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Fox's Eric Bolling Tweets To Me "You & Your Moronic Liberal Friends ..."
Since the release of the Senate report on the CIA torture program last week, it seems everyone has chimed in with an opinion. Out of the 6000+ page classified report, a 525 summary has Americans ...
DreamNumber9 12/15/2014 16 26 - -
Bill Maher is Right, Fox News Polarizes America and Gallup Study Backs It Up
Bill Maher was right when he said that Fox News polarizes America. They have been spinning and twisting the news for years and years now.
DreamNumber9 09/19/2014 18 14 - -
Ted Cruz's Hysterical Reaction to Obama's Meet the Press Interview
After the President's lengthy interview on Meet the Press, Senator Cruz went a bit nutty. He can't stand the fact that our POTUS is not only in charge, but is reassuring the people ... that we, the ...
DreamNumber9 09/07/2014 21 23 - -
Fox's Eric Bolling Uses Twisted Logic to Oppose Minimum Wage
There's something sinister about the way Eric Bolling, who worked on Wall St. for a period of time, refers to raising the minimum wage as "Artificial." Huh? Does he mean ... Artificial, like it's ...
DreamNumber9 09/04/2014 3 2 - -
Fox's Talking Points Are In Regarding Journalist Beheaded By Isis!!
We just learned that James Foley, the missing American Photojournalist, was beheaded by Isis. This truly horrific act was carried out by the terrorist group, ISIS, in Syria. James Foley had been ...
DreamNumber9 08/20/2014 18 9 - -
Plight of Christians in Iraq Began When GW Bush Invaded in March 2003, Obama Urged Action in 2007
Watching the right berate the POTUS and say he’s done nothing about the Christians being persecuted in Iraq, smacks of hypocrisy. Does anyone remember the plight of the Iraqi Christians that began ...
DreamNumber9 08/08/2014 5 9 - -
Fox News: "The Mean Girls"
Last night I watched a documentary that was very enlightening. It was called, GAZA, WITNESS TO WAR. It included the history of Gaza and the Palestinians. I learned several new facts. I had no idea ...
DreamNumber9 08/08/2014 6 3 - -
Fox's, THE FIVE, Displays "Hateism"
Hateism. It's really a word, look it up! Let's apply it appropriately. When you tune into Fox, 97% of the time you are going to see one of their hosts displaying "Hateism" towards Obama or Democrats.
DreamNumber9 06/25/2014 5 - - -
Did Any Republican Get Fired for Altering Benghazi Emails?
Does anyone remember a Republican getting fired last year for altering Benghazi Emails? Does anyone remember any specific investigations into the matter? Was this even on the news? If it was I'd ...
DreamNumber9 05/04/2014 75 142 3 -
Now We Know Why the GOP is Cherry Picking What To Fund and Not Fund!
We've all been a bit befuddled about this whole government shut down. The GOP has been crying wolf for so long we just didn't think they would go this far. But, they did. The real question is WHY ...
DreamNumber9 10/04/2013 13 17 - -
The Media Plays Down Tragedy in Texas
Granted, what happened on Monday, at the finish of the Boston Marathon, was sheer terrorism on perhaps a local level, we are now learning. What happened to the victims watching the marathon was ...
DreamNumber9 04/19/2013 20 5 - -
Seriously? Newsletter Calls For 'Armed Revolution' If Obama Is Re-elected
Unemployment is down, the country is running a surplus for the first time since the economic disaster in 2008 (today's news), our country is safer, OBL is dead, gas prices are headed down, health ...
DreamNumber9 05/09/2012 14 6 - 154
Democrats Working to Stop Oil Speculators
Let's face it ~ the right wing won't do anything about the unscrupulous oil speculators because they seem to WANT gas prices to remain high in hopes it will fulfill their goal ..... to 'make Obama a ...
DreamNumber9 03/24/2012 18 15 1 127
Time To Talk About Irreversible Climate Change, AGAIN!
Intelligent folks realize there are Climate Change Deniers (generally from the extreme far right faction of the GOP) that don't care about this subject, Irreversible Climate ...
DreamNumber9 11/12/2011 6 6 - 66
Did GOP Senator Mike Lee Admit He's an Obstructionist?
Every once in awhile a Democrat has to turn on the Fox News Entertainment Channel to hear the latest attacks on us and the POTUS. If we can last 30 minutes of listening to their mindless rhetoric ...
DreamNumber9 10/12/2011 3 3 - 89
Bachmann to hold a Jabber-Jaw Press Conference Post Obama's Speech
Even Fox News who caters to the nitwit, Bachmann, knows she's headed out the door. Bachmann doesn't even know exactly what the President will offer, she just knows the Tea Party wants her to be ...
DreamNumber9 09/08/2011 2 5 - 85
Don't forget, GW Bush Financed Two Wars!
GW Bush started two wars when he was in office, but let's not even get into how unjust and illegal the war in Iraq was started. Bush, 43, had already given the surplus away that he inherited from ...
DreamNumber9 07/23/2011 13 2 - 68
Climate Deniers, What Makes Them Tick?
Recording breaking heat, just like the record colds this past winter have been the new norm for this nation. The rest of the world is getting hit as well with other weather related disasters. Our ...
DreamNumber9 07/17/2011 12 2 - 79
Why Gas Prices are High, for Dummies
A guest on the Ed Show on MSNBC did a remarkable job explaining why the price of gas is so high. But .... as gas prices rise the right wing Fox News asks, "is it time to drill baby drill?" And of ...
DreamNumber9 04/13/2011 10 1 - 32
Republicans Admit Why They Will Shut the Government Down
Republicans finally admitted the truth, that the government will shut down if they don't get their way, not actually over money, but their precious 'policy issues.' Reid stated the truth, "the ...
DreamNumber9 04/07/2011 1 1 - 19
Senior Socialists Embrace Socialism
Where did I come up with a title like that you may wonder? Well, I was posting on a political message board and some folks from the fringe right started posting titles like this ... one right after ...
DreamNumber9 10/03/2010 11 8 - 100
Will the Tea Party Quiet Down if GOP Wins?
Seriously, have the fruits and nuts on the far right side of sanity, thought this through? If the RW wins and the economy gets worse instead of better ... what will the RW fringe say and do next? ...
DreamNumber9 09/24/2010 47 3 - 60
Jon Stewart Takes on the Fringe
What a fun rally that is planned, so it sounds like. I almost wish I was going. I'm also tired of the crazed opinions from the fringe elements of the GOP. Nothing ... absolutely nothing like it even ...
DreamNumber9 09/22/2010 22 11 - 83
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