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A Garden of Meta [With Pooties]
Several folks have recently asked if I could compile some of my meta diaries for easy access. As we have many new members of the community, this collection may be of interest to them. Old timers may ...
Wee Mama 08/30/2014 27 47 8 -
How an ordinary father's son stumbled onto feminism
In a recent Walking on Eggshells diary , CroneWit made a valuable observation about how men talk (and often do not talk) about their familiarity with feminism. [W]e need men who understand this ...
Silencio 06/26/2014 261 63 2 -
My Unabashedly Biased Advice to New Daily Kos Members (as well as older ones)
Seems like such a great place doesn't it? All this information about the matters of the day, plus special diaries by great storytellers, personal memoirs and issue specific diaries to read. Others ...
Steven D 06/24/2014 199 229 8 -
A few tips for better blogging on Daily Kos
Don't write for the rec list. It distorts your voice. Think of your little slice of Daily Kos as your own blog. kos's explicit intention with the current DK4 platform was for users to treat it as ...
Simplify 06/24/2014 157 160 16 -
My Coming Out Story
A couple of weeks ago, commonmass did a diary about coming out and told his personal coming out story. He also invited others to tell their stories, and many did. I’d strongly encourage you to ...
librarisingnsf 06/24/2014 52 60 1 -
LGBT Pride 2014: First Things First--Coming Out
LGBT Pride month is upon us again, and each year I like to kick it off here with a diary about coming out. There's a first step in any process, and in the process of living your life as an open and ...
commonmass 06/24/2014 76 70 1 -
This Week in the War on Women
By now you've probably heard about [ George Will's appalling column] attacking campus anti-rape activism, where ...
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 06/22/2014 51 50 - -
MAD MEN: A diary about (and for) men who are mad about stuff
No, I'm not talking about the TV show. (Except I am, sorta.) I'm talking about (and to) men who are mad. Mad like Howard Beale was mad. Mad at (or about) women. Women who talk about women-stuff.
Silencio 06/18/2014 498 139 12 -
What does my recommend on your comment mean?
It could mean any of many things! I thoroughly agree with what you said! Hi - nice to see you but no time to chat I'm recc'ing your tip jar to show appreciation for the diary, but I'm not recc'ing ...
Wee Mama 06/16/2014 251 166 - -
Walking on Eggshells - An experimental week of listening
The Daily Kos group blog Walking on Eggshells is an experimental laboratory for learning to bear witness without judgment, blame or shame. Each diary will serve as an experimental Listening space to ...
LilithGardener 06/14/2014 45 14 1 -
Walking on Eggshells - Are we asking the wrong questions?
One of the problems I'm seeing is that talking about how people interact and how they might shift their behavior to make those interactions more effective is a form of meta, and the lead diarist for ...
serendipityisabitch 06/13/2014 183 51 2 -
Violence in our Vernacular - Do you notice when you use it to shift the emotional tone?
We all tend to judge our own speech placing high priority on our own intentions. In contrast it's so easy to judge others' speech placing higher priority on the outcome, however we perceive it. What ...
LilithGardener 06/13/2014 114 29 - -
No one wins in a barroom brawl. Which role did you play?
In the Daily Kos Fight Threads™ how do you feel when things get out of hand? When it's degenerating into a a pie fight with "the other side" (however you define it)? If you stayed out of Fight ...
LilithGardener 06/12/2014 98 15 - -
Operational Overload aka Shell Shock
In a sketch on Euphemisms, George Carlin mocks the way that language has changed, “squeezing all the humanity” out of a term that needs to describe a state of extreme pain and distress. “Shell ...
LilithGardener 06/12/2014 16 15 1 -
Wim Wenders: Opinions Are Violent?
In an interview about their intriguing sounding new book, Inventing Peace , the acclaimed German film-maker Wim Wenders (of "Wings of Desire" fame) and the Australian philosopher Mary Zournazi, ...
samdiener 06/12/2014 14 20 2 -
Walking on Eggshells? How it Happens
"When I feel that I have to walk on eggshells in a diary it is a sign something is wrong. Sometimes one has to say exactly how one feels and it is also sometimes necessary for those hearing these ...
LilithGardener 06/11/2014 57 34 1 -
Mindfulness in a Round Pen
David was anxious, nervous, afraid of being hurt. He was busy looking for danger, pacing, exhibiting behavior that might be expected from any animal of prey in an unfamiliar environment. Johnny ...
drnatrl 06/11/2014 75 128 8 -
Stop. Tune in. What's really going on? No, not the other guy. What's going on with you?
The seed for this diary mini-series found its fertile ground after a few of us read a diary that included this elegant statement of the problem. We've decided to call this our Listening series. This ...
LilithGardener 06/09/2014 34 19 - -
"Us and Them" (Updated)
The seed for a conversation found its fertile ground after a few of us read a diary that included an elegant statement of the problem. "When I feel that I have to walk on eggshells in a diary it is ...
LilithGardener 06/08/2014 59 28 - -
Relax, I need some information first.
The seed for this diary found its fertile ground after a few of us read a diary that included this elegant statement of the problem. "When I feel that I have to walk on eggshells in a diary it is a ...
LilithGardener 06/07/2014 193 65 - -
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