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Ami Bera now leads
Haven't seen a diary about this. Just saw the news that Ami Bera (D) now leads Doug Ose (R) by 711 votes in the CA-7 House race count. This is extremely promising news and it looks like Ose will not ...
EarlGreyHot 11/12/2014 11 20 1 -
American history in photos
Previous generations have left us a priceless legacy of American history: detailed photographic records dating back to the Civil War. These "vintage photos" are a fascinating glimpse into times gone ...
EarlGreyHot 04/23/2012 2 5 3 43
We're going solar this week
After years of wanting to, finally this week we're having solar panels installed on our house! My wife has been the main impetus, making noise about reducing our carbon footprint, but I've been ...
EarlGreyHot 02/28/2012 25 37 - 173
My mother's abortion story
My late mother, conservative in many respects (though later in life she said that my sister and I "turned her liberal"), was always very outspokenly pro-choice. I never knew what was behind her views,
EarlGreyHot 02/23/2012 7 19 - 123
Harry Grows a Pair
As reported in Balloon Juice, Harry Reid responds to McCain's hissy fit about HCR passing:
EarlGreyHot 03/22/2010 48 36 - 37
Proposed constitutional amendment
I just received an interesting email with the text of a proposed constitutional amendment:
EarlGreyHot 02/22/2010 34 1 - 67
Our Thanksgiving Dinner
We have an unconventional Thanksgiving meal tradition in our household. We don't eat turkey, so about 8 years ago we asked the kids (then in early teens) what they wanted for Thanksgiving dinner. ...
EarlGreyHot 11/26/2009 3 - 1 30
Letter from DiFi: A Model of Obfuscation
Several weeks ago I wrote to my senator, Dianne Feinstein, regarding the health care issue. I was disturbed by reports (here and elsewhere) about her not being on board with a public option, so I ...
EarlGreyHot 07/16/2009 24 8 - 1
Dole is gone!
MSNBC is reporting that _Republican_ sources are conceding that Dole will lose. They refer to it as a Democratic tsunami!
EarlGreyHot 11/04/2008 47 16 - 29
How to deal with right-wing hate
Going forward into (what I hope, pray, and dare to assume will be) the Obama administration, I have no doubt that we will be facing (just as during the Clinton administration) an ongoing right-wing ...
EarlGreyHot 10/30/2008 4 1 - -
Trying to convince my dad...
My dad is a lifelong conservative Republican (I must have missed that gene...). He lives in rural western Pennsylvania. I spoke with him on the phone last weekend. I don't have a history of talking ...
EarlGreyHot 10/07/2008 15 2 - -
Obama Adminstration Wishlist!
I know the game isn't over yet (though I do think I hear the fat lady warming up offstage... :) and we need to keep our eyes on the prize, but nevertheless I thought it might be a nice diversion to ...
EarlGreyHot 10/03/2008 6 1 - -
McCain's Medical Issues
Americablog has a great post up with testimony from a doctor who identifies a number of potential medical problems that McCain may have:
EarlGreyHot 10/02/2008 4 3 - -
Sabotaging the Bailout?
I just saw a really interesting post by Ezra Klein in which he posts in full a speech by Obama on the bailout:
EarlGreyHot 10/01/2008 7 - 1 -
This is our moment!
The Republicans' ham-handed maneuverings on the bailout have handed progressives a generational opportunity for change. Now that the Wall Street-centric (with a few throwaway Main Street perks) ...
EarlGreyHot 09/30/2008 - 1 - -
The Stakes
In thinking about this election, it's clear to me that this is the most important election of the past 100 years, if not the most important in the history of this, our republic. The stakes in terms ...
EarlGreyHot 09/10/2008 - - - -
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