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Stirring photo; little girl surrenders when she mistakes camera for gun.
"I was using a telephoto lens, and she thought it was a weapon," says Sağırlı . "İ realised she was terrified ...
Eileen B 03/31/2015 68 353 9 -
I saw this video and wanted to help because I've been there. You see, I'm a nobody, too. There's no buzzworthy story here, Erin Brockovich won't be knocking on doors. It's just a man and his wife ...
Eileen B 03/20/2015 5 12 - -
Inhofe throws snowball on Senate floor, finally proves Climate Change is a hoax.
Inhofe hurls snowball on Senate floor Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) threw a snowball on the Senate floor Thursday in an effort to disprove what he sees as alarmist conclusions about man-made ...
Eileen B 02/26/2015 52 27 - -
Poll: Next Host of the Daily Show?
I'm curious what Kossacks think? Who can possibly follow Jon Stewart? Personally, I'd like to see a woman take over. There are only 15 poll options, so add names in the comments if need be. Rosie O'
Eileen B 02/12/2015 23 3 - -
Spectacular time lapse videos of the Blizzard of 2015
Check out these awesome time lapse videos of the snow piling up today. Pick your favorite in the poll below, or add others in the comments.
Eileen B 01/27/2015 36 32 1 -
50,000 gallons of oil spill into Yellowstone River
Ice hampers oil spill cleanup in Yellowstone River; residents report smell, taste of oil in ...
Eileen B 01/19/2015 170 271 3 -
Maddow: Until I saw this, I didn't understand. Video: Paris sings Imagine.
Maddow: I had heard the news about how huge the rally was in Paris this weekend. I had read the reports about what it was like, there on the ground. But until I saw this, this guy turning around ...
Eileen B 01/12/2015 148 272 6 -
Video of 12 year old Tamir Rice being killed by police
Two seconds, that's how long it took, from the time the police car stopped and Tamir crumples to the ground with a gunshot to the stomach. In this video, it happens at about 4:35. 12 Year Old ...
Eileen B 11/26/2014 19 16 - -
Welcome to the newest Clinton!
A heartfelt congratulations to the new parents, Chelsea and Marc! Congrats to the new grandparents, too. Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, ...
Eileen B 09/27/2014 24 36 - -
Photos: Never forget the victims of 9/11
I took these photos of the "Missing" fliers in lower Manhattan after the collapse of the World Trade Center, just outside St Vincent's hospital. I remember squinting through my camera's viewfinder, ...
Eileen B 09/11/2014 9 17 - -
Keith Olbermann's epic rant against sexism in sports
I call it an "epic rant" only because it's not Countdown and not a "Special Comment." But, it is. Keith explains how sports sexism let the NFL get away with suspending a wife-beater for two games ...
Eileen B 07/26/2014 85 161 1 -
Proof: Dogs Laugh At Humans
Anyone need a huge belly laugh? I'll never again wonder why dogs are so fascinated by movement beyond their yard. Yes, it's a video, but a description would ruin it, and there is no audio. I never ...
Eileen B 04/05/2014 86 117 - -
Sochi City Hall Orders Killing of Stray Dogs
Appalling. Apparently, the plan is to "exterminate" thousands of stray dogs ahead of the opening ceremonies. In the past, Russia distributed air rifles to volunteers to shoot stray dogs with a ...
Eileen B 02/03/2014 22 18 - -
To the man on the bus I overheard ...
... tell a woman in conversation - presumably a friend: “you are too ugly to be raped...” Dear man on the bus, tell the one in five women of this country, that they are beautiful, their four ...
Eileen B 10/28/2013 12 19 1 - isn't just a website, dagnabbit!
Building the interface for Obamacare isn't just "developing a website," it's developing an unprecedented national network that connects ALL our biggest national agencies (SS, HHS, IRS, SSA, DHS, VHA,
Eileen B 10/21/2013 67 42 1 -
Do you support Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act?
Comedy gold - sure, but the ignorance, it burns! Video and transcript: If asked to pick between Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act, which would Americans choose? And would it matter to them that ...
Eileen B 10/01/2013 12 20 - -
Big F'n Deal! Healthcare Marketplace Open Now
The Republicans have done a fine job of burying this important news this week. The healthcare marketplace is now officially open. (Yaaahoooo!) Thank you, relentless progressives like Bernie Sanders ...
Eileen B 09/30/2013 12 6 - -
The first, and perhaps most amazing, person that died on 9/11
Every Sept 11th I post these 'missing person' fliers. Danny Lewin’s brilliant but brief life is largely unknown because, until now, those closest to him have guarded their memories and quietly ...
Eileen B 09/11/2013 31 103 1 -
CNN hacked by The Onion
Right? Please tell me I'm right. It's humiliating that CNN is known internationally as the major American news channel. This is their homepage as of about ten minutes ago:
Eileen B 07/26/2013 17 10 - -
When My Dad Died
I vividly recall driving home after watching the undertaker zip my Dad into a black bag and wheel him away. Everything was wrong with the world that day. I bet Trayvon's parents felt the world shift,
Eileen B 07/14/2013 2 10 1 -
Duh: Mitch McConnell duped by parody about Gitmo prisoners getting GI Benefits
Attention: Ashley Judd Re: Your Senate Seat Awaits Source: On November 14, 2012, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) wrote to Elizabeth King, the Pentagon’s congressional liaison, with a an ...
Eileen B 02/19/2013 28 31 - -
This. This is the world I want. (w/ poll)
This small, gigantic act of kindness happened in Russia last July. Sure, there are some really big issues we need to tackle, but it all comes down to this:
Eileen B 01/29/2013 23 8 - -
Grandparents save five kids from 'tornadoes of fire' in Australia; pics
Breathtaking images: Grandfather Tim Holmes took these harrowing photos of his five grandkids escaping the wildfires because he feared their parents 'would never see them again.' Tammy Holmes ...
Eileen B 01/10/2013 91 316 4 -
Please share this to pressure Obama to take bold gun control action now.
Here's a graphic to share, print, wrap gifts in, or tattoo on your forehead. The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a presidential mandate. To hell with the politics, it's ...
Eileen B 12/21/2012 4 3 - -
Priceless photo! Obama caught in web of...
spiderman. Best presidential photo in the history of photography, IMHO. Barack Obama was named Person Of The Year by Time Magazine, and this photo was released with the article. Photo by White ...
Eileen B 12/19/2012 14 18 - -
Pics: Jack O' Lantern Festival
I visited Freeport, Maine last weekend and was greeted by thousands of pumpkins lining the streets - and everywhere else! Adorably awestruck children in costumes were everywhere. The event raised ...
Eileen B 10/31/2012 26 25 - -
Romney snubs copyright law, uploads Al Green/Obama ad to Vimeo
Weatherdude called the Romney campaign "dumbasses." Sure seemed accurate at the time. Turns out, they're actually cocksure buffoons. Remember Mitt's video ad that YouTube removed at the request of ...
Eileen B 07/18/2012 26 32 - 236
Hillary + hair down = joyous rumba pics!
Beautiful pictures from South America... Cartagena: Una noche a pura rumba para Hillary Clinton La secretaria de Estado de los Estados Unidos de América, Hillary Rodham Clinton, pasó una noche ...
Eileen B 04/15/2012 99 153 - 1436
Rachel Maddow, kicking ass at #1.
She just announced it at the end of her show. Rachel Maddow's new book, Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power by Rachel Maddow is debuting on the NYT Bestseller list at #1 . You heard it.
Eileen B 04/04/2012 177 334 2 2205
Pics: SOTU headlines are revealing
I scurried around the internet and collected all the screen grabs I could right after the SOTU ended. I think it's fascinating.
Eileen B 01/24/2012 165 370 7 3161
Five things that tick me off about Eric Cantor and Five things you can right now do to FIRE CANTOR.
1.) His big head. GQ names Cantor The Most Powerful Person in ...
Eileen B 01/19/2012 17 27 - 162
Know what Michelle is saying to this baby?
"I think you're just the one I've been looking for." "Last summer, my ...
Eileen B 12/26/2011 62 162 3 1395
[Update 2x: Rosie Video] Jesse LaGreca (MoT) on MSNBC & Rosie Show (repeat at 11)
Rosie has uploaded a snippet of the video of her interview with Jesse . I can't embed it here because it's not ...
Eileen B 11/18/2011 28 47 1 394
Video: Jon Stewart reviews Jesse LaGreca: "That M'tha-F'ka brought game!"
This diary will be very short on words, because well, are there any superlatives left to say about Jesse (MinistryOfTruth) this week? Jon Stewart ...
Eileen B 10/06/2011 78 311 6 2483
(UPDATE #2: VIDEO) Turn on MSNBC right NOW: MinistryOfTruth appearance!
I'm very excited! Chris Hayes just announced he was about to cover a story about a protester who shredded Fox news and showed Jesse's face! Set your DVRs. Jesse is about to start his 15 minutes of ...
Eileen B 10/04/2011 151 423 10 3077
Jon Stewart visiting troops in Afghanistan (pics & videos)
This is mostly a ...
Eileen B 08/01/2011 10 20 1 145
Anyone else experience the Catch 22s of Poverty?
A day in my life of poverty and no health insurance. Please know I'm not posting this because I want people to offer me help...I just need to vent. The humiliations of long-term unemployment and ...
Eileen B 07/14/2011 34 31 - 197
(Updated 1x) Photos: May they finally rest in peace.
Every 9/11, I take out the photographs I took of the "Missing Person" flyers in NYC. I'm posting them now to honor the people that died and to help keep their memory alive.
Eileen B 05/01/2011 75 204 6 1009
Happy Birthday Olbermann: A gift from Palin.
Today is Keith Olbermann's 52nd birthday, so please use the comments to wish him well - and perhaps toss out a few ideas for his birthday wish? Hopefully Keith will stop by and see them. So he ...
Eileen B 01/27/2011 503 502 6 424
PICS of Oil-Soaked Wildlife; All the Rage in the Known Universe is Inadequate. (UPDATED 2X)
Words are useless to describe my anger. President Obama: About BP's considerable assets? SEIZE, BABY SEIZE!
Eileen B 06/03/2010 347 499 22 1626
Open Thread for Betty White on SNL/ Mom's Day
I love Betty White. She's hosting SNL tonight for the first time. She's, what, 88? So, I thought we'd all enjoy a place to laugh along, and perhaps tell stories about our moms? SNL tonight is ...
Eileen B 05/08/2010 120 17 - 50
I Can't Be An Ally To Deception.
We're all outraged by the lies and distortions told by the endless parade of propagandists from Fox News and Sarah Palin to Dick Cheney and John Boehner. I find it despicable. I'd be a hypocrite if ...
Eileen B 03/26/2010 91 42 2 213
A Tribute: Thank You, Teddy.
Thank you, Ted Kennedy. I'm missing you tonight. I wish you could be here to witness this historic day. You deserve much of the credit for making this dream a reality. As one of this nation's long-...
Eileen B 03/21/2010 12 31 2 46
{updates} Rachel Maddow called for a smackdown last week. Start smacking here.
Most of us have seen Rachel's phenomenal obliteration of Republicans for their near-psychopathic hypocrisy. This diary is about action. It's time to hold them ...
Eileen B 02/15/2010 9 29 1 49
Rachel Maddow called for a smackdown this week. Start smacking here.
Most of us have seen Rachel's phenomenal obliteration of Republicans for their near-psychopathic hypocrisy. This diary is about action. It's time to hold them ...
Eileen B 02/12/2010 184 735 29 118
(Updated 2X w/ Palin's response & CNN story) HandPrompter Hilarity: Read The Words on Palin's Hand
Wow. Just, wow . Palin is not only busted reading "answers" off her hand while taking questions at the Tea Party Convention, but we can even read what impossibly hard-to-...
Eileen B 02/07/2010 1327 924 25 2828
Teddy's Broken Back Didn't Stop Health Care Fight
It feels like a good time to remember how long and how hard the fight has been for health care. I have this fantastic old Life Magazine from 1965 that reminds me that the fight is much bigger than ...
Eileen B 01/19/2010 17 9 - 10
Rachel Maddow; THE FAMILY defends "Kill the Gays" Uganda links. (Open Thread)
Rachel is interviewing Bob Hunter right now, a member of the infamous C Street group known as The Family. Most recently, The Family has been closely linked with the Uganda anti-gay laws up for ...
Eileen B 01/05/2010 65 28 - 263
WaHOO! Fed bans overdraft fees on ATM & debit-card transactions
Well, strike one for the little guy. It became a little harder for banks to screw poor people today, and I'm thrilled.
Eileen B 11/12/2009 367 426 5 292
"Just one more bullet ..." (w/ poll)
I take a drawing class on Thursday nights with twelve strangers. Most are adults, some much older than I, a few barely old enough to vote. Our teacher, "Justin" starts class with a demonstration, ...
Eileen B 10/23/2009 63 16 1 83
President Dad Gets Adorable Welcome Home (Pics)
Obama arrived home last Tuesday and ... well, words fail to describe this. It's just too darn adorable. Enjoy. Photos are AP and Getty.
Eileen B 09/21/2009 38 65 6 93
RIP Remembering Patrick Swayze (photos, videos)
Patrick Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. I send my heartfelt condolences to his wife, Lisa Niemi. Lisa ...
Eileen B 09/14/2009 39 38 3 43
Losing Teddy, Through Bostonian Eyes. (pics, videos & poll)
I grew up in Boston. I haven't lived there in 20+ years, but I was there last week visiting family when Ted died. Most have seen tons of media coverage, but I wanted to show Kossacks what it's been ...
Eileen B 08/31/2009 39 41 2 204
VIDEO & PICS: Bo the First Puppy welcomed to White House
Official White House Video:
Eileen B 04/14/2009 161 47 4 75
Visuals: When journalists go home, the consequences gradually surface.
My title is loosely quoted from the documentary Black Wave that showed last night at the Bear Tooth Theatre Pub in Anchorage, AK. I believe it's the ...
Eileen B 03/24/2009 17 6 2 216
NEW Pics! Redoubt Volcano Erupts *SIX* Times in Alaska + maps UPDATED
KaBOOM! To the great disappointment of thousands of Alaskans, the volcano waited until just after dark to explode. BOO. Why the lighthearted tone? Redoubt is nowhere near civilization so people aren'...
Eileen B 03/23/2009 225 270 6 308
Twenty-five ways to shop like a liberal this Christmas
It's not giving I object to, it's mindless consumerism. Shopping is painful. Maybe - just maybe - it won't hurt so bad if we shop like liberals. You know: spend our scant dollars in sync with our ...
Eileen B 12/15/2008 24 16 4 38
Play Neo-Con Invasion & Other Well-Earned Stress Relievers For Liberals
Insomnia has ruled my life for the last few months. There's not much to do at 4am .... SO, I give you two Obama video games to help alleviate the stress and AGONY of waiting for the polls to close. (...
Eileen B 11/04/2008 14 13 6 28
Halloween Poll and Video: Political Pumpkins Battle to Squash Each Other
Ok, yes, I have a problem. I admit it. I have some kind of Obama addiction that sends me on creative benders that yield questionable results. This project started as a simple Obama jack-o-lantern. ...
Eileen B 10/30/2008 15 12 - 23
The unsung hero that Barack Obama owes a great deal to.
This is not an easy day for me. Today is my Dad's birthday. Last year on this day, my Dad was in the cancer ward at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. His neurologist sent a bottle of sparkling ...
Eileen B 10/24/2008 37 63 7 37
Condolences to Jill Biden, and the whole Biden family [UPDATED]
CNN is reporting that Jill Biden's mother has passed away. Friday's news reported: ABC News has confirmed that Jill Biden's mother, Bonny Jacobs, is is receiving care for a serious ...
Eileen B 10/05/2008 363 916 10 183
McCain said "horseshit" tonight in debate on live TV
What's the FCC fine for that? Anyone? It'
Eileen B 09/26/2008 469 293 6 197
Fostering the empathy that unites us.
Around this day in 2001, hope was becoming desperation. While the steady drumbeat of revenge pounded nationwide, desperate, searching families in NYC focused on one thing; comfort. Giving comfort ...
Eileen B 09/14/2008 18 3 1 207
Democracy For America is asking for our opinion
DFA is Howard Dean's former organization, now run by his brother Jim Dean. They want to know if we should run this ad about McCain's temperament ...
Eileen B 09/08/2008 8 4 - 1
Sarah Palin; The Republican Party Infiltrator? Seriously?
Sarah's been active in the Alaska Independence Party and her husband is a registered member. Sarah spoke at their Convention in 2008.
Eileen B 09/08/2008 13 19 1 -
Now I know how Republicans felt about Clinton
I admit it. I'm officially seething with hatred for this woman. I can't hold it back any longer. What's the difference between Bush and Palin? Lipstick. But! I love Alaska. It's the best ...
Eileen B 09/04/2008 51 23 - 4
Amy Goodman Arrested Covering RNC Protest
This is just plain infuriating. This article I've posted below is a direct copy from here, ...
Eileen B 09/02/2008 25 11 1 37
Dull campaign not getting any attention? Ignite a culture war!
There's no way Rove didn't see this coming. He may be evil, but he's sure as hell not stupid. McSame needed division to win. Palin is providing that. Abortion. Religion. Ideology. Willful ignorance. ...
Eileen B 09/02/2008 11 3 - -
Here's what I want Hillary to say tonight.
I want to hear Hillary say - with fire: A vote for John McCain is a vote against me. If you don't vote for Barack Obama, you are directly voting against every single value I've been ...
Eileen B 08/26/2008 21 5 1 -
If I lose this bet with a dittohead, I may literally go insane.
So my first Obama fundraising poster sold on Sunday for almost $60, and I thought that was pretty great. The buyer has ...
Eileen B 07/10/2008 139 45 1 33
Happy, sappy and now, laughy.
I'm happy to report that there are now 30 bids for the Obama necklace I posted about yesterday. I'm more happy and ...
Eileen B 05/11/2008 11 3 - 6
The sappy, happy way the Obama campaign changed my life.
Last month I drove the seven hours to Pennsylvania to volunteer for Obama. I was one of the 35,000 people cheering for Obama at the rally Philadelphia, and I canvassed in Harrisburg, Scranton and ...
Eileen B 05/10/2008 41 38 3 47
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