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GBCW -- Signing Off
Please delete my account here at Daily Kos. Thank you in advance.
Dry Observer 11/06/2011 56 5 - 613
"Hackers" Gather Worldwide to Fight Climate Change
Random Hacks of Kindness , a grassroots effort of problem solvers looking to find powerful-yet-inexpensive solutions to major problems, is now underway worldwide. ...
Dry Observer 06/06/2011 1 1 - 50
Obama, Osama, and the Deeper Strategy -- Part II
In my last article on the intelligence coup scored against the al Qaeda network, I pointed out that ...
Dry Observer 05/23/2011 2 - - 48
Obama, Osama, and the Deeper Strategy
From my blog, Future Imperative : As the death of Osama bin Laden sinks in around the world, attention has focused on ...
Dry Observer 05/13/2011 8 4 1 66
OPEC Oil Production in January -- Looking Grim
Alright. Not all of the JODI numbers totaling oil production for January, 2011 are in yet, but the OPEC numbers are. ...
Dry Observer 03/20/2011 8 6 1 97
Resveratrol Combined with Acetyl Can Protect Against Radiation
A study has found that acetylated resveratrol can protect cells exposed to radiation and help ...
Dry Observer 03/19/2011 57 2 1 204
Saving the Japanese People & the U.S./EU Economies
Japan, as is becoming increasingly clear , is facing an incredible crisis as one of ...
Dry Observer 03/15/2011 3 1 - 26
U.S. Declares National Emergency Over Libya -- Oil Crash
Please don't panic. But in light of the National Emergency President Obama just declared with regards to Libya, there's a bit more to be said. First, probably the most responsible thing ...
Dry Observer 02/28/2011 15 6 - 228
Some Further Thoughts on the Saudi Figures -- Export Collapse
I've been weighing the figures discussed here ...
Dry Observer 02/27/2011 15 13 - 138
What a 2%, 5% or 14% Drop in Oil Production (in December) Means
Something (now edited) I wrote on another forum in reply to a comment on my oil-production post ...
Dry Observer 02/25/2011 15 8 - 151
So, We Have Only Six Months of Oil Left... Any Last Words?
Seven international organizations, including the International Energy Agency, APEC, the United Nations Statistics Division and the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), have been ...
Dry Observer 02/22/2011 55 22 2 408
Because the Future Is Coming Fast
I am reactivating this Future Imperative site for a number of reasons, but most importantly because the future itself seems even more pressing, ...
Dry Observer 02/17/2011 3 5 - 53
Watson, AI, and an Unstable Earth
The previous report on IBM's de facto AI, Watson, generated a few direct and indirect responses worth mentioning. First, The New York Times followed up the article linked in my last post ...
Dry Observer 02/16/2011 26 11 2 124
Facebook & Phones, Stopping Corruption in Egypt
Street level crime, especially the corruption of law-enforcement, is a common concern reported from the streets of Cairo, as ...
Dry Observer 02/16/2011 1 - - 13
So, IBM Has an AI (Artificial General Intelligence)
From my blog, Future Imperative IBM is pitting Watson, a de facto artificial intelligence the size of an RV, with a library of 200 million pages ...
Dry Observer 02/10/2011 25 13 1 123
The Real Victims - Fox News
Yes, I know what you're thinking. It's getting to where you can't beat up a little old lady on national television and get away with it. But lost in the latest faux Fox controversy is the larger ...
Dry Observer 07/22/2010 11 2 - 16
Natural, Oil-Eating Bacteria Could Clean Up Oil Spill
Bioremediation is the process of using plants, fungus or bacteria to restore a contaminated environment to its original state. Natural, oil-...
Dry Observer 06/03/2010 62 24 2 137
Free, Renewable Energy Available Everywhere But the U.S.
Three days ago, an invention (patent pending) went into public domain everywhere in the world except the United States -- a design for a wind-powered energy system that can tap at least 60 times ...
Dry Observer 04/21/2009 33 9 4 13
G-20/Obama - Boost Global "Tax" Revenues Without Inflation?
One thing about the financial crash of the last year and a half isn't exactly a secret -- trillions of dollars in wealth have been effectively destroyed, deflated out of existence in crashing hedge ...
Dry Observer 03/28/2009 4 - - 1
Generating Power and Protecting New Orleans/Coastlines w/Minimal Resources
Titanic Seawall Construction with Minimal Resources -- A Public-Domain Invention One of the great uncertainties of climate change (aka global warming) is how fast the land-based polar icecaps will ...
Dry Observer 03/12/2009 6 6 1 30
Southeastern Fuel Shortage -- A Disaster Plan Draft
The following is a draft copy of an emergency plan for ways in which state and local governments, businesses and individuals can deal with the immediate impacts of ...
Dry Observer 09/14/2008 6 10 2 12
CBS News -- Gas Heading to $6 a Gallon in Next Few Months
CBS says gas will be heading to $6 a gallon in the next few months , as $139 a barrel oil works its way through the ...
Dry Observer 06/07/2008 57 28 - 17
Home Heating with Windpower -- Public Domain 'Invention'
Given the cost of heating homes in many colder climates, quite a few homeowners could use a cheap, renewable source of warmth to get them through the winter. So, take a small wind turbine like the ...
Dry Observer 05/07/2008 80 23 16 41
Carbon Offsets – Trees and Gardens – The Other Low-Hanging Fruit
My first article in this series described a new, public-domain innovation -- how charitable foundations could dramatically impact climate change, peak oil and the credit crunch while taking the sale ...
Dry Observer 03/08/2008 26 35 7 161
Make Billions Fighting Global Warming/Peak Oil/Credit Crunch w/Carbon Offsets, If You're a Charity
For those who missed it, my last article described -- a new, public-domain innovation -- how charitable foundations could ...
Dry Observer 03/08/2008 17 16 6 191
How Charities Can Fight Global Warming/Peak Oil/Credit Crunch & Earn Billions
This article shares an innovation – a simple plan by which many charities could earn tremendous “profits” (to be plowed back into their humanitarian efforts) while dramatically ...
Dry Observer 03/07/2008 11 11 1 18
Global Warming Maps -- Going Deep
Maps are now available which show how much of the coastline near you will be inundated if water levels change between one and fourteen meters. Simply go to ...
Dry Observer 10/13/2007 14 20 1 35
Bush Administration 90+% Chance Global Warming Manmade -- Must Reduce Co2 or Earth May Be Unlivable
The Bush Administration takes a firm, unwavering position : "George Bush's top scientific advisor has ...
Dry Observer 09/15/2007 7 5 - 21
Greenland Icecap Collapse Triggering Earthquakes
For anyone who missed it, the Guardian tells us ... "The Greenland ice cap is melting so quickly that it is ...
Dry Observer 09/12/2007 29 32 2 29
49% of Guard, 38% of Army, 31% of Marines Have Brain Damage, PTSD, etc - A Question of Math
A blue-ribbon Pentagon task force reported this July that about 38% of soldiers, 31% of ...
Dry Observer 09/10/2007 25 26 4 12
If You Say "I Believe in Global Warming" a Fairy Dies...
Recently, someone was telling me... hmm. well, I wouldn't want to look like the stupid , but I've been seing some things lately that make me think a lot of the current ...
Dry Observer 07/02/2007 8 5 1 1
Enhancement's Dark Mirror -- How to (Dis)Empower Our Children
A group of researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health has announced that industrial chemicals have impaired the brain development of children, creating behaviorial problems and reducing ...
Dry Observer 06/24/2007 13 11 - 125
New Scientist -- DCA May Completely Cure "Most Forms of Cancer"
This is an article written by a personal friend, Dr. Win Wenger, about the following news report on an actual cure for "most forms of cancer." His point below about getting DCA approved in human ...
Dry Observer 01/18/2007 28 8 1 9
Invention: Could Solve Global Warming & the Yellowstone & Canary Islands Supervolcanoes
Dry Observer 05/11/2006 7 2 - 3
Global Warming -- An Immediate Problem -- Further Notes
Dry Observer 04/30/2006 4 3 1 -
Global Warming -- An Immediate Problem
Dry Observer 04/27/2006 7 7 - 5
Where Will You Be When the Floodwaters Rise?
Dry Observer 04/22/2006 6 6 1 3
Of Dragon Eggs and Posthuman Gods...
Dry Observer 04/02/2006 10 2 - 5
Confronting the Blogger Menace...
Dry Observer 02/17/2006 10 4 - 2
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