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Bob Casale of DEVO has died [CORRECTED]
I am sorry to report--having heard it through the press--that DEVO co-founder Bob Casale died suddenly yesterday. RIP, Bob. In answer to your Q, yes: you were a man. MTV online ...
Dracowyrm 02/18/2014 55 14 - -
"Progressive"? Really?
Recently, what with all the Snowden/NSA mishegas, some of my friends have run with their prejudices to climb on the ZOMG! Spooks! Everywhere! bandwagon, and have accordingly become furious with me ...
Dracowyrm 06/22/2013 90 18 1 -
Obama Errs
So, those of you who have accused me of being nothing but a cheerleader for the President, hear this: I hate the proposed shift to chained CPI for federal inflation calculation. It's probably more ...
Dracowyrm 04/05/2013 21 6 - -
EVOLVE OR DIE: Environmentalism in the 21st Century
The environmental movement of the latter half of the 20th century is dying. And as a product and member of that movement, I say, not a minute too soon. Don't get me wrong. We have a lot for which ...
Dracowyrm 03/08/2013 31 9 1 -
No, Dan Senor, it's not a "crisis in polling". It's you.
Remember when Karl Rove had "the real numbers" ? Well, that was a long time ago. How about this ? And honestly, who could forget this ?  That one was so delicious I had to watch it several times, ...
Dracowyrm 11/21/2012 14 27 - -
The Republican Civil War is On
Months ago, when I first launched Green Dragon , I wrote a post about the implications for the future of the Republican Party of the effectiveness of the Obama campaign's critiques of Bain ...
Dracowyrm 11/11/2012 19 28 - -
Predictably, the GOP is learning the wrong lessons
"We need Latinos". That's the only consensus conclusion being drawn by Republican talking heads after watching their candidates walloped on Tuesday. Seeing the Latino vote climbing steadily, GOPers ...
Dracowyrm 11/08/2012 25 30 2 -
Winning the Invisible Vote
As always happens at the end of a high-profile election cycle, the world is a-Twitter (heh) with polls these days. Those of us who concern ourselves with such things breathlessly watch for each new ...
Dracowyrm 10/24/2012 10 3 - -
A Brief Rant on Voting Machine and "the Candidates Are All the Same" Conspiracies
(rant on)* Here’s what I know about the conspiracy theories that “both candidates are controlled by the same Powers”, or that the elections will be stolen through mysterious machine tampering:
Dracowyrm 10/23/2012 15 8 - -
Three Code Words Used by Conservatives to Describe Obama, and What They Mean
People have been talking for a long time about the obsession with the supposed "otherness" of Barack Obama on the right. Talking with a friend yesterday, it occurred to me that the three main ...
Dracowyrm 10/18/2012 13 8 - -
Romney's Instincts Betrayed Him
This'll be brief, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. As I reflect on Romney's attempt at a gotcha moment on the Benghazi attack, it strikes me that this is his entire career in a ...
Dracowyrm 10/17/2012 5 13 - -
What Do You Say to Friends Who Won't Vote, or Vote Third Party?
One result of the widespread cynicism about public institutions that grew out of the Sixties era —combined with the thirty-year Republican war on government's capacity to do its job—is a large ...
Dracowyrm 10/10/2012 31 20 1 2
Traditional & Social Media Collide Over Obama/Romney Debate
This'll be brief, but it's interesting to me, and...well, this is where I write about stuff that's interesting to me. Today, in the digesting of the first Presidential debate, we are confronted ...
Dracowyrm 10/04/2012 16 47 - 322
Occupy Retrospection: What Occupy Apparently HASN'T Learned
There is a diary on the Community Spotlight list right now which purports to analyze what we have learned from the Occupy movement. Unfortunately, though well-written and researched, it does ...
Dracowyrm 09/27/2012 143 29 5 228
Sorry, Erick: Mitt Romney Is The *PERFECT* Conservative
One of the many strikes against Mitt Romney's candidacy has been a regular drumbeat of complaint by movement conservatives like Redstate's Erick Erickson that Romney isn't sufficiently ideologically ...
Dracowyrm 09/26/2012 115 377 8 2411
Sudden Synchronicity of Fear Inducement
Short diary, but hey: anybody see what could be a pattern here? Just blue-skying: We've got supposedly Al Queda bomb threats on university campuses (yeah, right--because they're so great about ...
Dracowyrm 09/14/2012 3 2 - 85
How Obama Should Debate Romney
Earlier, this diary asked how the President should address Gov. Romney during the debates. I don't find that question all that interesting, but the larger question of tactical approaches to the ...
Dracowyrm 09/14/2012 22 17 1 158
Mitt Romney: The Opposite of Entitlement
Watching Mitt Romney's truly appalling attempt to twist the murder of four members of the American diplomatic corps into an indictment of the Obama administration, what strikes me more than anything ...
Dracowyrm 09/12/2012 2 2 - 53
The Words At Long Last: A Personal Perspective on the 2012 DNC
Okay, here's the thing about this Democratic National Convention, in my view. Rallies can be great, but there's a body-level thing that happens in humans when involved with a mob swept with ...
Dracowyrm 09/06/2012 29 105 5 653
Fighting the Last War (UPDATED)
One of the recurring warnings/lessons/pitfalls in military history and strategic training is the propensity for armies to prepare and plan for the last war they fought, rather than the next. This ...
Dracowyrm 09/03/2012 50 37 - 285
Your One-Stop Resource on Republican Economic Policy Failure
Now and then, a friend asks me where s/he can find a one-stop source of solid, irrefutable data documenting the failures of Republican economic policies. Usually, it's because the friend is in a dust-
Dracowyrm 08/30/2012 1 1 - 41
Eight Strategies for Kicking GOP Butt in 2012
So...since the recent flurry of attention over my lament at the completely unfunny Republican Clown Car of Darkness , celebration of Team Obama's aikido mastery ,
Dracowyrm 08/29/2012 3 6 - 84
The Clown Car of Darkness (UPDATED)
There was a time when American politics didn’t involve one party that was stark raving mad. We are about to watch a week of lunacy unfold in Tampa. Not harmless lunacy like Moon-landing-denial—...
Dracowyrm 08/28/2012 46 96 6 555
Is Mitt Romney Cursed?
You kind of have to wonder. Mitt Romney certain brings a lot of his own disadvantages to the party. He's unlikeable, demonstrably avaricious, dishonest, and a political "Etch-a-Sketch", and his ...
Dracowyrm 08/21/2012 33 17 - 267
WikiLeaks, Security, and the Strange Case of Julian Assange
A lot has been made of the uncharacteristic actions of the Swedish, British and US governments in relation to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange . Right now, UK military and police are laying siege to ...
Dracowyrm 08/20/2012 11 2 - 77
Running Against Paul Ryan is Exactly What Team Obama Wanted (Updated)
Paul Ryan as VP! Oh, noes! Please, please don't throw me into that briar patch! Anybody remember that Paul Ryan was actually created as a national figure by Barack he could use Ryan's ...
Dracowyrm 08/12/2012 167 214 6 1742
The Cowardice of Mitt Romney
Well, it’s apparently been decided. AP is reporting that Mitt Romney has selected Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. Now attention will turn to gaming out what this means and how it ...
Dracowyrm 08/10/2012 6 6 - 88
On Respect, "Mental Illness" and Religiosity
The science/religion/respect/disrespect topic has reared its head again here, with some ugly characterizations. This is a big topic but I'll try to be brief. To start with: I don't think there is a ...
Dracowyrm 04/03/2012 51 16 1 200
Mitt Romney is the GOP's Michael Dukakis
In 1988, Democrats nominated the former Governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis, as their candidate for President of the United States. Dukakis is considered by many--including me--the most ...
Dracowyrm 03/07/2012 75 14 - 164
Back Slowly Away from the Gun
This is not a GBCW diary. For one thing, I don't like them. Most of them are I-get-the-last-word-after-all-ha-ha kinds of things by people going away mad. The rest read more like suicide notes. I ...
Dracowyrm 07/29/2011 20 6 - 102
The Better Angels of Our Natures
We must all hang together, or we shall surely all hang separately. --Benjamin Franklin I'm going to do ...
Dracowyrm 07/28/2011 15 10 1 162
In Which Defenders of the President are Vindicated.
And there you have it. No grand deal, because Barack Obama did not cave. QED. Look, I understand that the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. People have been frightening themselves ...
Dracowyrm 07/22/2011 63 26 1 198
“This may bring my Presidency down”
A reflection, in light of these words, on those who have characterized Barack Obama as "weak" or a "sell-out": Ahem. Wake the hell up, you craven, tactically clueless fools. This man has ...
Dracowyrm 07/14/2011 709 353 6 2919
CA-6: Jared Huffman is the best choice
With Lynn Woolsey retiring at the end of this term, voters in one of the most progressive districts in the nation now must choose who will represent them after 2012. Woolsey has been a reliable ...
Dracowyrm 06/28/2011 8 2 - 50
Not new conduct standards: new technology
Okay, we've been through another round of discussion about how to try to bring the level of civility back up here. I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, I like that we duke it out around ...
Dracowyrm 04/07/2010 31 6 - 22
The HCR Package: overview and analysis
This started out as a note on Facebook to my friends, which I compiled at the request of my wife, many of whose friends were venting various accusations about the historic reform just passed. I ...
Dracowyrm 03/23/2010 54 26 9 121
The Meta Impact of HCR's Passage
Okay. We've been over every tiny detail of the policy and politics of HCR getting passed. We know what it isn't, we know what it is, and we know what it says about President Obama--and, to be fair,
Dracowyrm 03/22/2010 10 7 - 17
A Personal Reflection on the Election of Barack Obama
It's been three days now since the election of 2008. Since that night, I've struggled with a foggy exhaustion, a feeling almost like the disconnected underwater dream of hypothermia, as the ...
Dracowyrm 11/08/2008 5 2 - 1
McCain's Last Gambit
This is a what-Obama-must-do diary. I know what opinions are like--and that everybody's got one--but I've been in politics for a long time, have run a bunch of campaigns, and I've got a pretty good ...
Dracowyrm 09/25/2008 10 1 - 2
Setting the Record Straight
I was wrong, and it's overdue that I say so. This has been bugging me for awhile--me, and, I'm sure, no one else. But on Dec. 2, 2006, I posted ...
Dracowyrm 08/31/2008 12 8 - 2
Remembering 40 years ago tonight
This has been an emotional year for me. As of this year, I've been an ardently political person for 40 years. I remember 1968: I was 6. I remember the Tet offensive, the body counts delivered ...
Dracowyrm 08/27/2008 7 3 - -
BREAKING: Lantos retiring
Tom Lantos is retiring due to esophageal cancer, leaving the field open for Jackie Speier to take his Congressional seat. I wish him the best with his health, but I'm glad he's leaving the House. ...
Dracowyrm 01/02/2008 64 12 - 7
A Reality Pill for Lieberman
Over at Salon, there is a great article about the current political climate in Israel and the perception of the state's security in the wake of its generally recognized defeat in last summer's war ...
Dracowyrm 02/14/2007 17 9 1 31
On Pragmatism and Revolution
Today, Occam's Hatchet posted a diary, "On Gettysburg, Impeachment, and the Left Flank", which begins as follows: Once ...
Dracowyrm 12/29/2006 62 16 5 159
Obama is the new Chauncey Gardner
C'mon, folks--just how gullible are you? Suddenly, the MSM has seized on a mediagenic face and is trying like mad to convince anyone who will listen that he is a viable candidate for President in ...
Dracowyrm 12/02/2006 147 19 3 28
Kos, this is what I was talking about. Please listen now.
Dracowyrm 11/04/2006 47 19 - 20
The Intelligence Community's October Surprise
Dracowyrm 09/26/2006 25 18 3 156
GCI, Canvassing, and Political Reality
Dracowyrm 09/12/2006 11 8 3 15
David Sirota is just plain wrong
Dracowyrm 08/07/2006 20 7 - 1
A lot more important than Lieberman OR Net Neutrality
Dracowyrm 08/02/2006 8 11 1 -
Pacifism and hard choices
Dracowyrm 07/21/2006 49 1 - 1
Breaking: BushCo Caves on North Korea
Dracowyrm 09/19/2005 8 3 - -
Personal to Kos, from one who's been there
Dracowyrm 08/23/2005 428 244 5 215
The flypaper strategy is working
Dracowyrm 08/13/2005 7 13 - 2
BREAKING: State Dep't Admits it Lied...and So Did Bolton
Dracowyrm 07/28/2005 200 158 - 7
A missing strategy element in the IraqScam scandal
Dracowyrm 07/19/2005 2 3 - -
A useful thought problem (with poll)
Dracowyrm 07/08/2005 4 - - -
Rights, strategy, abortion, and what we really stand for
Dracowyrm 06/13/2005 47 3 - 1
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