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Elizabeth Warren for Senate Majority Leader 2016
No, I don't want her to run for President in 2016. I want her leading a new Democratic majority in the US Senate. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. That's all.
EagleOfFreedom 03/28/2015 19 3 - -
Democratic leverage with the CRomnibus
Let's think this through for a minute. We all know the Dems just caved, and caved big time on the CRomnibus bill. Gutting provisions from the already watered-down Dodd Frank finacial reforms? ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/14/2014 24 - - -
Spending deal enslaves DC yet again, blocks recreational weed
Taxation without representation is alive and well in the District of Columbia, yes our nations capitol. Anyone who has lived in the District is painfully aware of their lack of voting ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/10/2014 19 7 - -
Let's get real
Just for a minute. Here at DailyKos, we were not enthusiastic about this election. One need look no further than the Dkos endorsed U.S. Senate candidates... how many were there? Huh? Oh yes. ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/05/2014 1 2 - -
2014: GOP Does Not Value Work, Time To Clean House
Work. Hard work. That's what this nation was founded on. More and more these days, people are working longer and harder to make ends meet.
EagleOfFreedom 09/19/2014 2 6 - -
We must get rid of Obamacare
Obamacare is a horrible horrible… word. Don't get me wrong. The Affordable Care Act, the ACA, is actually a pretty damn good policy that is helping MILLIONS of people get the care they need, ...
EagleOfFreedom 07/23/2014 34 5 - -
(WA-48) Goodbye Turncoat Tom
Don't let the door hit you on the way out! For those of you who missed the blurb today in the Live Elections Digest , our most reviled state senator, Sen. Rodney Tom of Washington's 48th district, ...
EagleOfFreedom 04/14/2014 14 40 - -
Seattle Kossacks Commiserate
The Seattle and Puget Sound Kossacks had their second meeting on Saturday, again at the Pyramid Alehouse in the heart of Seattle’s Sodo neighborhood, and directly across from the Mariners ...
EagleOfFreedom 04/09/2014 41 84 - -
BSADADT: Seattle Scoutmaster Ousted
Growing up in Seattle, Geoff McGrath learned how the Boy Scouts of America can be very empowering to a young kid. Getting out on the trails in the National Parks abundant in the Pacific Northwest, ...
EagleOfFreedom 04/05/2014 8 31 - -
Puget Sound Kossacks Meet!
There's a lot of things to talk about in the Pacific NW right now, and the Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks will be meeting this Saturday to discuss them: The tragic landslide in Oso, Wa The razor-...
EagleOfFreedom 03/31/2014 9 11 - -
Trickle down? Meet Rising Tide
Trickle down has not been debunked, not in the minds of the masses. How else can you explain the lack of revolt? We should see mobs with pitchforks and torches chasing Republicans, who keep giving ...
EagleOfFreedom 03/13/2014 32 45 - -
Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks April Meeting
Hey folks, fond memories are in the rear view mirror of our inaugural meeting in January, and the hangover from the Seahawks Super Bowl victory has finally worn off. Time to get the Seattle & Puget ...
EagleOfFreedom 03/09/2014 23 18 1 -
Rant: You don't need science
Stop lying to me. Stop lying to yourself. You don't need science to know that human-induced climate change can and is happening. You just need common sense. And every time you mock the idea of ...
EagleOfFreedom 03/06/2014 58 41 3 -
Better Democrat Challenges Turncoat Rodney Tom
In late 2012, after a Democratic sweep of the statewide offices in Washington state and solid results for team blue across the board, WA-48th State Senator Rodney Tom ( R D) turned his back on his ...
EagleOfFreedom 02/28/2014 5 12 1 -
Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks Arrive
Hats off to almost a dozen, 11 to be exact, great people who took time out of their weekends and money from their budgets to get together on Seahawks Super Bowl Saturday for the inaugural meetup of ...
EagleOfFreedom 02/02/2014 42 36 - -
Seattle meetup details
OK Folks, this is a drive by diary with just the quick details... since I'm supposedly working right now. Our initial meetup of Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks is: Saturday, Feb 1st Noon - 3pm. ...
EagleOfFreedom 01/28/2014 14 20 - -
Seattle Initial Meetup
Hey folks, thanks all who participated in the doodle poll. We seem to have critical mass to have the inaugural meet up of Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks on Sat Feb 1, between noon and 3pm. Not ...
EagleOfFreedom 01/24/2014 17 13 - -
UPDATED: Eastside Catholic and the Fight To Keep Mr. Z
Yesterday word trickled, then flooded out about students at Eastside Catholic in Sammamish, Washington igniting a massive revolt against the forced resignation of their school Vice President by the ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/20/2013 22 51 - -
Seattle & Puget Sound
Why don't we have a Seattle-specific Kossack group? That was the question that got me in trouble to begin with. There is Koscadia, a group based in Portland that includes Washington State in the ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/17/2013 29 44 1 -
The Triumph of Same Love and Macklemore
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis pierced popular consciousness last year with his smash single 'Thrift Shop' that topped the charts for 6 weeks and is still, 50-some weeks later, lingering in the top 40. ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/13/2013 6 1 - -
ObamaScare & What I learned in Pennsyltucky
Last weekend, I visited my family in Central Pennsylvania, an area that James Carville dismissively coined as "Pennsyltucky". Yeah, yeah, not my word, and sorry if it offends you, but it fits. ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/10/2013 15 20 - -
There they go again
Instead of justifying why they voted against cloture on President Obama's nominees to the DC U.S. Court of appeals, Republicans are once again projecting their faults onto the Democrats after they ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/22/2013 3 2 - -
Socialist poised to take Seattle City Council Seat!
Yes, I know we're all about more and better Democrats here, and Kshama Sawant is a member of the Socialist Alternative party. But, her campaign and candidacy for the Seattle City Council is being ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/10/2013 77 41 2 -
The PATRIOT Act Strikes Back!
The PATRIOT Act, the much reviled law that was rammed through after 9/11, has been the source of much angst in the progressive community since it passed. Most of us believe it was a huge overreach ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/09/2013 9 7 - -
Tea Partiers and FOX are projecting their flaws on Democrats
I made the mistake of watching FOX news (Hannity) the other night, just for a few minutes. Earlier in the day, I had an interaction on Facebook that made me think, eh, maybe I'm being too harsh on ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/07/2013 1 6 1 -
Stabbing on Capitol Hill
The Republican negotiating tactics over the budget are thus... * If you don't give me your wallet, I will stab you a thousand times. I hate you and I know you are out to get me, so I'm taking your ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/04/2013 3 1 - -
Death to Obamacare, Long Live the ACA
The made-up word "Obamacare" is an insult. It is intended to be so in the minds of those who began using it. They hate Obama, so labeling it Obamacare feeds right into the hate. They won't even ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/03/2013 12 - - -
The gerrymander
I've seen a lot of rage about the government shutdown. I've seen rage about the possible default on the government debt, and the negotiations to keep that from happening. I've seen rage about the ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/01/2013 3 4 - -
Seattle Anarchy - Where are the jobs?
As I sit here and watch nonstop coverage of the anarchists and protesters rioting in downtown Seattle tonight, snarling traffic and destroying property, I am left with the only questions... Why aren'...
EagleOfFreedom 05/01/2013 35 5 - -
Boy Scouts announce policy change, gay scouts OK but no gay leaders
It's being reported today that the Boy Scouts of America is going to hold a vote to change their discriminatory policy to now allow gay scouts. However, they will maintain that gay adults will not ...
EagleOfFreedom 04/19/2013 14 11 - -
Push back, hard, now
I am incensed to hear that anyone is trying to impune President Obama's integrity in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy. He didn't say the word "terror" during a press conference? Give me a ...
EagleOfFreedom 04/16/2013 1 3 - -
Sandy Hook ER doc featured on The Last Word
I'm going to keep this short and not particularly sweet. Lawrence O'Donnell has really been a champion on Sandy Hook and gun control discussions. He has been rebroadcasting segments of the Sandy ...
EagleOfFreedom 02/01/2013 6 29 - -
TLAs, new rule
From hereon henceforth, it shall be considered poor writing style on Daily Kos to introduce a three letter acronym (TLA) or even a four letter acronym (FLA) without proper full explanation of your ...
EagleOfFreedom 01/29/2013 19 9 - -
Let them have their right to work laws
Clarence Page today in the Chicago Tribune explained the origin of the phrase "right to work" is that the laws grant workers the right to work through a strike, and praises the phrase as something ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/15/2012 3 3 - -
Teacher suspended in MI for playing 'Same Love'
If you haven't heard it yet, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's song "Same Love" was the unofficial anthem of the recent Referendum 74 campaign here in Washington State. It gets my vote for Song of the Year,
EagleOfFreedom 11/30/2012 7 17 - -
Denied Eagle Scout Rank, Teen Amassing Eagle Awards
You may have heard about Ryan Andresen, the scout who completed all requirements for Eagle award while being openly gay, but was denied the rank at the last minute because of the Boy Scouts of ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/21/2012 20 47 - -
Call it the Fiscal Bluff
As we have learned from many fights before, using the language and framing of our opponents when communicating with voters plays perfectly into their hands. Unfortunately, it appears that the "...
EagleOfFreedom 11/16/2012 6 6 - -
The Won't Let You Do Nothing Congress
I'm heartened to hear that finally there is some discussion of the Republican Congress's efforts to bring everyone together. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor... yeah, they're all talking about ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/02/2012 5 3 - -
Obama v. the Won't-Let-You-Do-Nothin Congress
Why is the presidential race so close right now? Romney is a flip flopping lying liar who won't come clean on his taxes, most likely for criminal reasons. And the American public is supporting him?
EagleOfFreedom 10/27/2012 4 2 - -
Scouts for Equality - Sending Eagle Awards to Scout Denied His Rank
Late last week, I posted my letter to the Boy Scouts of America in which I was to send my Eagle award back to the BSA due to their treatment of Ryan Andresen. Ryan is the openly gay scout who ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/11/2012 8 15 - -
Which Obama do you want?
Everyone is pontificating upon the polls and thinking... all is not lost OR screaming the sky is falling. Frankly, I coulding give a flying frackwater. No, what I care about is more fundamental ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/10/2012 6 - - 42
UPDATED: Boy Scouts - this Eagle is finally free
I have had my letter renouncing my Eagle award drafted since August due to the Boy Scouts of America's policy to exclude both gay scouts and GLBT leaders. So far most of those renouncing their ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/05/2012 26 39 - 138
Romney's Tell
Please review video of Mitt Romney's closing statement and notice how vociferously he is blinking. Nonstop. The whole time. Link to CNN Video Inner monologue must have been intense to cause that,
EagleOfFreedom 10/03/2012 5 6 - 114
Romney pulling a Bain on GOP?
Just a quick diary to start a conversation.... Is Mitt Romney doing to the GOP the exact same thing that Bain, the company he ran for many years, did repeatedly to failing and flailing companies ...
EagleOfFreedom 09/26/2012 157 267 2 2410
Powerful new marriage equality ad in WA
Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing the new Washington United for Marriage ad during the Rachel Maddow show here in support of Washington State referendum 74. The ad is a very simple one, ...
EagleOfFreedom 09/18/2012 3 9 - 51
Lies, lies, lies, yeah! Musical tribute to Lyin Ryan
Sorry folks, but this song has been stuck in my head all morning while reading the reviews of Paul Ryan's speech last night. Now it's stuck in your head. Please add more lyin' songs in the comments!
EagleOfFreedom 08/30/2012 14 5 - 73
Gender Equity On the US Supreme Court
The best defense is a good offense. Instead of fighting on their turf, we could be fighting on our turf. I'm not sure how many other cliches I can think of, but the point of what I'm trying to say ...
EagleOfFreedom 08/28/2012 6 1 - 38
Thank you Mitt Romney , We Know You Care!
Thanks so much for caring about the feelings of the African American community of the United States, Mitt. Thanks for your sincere outrage at VP Joe Biden's "chains" ...
EagleOfFreedom 08/15/2012 21 45 - 368
What institution is more corrupt?
This question just popped into my mind... What institution is more corrupt and in need of house cleaning or rules changing to create more fair and functional government? The U.S. Supreme Court or ...
EagleOfFreedom 06/27/2012 5 - - 54
Boy Scouts to reconsider anti-gay policies???
This story passed me by yesterday, but was even mentioned by front-pager Kaili. Apparently the Boy Scouts of America is finally willing to consider amending their ban on openly gay members and ...
EagleOfFreedom 06/08/2012 31 14 - 118
Wisconsin music - open thread
Well, I'm trying to stay focused on work out here on the left coast while the big recall election is going on back in Wisconsin today. Unfortunately, my music player is not agreeing with me. What ...
EagleOfFreedom 06/05/2012 19 4 - 59
HR this diary
I've felt for some time that the readers of Daily Kos are getting meaner and meaner. It seems like whenever I write a diary or make a comment, no matter how well intentioned or how much time I take ...
EagleOfFreedom 05/21/2012 66 3 - 543
Economic impact of marriage equality
A couple months ago, I wrote a diary about the possible stimulative effects full marriage equality for LGBT citizens might have on the economy and jobs. Today, I am so proud of President Obama's ...
EagleOfFreedom 05/09/2012 1 1 - 38
Media gets it wrong on Buffet Rule
Yesterday, I could not find a single news source that would accurately report that a minority of US Senators blocked the Buffet Rule from consideration over the will of the majority. NPR? No. ...
EagleOfFreedom 04/17/2012 6 9 - 63
Pres. Obama and the Big Gay Stimulus Package
President Obama has done a great job of keeping the fire on the feet of obstructionists in Congress over efforts to lower the unemployment rate over the last 6-8 months. He's had some minor ...
EagleOfFreedom 03/12/2012 1 1 - 80
Breaking: WA Dem Rep Norm Dicks retiring
So says KUOW in Seattle in a tremendously brief update a few mins ago. More to come. Please post links as this is confirmed. Headed into the office now, sorry for the short diary. He ...
EagleOfFreedom 03/02/2012 7 8 - 60
Santorum Stars in Scary Noir Film in Tacoma
Wow, I saw this video the other day, and thought it was scary in a surreal, noir sort of way. Beyond Rick Santorum's typical condescending tone with the Occupy Tacoma and other protesters (mocking ...
EagleOfFreedom 02/20/2012 6 3 - 86
Occupy Tacoma scares Santorum?
Poor little Rick Santorum, failed former senator from Pennsylvania, was apparently so mortified by the back-talk from Occupiers in Tacoma earlier this week that he is now exploring getting Secret ...
EagleOfFreedom 02/15/2012 7 6 - 70
2012: Move your money year
I am happy to say that after almost 4 months of preparations, I finally closed my Bank of America checking and savings accounts. This wasn't a BofA account to begin with. They bought my local ...
EagleOfFreedom 01/30/2012 9 7 - 37
Its not about envy, it's about greed
Dear Mitt Romney, It's not about the 99% who envy the success of the 1%. No, Mitt, it is about the greed of the 1%, who offshore jobs to take more for themselves. It's about the greed of the ...
EagleOfFreedom 01/12/2012 4 8 - 42
Occupy the Ballot
Occupy is a leaderless movement. Occupy doesn’t need leaders. Everyone is empowered. Blah blah blah. That’s a load of crap. Occupy needs leaders. Occupy needs candidates. Occupy needs ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/23/2011 4 2 - 25
Rocky Anderson runs for President as Justice Party Candidate!
Yesterday, former Democrat and former mayor of Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/01/2011 39 3 2 182
Moved Your Money? Next Action: Greenback Friday
The Move Your Money campaign was a revelation for the 99%, showing us what we could do when we picked a target and joined forces to take action. Hundreds of thousands (700,000+) of new credit union ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/16/2011 13 19 - 113
Don't just move your money. Pay with cash.
Many people view the Move Your Money campaign to be a huge success, with hundreds of thousands of new credit union and community bank accounts being opened over the last couple months. More money ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/14/2011 196 196 4 1052
Join the Justice Party
With liberty and justice for all... The Tea Party patriots have done a great job of trying to expand liberty as they see it, liberty from taxes and regulations mostly. But what they haven't done is ...
EagleOfFreedom 08/16/2011 2 1 - 93
Energy Jobs Initiative!
I am this weird guy who gets crazy inspirations and inventions in my head and I am lucky enough to have a job where I can make them a reality. Usually I do this with code, but sometimes I get ...
EagleOfFreedom 08/11/2011 3 3 - 29
Economy will not heal until we have justice
There are monsters amongst us, the torturers, the murderers (those who lied us into war are murderers in my book), the idolators, the userers who catapulted our world into recession through their ...
EagleOfFreedom 08/08/2011 6 4 - 44
With Liberty and Justice For ALL
Ahh, the Pledge of Allegiance. The refrain we've all been brainwashed into saying thousands of times over the course of our lives or memorizing it to become a citizen, saying it before many civic ...
EagleOfFreedom 03/15/2011 6 2 - 43
Daddy, please tell me why?
Have you been victimized by the chain email going around with the picture of the little boy asking questions of his father about the way he is dressed? The father is wearing what seems to be some ...
EagleOfFreedom 02/28/2011 6 8 - 84
Tax cut deal: Freak out or sell out? You decide! (poll)
WTF just happened today with this tax deal? Do you think it is a good deal? Bad deal? Love it, hate it? Running as a write-in against Obama in the primary? I'll tell you how I feel... I feel ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/06/2010 7 4 - 93
Let the timebomb tax explode
With all the talk about extending the Bush tax cuts, I can't help but to keep coming back to the same idea: Let the timebomb tax explode. Huh? Well, Bushie and the Republicans created a tax cut ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/11/2010 31 9 - 25
Obama rally downer counter-acted
I attended the Obama / Patty Murray rally yesterday in Seattle. The event was well produced and attended, and I should have been energized. But I wasn't, actually the opposite. I met up with a ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/22/2010 96 17 - 122
I'm mad as hell, and I'm going to vote
The enthusiasm gap be damned. I'm a Democrat and I'm mad as hell and I'm going to vote! I am sick and tired of nay sayers stopping or weakening legislation even when they agree with many of the ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/12/2010 10 16 - 65
WA, PA, & progressive candidates I'm supporting
I've been holding out on 2010 campaign donations as I have a limited budget and want to make sure they go to the places where they can do the most good. But with one of the last big fundraising ...
EagleOfFreedom 09/27/2010 10 8 - 40
Voluntary disclosure can beat the astroturfers
We've all seen the commercials from the astroturfing interest groups, which as the NY Times documented this ...
EagleOfFreedom 09/25/2010 5 8 - 29
Civility on Daily Kos and what you can do about it
I've noticed a penchant for people over the last few months to get really nasty and personal very quickly on diary comments. It's gotten to the point when someone replies and politely ...
EagleOfFreedom 08/06/2010 79 29 1 36
Constitutional Amendment to leverage filibuster reform
The conservative/republican machine has done an exceptional job over the last few news cycles of completely dominating the debate on immigration. How? By proposing a Constitutional amendment that ...
EagleOfFreedom 08/04/2010 7 - - 34
Rachel Maddow, my name for the filibuster: Un-American!
Sorry if this is a bit of a rant, but having to watch the US Senate once again jump through the 60 vote super-majority hoop these last couple weeks has very much reinflamed my anger about the ...
EagleOfFreedom 07/21/2010 4 2 - 31
Reform the Senate, Reduce the Deficit OR How to Get Scooped by The Onion
A couple weeks ago, I had what I thought was a legitimate policy idea to both solve legislative gridlock and reduce the deficit. So, I feverishly drafted a post for Daily Kos. I saved the draft ...
EagleOfFreedom 04/07/2010 1 1 - 19
An interview with Eric Cantor on hypocrisy
As has been pointed out on a couple diaries, at best, Eric Cantor exaggerated significantly about the risk to his office when he gave a news conference earlier today about the threats to Congressmen ...
EagleOfFreedom 03/26/2010 4 1 - 31
Michael Moore's Sicko Playing Commercial Free on Network TV!
Well, sounded like a good idea after I just watched it. It'd be one way of re-framing the debate to the big picture, which seems to be missing in the current congressional debate. Anyone have ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/19/2009 9 2 - 46
Sen. Reid: Make Lieberman filibuster
Dear Harry Reid... You need to call Senator Lieberman's bluff, and force him to filibuster a Health Care Reform bill with Medicare expansion in it. As covered on various news outlets and blogs, ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/15/2009 13 4 - 34
It's not about marriage, its about rights for real people
The 2009 election has shown us something very important... it's not about the word "marriage", it's about rights for real people who need them now . We can win at the ballot box as Washington ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/09/2009 29 6 - 178
The real sin of the anti-gay campaigns
The religious who cling to their ideology and theology to justify spending millions of dollars in Maine and Washington State to strip rights away from gays & lesbians need to look deep into their ...
EagleOfFreedom 10/31/2009 9 13 - 89
Truth panel for 'death panel'
OK, we need something catchy and easy to remember to counter the 'death panel' meme that is infecting the health insurance reform discussions. Something that is an easy comeback every time someone ...
EagleOfFreedom 08/13/2009 3 1 - 2
I love the United States because.... (Reason #11)
I love the United States because we made mistakes (Bush) and 'we the people' eventually figured it out and used our system of elections to start making things right. It was a beautiful thing to ...
EagleOfFreedom 03/22/2009 7 2 - 5
Making roads more efficient
I found the Obama weekly address's proposal to invest more to make our government buildings more energy efficient quite interesting. It'd sure be swell if we can both create jobs and reduce our ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/06/2008 16 6 1 5
Crowd Economics to solve the housing crisis?
Last week, I mentioned the idea of giving taxpayers a greater voice in our government by essentially allowing them to vote where their tax dollars go. And instead of just a representative democracy,
EagleOfFreedom 12/04/2008 14 1 - -
Democracy 2.0 - modernizing democracy with new technology
We've just witnessed a pretty significant sea change in how the political machinery of the US works with the culmination of upheaval via the Obama Campaign. The unprecedented grassroots activism and ...
EagleOfFreedom 11/22/2008 1 5 1 1
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