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Does Scott Walker want to make pay per view adult movies illegal ?
Does Scott Walker who is running for WI Governor want to make x rated adult movies illegal in Wisconsin ? The polls keep changing almost daily. The idea of making all adult pay per view illegal in ...
EarTo44 10/31/2014 12 1 1 -
Here is why it's Obama's Fault
Here is why it's Obama's Fault. He was the one who started the invasion in Iraq originally, and he was the one who ignored all of the warnings about how the entire middle east will turn into a "...
EarTo44 09/11/2014 7 7 - -
Pre War 2002 Warnings To Bush
Who ignored all the pre war warnings in 2002? Those that for what ever reason, wanted us to invade Iraq, no matter what. Oil, Halliburton stock, billions to be made, if we invaded. That stock ...
EarTo44 06/12/2014 15 12 1 -
Time for a history lesson. 2002
In 2002, prior to our invasion, many qualified, smart, reasoned people tried to explain to then President, George Bush, (Cheney) how an invasion on Iraq would be a long term disaster, with ...
EarTo44 06/11/2014 8 1 - -
I did an 8ball last night. Review.
I am still shaking from the equivalent of what it must feel like, to do an entire 8 Ball by yourself. But not quite that. More like what it must feel like, if you did an entire 8 Ball by yourself, ...
EarTo44 04/01/2014 10 3 - -
So, Albert Einstein said this.
Well, he wrote it, not said it. A few decades ago, I would go with my father to visit his old friend. We brought her groceries, and ran errands for her every weekend. Before she died, she gave ...
EarTo44 02/08/2014 11 23 - -
An interesting quote by A.E.
I was going through some old mail, and looking over what could be considered chit chat to most, but to others, each word written contains another nugget into the mind of what most considered one of ...
EarTo44 01/31/2014 7 3 - -
Just another crazy idea.
As I get older, ideas come and go, but mostly go. So, I thought I would just take a moment to pass along something, I kind of think would have an impact on a young person. This probably isn't ...
EarTo44 01/11/2014 5 2 - -
Would you support this ?
What if you were going to go out and have lunch or dinner, and knew that some of your options included restaurants that paid their employees $12.00 or more per hour, and possibly gave them full time ...
EarTo44 01/09/2014 11 5 - -
I want a new Mt. Rushmore built.
I think it's time we built a brand new Mt. Rushmore. Something future generations can see, and take some time to evaluate who we are today as a democratic society, that has been bought and paid for,
EarTo44 12/14/2013 9 5 - -
Last shot to save the planet.
So, planet erf is in danger. We have recently produced too much carbon, and that has chocked out how the planet was able to maintain habitable conditions. The idea that this crisis is of our own ...
EarTo44 12/14/2013 13 1 - -
Amazing Superbowl prediction.
Yes, it's that time of the year again. It's Superbowl time. Here is my super amazing prediction for this year's Superbowl. But first. It's really important to at least follow this thought . Do ...
EarTo44 01/29/2013 17 1 - -
How Democrats can win it all.
Women's rights. Birth Control pills, and abortion. Yes. When you speak to any women, and nail them down on their position on Women's rights, Democratic, or Republican, there isn't any grey area. ...
EarTo44 10/15/2012 1 1 - -
The Elephant that's NOT in the room.
I can't understand why Democrat's aren't asking Mitt Romney questions about what bills he is proud of that Republicans supported under President Obama? What bills he feels prove the Republicans are ...
EarTo44 09/20/2012 3 8 - 60
They hate our American way of life.
I really do believe this. Our American way of life is in jeopardy. They our trying to take away our freedom. We have special "Freedoms" in America. They were very hard to get. Some of these ...
EarTo44 07/04/2012 10 3 - 146
Bees Colony Collapse Disorder. Solved.
I live in So Cal. I have a huge tree in my front yard. Every year that tree ends up being home to a bazillion white fly's or aphids or some super tiny bugs, that create tiny amounts of sticky stuff.
EarTo44 03/30/2012 274 576 21 3489
You don't need sperm to get pregnant.
If you are a women, you don't need sperm to get pregnant and have a baby. You don't if you believe in the Bible. So. I am going to say, the Bible is a lie. How can such a lie exist today? ...
EarTo44 03/11/2012 68 1 - 282
Fear This : Mundo Fox
How much damage has Fox News caused this country ? Starting with Fox News announcing George Bush winning the election over Al Gore. Fox News giving the Tea Party their unlimited time and money to ...
EarTo44 01/26/2012 5 5 - 56
The big write in GOP DRAMA PLAN
Anybody see the writing on the GOP wall? Mitt Romney has been tossed aside by the king makers over at Fox News. They have adjusted their focus on Newt Gingrich. There are others besides Fox who ...
EarTo44 12/02/2011 2 1 - 40
This Wednesday will be the start of the end of the Tea Party. Tuesday will be election day in Wisconsin. Republicans will have one shot to come to their senses and join up with Democrats to repair ...
EarTo44 08/06/2011 1 3 - 22
ON TV Now Tim Pawlenty His Plan to reduce the debt.
On the CSPAN is the Americans for Prosperity meeting. Federal Spending & Jobs Summit. Each person has 8 min to share their plan to reduce spending and create jobs.
EarTo44 04/29/2011 10 3 - 83
Let's hand it over in 2012
If it's not the blue dogs, its the Republicans. The Republicans get just about everything they ask for, while the Democrats hold office. So what's the point? We have this infection slowly growing,
EarTo44 04/01/2011 26 - - 93
Epic Propaganda / Battle L.A.
Epic propaganda / Battle LA movie. I was ready for some mind numbing alien invasion action movie thrills. What I got was a 2 hour commercial for joining the Marines. Ok, I knew this was going to ...
EarTo44 03/13/2011 3 1 1 23
2011 Predictions
Oh who cares. Here they are my 2011 Predictions. Don't laugh I have nailed some big ones in the past. My best one was warning my co-workers that I felt we were going to be hit by an earthquake. ...
EarTo44 12/29/2010 17 2 1 186
Coffee Party
I think I like this "Coffee Party" Where are all the "Pro-Government" people? The one's who like the cops, the fire dept, having schools, infrastructure, Unions, living wages? College Diplomas?
EarTo44 10/12/2010 11 3 - 72
Is it time for a Brown Flu in Arizona ?
What would happen to the large companies in the State of Arizona if the "Illegals" took the weekend off. What if the tourist related businesses who employ these "illegals" were to be faced with ...
EarTo44 08/03/2010 13 1 - 25
Not shocked at all.
COLUMBIA, S.C. — A mixed martial arts fighter has died from brain injuries in his professional debut. The Aiken County coroner said Monday that 30-year-old Michael Kirkham died from ...
EarTo44 06/29/2010 23 3 - 91
Sure looks like a war is starting on Thursday.  Hello?
Uh.. Not trying to be too alarmist here, but.. Being your average (Word that identifies a typical idiot, like me) who just like to read a little but on global affairs I noticed something kind of , ...
EarTo44 06/08/2010 136 4 - 107
Global Warming Denier Statues
What if some of our biggest Global Warming denier's were made into statues and those statues placed near the shores of the places that are most likely to suffer from climate change first. These can ...
EarTo44 12/09/2009 14 7 - 60
Idiocracy is here. It's so here.
Anybody need proof we are living in the land of the stupid? Tea Baggers? Sarah Palin supporters? Religion?
EarTo44 11/20/2009 103 23 2 71
I don't care about this war.
I don't care about this war in Iraq. I don't care about this war in Afghanistan. It's just not about me. I care about my twitter account. I don't have time to worry about your war. I have a ...
EarTo44 11/07/2009 18 1 - 55
Klan Rally in D.C.
Hey, turn on the tee vee machine. There is what appears to be a klu klux klan rally going on in D.C.
EarTo44 09/12/2009 82 18 - 43
Who is Harry Reid and what is his job?
Last night on Countdown, I watched Keith Olbermann give his special comment. It was what has been missing from the health care debate. It is something I would have rather have listened to from an ...
EarTo44 08/04/2009 11 3 - 69
Texas is NUMBER ONE !!!
I don't write diaries. This is not one. This is just another reason why I am upset with Texas. Huge dog fighting group busted today in Texas.
EarTo44 07/09/2009 66 2 - 4
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