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When Video Games are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Funs
The truth is that it takes more than violent media to create a killer. Hitler never played Call of Duty.
EdwardMurray 02/07/2013 16 1 - -
Obama Creating Unemployment Creators
Timeshare magnate David Siegel recently sent a letter to his 7,000 Westgate Resorts employees telling them that if Obama is elected, he will have to fire some of them. Apparently, the munificent ...
EdwardMurray 10/12/2012 3 3 - -
Virginia Foxx: First Woman to Ever Pay for College
Congresswoman Virginia Foxx is the Chairperson of the Higher Education & Workforce Training Subcommittee. So she’s well versed on the complicated issue of the current student loan bubble, correct? ...
EdwardMurray 04/19/2012 11 13 - 105
My Cats Discuss the GOP Candidates
A lush parlor. The light of a fireplace shines softly through brandy snifters. Sophia, a blue tabby cat, and Henry, a black Bombay cat, lounge luxuriously.
EdwardMurray 02/02/2012 16 19 - 166
Mitt Romney Is People
Hey, Mitt Romney here. I recently spoke with some residents from the publicly-owned state of Iowa and explained to these individual corporations of voters that "corporations make money... everything ...
EdwardMurray 01/16/2012 4 1 - 44
The GOPs Must Be Crazy
There are crazy people in the world, and many of them are in politics. In the past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to view the traveling insane asylum that is the clash of blundering ...
EdwardMurray 01/06/2012 4 3 - 77
Nobody Hates the Rich...But Everyone Hates the Bad
It seems that those nestled snugly in the crack of our nation's ultra-wealthy are confused about why they seem to be unpopular in the media. Many are now publicly expressing their support of the ...
EdwardMurray 01/04/2012 60 70 2 451
I See What Occupy Vancouver Did There...And It's Brilliant
The media’s latest attempt to undercut the message of Occupy movements all across the globe is by touting the “cost” of these protests. Many sources are reporting that Occupy movements are ...
EdwardMurray 12/23/2011 91 326 7 1697
5 Ways You Can Occupy Wall Street
Thousands of people across the world are actively maintaining the front line of the Occupy movement; this article is not for those people. Those protestors are currently engrossed in alchemizing ...
EdwardMurray 12/19/2011 3 4 1 53
Why 53% Fits Into 99%...Besides the Math
Erick Erickson, a man who would have you believe that he is just your typical, fed-up American, put together the We Are the 53% in response to the We Are the 99% and Occupy Wall Street movements. We ...
EdwardMurray 10/13/2011 8 3 - 109
Occupy Wall Street May Be Too Big To Fail
It’s not just Occupy Wall Street anymore. According to, there are nearly 500 cities in 46 states across the country that are currently running, or are planning Occupy events in ...
EdwardMurray 10/06/2011 11 26 - 174
The Hidden Power of Occupy Wall Street
The thousands of individuals currently inhabiting Zuccotti Park for the Occupy Wall Street protest have succeeded in garnering enough attention to force the following question upon our nation: "What ...
EdwardMurray 09/30/2011 7 6 1 93
Santorum Says Left Hates Christianity; Hails Good Name of Crusades
So, former PA Senator Rick Santorum had these words gurgle out of his mouth: “The idea that the Crusades and the fight of Christendom against Islam is somehow an aggression on our part is ...
EdwardMurray 02/24/2011 14 2 - 47
Iowa GOP Members Think That—Actually, No They Don’t
During a recent FOX News focus group, GOP caucus voters from Iowa were recently given the opportunity to disprove the stereotype of a typical American fundamental conservative as a myopic, easily ...
EdwardMurray 02/16/2011 8 9 - 92
Bedtime for Bachmann
U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) recently commended the founders of the United States on their work to end slavery. Of black people. In America.
EdwardMurray 02/10/2011 11 9 1 183
I No Vote Feingold Just Cuz?
A Wisconsin voter and former supporter of Democratic incumbent Russ Feingold recently stated that she won't vote for the senator in the upcoming mid-term elections because Feingold supported the ...
EdwardMurray 11/02/2010 30 6 - 130
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