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"UN draft condemning Israeli settlements"
There is a draft resolution before the UNSC that reaffirms the (in the view of the UNSC) illegality of Israel's efforts to transfer her citizens into the militarrily occupied West Bank, and urges ...
Eiron 01/22/2011 64 19 2 74
Israel refuses to pay medical bills for American
The Israeli government is refusing to pay the cost of medical care for an American-Jewish activist who lost an eye when Border Police officers fired a tear gas canister at her during a ...
Eiron 07/28/2010 713 31 - 74
A Tale of Two Letters; AIPAC/JStreet, w/poll
On the Hill, a letter to the President is being circulated expressing support for Israel's actions in preserving the blockade of Gaza, an urging a UNSC veto of any independent attempt to investigate.
Eiron 06/19/2010 226 21 - 181
Rachel Corrie/Furkan Dogan Act of 2010
In May, 2001, a 13 year old child was horribly murdered in the West Bank. Palestinian Militants were suspected of the crime. How did the US respond? Koby was born in 1987 in the ...
Eiron 06/05/2010 32 18 - 39
U.S. lawmakers to Obama: Press Israel to ease Gaza siege
This is unusual. Fifty-four members of the U.S. Congress have signed a letter asking President Barack Obama to put pressure on Israel to ease the siege of the Gaza Strip.
Eiron 01/26/2010 120 33 1 98
McCain and Lieberman in Jerusalem
Four senior US senators, John McCain, Joe Lieberman, John Barrasso and John Thune held a press conference Sunday afternoon in Jerusalem in which issues pertaining to the future of US-...
Eiron 01/10/2010 34 11 - 28
A Palestinian State in 2010?
What are the prospects for a Peace agreement between Israel and her neighbors in 2010? How important is it to have some resolution to the decades old conflict? What role will the US take in ...
Eiron 12/18/2009 149 8 - 25
American Jews eye Obama's 'anti-Israel' appointees
Every appointee to the American government must endure a thorough background check by the American Jewish community. Reads the lede in an article in Haaretz today.
Eiron 12/04/2009 34 5 - 61
Hamas and Fatah: A Move Toward Reconciliation?
TIME reports progress on reconciling the two largest political factions seeking to represent the interests of the Palestinians. This of particular import as Obama's ME peace initiative gathers ...
Eiron 10/10/2009 26 12 - 64
UNHRC set to debate Goldstone Report
The UN Human Rights Council meets this Tuesday to formally receive the report from the U.N. Fact-Finding Mission on Gaza, headed by Judge Richard Goldstone who will appear before the ...
Eiron 09/27/2009 191 17 - 25
From the Way Back machine, Republicans in 1936
A cherished friend sent this to me today. In a 1936 Letter to C.L. Moore, one of America's first female Science Fiction writers, H.P. Lovecraft described his loathing for Republicans. ...
Eiron 09/17/2009 19 17 2 30
IDF cuts down West Bank raids for fear U.S. diplomats will see
Is the headline in Haaretz The Israel Defense Forces has canceled a number of planned arrest operations in the West Bank ...
Eiron 09/03/2009 28 9 2 6
"Israel won`t let Palestinians declare state unilaterally"
says the headline in today's Haaretz Israeli Foreign Minister is meeting with Javier Solana and Tony Blair Lieberman told ...
Eiron 08/31/2009 43 9 1 3
Pro-Israel group: Obama settlements policy backs 'ethnic cleansing' of Jews"
A pro-Israel lobby group in the U.S. has launched a project intent on shifting the focus of the Obama administration away from West Bank settlements, claiming they are not an obstacle ...
Eiron 08/23/2009 222 22 - 26
J Street, ADL launch war of words over Obama Israel policy
This might be noteworthy. Nearly seven months after the inauguration of Barack Obama, feuding among major U.S. Jews organizations is taking place behind closed doors and could be ...
Eiron 08/05/2009 175 23 1 30
AIPAC slams Obama for honoring 'anti-Israel' ex-Irish president
The list for the presidential Medal of Freedom is out. But: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Tuesday slammed the Obama administration for its decision to give a ...
Eiron 08/04/2009 191 14 1 28
Eric Cantor goes to Israel
August recess. What is 15% of our congresspersons going to do with all that time? They are going to Israel. Over the next two weeks, some 60 US congressmen, nearly 15 percent of ...
Eiron 08/01/2009 86 18 2 23
"Israeli NGO battles settlements in US"
An Israeli NGO wants US to cancel tax cuts for pro-settlement groups The left-wing organization Gush Shalom is launching a campaign against organizations soliciting ...
Eiron 07/30/2009 181 19 - 36
"Clinton: Israel to agree to temporary settlement freeze"
Interesting days in the Middle East This report in today's Haaretz seems to indicate Israel will agree to temporarily ...
Eiron 07/26/2009 80 10 - 22
States, Organs, and Policy, Israel and Iran
The recent exposure of a Black Market for Organs , in Northern New Jersey and ...
Eiron 07/24/2009 61 3 - 75
East Jerusalem, Settlement or Not?
The Obama administration summoned the Israeli Ambassador this weekend to register our objection to a proposed building project in East Jerusalem. The United States has told Israel it ...
Eiron 07/19/2009 287 19 - 24
Towards an Independent Palestine
In today's Jerusalem Post there is this: EU's Solana says world ...
Eiron 07/12/2009 129 16 - 36
Three Americans abducted, detained in foreign prison
At least three american members of a protest group seeking to bring world attention and material aid to a evolving humanitarian catastrophe were abducted at sea tuesday by the special forces of a ...
Eiron 07/05/2009 67 23 - 28
"Spread of Arab population must be stopped"
reads the headline in Haaretz . A statement by the Minister of Housing of the State of Israel. Quite matter of factly. ...
Eiron 07/02/2009 161 32 - 32
"AIPAC set to push Iran legislation at major conference"
IS the Headline in today's Jerusalem Post . However, a new, smaller jewish Lobbying ...
Eiron 05/02/2009 67 11 - 90
Dems' gift to AIPAC
OK, it is the annual AIPAC policy conference. Obama is launching a major integrated Middle East Policy, which includes invitation to Iran for constructive dialogue and sending signals that it is ...
Eiron 04/28/2009 362 10 2 20
US vs.  Rosen and Weissman (AIPAC) Trial
How influential is AIPAC? They are a player on the hill, no doubt. I was researching a case and pulled up the indictment of Larry Franklin. Found this gem. Before I go further, let me say that ...
Eiron 04/23/2009 41 5 - 72
The Death of a Young Israeli
A ninth grade student, was shot and killed by police when she allegedly approached a guard at border police station and opened fire with a pistol. The guard turned the barrel away, she fled and hid,
Eiron 04/05/2009 119 9 - 16
Of Arms Sales, Terror, India and Israel
Slumdog Sidewinders, and high art. If anyone can embed this video, I'd appreciate it. It is a promotional video from Raphael Aerospace, an Israeli defense contractor for an Indian Arms and ...
Eiron 03/14/2009 9 5 1 -
"U.S. turns up heat on Israel over settlements"
In an apparent shift from the prior administration, it appears the United States is taking a firmer stand on the issue of Israel's construction of new housing in the West Ban. Israel ...
Eiron 03/08/2009 70 12 - 25
Head of Palestinian rights group banned from travelling to accept award
A Dutch foundation has jointly awarded their Annual Prize for Human Rights action to Al-Haq, a Palestinian Human Rights organization and B'Tselem, an ISraeli Human Rights organization. The Award ...
Eiron 03/05/2009 98 16 - 14
Hamas, Fatah rivals to hold talks in Cairo
On Wednesday, Egypt will hold talks with representatives of Hamas and Fatah (and representatives of other dissident groups) , with the goal of effecting a reconciliation between the rival factions, ...
Eiron 02/21/2009 64 7 - -
US Position on Hamas/Fatah Unity government?
Well, it is recess time and the CODELS are flowing. Interestingly, for the first time in 10 years, some of the lawmakers went to Gaza. Keith Ellison and Brian Baird were in Gaza today and so was ...
Eiron 02/19/2009 157 9 - 18
Hamas War Crimes to be investigated
The International Criminal Court in the Hague has been petitioned by representatives of the Palestinian Authority to investigate the potential criminal activity in the recent conflict in Gaza.
Eiron 02/14/2009 115 7 - 18
In Support of Israel's security
Elections this week in Israel, and the recent change in Administration in the Unites States raise the opportunity to re-evaluate bilateral relations between our two countries. Israel is the ...
Eiron 02/08/2009 63 6 - 6
Gaza, Hamas, Fatah, and Reconciliation
Cease fire negotiations continue in Egypt today. President Obama's ME Envoy, George Mitchell is expected to arrive in the region on Wednesday. Admittedly the cease fire is fragile, and all sides ...
Eiron 01/25/2009 240 16 2 32
"US Congress expected to consider resolution backing Operation Cast Lead" w/poll
As noted in Jerusalem Post Several US House leaders are also expected to ...
Eiron 01/07/2009 11 4 - 6
"Britain steps up fight against West Bank settlements"
was the headline in today's Ha'aretz. What's the deal? The British government is stepping up measures against settlements in the West Bank in an effort to stop their further ...
Eiron 12/18/2008 27 7 1 -
Will next US president give priority to Iran, or to Israel-Palestinian conflict?
Policy wonks, and middle-east observers are watching carefully for signals on trends and directions on major foreign policy initiatives and priorities of the early Obama administration. The ...
Eiron 12/17/2008 11 3 - -
Should the US Boycott Durban II conference on Racism?
The second The World Conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance is scheduled for next April. The first conference was held in 2001, in the week before 9/11.
Eiron 12/11/2008 24 4 1 4
There will be war over House of Peace,' vow Hebron settlers
So says HAARETZ . What's going on? Hebron has largely emptied of the thousands of Jews who arrived over the weekend to ...
Eiron 11/25/2008 47 5 - -
Handicapping Obama's National Security Team
Word is Obama intends to announce his selections for his National Security team on the Monday after Thanksgiving. In the interim, here's some speculation: Sources Say: USMC General James Jones ...
Eiron 11/23/2008 14 5 - -
"Nobel laureate: Suspend Israel from UN"
Nov 20, 2008 17:31 | Updated Nov 21, 2008 7:49 Nobel laureate: Suspend Israel from UN By ASSOCIATED PRESS Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire says the United ...
Eiron 11/22/2008 213 17 1 24
"Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term"
Reads the headline in Today's Jerusalem Post US President George W. Bush ...
Eiron 05/20/2008 72 39 3 17
Why progressives don't like Israel w/Poll
In Haaretz today, Rosner brings us this gem from the Wall Street Journal editorial page For reasons both telling and mysterious, Israel has become unpopular among that segment of ...
Eiron 05/06/2008 324 13 3 32
Gaza factions agree to cease-fire
This is a first. A dozen political and military factions in Gaza have agreed to a cease fire with Israel. Twelve Palestinian factions have accepted Cairo's proposal for a temporary ...
Eiron 05/02/2008 2 2 - 2
Carter outlines Hamas' terms for peace deal
According to CNN: JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that Hamas is prepared to accept peace with Israel if the Palestinians approve any agreement negotiated ...
Eiron 04/21/2008 39 8 - -
Suburban Jews could swing vote in Pennsylvania
Is the headline of an article in the Jerusalem Post According to Marcel Groen, the head of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee, 17 percent of the 560,000 registered voters are ...
Eiron 04/09/2008 69 3 - 2
Israel's Peace Now turns 30
Peace Now, founded in 1978, celebrates its 30th anniversary on tuesday. The group, founded by IDF reservists, seeks peace in Palestine through a two state solution. Further, the group sees the ...
Eiron 04/08/2008 23 7 - 2
The "J" Street Project -Balance to AIPAC?
Much ink and angst has been expended on debating the extent of the influence American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a lobby group with the mission of strengthening the US-Israeli relationship. ...
Eiron 03/28/2008 43 9 - -
Nader, Obama, Israel and Palestine, w/poll
Today, on Meet the Press, Nader was pressed by Timmeh on if he would be comfortable with Mccain as president. Nader, in response, replied with a criticism of Senator Obama's "self-censorship", ...
Eiron 02/24/2008 79 2 - 7
Is Obama "good" for Israel?
Sen. Obama's candidacy has been subject to scurrilous emails and whisper campaigns about his faith and fealty (and his middle name). what does the Israeli Press say? Let's look, below the ...
Eiron 01/21/2008 138 4 - 8
Israel could buy Palestinian gas
What do you suppose this means? UK energy firm BG Group has confirmed it is in talks to agree a contract to supply Palestinian gas to Israel.
Eiron 06/02/2007 25 2 - -
Another U.K. union considers Israel boycott
Britain's second-largest trade union will soon debate an economic boycott of Israel, following on the heels of Wednesday's decision by the country's lecturers union to recommend an ...
Eiron 06/01/2007 47 7 - -
Espionage, DOJ, Secrecy, and the road to war
on Thursday, District Court Judge T.S. Ellis rejected the government's plan to handle classified information in the Espionage Act case against Steven J. Rosen and Keith Wessman, former lobbyists for ...
Eiron 04/21/2007 8 10 1 -
US faces tough choices in Palestine
The Palestinian Unity government has been sworn in. Two of our regional allies, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are urging the United States to recognize the new government. Norway and Ireland have already ...
Eiron 03/18/2007 58 7 - 22
Patrick Fitzgerald's Day Job and Lord Black's Perle
Jury selection begins this wednesday in Chicago for Patrick Fitzgerald's next big trial. Lord Conrad Black is being tried for defrauding shareholders of the Hollinger Corporation of over $60 ...
Eiron 03/11/2007 7 9 - 4
Milestone in Iraq-Oil Law close to Vote
The Independent reports today that the Iraq Oil Law is close to completion. Iraq's massive oil reserves, ...
Eiron 01/07/2007 7 9 - 10
Mandela, Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II, and who???
On Friday, Natan Sharansky will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, joining Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II, as the only non-Americans to be honored with both the ...
Eiron 12/11/2006 1 4 - 12
Bishop Tutu in the Holy Land-Human Rights Day
Today is International Human Rights Day, marking the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on ...
Eiron 12/10/2006 46 8 - 2
"Look at her," she said. "Isn't she beautiful?"
This appeared in Boston Globe last week. It is a story of a Navy Corpsman and a bunch of Marines and a little girl. Blood and treasure indeed. Chris Walsh and his Marines are our treasure, not ...
Eiron 12/09/2006 21 16 - 16
Prospects for Peace-Rice to Meet With Olmert, Abbas w/Poll
US Secretary of State Rice is to meet with Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas today, with follow on meetings with the Foreign Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council States. What are the prospects for ...
Eiron 11/30/2006 26 2 - -
Showdown at UN: de la Sabliere v. Bolton w/Poll
Eiron 08/05/2006 24 5 - -
Ray of Hope in Lebanon and Israel
Eiron 07/26/2006 85 9 1 3
Democratic Response to I/P Crisis-with Poll
Eiron 07/23/2006 7 2 - 1
Electoral Strategy for Voter Turn-Out in '06
Eiron 03/26/2006 4 1 - 1
Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy-Elephant in the Room?
Eiron 03/21/2006 24 2 1 54
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