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Mitt Romney: "Pinhooker"
I grew up in the 1950s in the heart of the bright leaf tobacco belt in the Carolinas. As a boy (8 to 12 years old) I spent my summers working on my grandmother's small tobacco farm near Mullins SC. ...
EdinPHX 10/29/2012 62 541 9 -
Did the Opt-Out idea begin in Senator Snowe's Portland office?
Perhaps a better question is, "Did the opt-out idea begin in my shower?" Like so many ideas, this one came to me in the shower. After drying off, I told my wife about this new idea I had about ...
EdinPHX 10/26/2009 47 1 - 24
So, what happened to the WMDs?
EdinPHX 10/07/2004 6 - - -
We authorized surgery, IF NECESSARY!
EdinPHX 09/24/2004 5 7 - -
What if Bush tanks? (Poll)
EdinPHX 05/13/2004 9 - - -
Bush's dirty little religious secret
EdinPHX 04/30/2004 16 - - -
Finally, a real reason to vote against Kerry.
EdinPHX 04/26/2004 2 - - -
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