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New ABC/WaPo Poll: Obama Approval 50
With an unemployment rate at 5.6%, job creation averaging well over 200,000 per month, rising stock market, gas prices hovering around $2 per gallon, Americans are feeling better economically. As a ...
Drdemocrat 01/19/2015 75 83 2 -
New NBC/WSJ poll has Obama's approval going up while the Republicans are really damaged. The GOP's scores are the LOWEST in 20 years!
Drdemocrat 10/10/2013 209 305 2 -
New Poll: Hispanics have Turned SHARPLY Away from Republicans!
Republicans are really screwing themselves lately with the electorate. Not only are they at risk for pissing off Independents with their government shutdown over Obamacare but they will piss off ...
Drdemocrat 09/28/2013 99 170 5 -
BREAKING: Senate Democrats (including Schumer) pushing to INCREASE CR!
Senate Democrats are not only going to strip the "defund Obamacare" rider from the CR but many of them including Conservative Democrats as well as the influential Chuck Schumer are PUSHING Reid to ...
Drdemocrat 09/21/2013 124 261 1 -
4 Democratic Senators AGAINST Larry Summers on Banking Committee!
Could the Larry Summers Trial Balloon released by the White House be finally POPPED? Perhaps: today Senator John Tester is now one of FOUR Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee who has come ...
Drdemocrat 09/13/2013 21 34 - -
BREAKING: Justice Department to Challenge States' Voting Rights Laws!
I am so glad to read this this morning. Justice Department to challenge states’ voting rights laws
Drdemocrat 07/25/2013 8 15 1 -
BREAKING: Snowden took the job in order collect data on the NSA
Wow! This story is getting more and more disturbing. It has been reported that Snowden took the job specifically to collect data on the NSA to expose the surveillance program.
Drdemocrat 06/24/2013 539 61 1 -
TRAITOR Snowden's 4 Lap Tops Drained by China
Snowden is no hero but he is a traitor to the United States. He not only is gutless and runs to China then Russia then Cuba then Ecuador but his 4 lap tops info is now in the hands of the Chinese. ...
Drdemocrat 06/23/2013 214 14 1 -
BREAKING: New WaPo/Pew Poll. Majority for NSA Phone Tracking over Privacy
WaPo/Pew survey has just released a poll conducted over the weekend on Phone tracking vs privacy and the results are surprising. The majority of Americans support the NSA phone tracking policy over ...
Drdemocrat 06/10/2013 120 20 1 -
BREAKING: Ohio & Michigan legislatures Rule Out electoral vote changes
Today both Ohio and Michigan state legislators have ruled out changing the electoral votes. OHIO: Spokesmen ...
Drdemocrat 01/29/2013 29 42 - -
Name the Big LOSERS of 2012
I think that we should spend another diary gloating on the big Presidential and Senate race wins for Democrats. I think that we should talk about the big LOSERS of 2012. See below my list and you ...
Drdemocrat 11/07/2012 33 9 - -
Obama Camp Explains why Pushing Early Voting is Right & Polls are Wrong!
Messina had a conference call with reporters setting the record straight on why the Obama campaign is pushing early voting and why the polls are so wrong (underestimating young and minority voters).
Drdemocrat 10/23/2012 36 51 - -
BREAKING: Priorities USA is Bringing Back the STAGE AD to Ohio, Wisconsin, etc!
I have been asking the last couple of days where Obama's superpac, Priorities USA, was in the closing days. I was also asking why doesn't Priorities USA bring back the most effective ad of the ...
Drdemocrat 10/20/2012 104 221 2 -
Update!! BREAKING: Supreme Court Clears Ohio Early Voting!
Excellent news! The Supreme Court is siding with Democrats in refusing to block early voting in the ...
Drdemocrat 10/16/2012 67 166 1 -
New Obama KILLER Medicare Ad! VICTIMS!
Well the Obama campaign is finally waking up and starting to run a true general election plan. Check out this new KILLER Medicare ad: Victims!
Drdemocrat 10/09/2012 19 24 - 224
BREAKING: New CNN Ohio Poll Obama 51% Romney 47%
Obama is still ahead in Ohio and is above 50%. Obama is 51% while Romney is at 47%. Could Ohio be Obama's Firewall? OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO!!!! Whom ever wins Ohio will win the ...
Drdemocrat 10/09/2012 381 225 - 2791
Gallup: Obama's Approval at 51%
I am not sure what to make of this but Gallup has Obama's approval rating at 51% which is a three day roll out October 5-7th.
Drdemocrat 10/08/2012 12 6 - 166
New Reuters/Ipsos poll: Obama 47%, Romney 45%
New Reuters/Ipsos poll out just now has Obama holding a 2 point lead: Obama 47% to Romney's 45%. It is essentially unchanged from yesterday's Obama 46% to Romney's 44%.
Drdemocrat 10/06/2012 154 52 - 1240
BREAKING: Obama campaign raised $150 million in September! Close to $1 billion!
The Obama campaign has just announced it has raised $150 million in September! Good job all that donated. This is a campaign record for 2012 and I think may be a record of all time. http://online.
Drdemocrat 10/04/2012 84 71 - 821
BREAKING: TV Ratings for Wed RNC down 17 million from 2008!
Not only was Ryan's speech a LIEfest but it wasn't viewed by as many people as viewed Palin's speech in 2008. Matter of fact, the TV viewership for Wednesday's presentation was down 17 million from ...
Drdemocrat 08/30/2012 138 130 2 1354
BREAKING: Obama goes on Offense on Medicare with attack ad
The Obama campaign has yet to go on offense on Medicare. The last ad they had was a response ad. But with today's attack ad it is on! It ends with "Mitt Romney, an end of the Medicare promise".
Drdemocrat 08/25/2012 118 240 5 1584
NYT: Seniors Will Pay More if Romney Restores Medicare Savings
NYT just published an article that says if Romney was to restore the $716 billion in Medicare savings from Obamacare that it would cause seniors to pay more than $300 a year in higher premiums. ...
Drdemocrat 08/21/2012 6 37 3 198
Obama just dubbed Romney's Tax Plan: ROMNEY-HOOD!
President Obama was just on the stump and he has just dubbed Romney's Tax plan that increases taxes on the middle class and the poor in order to pay for tax cuts for the rich "ROMNEYHOOD". http://...
Drdemocrat 08/06/2012 259 477 4 2907
BREAKING: New Study shows Romney's tax plan cuts for richest 5%, increases for 95%
There is a new study out today by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center in combination with the Brookings Institution that shows that Romney's tax plan will cut taxes for the richest 5% but increase ...
Drdemocrat 08/01/2012 27 117 6 598
Newsweek cover this week: ROMNEY is a WIMP
Romney surely isn't having a good week. And the reality is that it isn't getting any better. Newsweek has just labeled Romney a Wimp on its cover
Drdemocrat 07/29/2012 273 257 1 3196
BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren is being considered for the DNC Keynote Speaker!
Well Elizabeth Warren is being considered as the Keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention!
Drdemocrat 07/19/2012 37 52 1 288
BREAKING: Boston Globe just DESTROYED Romney's "I left Bain in '99" Defense! BAM!
David Axelrod just tweeted the Boston Globe article that DESTROYS Romney's "I left Bain in 1999" defense.
Drdemocrat 07/12/2012 208 438 8 2500
BREAKING: Romney said Obamacare supporters just want Free Stuff from the Government! (video & link)
Romney has just responded via a pool report to his booing from the NAACP. Well we all know that this was all a stunt so that he would get booed by the NAACP in order to appeal to his conservative ...
Drdemocrat 07/11/2012 393 295 4 2156
New Poll: 64% of Americans Support Obama's New Immigration Policy!
This is HUGE news this morning. Bloomberg has just released a poll that shows that 64% of all Americans support Obama's DREAM-lite policy of not deported young immigrants who came here before the ...
Drdemocrat 06/19/2012 11 18 - 93
New NBC/Marist polls: Obama ahead in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida
New NBC/Marist polls are out this morning and they show that Obama is ahead of Romney in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida.
Drdemocrat 05/24/2012 83 53 2 693
New CNN Poll: Obama beating Romney by 9%
CNN just came out with their poll that has Obama beating Romney by 9%! Obama would get 52% of the vote and Romney would get 43%.
Drdemocrat 04/16/2012 64 25 1 417
New Gallup Poll: Americans Favor Buffet Rule by 23%!
Well we all know that the Buffet Rule would be popular but it is popular by a whopping 23% according to the lastest Gallup Poll. The survey released Friday suggests that a whopping 60 percent ...
Drdemocrat 04/13/2012 10 12 - 62
New Quinnipiac Polls: Obama leads Romney in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania!
New Quinnipiac polls are out this morning and it is good news for Obama. President Obama leads Romney in the crucial battleground states of Floridda, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
Drdemocrat 03/28/2012 18 20 - 219
New NBC/WSJ poll: Obama 50% vs Romney 44% and Dems 5pts over GOP for generic Congress
The New NBC/WSJ poll is out and it has bad news for the GOP. Not only is Obama at 50% approval but he beats all comers including Romney: Obama 50% and Romney 44% and just as important Americans ...
Drdemocrat 03/04/2012 27 36 - 305
New NBC/Marist Polls: Obama beating Romney in Ohio & Virginia by double digits!
While Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are battling it out for Super Tuesday, the new NBC/Marist polls out on Ohio and Virginia show that Obama is beating all comers in those critical states. http://...
Drdemocrat 03/04/2012 139 132 - 927
New Poll: Romney/Ryan Medicare Partial Privatization Plan has very LOW Support!
A new poll out of Kaiser Health Family Foundation shows that there is very little support for the Romney/Ryan plan to partially privatize Medicare.
Drdemocrat 03/02/2012 8 8 - 88
Romney May Have Already Lost the General Election
Romney just dodged a "bullet" so to speak by squeaking out a victory in Michigan which will stop the talk of Republicans working hard to try push any "white knight" into the race at the eleventh ...
Drdemocrat 02/29/2012 97 100 - 1236
Buffett Rule will Raise $50 billion per year!!!
According to Citizens for Tax Justice they estimate that enacting the Buffett rule will raise $50 billion per year for the U.S. Treasury. That is $500 billion in a decade which is no chump change. ...
Drdemocrat 01/27/2012 20 13 1 126
Obama's "Let's Stay Together" is Now a RINGTONE!
Well that was fast. The Obama campaign has now made Obama's "Let's Stay Together" into a ringtone. Talk about marketing. We can see that Obama's singing of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" is ...
Drdemocrat 01/21/2012 32 37 2 311
BREAKING: Romney Says that He Pays a 15% tax rate!
After being prodded by Democrats and Republicans about his tax returns, Romney has said today that his effective tax rate is 15%.
Drdemocrat 01/17/2012 86 71 2 501
Obama Campaign Memo shows why Bain is so devastating for Romney!
Stephanie Cutter who works for the Obama campaign just released a memo that just eviscerates Romney on Bain. It also shows the contrast that voters are going to choose in the Fall about Romney vs ...
Drdemocrat 01/13/2012 306 501 13 3368
Sarah Palin to Romney: Release Your Tax Returns & Show Proof You created those jobs at Bain!
Sarah Palin was on Hannity last night and she said the smartest thing I have ever heard her say: Romney needs to release his tax returns and he needs to show proof that he created 100,000 jobs at ...
Drdemocrat 01/12/2012 60 27 - 285
BREAKING: Obama making Cordray Recess Appointment!
Well Obama is making a recess appointment today to the CFPB. Senior administration officials tell ...
Drdemocrat 01/04/2012 166 130 1 929
Wall Street Journal Editoral Slams GOP's payroll tax debacle
When the Wall Street Journal Editorial slams the GOP for their payroll tax cut debacle then we all know that the writing is on the wall. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next 72 hours the House ...
Drdemocrat 12/21/2011 1 - - 6
BREAKING: Warren Buffett just released his tax return!!!
CNN has just reported that Warren Buffet has just released his tax return for 2010. He only payed 17.4% in taxes after having made $62,855,038 last year. Gulp!
Drdemocrat 10/12/2011 105 185 3 1377
BREAKING: Obama's deficit plan: half tax increases, half cuts, and no increase age of Medicare!
Obama will be unveiling his own deficit plan that consists of $3 trillion of deficit reduction. It is his own plan and it isn't a "compromise".
Drdemocrat 09/18/2011 295 228 4 1511
BREAKING: Obama won't touch Social Security or increase Medicare age!
This is fantastic news! Apparently Obama's approach to deficit reduction won't touch Social Security or increase the age of eligibility of Medicare!
Drdemocrat 09/14/2011 209 106 1 1362
BREAKING: New Gallup Dems 51% to GOP 44% in 2012
Gallup poll just came out comparing voters' choice on who they want in Congress in 2012. Democrats have taken the lead of Dems 51% to Republicans 44%.
Drdemocrat 08/12/2011 131 59 - 567
BREAKING: Deal has NO Medicare benefit cuts!
According to various sources the final deal will have NO Medicare benefit cuts if the Super committee doesn't get their recommendation passed.
Drdemocrat 07/31/2011 67 17 - 466
BREAKING: Pelosi presents a cutting plan that saves entitlements!
This is a last ditch effort by the Democrats to prevent slashing of Social Security and Medicare benefits. Nancy Pelosi has presented a plan to cut $2.5 trillion without any revenue which protects ...
Drdemocrat 07/22/2011 194 159 1 1487
Dems Push Obama to include JOB creation in Debt Deal
After seeing that dangerously tepid job creation in June and an uptick in unemployment rate, Democrats are now pushing the White House to include job creation measures in the final debt deal. http://
Drdemocrat 07/09/2011 60 12 - 157
The Single Best Thing Obama did for his re-election
President Obama rightly has stated this week in an interview in Miami that his chances for re-election will rise and fall on the economy not on killing Bin Laden. Killing Bin Laden may have ...
Drdemocrat 05/14/2011 14 22 - 204
BREAKING: Debbie Wasserman Schultz to head DNC!
Drdemocrat 04/05/2011 3 8 - 90
New Gallup: Americans support unions over GOP!
New Gallup poll that came out this morning shows that Americans support the unions over the Republican governors position in state disputes. Americans support unions by 48% vs 39% for GOP governors.
Drdemocrat 04/01/2011 9 19 - 78
What the White House wants but is afraid to say about Egypt
The White House as we speak is devising a plan with other countries including Arab countries to get to the end point of free and fair elections for Egypt in September. They are hoping that it can ...
Drdemocrat 02/06/2011 15 16 - 98
Hell has frozen over: Trumka & Donohue issue joint statement!
We all know that both business and labor were both very supportive of more infrastructure spending and investments in research and innovation. Well the Presidents of AFL-CIO and the U.S. Chamber of ...
Drdemocrat 01/26/2011 10 13 - 79
Breaking: Obama says NO to raising age on Social Security!
Obama has made a decision on Social Security. He has decided to keep his campaign promises on not raising the retirement age or cutting benefits for Social Security.
Drdemocrat 01/24/2011 772 270 5 226
Obama will push for MORE spending in the SOTU!
Contrast to Republicans Obama is going to push for MORE spending in the SOTU. Obama will push for more investments in infrastructure, energy, education, and research & development. Obama will say ...
Drdemocrat 01/22/2011 379 167 1 94
BREAKING: Senate passes Food Safety Bill!!!!!
There have been many surprises this lame duck from passing DADT repeal, possibly passing Gillebrand's "Christmas miracle 9/11 health bill", as well as making progress on NEW START. The Food Safety ...
Drdemocrat 12/19/2010 192 236 3 138
BREAKING: senate has 60 votes for DADT repeal!  Brown says Yes!
There is momemtum building for the repeal of DADT. The House has passed the stand alone bill for repeal. Will the Senate take it up? Who ever knows with the Senate but as of this morning there ...
Drdemocrat 12/16/2010 476 295 1 864
BREAKING: Sen Mark Pryor wants DADT repeal, vote today?!!
This is JUST what the DADT repeal advocates need at this time. Senator Mark Pryor has said that he now supports DADT repeal and wants the vote this year!!
Drdemocrat 12/08/2010 59 35 - 134
FINALLY!  Obama draws a line in the sand on tax cuts
We have been waiting for Obama to say his bottom line on a whole host of things from health care to tax cuts. We have all watched Obama and the Democrats getting pushed around, battered, out-played ...
Drdemocrat 12/04/2010 191 37 - 84
Lieberman says he has the Senate votes to repeal DADT!!!
13 Democratic Senators had a news conference today discussing the repeal of DADT in the Senate. Lieberman who has been the point man in the Senate on repeal said during the conference that he has ...
Drdemocrat 11/18/2010 437 300 1 398
Obama NYT OpEd:  "Exporting our way to Stability"
President Obama has written an OpEd in the NYT that talks about exporting our way to economic growth. It goes along with his 10 day trip to Asia in which he is traveling with hundreds of CEOs to ...
Drdemocrat 11/05/2010 60 37 3 67
New McClatchy/Marist poll:  Dem and GOP Likely vote TIED!
McClatchy/Marist has a new poll out today in which they included in their poll voters who use cell only as well as landline voters. They have found that among registered voters Democrats ...
Drdemocrat 10/28/2010 195 268 1 214
Dems secret weapon for midterms: African-American Vote!
Most poll models of "likely voters" are basing the assumption that African-Americans will vote as they typically have in most midterm elections in the past which is not in strong numbers. However, ...
Drdemocrat 10/15/2010 266 175 2 202
Obama WILL end DADT and is setting up a process
Although it appears that the DOJ is going to appeal the Judge's rule on the repeal of DADT, all is NOT lost folks. According to Gibbs, Obama is working with the Pentagon to repeal DADT regardless ...
Drdemocrat 10/13/2010 345 38 - 63
Senate has 60 votes for the Small Business Bill!!!
Voinovich has stated that he is going to be the 60th vote to allow to pass the Small Business Bill.
Drdemocrat 09/09/2010 265 495 4 157
Krugman:  It is Time to Act for the Economy is Faltering!
All of us have been concerned about the economic numbers that have been coming out lately. It shows that our economy is faltering. Well Krugman has some very practical suggestions for both the ...
Drdemocrat 08/26/2010 37 32 2 65
California: First State to Create Health Insurance Exchange
California is often on the forefront in innovation. Well it is now the first state to pass legislation to set up the health insurance exchange.
Drdemocrat 08/25/2010 18 21 - 93
Why Climate Change Legislation is NOT Dead Folks!
Something is going to happen in 2011 that is going to FORCE the Congress to put a price on carbon and that is that the EPA is going to regulate the HELL out of CO2. As a result, I wouldn't be ...
Drdemocrat 07/23/2010 141 107 1 63
BREAKING:  BP agrees to put $20 billion in ESCROW!
NYT is breaking the story that BP agreed to put $20 billion in ESCROW. The White House and BP tentatively agreed that ...
Drdemocrat 06/16/2010 518 235 2 121
BREAKING:  DADT Repeal has the votes in the Senate!!
This will be an incredibly short diary but it is extremely important. Ben Nelson has said that he will vote FOR the compromise!!! Ben ...
Drdemocrat 05/26/2010 570 296 1 268
BREAKING:  DADT Deal with gays, Pentagon, and Congress being worked on!
This is an extremely short diary but the topic is so important that I think it needs a diary. Apparently the Pentagon, gay advocates, and Congress are talking this morning on a possible deal on ...
Drdemocrat 05/24/2010 174 72 - 30
Rand Paul Will Allow Businesses to Discriminate by Race
Rand Paul may be the media darling right now for he is the face of the Tea Party movement. However, his true colors are about to be exposed. Rand Paul wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, the ...
Drdemocrat 05/19/2010 355 215 3 260
(Update) Breaking: Fed Criminal Probe of Goldman Sachs!
The SEC has done a civil case against Goldman Sachs. Now the Fed is investigating Goldman Sachs criminally.
Drdemocrat 04/29/2010 356 376 5 120
WaPo/ABCnews Poll: 2/3 of Americans want Wall Street Reform
WaPo/ABC news has just posted a new poll in which 2/3 of Americans support Financial Reform. Another caution to Republicans is that Americans overwhemlming trust Obama over Republicans in Wall ...
Drdemocrat 04/26/2010 15 16 - 10
BREAKING:  Dodd has accepted Lincoln's derivatives language!
I wasn't expecting this. According to the AP, Dodd has agreed to add the stronger language that is in Lincoln's derivatives bill.
Drdemocrat 04/25/2010 78 66 2 57
BREAKING:  Crist WILL run as an Independent!
Southern Political Report is reporting that Crist will announce soon that he will run as an Independent. It is not a matter of "if"
Drdemocrat 04/21/2010 379 279 1 118
Reconciliation for Job Creation, Energy, & Deficit reduction!
This is HUGE! The Senate Dems are drafting the budget for 2011 to include reconciliation rules for job creation, energy legislation, deficit reduction, tax cuts, etc.
Drdemocrat 04/20/2010 26 19 - 39
Senator Lincoln's Wall Street bill moves LEFT?!!!
It is amazing what a primary challenge can do. Senator Lincoln's agriculture committee is suppose to work on the derivatives section of the Wall Street bill. There has been much speculation that ...
Drdemocrat 04/13/2010 18 9 - 100
BREAKING:  Obama delays his trip until June!
With the vote happening on Sunday we all speculated that Obama will change his trip and he has. It is now rescheduled to June.
Drdemocrat 03/18/2010 42 28 - 26
BREAKING:  Obama delays trip to finish health care!
Obama means business. He wants to get this thing done. BREAKING: President Obama is pushing back his trip to Asia, previously planned for March ...
Drdemocrat 03/12/2010 292 186 - 54
Mark up of Reconciliation Bill in the House starts Monday!
Well the ball keeps moving. Politico is reporting that the mark up of the Reconciliation Bill starts Monday in the House Budget committee. No idea what specifically will be in the Reconciliation ...
Drdemocrat 03/11/2010 27 9 - 81
The White House is NOW committed to Reconciliation!
According to Politico after the Health Care Reform summit the White House, Reid, and Pelosi are going to come out and commit to reconciliation if there is no compromise between Republicans and ...
Drdemocrat 02/19/2010 81 20 1 33
Obama's bipartisan health care reform meet is February 25th!
Well it is official. Obama has decided to lead on health care (LOL) and has announced a health care reform meeting with Republicans and Democrats that will occur on February 25th. http://www....
Drdemocrat 02/07/2010 413 160 1 104
Obama plan:  Put Republicans on the spot on health care
Obama gave a cryptic response when asked about what the health care reform plan is going forward when addressing "Organizing for America". According to Politico it appears that Obama is going to ...
Drdemocrat 02/04/2010 56 36 4 26
It's Not over! Clyburn just said can make changes to Senate bill!
Clyburn was just on MSNBC and he said that they can not push the Senate bill AS IS through but they are looking at making changes to the bill through reconciliation. I suspect that the House ...
Drdemocrat 01/21/2010 77 16 - 35
Clyburn says health care not dead! Doing Reconciliation!
Both Rollcall and The Hill are reporting that the House and the Senate are moving quickly to get health care reform via reconciliation.
Drdemocrat 01/20/2010 333 243 - 100
If Brown wins, Obama Plans to Become a FIGHTER!!!
Many of us are bracing for a potential loss by Coakley tomorrow and the pundit bashing of Obama and the Democrats as well as the Republican snickers. Obama's plan is NOT to go in a corner and ...
Drdemocrat 01/18/2010 195 25 2 27
BREAKING:  Obama going to Massachusetts on Sunday!
It has been decided that Obama is going to Massachusetts on Sunday to campaign for Coakley!
Drdemocrat 01/15/2010 544 169 - 32
Gallup: 2009 Winners (the Obamas & Hillary), Losers (GOP & Wilson)
Gallup has conducted a poll on who are the "Winners" and "Losers" of 2009. They found out that people who were associated with Obama were more likely on the "Winners" list while those associated ...
Drdemocrat 12/28/2009 16 17 - 86
BREAKING: Nelson accepts Senate's abortion compromise!
Nelson has been the hardest nut to crack and is the most conservative Democrat in the Senate. Although Lieberman has been getting the biggest lumps lately, he is actually the one who is masking ...
Drdemocrat 12/19/2009 96 23 - 32
Paul Krugman's OpEd:  Pass the DAMN bill!
Paul Krugman has weighed in this debate on whether or not the Senate bill should be killed because it isn't what progressives want. He has written a column in which he basically says: PASS THE ...
Drdemocrat 12/18/2009 68 37 1 53
Obama to announce $200 billion from TARP for jobs bill! Update link
Just announced on CNN just now that the Obama adminstration is going to announce tomorrow during Obama's speech on jobs creation that he is going to ask Congress to use $200 billion from TARP for a ...
Drdemocrat 12/07/2009 360 263 - 206
Senate Democrats Working on a $300 billion Jobs Bill!
I have been writing several Jobs bills diaries the past few weeks because this really is the NUMBER ONE ISSUE facing America. Health care reform, Afghanistan, Regulation Reform, and Climate Change ...
Drdemocrat 12/03/2009 250 187 2 160
CBO: Stimulus package created/saved up to 1.6 million jobs!
CBO just came out with their assessment of the Recovery package. CBO had some very positive things to say about the effect of the Recovery package.
Drdemocrat 12/01/2009 9 14 1 62
Democrats Working on a Multibillion dollar Jobs Package!
LA Times is reporting that Democrats in the Congress are working on a multibillion dollar JOBS bill. The House is expecting to pass it in December and the Senate after the health care reform bill ...
Drdemocrat 11/27/2009 421 220 3 167
New Report: Trigger is BEST option for health care reform
Two articles that have come out from progressive writers take a hard second look at the public option as it is written in both the House and the Senate bills. Both conclude that the public ...
Drdemocrat 11/26/2009 47 5 - 86
Democrats are shifting stimulus to just JOB creation!
Since the House has passed their health care reform bill, the members are now focusing on the number 1 issue in America which is JOBS JOBS JOBS. They have even created a bipartisan congressional ...
Drdemocrat 11/24/2009 278 213 2 313
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