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Ways in which your garden is like a city
An urban ecosystem If you’ve ever tried to grow anything in your garden you’ve probably had your share of unrealized visions. In your rookie year perhaps the tomatoes never turned red or the ...
citisven 04/17/2015 31 76 1 -
How Gondolas and Hip Hop Transformed the Most Dangerous City in the World
Medellín went from being ground zero of Colombia's drug war to UN poster child for urban equality—and the people made it happen, by designing the city they wanted. Note: This article appears in ...
citisven 12/22/2014 23 77 1 -
WARNING: Graphic Humor May Cause Severe Climate Change Awareness
So here I am, fresh off the proverbial boat to witness Week 2 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Lima, Peru, aka COP20 , or the 20th session of the Conference of ...
citisven 12/08/2014 44 149 2 -
The Urban Metabolism: Understanding Your City by Understanding its Flow
Note: Climate change is the overarching environmental issue of our time and I'm a huge proponent of urging national and world leaders to take action. However, I often wonder what it is they're going ...
citisven 08/23/2014 53 65 8 -
Postcard from Medellin, Part 2: Are we better off being better off?
A Day in a Less Developed Life. Parque Biblioteca España, Medellín. The desire to create comfort and security for ourselves probably counts as one of the most rudimentary motivations in the ...
citisven 05/15/2014 48 45 - 6
Postcard from Medellín: A Big WUF for Urban Equity
“Is this your first WUF?” is a question commonly asked at the World Urban Forum , a gathering for, by, and about city people that was first convened by UN Habitat in Nairobi in 2002 and ...
citisven 04/18/2014 32 62 - -
On the road to Cairo, Casablanca, and Medellín, Ecocitizen World Map in hand
Hola! Bonjour! As-salam alaykom! Hello! It's been a busy four months since I went into woodshed mode to help create the Ecocitizen World Map Project , a portal where citizens can map their ...
citisven 03/28/2014 45 44 2 -
Lessons for building an ecocity culture
Quick: Name a few cities that come to mind when you think of France... Paris? Bien sûr, but you can do better than that. Cannes? Mais oui, you've been reading the entertainment pages. Marseille? ...
citisven 08/22/2013 40 60 4 -
Canal Restorer to River Restorer?
This greenhouse at the former historic Fisherville Mill in South Grafton, Massachusetts, sits on the banks of a canal by the Blackstone River. It is cleaning stormwater runoff and water ...
gmoke 08/20/2013 39 79 6 -
Cities Scale: Regenerative Development
The majority of the people in the world now live in cities and that will probably only increase as this century goes on. We need to imagine cities that are sustainable and, even more, regenerative, ...
gmoke 08/04/2013 10 14 3 -
What's the matter with "The Google Bus?"
A couple of days ago I went to a panel discussion entitled A Story of Shuttles at SPUR, the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association. For those of you not living in SF (and the Bay Area),
citisven 04/12/2013 130 78 1 -
Be a "Do" Tank: Will Allen, The Good Food Revolution
This isn't my usual reading material, but after reading *citisven*'s diary, The Good Food Revolution Goes Vertical , I knew this was a book I had to read. I brought it on the bus to my class at ...
Dave in Northridge 03/31/2013 13 33 - -
HOLY SPOKES!!!!! London commits £1 BILLION to new bicycle infrastructure, nobody notices.
From the Department of Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is , last week the city of London announced one of the largest cycling transportation development budgets in the history of the bicycle , ...
citisven 03/12/2013 134 174 4 -
The Good Food Revolution Goes Vertical
This is a story about something that is right in this world. It's a story of inspiration and real world solutions, a down to earth celebration of the most basic yet profound connection we have to ...
citisven 03/06/2013 36 61 5 -
Eating the City and Town: Todmorden and Beyond
gmoke 09/05/2012 11 5 1 63
The intersection of health, transportation and climate change
The top ten reasons we need a great (convenient, affordable, clean, fast, dependable, beautiful, walk/bikeable) public transportation system in Vermont/New England/ the US of A: 10. Who doesn’t ...
Rebecca Jones MD 08/24/2012 32 66 2 272
Climate Change SOS: Cities Key To Low Carbon Future
To maintain a fighting chance of limiting warming to 2 degrees C, global emissions need to peak this decade, and then decline steadily and rapidly to roughly 1 ton per person annually by the middle ...
Peter Erickson 08/21/2012 7 37 1 104
Convivial City
Went to Boston City Hall Plaza to see what was happening at this year's Greenfest ( which will be going on until Sunday, August 19. It was a beautiful day and there ...
gmoke 08/17/2012 6 5 - 35
Leaner, Greener, and Keener: Good News from Baltimore
I have tried to encourage as many people as I could that, in order to forge this society to be a truly living one, and not a new feudal "ancien regime" the pltocrats want to turn us into, we ...
Audreybeardsley 07/30/2012 47 62 2 212
Cities On the Move
On the perils and promises of beautifying our cities.
Spencer Troxell 07/28/2012 4 13 - 194
A small favor for a big cause [@PlanetEarth]
Ecocity Builders and the United Nations NGO Major Group's proposal 'Global Standards of Sustainability for Cities' has advanced to the final round of the Rio+20 Dialogues . Please support us so that ...
citisven 06/08/2012 47 60 5 194
Liberating Streets: Of bubbles, hobby horses, and tumbling towers (a photo diary)
Today Sunday Streets returned to my neighborhood in San Francisco's Mission District. Sunday Streets is an event organized by the City of San Francisco, MTA , and Livable City that creates a large, ...
citisven 06/03/2012 24 31 - 96
Multi-use urban development instead of freeways?
In the 1970s, Portland, Oregon decided to reject construction of additional freeways and apply the $500 million in federal funds (this took some wheedling by then mayor, the now-disgraced Neil ...
Cartoon Peril 03/31/2012 93 90 6 699
When Little People Take Over Big Streets (a photo diary)
Yesterday was the kickoff to the 2012 Sunday Streets season in San Francisco, an event that creates a large, temporary, public space by closing off stretches of a neighborhood’s streets to ...
citisven 03/12/2012 28 39 - 128
"You just spent a gallon of gas to get a gallon of milk."
This innocuous-sounding quote from the recent SF Chronicle article Transportation boosts cost of living in suburbs very poignantly describes not only the structural problems of suburban life but ...
citisven 03/05/2012 66 50 1 298
Carless in Vancouver, Part 3: Follow the Flow
Welcome to the third and final (I promise) installment of my trip last week to Vancouver, B.C., an attempt to fit a series of ecocity workshops with all kinds of sustainable design and planning ...
citisven 02/28/2012 68 57 2 269
Carless in Vancouver, Part 2: Going for the high-hanging fruit
This is Part 2 of my trip last week to Vancouver, B.C. to meet up and exchange ideas with some of the leading thinkers in sustainable urban design and planning. ( Carless in Vancouver, Part 1: Boots ...
citisven 02/17/2012 18 37 3 149
Carless in Vancouver, Part 1: Boots on the Ground
A few of days ago I arrived in Vancouver, B.C. for a week of urban planning and playing. On the official schedule are presentations about leading practices in resilient urban systems, a workshop to ...
citisven 02/12/2012 35 56 2 231
eCOP: HOT STUFF! From Durban to Rio - Introducing International Ecocity Framework & Standards
After largely ignoring the role of cities and local governments at its first 15 climate conferences, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( ...
citisven 11/29/2011 22 43 6 181
Where the Streets Have No Lanes (OccupyStreet)
Yesterday, Sunday ...
citisven 10/24/2011 47 63 1 283
Moving Planet Liveblog: Report Superheroes
This is the Liveblog for today's activities around the country and the world. This is the place to report your Superheroes who are fighting to keep our mothership from sinking. If you ...
citisven 09/24/2011 21 22 - 90
Moving Planet: Freeways for bicycles, as in the old days - by Richard Register
This is an article published by Ecocity Builders founder Richard Register ...
citisven 09/23/2011 6 23 - 85
Moving Planet: A Tale of Two Cities
When it comes to transportation, my hometown of Los Angeles could not be more ...
Kelly Rigg 09/23/2011 11 23 - 78
Just some quick food porn from Montreal
I've been spending the last few days at the Ecocity World Summit in Montreal. It's been a truly fantastic conference with amazing speakers and superb hosts. ...
citisven 08/24/2011 46 55 1 290
Freiburg, Germany: City of the Future. Part II: How to Build an Eco-Suburb from Scratch (photos)
Yesterday I posted Freiburg, Germany: City of the Future. Part I: Keeping What Works (a photo diary) -- the first in a two-part series about Freiburg , a model for ...
citisven 08/13/2011 98 142 26 535
Freiburg, Germany: City of the Future. Part I: Keeping What Works (a photo diary)
This summer I got to spend a few days in Freiburg , a city of 220,000 at the edge of the black forest in the south-western corner of ...
citisven 08/12/2011 130 184 26 735
Street Art and its Role in Creating Ecocity Culture the title of a presentation I will give at the upcoming Ecocity World Summit August 22-26 in Montréal, Canada. I just found out ...
citisven 05/11/2011 46 51 6 188
Imagine There's No Cars in the Streets
It isn't hard to do! This year's ...
citisven 05/10/2011 38 44 - 142
Amsterdam Biking Paradise Didn't Happen Overnight
I went to a very interesting and inspiring presentation last week at San Francisco's Public Library. The name of the event was Lessons from Amsterdam: How San Francisco Can Bicycle toward ...
citisven 04/08/2011 98 84 3 362
UN report: Cities are Climate Change battleground
Not that this is news we didn't already know or have never heard about, but from the UN's Global ...
citisven 03/29/2011 22 43 1 213
"Nuclear? What nuclear?" Richard Register on why we don't need all that power in the first place
Let's face it: The way our modern oh-so-advanced society is using energy is like pouring water into a bucket with holes in it. The whole fight about which energy source is the meanest, leanest and ...
citisven 03/21/2011 21 27 1 155
Ecocities Illustrated: The Art of Richard Register
I truly believe that art and creativity must play a vital ...
citisven 03/21/2011 37 48 4 259
Rediscovering Simplicity: The Cyclists of Italy (a photo diary)
Whenever I travel to different countries and cities, one of the things I'm interested in is how locals move around in their daily lives. Call me a transportation glutton, but I'm a sucker for trains,
citisven 03/21/2011 108 53 - 334
Cinque Terre: an enchanted photo journey
This April, after Eyjafjallaj�kull had thwarted a planned visit of an old friend in Spain and stranded us in ...
citisven 03/21/2011 60 45 5 419
What on Earth is an Ecocity?
Some of you may be familiar with my diaries about ...
citisven 03/21/2011 28 41 7 846
How street music is making the planet cooler
Information Is Not Knowledge... Knowledge Is Not Wisdom... Wisdom Is Not Truth... ...
citisven 03/21/2011 26 32 - 374
Have you driven a [insert car name] lately?
I don't like offshore drilling either. If you care about the effects of pollution, climate change, and a whole range of other issues, it's counter-intuitive. But I'm really torn, especially after ...
citisven 03/21/2011 96 29 - 43
Berkeley City Council endorses pedestrian plaza
If you're European this is not going to strike you as an earth-shaking announcement, but for anyone familiar with how much American cities have been married to the automobile, it might as well be a ...
citisven 03/21/2011 35 8 - 248
Istanbul Inspirations (photos, photos, photos, & yummy food)
Just about two months ago today I landed in Istanbul for a "work and play" week that would include discussing new visions for cities in the age of climate change at ...
citisven 03/21/2011 43 42 3 317
Streetsmart on both Sides of the Bay
The last couple of days saw some great news for Bay Area pedestrians and all those who enjoy car-free European-style city centers.
citisven 03/21/2011 27 25 1 235
The Power of Nearness - DK Greenroots
Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction. - Albert ...
citisven 03/21/2011 33 26 1 68
DK Greenroots - VENICE is for Lovers . . . of Ecocities & Eye Candy
One stop on my recent trip to Europe was Venice. Visiting my parents (who live in nearby Vicenza) on my way to attend ...
citisven 03/21/2011 59 36 - 39
Pedal Magic on the Bosphorus (a photo essay from rainy Istanbul)
As some of you know I am attending and working at the Ecocity City World Summit in ...
citisven 03/21/2011 33 50 1 614
Sex and the Eco-City
That's the title of an article in this week's Time Magazine. Being a great aficionado of all things simple and eco as ...
citisven 03/21/2011 42 20 - 134
DK Greenroots: Climate Change Superheroes
Imagine an entity so big and powerful that it could conserve tons of energy and make a huge dent in carbon emissions. It might resemble a place you've seen before but wouldn't recognize...
citisven 03/21/2011 41 34 1 434
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