011 31 89 2 294
A list of Demands & Policies so simple even mainstream press can understand
This is my quickie list of what the problems are and the proposed solutions. In no particular order and nothing new here, except an attempt to keep each item to a single sentence and a single line (...
DrSteveB 10/19/2011 28 17 - 125
Video & Pics: My 8 yr-old joins Health Care For All at Occupy Wall Street today
Social justice, economic equity, universal access to high quality and affordable health care and education are what I consider to be family values. My family and I just got back from being part of ...
DrSteveB 10/15/2011 20 42 - 152
Doctors for the 99%
Members from a variety of progressive health care groups have been supporting and show up at the NYC Occupy Wall Street movement. There is a health care for ...
DrSteveB 10/14/2011 5 28 1 111
Video: Single Payer (& me) at OccupyWallStreet today
A small contingent -- including several medical students, a senior officer in the U.S. Public Health Service, senior deans from two different medical schools, why even a few private practice docs, ...
DrSteveB 10/05/2011 19 38 - 120
Occupy the Democratic Party
Hopefully the Occupy Wall Street and all affiliated 99% vs. 1% activist and street movements will continue to grow. Having been active in lefty-progressive economic populist (and admittedly also ...
DrSteveB 10/04/2011 26 32 1 162
Ruling against Individual Mandate and Guarantee Issue
In what could be a telling ruling today , a conservative Bush ...
DrSteveB 09/13/2011 8 15 - 85
I was a 9-11 "Second" Responder
For this tenth anniversary, I am blogging (for the last time) about my personal experience on that day. First, some caveats: I agree with many others that there are at ...
DrSteveB 09/11/2011 24 59 - 256
Why is the Donors Capital Fund funding Islamophobia?
In their new report Fear Inc.: The Roots Of the Islamophobia Network In America ThinkProgress has done the ...
DrSteveB 08/26/2011 6 11 - 48
American Right: Jeffersonian means to Hamiltonian ends
A recent interview reminds us of Herbert Crowly's now classic definition of American Liberalism ...
DrSteveB 07/06/2011 5 5 1 43
Cuomo's quid pro quo with Republican Donors for Same Sex Marriage
New York State's passing legislation legalizing same sex marriage is a wonderful thing. Recognizing all our citizens as having equal rights, equal protection, is a wonderful thing. However it is ...
DrSteveB 06/25/2011 17 16 - 261
They Still Lie: 1967 Borders with Agreed Upon Land Swaps
1967 borders WITH LAND SWAPS, is NOT the same as 1967 borders. If I say a house is green with blue trim, that is not the same as saying a house is all green. Even after the President of United ...
DrSteveB 05/22/2011 29 15 - 228
Which Jerusalem do you mean?
Cross-posted to my RootedCosmopolitan blog. This diary is meant to help clarify one of the more confusing points around the Israeli-...
DrSteveB 05/20/2011 48 31 3 301
Bunkum: Republicans claim to want to repeal Individual Mandate
HuffPo's Sam Stein has a new report today , that Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), chairman of the ...
DrSteveB 05/05/2011 5 11 - 75
I want to see his Long Form Death Certificate
cross posted to my Rooted Cosmopolitan blog So, anybody else out there want to see Osama's Long Form Death Certificate? Just sayin' :) ...
DrSteveB 05/02/2011 4 1 - 55
In honor of May Day: the Robber Barons of World are United
cross posted at my blog Rooted Cosmopolitan Today, May 1st, is the internationally recognized day to celebrate labor and working ...
DrSteveB 05/01/2011 34 57 5 301
The Shock Doctrine of Ryan's Medicare & Medicaid "Reform"
From PNHP , Dr. Margaret Flowers has an important, wonky, yet highly ...
DrSteveB 04/10/2011 31 40 5 175
Voter Disenfranchisement & 14th Amendment
Once again, as always, Republicans are fighting hard to disenfranchise legitimate voters . Once again, as always, ...
DrSteveB 03/07/2011 5 12 - 57
More about Community Health Centers
Having worked with Community Health Centers as a major part of my day job for the past 16 years, I would like to follow-up on Joan’s front page ...
DrSteveB 02/15/2011 28 50 2 173
Military & Labor: Why People's Revolutions Succeed?
Why and when do People's Revolutions succeed. I would argue, that -- for all very real differences between countries, cultures and history -- it really comes down to two factors: 1. Will the ...
DrSteveB 02/14/2011 24 20 1 195
MoJo's Summary of Egypt Opposition Committee of 10
I just want to bring to the attention of the dKos community an interesting article on the Mother Jones blog by Jaeah Lee ...
DrSteveB 02/03/2011 4 10 - 97
Severability and Hypocrisy
There is an interesting bit of hypocrisy on all sides with regard to the arguments being made around Judge Vinson's ruling on the non-severability of the individual mandate from the rest of the ...
DrSteveB 02/01/2011 13 20 1 92
Quick Reaction to Judge Vinson's Ruling Against PPACA
Reagan appointee U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson out of Florida has ruled against PPACA . He ruled against the individual mandate ...
DrSteveB 01/31/2011 41 27 2 125
It is the Total Health Care Costs, Stupid
By happy happenstance, today's "quote of the day" from PNHP's always must read Don ...
DrSteveB 01/28/2011 56 36 2 456
Vermont Single Payer: What It Is and What You Can Do
Throughout 2009 and into early 2010, while the health reform we got nationally was being watered down by the corporate conservadems in the Senate, the Vermont legislature was moving forward. An ...
DrSteveB 01/22/2011 124 154 5 106
The 1930s origins of today's Republican Party
It is common, and true in part, to trace the origins of today's Republican Party to the early 1960s, the failure of the intitial Goldwater conservative movement, and the linkage of traditional ...
DrSteveB 01/18/2011 8 22 2 366
"Shocked, Shocked" Wall Street & AHIP Love Health Reform
This is one way to summarize of the health care reform we got: At the J.P. Morgan Health ...
DrSteveB 01/15/2011 53 32 1 138
Wendell Potter pt 2: The Real Next Attack on Health Reform
Yesterday, I posted part of a talk given by health ...
DrSteveB 01/13/2011 74 171 4 112
Phony "Job Killing" talk is standard Corporate PR Playbook (Wendell Potter, pt 1)
The nonsensical false "Job Killing" meme that is part of the attack on the limited health reform we got, is nothing more than the predictable, prescripted, routine PR "playbook" that the nastiest ...
DrSteveB 01/12/2011 13 24 2 217
Link Corporate Tax Rate to Employment & Income
Even as job growth remains mediocre , ...
DrSteveB 01/07/2011 6 11 1 78
Your Favorite (& Least Favorite) Part of the Constitution?
The Republicans are going to read the Constitution today. Progressives should embrace this, insofar as the WHOLE consitution, good, bad, ugly ...
DrSteveB 01/06/2011 13 6 - 81
Which 28 Health Reforms in 2010-11 Do They Want to Kill?
While the Republicans in Congress call for repeal, below is the timeline of implementation from the official Administration ...
DrSteveB 01/05/2011 10 40 - 76
Meet Wendell Potter: Health Insurance Whistle Blower
Wendell Potter is the former head of corporate communications for CIGNA. Since leaving in 2008 he has become the most prominent whistleblower of the private ...
DrSteveB 01/04/2011 16 41 1 59
I Was a 9/11 Responder & What Is Important to Republicans
I am in the 9/11 World Trade Center health registry that you may have heard about; fortunately I am completely healthy. Below ...
DrSteveB 12/22/2010 89 279 5 84
Obama: "It's hard to change the narrative after 30 years" (updatex4)
President Obama, you are no Ronald Reagan. And I mean that in a bad way. From the National ...
DrSteveB 12/21/2010 859 407 19 339
Judges, Mandates, Health Reform & Single Payer (oh my)
As a single payer supporter, who also ...
DrSteveB 12/20/2010 31 33 - 88
Against War & U.S. Imperialism, & Pro-Gays in Military
Simply put: Open military service today... full equal rights including same-sex marriage tomorrow. I consider myself a lefty/progressive populist in good standing who is both anti-War and anti-...
DrSteveB 12/19/2010 7 8 - 35
Repubs for & Dems against DREAM & DADT (& why Military service is important)
It is interesting, and possibly useful to parse the votes on both the DREAM Act and DADT cloture votes. Below is the listing of Democrats who voted against each, and the Republicans who voted for ...
DrSteveB 12/18/2010 15 4 - 115
No Labels: the latest centrist/third-way crock (updated)
The latest version of so-called moderate, centrist, Third Way to organize is calling itself "No Labels" . If you look ...
DrSteveB 12/13/2010 248 159 5 100
Net Neutrality vs. Bandwidth: Mainstream Media Gets It Wrong
Repeating a false meme that has clearly has become a talking point for the seemingly moderate wing of opposition to real net neutrality, Bradford ...
DrSteveB 12/04/2010 7 11 1 228
Derek Jeter with a poll (a diary I am embarrassed to write)
I really should not care (I don' really). I really really should not be publicly doing a diary on this. The whole screwed up salary structure and misplaced priorities of it all is ridiculous. Even ...
DrSteveB 12/03/2010 40 2 - 50
Republican Congressmen "endorse" Public Option!
Via the indispensible Don McCanne , from the cat food commission report-out and discussion ...
DrSteveB 12/02/2010 18 35 1 216
The Reign of Error (and how weak and pathetic are we)
The NY Times has a depressing article about the continued resurgence of conservative economic thought inside the ...
DrSteveB 12/01/2010 13 12 1 19
Getting the TSA Story Wrong: Many Things Are True At Once
The NY Times has a an almost gets it right, yet still gets it mostly wrong, pseudo-mea culpa piece today on the Media False ...
DrSteveB 11/29/2010 23 10 - 25
Insider on increase in Federal Employees high incomes
I am not sure as the entire media narrative behind this story, but there has been a small brouhaha over an increase in ...
DrSteveB 11/19/2010 22 26 - 84
November 2012: What Have We Done the Past 2 Years?
It is November 2012. How is our country and the world doing? What will we have done over since today through Election Day 2012? For one thing, timing is destiny, and economy trumps ...
DrSteveB 11/03/2010 13 2 - 21
Support Democrats & Israeli Palestinian Peace via JStreetPAC
With just 6 days left J Street Pac, is still raising campaign funds for pro-Israel, pro-peace champions under attack by the neoconservative hard-right. If Democrats are going to stand up for real ...
DrSteveB 10/27/2010 8 5 - 60
Support Middle East Peace & Good Democrats via JStreetPAC
There are so many ways to give money and support your favorite Democratic congressional candidates. You can give directly, or via Orange-Blue or other PACs, bundlers, etc. If Middle East peace ...
DrSteveB 10/25/2010 13 4 - 66
MA doctors support Single Payer over other health reform
State medical societies are conservative bastions of physician self-interest. So ...
DrSteveB 10/22/2010 25 33 3 220
Rant: You choose NOW to talk about "culture of poverty"
Un F-ing believable. The NY Times chooses now of all times to have front page article article on the alleged resurgance of ...
DrSteveB 10/18/2010 20 40 2 76
GOP & Insurance Companies: still Team Evil
As reported by Noam Levey via the Tribune news service (Chicago Tribune, LA Times ) ...
DrSteveB 10/05/2010 6 20 2 57
One Nation Rally & Single Payer - Video Clips
I was privileged to able to attend the One Nation Working Together rally yesterday in D.C. along with my 13 year old daughter. Below are some youtube video clips from the rally, with a single ...
DrSteveB 10/03/2010 17 30 - 56
HHS Resources Against Bullying
Since this has become a hot topic, I wanted to draw attention to the a range of resources that the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Serivces has with regard to the subject of bullying:
DrSteveB 10/01/2010 3 6 1 50
Help! One Nation: Any Environmental Bus from NYC?
Does anybody know of any buses going from New York City to the One Nation rally in D.C. this Saturday October 2 with an Environmental focus? I am going one way or the other , and ...
DrSteveB 09/30/2010 8 3 - 27
Support J Street's Message of Urgency & Hope
I support J Street and hope you will too. In their recent message to American Jews and other supporters, J Street is said: The stakes could not ...
DrSteveB 09/22/2010 29 20 - 62
Bill Moyers wants you to read this (part 2)
This is a continuation of ...
DrSteveB 09/01/2010 20 38 - 88
Bill Moyers wants you to read this
Bill Moyers wants you to read John Geyman’s “ HIJACKED: The Road to Single Payer in the Aftermath of Stolen ...
DrSteveB 08/30/2010 259 618 51 191
Single payer system improves (Taiwan's) amenable mortality
Republished with permission from Don McCanne's indespensible listserv/RSS feed (...
DrSteveB 08/04/2010 20 32 1 50
J Street event in New York City Wed June 16 7PM
This Wednesday June 6 at 7PM, the New York City JStreet Chapter is hosting a public forum entitled WHO SPEAKS FOR ME? Israel and America in the 21st Century, featuring J Street president Jeremy Ben-...
DrSteveB 06/15/2010 17 4 - 45
J Street: Gaza Blockade, Flotilla's Lessons and beyond
J Street is the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. It gives political voice to mainstream American Jews and other supporters of Israel who, ...
DrSteveB 06/14/2010 264 18 - 49
What Should Single Payer Tactics & Strategy Be Now?
Now that the -Bob Dole- Barack Obama health care plan has passed, what should single payer advocates do? What should our tactics and strategy be? What should groups such ...
DrSteveB 06/12/2010 52 39 3 56
UNDERserved is still a bigger problem then Overtreated
In the past couple of days the health policy blogosphere ...
DrSteveB 06/04/2010 20 39 1 209
Beauty Pageants & Ethnic Acceptance: Bess, Vanessa, Rima
There is no question that beauty pageants are sexist objectifying nonsense. But it is also true that as a cultural, media and historic event ...
DrSteveB 05/17/2010 4 14 - 37
Who would you like to see buy The Washington Times?
Now that Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church is selling that bastion of wackadoodle right-wing Republican pseudo journalism, The Washington Times, the question is of course, who should buy it?
DrSteveB 05/02/2010 48 16 - 32
Write your Congressperson to support Obama & 2-State Solution
As you may know, the (admittedly vacillating) attempts by the Obama administration to make a stronger push towards real negotiations leading to a two-state solution between Israel and the ...
DrSteveB 04/29/2010 46 14 - 94
April 19: A call to boycott Fox News in Public-Private Spaces
As a non-political career federal government worker whose office is in a federal building, and with a with a wife and kids, I really really don't like coming to work on April 19. But of course I did.
DrSteveB 04/19/2010 45 37 - 45
Is Federal individual mandate to buy private insurance legal?
I have been scanning the political blogs in vain for an actual answer for this. Yes, the argument against them is mostly being pushed by reactionary, partisan, often racist, creeps and hacks. ...
DrSteveB 04/16/2010 315 18 1 96
Stand with Obama Adminstration (& J-Street) on Israel
There have been numerous diaries in the past few days on this subject, but I am simply urging one action step, which is to ...
DrSteveB 03/16/2010 159 60 1 24
A Wake-Up Call in Jerusalem: Support J-Street Petition
I hope that American Jews, and others who support a real two-state solution between Israel and the Arab world, will take a moment to support ...
DrSteveB 03/15/2010 13 21 1 48
Obama's come-to-Jesus moment with Mandates
As is we all know, candidate Obama ran on a health reform proposal that had a form of public option but no individual mandates for adults. We now are likely to have a program with mandates and no ...
DrSteveB 02/25/2010 120 55 5 30
House Blue Dog Dem Murphy (NY20) switch to Yes on Health?
Blue Dog Democratic congressman Scott Murphy (D-NY-20) -- who was one of those Democratic Blue Dog votes against the original health bill in the House,
DrSteveB 02/23/2010 10 22 - 44
National Health Policy Conference Mon & Tues (meet-up?)
I will be attending the annual National Health Policy Conference this Monday and Tuesday in Washington,
DrSteveB 02/06/2010 11 16 1 17
Condi Inc.: Let's suggest some marketing slogans
From the Washington Post comes the ...
DrSteveB 11/13/2009 31 17 - 84
Pro-Life? How About Real Universal Health Care?
Some of our ever ready to compromise friends have accused single payer advocates of being spoilers who would put the best in place of the politically feasible. Needless to say this was never true, ...
DrSteveB 11/04/2009 32 45 - 127
Israel-Palestinian Peace: J-Street Conference Videos (NOT autorun!)
If anybody is interested in something other than health care reform today, I offer below the fold, via the J-Street ...
DrSteveB 10/29/2009 121 19 - 21
Live Webcast of Gen Jones-NSA at J-Street Conference
This is my last day of blogging from the J-Street Conference. Tomorrow morning the other 1,500 attendees will be going to lobby their congresscritters. And I'll be back on the health reform beat. ...
DrSteveB 10/27/2009 24 10 - 77
Live Webcast of House Members at J-Street Conference
I am delighted to bring to DKos, tonight's plenary J-Street Conference session: "View from the Hill: Congress & the U.S.-Israel Relationship" featuring: Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09) Rep. Bob ...
DrSteveB 10/26/2009 35 9 - 9
"We've Got Your Back, Mr. President" Sign the I/P Peace Pledge
This is in follow-up to my introductory diary from last night on ...
DrSteveB 10/25/2009 10 24 - 85
Blogging the J-Street Conference: Pro-Peace & Pro-Israel
I will be attending and blogging (tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday) from, the J-Street Conference which starts Sunday tomorrow evening and continues through ...
DrSteveB 10/24/2009 68 34 - 322
The Scorpion & Frog: A Health Insurance Company Parable
Recent reports about how the for-profit private insurance companies really operate, even with attempts at regulation, remind me of The Parable of the Scorpion and the ...
DrSteveB 10/12/2009 19 29 1 63
Is There Any Way Out for Obama? by Len Rodberg
This is reprinted with permission from my PNHP colleague Prof. Len Rodberg: Progressives worry that, if Obama's health reform plan (hereafter called the "Plan") fails to pass, a ...
DrSteveB 10/09/2009 13 7 - 283
45,000 deaths annually associated with lack of health insurance
One of the lies out there is that health insurance coverage does not really matter. That one way or another, everybody gets care, even if that is in an emergency. A new peer reviewed academic ...
DrSteveB 09/17/2009 31 65 2 73
DADT + new GI Bill = Illegal Benefit Discrimination?
Most of us at this site, and even many who can't wrap their minds around same sex marriage, nevertheless are opposed to the obscene discrimination of DADT. And most of us, and most Americans (except ...
DrSteveB 09/02/2009 5 9 - 213
ThinkProgress Reports while NY Times Gets Played
In the most important health reform reporting (at least since my earlier piece on this ...
DrSteveB 08/29/2009 10 44 - 224
the irony of Seattle's Group Health Coop as Conservative Compromise
Like most single payer activists, I would LOVE for Seattle's Group Health Cooperative to become the model for the United States health care. And like anybody who actually knows what they are talking ...
DrSteveB 08/25/2009 9 32 1 41
It's the Inequality, Stupid!
Just a reminder that the problem is NOT the deficit. This is all a smokescreen to distract from the real problem which is, as I suggested in this diary from 2009, still the inequality. And while it ...
DrSteveB 08/14/2009 15 29 1 453
Connecting the Dots: Why Rove did not fire Christie
We can now more fully connect the dots with regard to just how corrupt the Republican candidate for NJ governor, and then U.S. Attorney, Christopher Christie is and was. Christie's campaign is ...
DrSteveB 08/13/2009 15 46 - 31
Of Course AHIP is Funding the Attack on Health Reform
Once again, in what I shrilly take to be his care to not be perceived as too shrill or too, you know, progressive,
DrSteveB 08/11/2009 27 40 1 30
Bait and Switch: How the "Public Option” was Sold
Below is must wonky but but must reading for anybody interested in the health reform. I find it to be a riveting and valid policy history of the enormous gap between on the one hand single payer (of ...
DrSteveB 07/24/2009 48 70 3 132
Single Payer at the table... on Colbert Report tonight
Tonight's (Tuesday, July 21, at 11:30 pm EDT) Colbert Report will have Dr. Aaron Carroll talking about single-payer health reform. Dr. Carroll is a board member of ...
DrSteveB 07/21/2009 25 38 2 27
July 30 rally in DC to mark Medicare's 44th birthday
Get on the bus! July 30, Rally and Lobby in DC: July 30 marks Medicare's 44th Birthday. Activists from more than a dozen cities are sending busloads to Washington, DC, to celebrate the occasion ...
DrSteveB 07/20/2009 5 17 - 30
House to Vote on Single Payer HR-676 (update)
Really. Sort of. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) will introduce, in the House Energy and Commerce Committee, an amendment to the Tri-Committee health care bill. The amendment would replace the private ...
DrSteveB 07/19/2009 337 248 6 145
Only in America: Medical Bankruptcy & Homelessness
I just returned from the annual conference of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council , where the link between medical bankruptcy and homelessness was ...
DrSteveB 06/28/2009 237 392 11 361
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