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Some thoughts on liberal voices and ex-Republicans
This is, of course, the internet. That means people can say they are whoever they want to say they are. Many people are telling the truth, many others are not, and none of us really knows the ...
Driver 8 12/01/2010 141 25 1 48
I'm proud to pay my taxes.  Pass it on.
Here at the Kos, we are all about electing more and better Democrats. That is a fine goal, but it does not address an underlying problem: To elect better Democrats, we need to win over more voters ...
Driver 8 11/11/2010 45 29 1 67
Are progressive bloggers influential, or aren't they?
I have seen a disturbing trend recently that is really bothering me. Some people on this site and elsewhere have been increasingly alarmed by the circular firing squad and constant criticism of the ...
Driver 8 01/25/2010 81 19 - 31
Dear President Obama
Please feel free to cut/paste as desired! Your very own "Why you have disappointed me" template. Just pick the item from each parenthetical list that best suits your needs. I write ...
Driver 8 01/21/2010 4 1 - 14
Brown for health care reform?
I'm pretty new here, so my apologies if this has been covered. I haven't seen it, though. This ...
Driver 8 01/20/2010 69 5 - 10
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