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Help Me Find The UN Treaty Story on
As most of us here know, the Senate failed to ratify the treaty for the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities. The vote for the treaty failed because many Republicans believed that ...
EarthTone 12/06/2012 6 1 - -
Black History, All Year Long
For those who are interested in African American History - whether you're black or white - you're invited to read a relatively new blog, ...
EarthTone 03/01/2011 4 - - 16
Outmanned and Outgunned: Gun Control in Black History
This in an old (from 2008) discussion of gun control during the course of African American history. I thought it might be of interest given the recent gun troubles. Cross posted from ...
EarthTone 01/10/2011 36 25 3 289
RE BP: The Press Won't and Can't Accept Complexity
This comment, sans some edits, is buried elsewhere in another diary of 400 or so comments. Given its length, I thought is appropriate to make it a separate post. I start by noting a story about ...
EarthTone 06/15/2010 19 11 1 29
In Louisiana, a Great Racial Divide
Cross posted at All Other Persons In the 2008 presidential election, whites in Louisiana voted for Republican John McCain over Democrat Barack ...
EarthTone 10/13/2009 18 16 1 50
Sorry Rachel; Obama's No LBJ
I love Rachel Maddow. But... On her show yesterday, she spoke about the late great Lyndon Johnson, AKA LBJ. She talked about how effective he was in getting legislation passed - and indeed, he was ...
EarthTone 09/10/2009 36 7 - 16
Brief Note: Don't say "Death Panel"
This is a brief note concerning the use of the term "Death Panel." Please. Don't use their language. Don't let them use words that frame the argument the way that they want. ...
EarthTone 08/16/2009 18 3 - 6
GA Gov candidate hits GOP Secessionists
This is from the folks at Indigo Journal . I did a search, and I don't think it's on ...
EarthTone 06/19/2009 21 30 - 32
Was Slavery a Cause of the Revolutionary War? Yes. (Book Review of SLAVE NATION))
Cross posted at All Other Persons Reasons for the Revolutionary War, ...
EarthTone 06/09/2009 75 26 1 285
Why Americans Watch Junk and Play Video Games...
...instead of reading serious journalism. First, witness this from Michael Learner, writing in Politico: President ...
EarthTone 05/20/2009 41 4 - 21
In Washington, Shallow Waters Run Deep (Shallow Gingrich vs Deep Obama)
cross posted from This is sorta silly season in politics. - Barack Obama, during the 2008 Presidential campaign. When is it NOT silly season in ...
EarthTone 04/21/2009 - 2 - 1
Race War Among Mississippi Democrats?
Cross posted from: Mississippi, like several states in the deep South, is polarized politically on the basis of race. The majority of whites are Republican, ...
EarthTone 04/18/2009 18 31 - 297
Satire from Black Republicans
Cross posted at All Other Persons Who says black Republicans don't have a sense of humor? The National Black Republican Association posted ...
EarthTone 11/15/2008 22 5 - 3
Kitchen Sink 2.0
McCain Plans Fiercer Strategy Against Obama Sen. John McCain and his ...
EarthTone 10/04/2008 14 1 - 2
How Obama Won the Debate: What Americans Saw That the Pundits and Kossacks Didn’t
The early polls for the presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama are in, and the results are clear. Obama won the debate over McCain:
EarthTone 09/28/2008 8 16 - 1
USAToday on McCain: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Hats off to USAToday for calling it like it is. In an editorial titled "McCain leads Obama in race to distort each other's records" {
EarthTone 09/23/2008 19 25 3 20
Former Sec's of State on CNN-Are you watching?
Is anybody watching CNN, which is conducting a forum with several former Secretaries of State: Kissinger, James Baker, Madeline Allbright(sp?), Colin Powell. You might be missing some good stuff. ...
EarthTone 09/20/2008 72 17 - 16
Where's the Outrage from CBS over the Lipstick Ad?
Perhaps I'm offbase with this, or perhaps I don't have all the facts. Maybe somebody can help me. Question: where is the outrage from CBS and Katie Couric over the false and misleading use of her ...
EarthTone 09/11/2008 19 5 1 1
Fox News: Obama is an "Angry Black Man"; Why Should He Go on the O'Reilly Show?
Cross-posted at The "angry black male" is one of America's enduring stereotypes. The image of the emotional and violence-prone black man goes back to the days ...
EarthTone 09/04/2008 20 8 - 23
Palin: A Distraction That helps Obama?
Yes, the Palin selection has served to take the spotlight off the Obama campaign-for now. But here’s the thing. Obama ended the Democratic Convention on a high. He got a nice “...
EarthTone 09/01/2008 24 4 - 1
Ambulance Chasing Politics: First Day of GOP Convention Cancelled
Leave it to the Republicans to turn human tragedy into a photo op. It's official: the Huffington Post ...
EarthTone 08/31/2008 14 6 - 1
Black Political Miscellany 6/20/08
This is cross-posted from The Hill reported plans ...
EarthTone 06/20/2008 2 8 - 10
Clinton Campaign’s Heavy Hand May Have Cost It the Nomination
In the wake of Sen Hillary Clinton's failed bid to win the Democratic presidential nomination, the big question is, how and why did this happen? How did a person who had a huge lead in money, name ...
EarthTone 06/09/2008 15 8 - 4
SMOKING GUN: Clinton Campaign's Politics of Racial Division
I have to give a head's up to Jack and Jill Politics for this find, which I don't think is on daily kos yet. The JJP post is at:
EarthTone 06/06/2008 113 16 1 26
RE: "Obama Needs to Ask for the Votes"
Marie Cocco, writing in the Washington Post and Real Clear Politics, says that "Obama Needs to Ask for the Votes." It's at
EarthTone 06/05/2008 8 2 - 8
DNC's Dean appears on Fox News
Dem Party Chairman Howard Dean was on Fox News with Chris Wallace. A partial transcript is here -,2933,228923,00.html I'm sure someone will follow with some video. ...
EarthTone 05/04/2008 63 41 - 36
How to understand Rev Wright
Yikes! Yet another diary about Rev Wright. Basically, this is about getting an understanding of his motivations. I see things being said about him that are simply unfair or incorrect. This might ...
EarthTone 04/29/2008 42 8 1 7
Miscellaneous Thoughts on PA
Miscellaneous Thoughts on PA From posts I made a few days ago: I predict Clinton with a 56-44 win of the PA popular vote. Turnout will be key. �A lot of new voters have ...
EarthTone 04/23/2008 10 1 - 3
Obama needs a "Mad as Hell" tour (speech included)
Given the controversy over his "Bitter" comments, I believe Obama needs to do another tour thru PA. The unofficial nickname of it should be the "Mad as Hell" tour. Obama's basic point - that ...
EarthTone 04/13/2008 10 6 - 5
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