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Ted Cruz goes full Black Helicopter over Jade Helm 15
I love me the Black Helicopter alien autopsy crowd. It helps me feel so ... normal. Anyway that's what I tell the voices ... voices I keep hearing: "Go to tupperware parties .. Jimmy Hoffa is ...
Cartoon Peril 05/02/2015 67
Wingnut xenophobe's "expert" gets taken down as racist twit -- ZING!
The House Republicans, led by Steven King (R-Paint Huffing) to denounce their Number One Enemy, babies , or at least, the wrong colored ones anyway. Now, a baby doesn't have much except the love of ...
Cartoon Peril 04/29/2015 3
Special Guest Spammer! Dr. Sanden and his Electric Belt!
For all you planning on heading to the Klondike any time soon: This may be the long awaited Republican alternative to Obamacare, no?
Cartoon Peril 04/26/2015 12
Curious how a dictatorship can be established in a democracy? Look no further than Arizona.
I wondered how America's toughest sheriff, our very own tin god Joe Arpaio was going to react when he was confronted with charges of contempt of an order of a federal judge. Joe ...
Cartoon Peril 04/24/2015 70
Law school applications down almost 50% from 2004-- good?
Maybe. WaPo sez : Nearly 46,000 people have applied so far to go to an accredited U.S. law school in the most recent admissions cycle, a figure that puts applications on track to hit just short of ...
Cartoon Peril 04/22/2015 47

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