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Poking the Hornet's Nest: The Lessons of Applebee's & Pastor Bell
I am pretty sure that in the future, historians are going to look back and say that the birth of the Internet holds a unique place in human history: it is probably both the best thing man has ever ...
DruidQueen 02/06/2013 35 35 3 -
A Little Help for Rwanda in Portland
My apologies for not being around much since December, despite receiving a generous secret Santa gift of a lifetime sub. I had promised to begin a series on Geekdom and Gaming and Girls, and have ...
DruidQueen 04/20/2012 1 4 - 26
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Got an in-game mail last night from a Kossack who was wondering if Victorious Secret was still around, because I haven't posted a diary about TOR since my initial one. The answer is, yes! We are ...
DruidQueen 01/18/2012 29 8 1 126
Somebody on DKOS just BLEW MY MIND!
I have been running on fumes of late, with work being so ridiculously busy the past 3 weeks and even more so this week, that I almost missed this wonderful subscription drive going on. I became ...
DruidQueen 12/14/2011 11 28 - 176
Victorious Secret: Dkos Republic Guild
Hello my pretties! Welcome to the Unofficial Daily Kos Republic Guild for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I am pleased to announce that today, 12/13/2011, is a momentous day indeed. Not only did ...
DruidQueen 12/13/2011 11 8 1 71
Victorious Secret: A SW:TOR Republic Guild for Kossacks
Victorious Secret is a PvE guild on the Republic side of Bioware's new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since the game hasn't launched yet, we don't have a server, and we are just starting out. VS ...
DruidQueen 12/02/2011 13 4 - 58
Portland, OR Kossacks--I need your help!
Hello, Portlanders! I am writing to you today to ask for help and advice. I searched in vain for a Portland or Oregon group on Dkos, but there is no search function (very much needed, Kos, please!) ...
DruidQueen 07/18/2011 92 20 - 187
One Rally To Rule The Mall - A photo diary
So it turns out that there was this little event on Saturday, October 30th, at the National Mall, and I just happened to be in town to attend with a few friends. According ...
DruidQueen 11/01/2010 21 35 - 397
Over 1,740 Roses for Speaker Pelosi's 70th Birthday!!
This Friday, March 26 happens to be Nancy Pelosi's 70th Birthday! Given how much serious ass she kicked in herding cats, twisting arms and otherwise corralling 219 Democrats into passing the most ...
DruidQueen 03/24/2010 145 98 2 41
We can't ask taxpayers to pay for abortions, but we can ask them to pay for prayer therapy? WTF?
Most folks don't know about this tiny little provision in the health care bill, so I figured I would write up a diary about it. Senator Hatch (R-Utah) snuck this provision in but it has some big ...
DruidQueen 11/03/2009 917 333 3 103
My ovaries thank you, Mr. President
I didn't cry or get weak in the knees on inauguration day, but I was pleased at his speech and proud that this country so overwhelmingly made the right choice. I didn't cry when, on day one, ...
DruidQueen 01/23/2009 3 9 - 14
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